first nigga

You really have to put yourself first. Because niggas will put you on the shelf and treat you like an afterthought and get back to you after they finish doing all the other shit they want to do. They assume you’ll just sit there and wait patiently, hands folded, mouth closed, until they are ready to take you or a relationship seriously
And sometimes you need to remind them that you’re grown, you belong to no one, and if they don’t value you you, you will find someone who will.

Let me tell y'all how my nigga Michael Jackson smooth af

First this nigga skips up the stairs like its a jolly day until he see this black fine ass woman who he caress. She then steal money out his pocket & he don’t give af cuz this nigga rich af. He spins off like a real G, goes upstairs & see a girl get slapped. He let’s the dude get away cuz Michael know he ain’t going nowhere in this little ass club. Then these two dudes try Michael, and Michael hit one dude with an elbow (yes an elbow), & some girl who want the d hit the other guy for Mike. 

Michael turns around and tries to holla at these girls and give them a chance before he blow this nigga behind him up out the club, but these women are too scared and obviously don’t know nothing about MJ. THEN THIS NIGGA PULLS OUT HIS GUN SHOOTS THE DUDE BEHIND HIM WHILE STILL LOOKING AT THE GIRLS….(like I already know the man was behind me but y'all missed the chance to get this d) 

WAIT THIS IS THE BEST PART…. Michael walks up to the man outline in the wall and does a hand gesture like “didn’t they tell you I was a savage, ” .He walks off and says “YOU'VE BEEN HIT BY A SMOOTH CRIMINAL” and got the whole club in sync. Tell me that ain’t smooth 👏👏👏👏

The police asked the nigga on First 48 where he was between 5 & 6 he said Kindergarten๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

if a nigga really want to fuck with you, he would. bitches be going crazy for a nigga that don’t give a fuck about them. it’s lowkey because they don’t give a fuck about themselves. love yourself first shawty. fuck these niggas. fuck these bitches too, my nigga. if you fuck with you then you wouldn’t give a fuck about who don’t fuck with you. everybody just want something from you anyways.

Sunspots origin story is literally him being a victim of specifically anti-black racism by white brazillians for being a rich black brazillian football player with a white brazillian girlfriend. He’s fucking BLACK! Yall stupid dumb. Marvel has been white washing him slowly for years! They think we dont recognize but we do. Anti-blackness in the latino community is crucial to his storyline!!! Replacing his blacketty black self with some non-black lightskin brazillan is racist as fuck.

The Go-Off


As I stood there appalled that this bitch really just disrespected me like that to my face, I had time to refer back to the source of who I was really most upset with at the moment. Oh trust me, me and that hoe gon’ have our day, but right now.. I’m finna rip Stefon’s ass a new one. I marched my hormonal ass into the kitchen as Tati followed behind me. Stefon was still on the phone handling business so I instructed Tatiana to go play with her toys in the backyard. I paced in the space surrounding him, hot as hell! He knew his ass was finna get it too by the way he carried on his phone call. Every second longer that he stayed on the phone, the more my temperature rose. My lips were pressed together as my tongue moved anxiously around my gums. 

Finally I made eye contact with him and pointed to my invisible watch on my wrist signaling him to hurry the fuck up. And when he hung up that phone.. I was ready to slap him with it.

 "The fuck is wrong with you?“ He asked looking at me crazy.

Shocked that this nigga really just asked me that, I took a step back and inhaled as my mouth begin to explode.


“Ahh shit here you go! Actin a fuckin fool B.“ 

 "You muthafuckin right I’m actin a fool nigga. And you lucky I don’t go upside your muthafuckin head! Tellin that bitch my business.. So what?? Y'all gossiping now?? Why the fuck she know my business Stefon? Huh? Why?” I asked stepping closer to him and moving my head in the directions he moved his.

