first night game

“DJ Mute City is at it again kicking off their first game night of the new year with a ain’t-nothin-but-robots game night. Think: Virtual-On (with twinsticks!), Gundam fighting games, Mega Man, Cyberbots, head-2-head Metal Warriors and a slew of shmups and NES games all with mechanical protagonists. There will be a super scope station set up as well for the mech blasting games Battle Clash / Metal Combat. Requests are welcomed, just get em in early!”


Akira finally got that sweet sweet KING CRAZY!

Date at Casino Park!!

(You can blame Shadow’s awed “Cool city” line for this entire thing lmao)

Reblogs > likes!! :’D

this was such a nice scene!!

…so here’s this lol :3

um. So!! This was one of my favorite moments from @therealjacksepticeye​‘s play through of Night In the Woods! I really, really love this game so far and I’m really glad he decided to play it or else I might not’ve ever heard about it! And that would suck! Because this game is really cool!!

I strongly recommend watching his playthrough here! The moment I based this lil illustration takes place here, (but like why just look at that when you can watch all of it lol). This episode in general really just got me in the heartstrings, between this ~magical~ moment and the one with Gregg later on… Idk, this game just has so many angles and discusses so many really important topics in a way that really just– ah, I just really love it lol. also the artstyle and music are freaking amazing aaaah

short story shorter, this game is amazing and I love it take my trash art and be happy haha