 "When we was goin through all that shit a couple weeks ago.. She was fuckin there. She knew somethin was up and she asked me, so yeah I fuckin told her.“

 "So the whole time you should’ve been communicatin with me you was talkin to her? YOU SHOULD’VE BEEN TALKING TO ME! Making me ‘ya girl’ feel like shit for something I had no control over. You dead wrong for that Stefon. And here I been, tip-toeing around your little insignificant ass feelings, meanwhile you spilling ya guts to that bitch. I’M your girlfriend, you fuckin talk to me. And that bitch really just disrespected me with the information that you opened your big mouth and told her. She should’ve been the last to know but yet she’s the first. I haven’t even told my own family yet because I didn’t know how you felt about having another child. So I kept my shit on the hush. Well let me tell you something, I’m keeping my fuckin child, and you, you gonna treat him or her how you treat Tatiana whether you like it or not nigga.”

His eyes were big in shock because the entirety of our relationship I’ve never spoken to him like this. He was quiet for a moment, reflecting on the words I said. 

 "Oh so what now you mute?? You don’t have shit to say? That’s fine. Fuck you. I’m gone!“ I said grabbing my keys and my phone on the counter.

 As I began to walk off my original thought came back as I looked down at my key ring. 

"Oh yeah and that brings me back to my original question. WHY THE FUCK DOES THAT BITCH HAVE A KEY?” I asked slowing each word down to its syllable. 

 "I gave it to her. It’s my fuckin house.“ 

 "Okay nigga. Well you can take this one back then because I don’t want it anymore. If you can sit up here and let her disrespect me even more, we don’t need to be together.” I said throwing my key back at his chest. All he could do was just stand there looking stupid as I gathered my things. I knew he regretted what he did but his fucking ego. He followed me as I began to walk towards the door, not too far behind me. I turned around and looked at him again. He turned his head with his hands in his pockets.

 “So you don’t have anything else to say?” I asked before making my exit.

 "You said it all Kala. Ain’t shit left for me to say.“

 "You right. Leave me alone from this point on. Don’t come by my place. Don’t fuckin call me. I’ll let you know when your child is born." 

"You being so extra right now Kala.”

 "I don’t give a shit. You should’ve been being extra and maybe your ass wouldn’t be gettin left. Should’ve been taking care of me, talking to me, consoling me. Instead you was chatting it up and giving keys to your ex bitch.“ 

 "Man whatever Kala.”

 I stood there and looked at him for a second giving him one last chance to apologize. He couldn’t even keep eye contact because he knew he was wrong.I shook my head and walked out the door. I got in my car and drove a mile down the road before I pulled over and just bawled trying to accept the fact that our relationship is officially over and I’m going to be a twenty-two year old single mother.


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college advice pls

girlllll i got you

1. don’t go fucking crazy bc this your first time at freedom

2. talk to a lot of different people, the ones who will be your closest friends will reveal themselves

3. if someone is toxic, cut them IMMEDIATELY. there’s too many people at school for you to deal will bullshit. and if you keep the negativity away you’re going to be left with an amazing group of friends💞💞💞

4. try not to fuck anyone in the first month or two. niggas are trying to fuck anything they can get and you’ll never get to know what someone is about in such a short time

5. go to class. participation points can make or break an A

6. study continually. keep your books and notes open on your desk and study throughout the day casually. instead of doing it all at once/every few days.

7. bro use a fucking planner. as soon as you get the syllabus the first day of classes, write all due dates down and make it cute and neat.

8. go to events !!! go to parties, campus events, club meeting, alldat. and if you trying to cross into a sorority be at EVERY event they have. this how you make ya friends and get good opportunities.

9. try for internships and leadership opportunities. they will only lead to more

10. don’t blow your classes bc it will be hard to bounce back your gpa and you need to maintain a specific gpa to get financial aid and scholarships

11. apply for financial aid and scholarships. and when you know your tuition is due, tell your parents all the due dates (if they’re providing financially for your education)

12. try to find roommates that you’ll click with. i found mine on twitter and she’s one of my best friends now. and make sure y'all communicate. if you’re sharing an area with someone else there needs to be boundaries so that a falling out does not occur (me and my roommate didn’t speak for a month at one point lmaooo)

13. if a boy is trying to run games on you drop him. sure you like him but it really is not worth the stress. once again, there are too many people for you to be worried about one shitty boy who won’t act right

14. male friends are so important !! they will always look out for you and plus you can see the way they treat girls and it’ll help keep your focus right

15. you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. want to go to class in pajamas? do it. don’t feel like putting on makeup? don’t. wanna get fucked up tonight? go get fucked up responsibly. it really doesn’t matter. hell at one point i was going to concerts once a week by myself just because i could.

16. sit at the front of your classes and not with friends, it will motivate you to stay focus and show up bc the professor will recognize your face.

17. it’s okay to detach sometimes and do things on your own. eat alone, take walks alone, have self care times. it’s all important so don’t feel obligated to do something when you just want to disconnect.

18. if you are having sex, there is always free hiv testing somewhere on campus. get tested and fr have safe sex

19. if you can do tests/quizzes on you own computer then cheat. google the answers, a quizlet should pop up lmao

20. save ya money. don’t ball out at the mall once a week bro. save that shit you never know what can happen + the money you save could go towards a vacation w friends for spring break

21. learn how to do your own protective hairstyles. instead of spending $140 learn how to braid ya hair and only spend money on the hair. and also has hair does not have to be poppin all the time, it’s okay.

22. pack two pairs of heels and a few nice dresses. there’s always formal events on campus.

23. have fun and study hard. figure out what your balance is so that you can get fucked up every other night and still make A’s :)

“First album niggas love me cause they thought I was poor, guess I’m successful; industry don’t love me no more, well I’m the same nigga from your corner, bubblin’ raw, skully tilted, pants sagging damn near touching the floor, and I come with du-rags to your so-called awards, t-shirt with my chain out like fuck y'all all…”

Jay-Z, photographed arriving to the MTV Movie Awards, held at at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica on June 5, 1999. Hov is wearing a Gucci suit, dress shirt, and tie, and was later voted as one of the “Best Dressed” celebrities by television viewers. 

Later, alongside red carpet host Rebecca Romijn, Jigga presented the award for “Best Action Sequence,” which was won by Armageddon. Hov’s Rush Hour-featured single “Can I Get A…” was nominated for “Best Song From A Movie,” but he lost the award to Armageddon’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith. 

The Other Side Pt.1     By: Y.Black

I was 16 when it happened. One day, one instance forever molded me to the man I am today. You see I was on the fast track to either a casket or the penitentiary.  I grew up without a pops and mom worked way too much to keep tabs. I did my own thing since I was about 9, that’s when my Nana went into a home and I began flying solo in a sense. I was introduced to the streets by my cousin Jonathan a.k.a. Jon-Jon. He was a few years older than I so naturally I looked up to him. Jon-Jon was about 13 at this time if I remember he became a part of my everyday life. He was my care taker in the evenings until mom came home from work. Jon- Jon’s mom was a junkie so Nana had custody of him for as long as I could remember. When she went down he came to live with us in our 2 bedroom apartment.

He was the coolest dude I knew in my young 9 years. He had nice clothes and shoes, the way he talked was different than I was accustomed to. He had a gang of friends, and they all talked about having bitches and hoes. At the tender age of 9, I was being molded to see the world through a narrow lens. I was the youngest on the block and had no concept of what was going on originally. By the time I was 11, a year and some change in I was pitching like a minor league player with aspirations of making it to the big league. I was living way too fast pushing Nicks and Dimes, profit was the main focus, and soon after became bitches and hoes. That summer going in to 7th grade I lost my virginity.  I lost my shit running a train on a chick from around the way. The crew pushed me into the room and was like “When you come out you’ll be a man.” I didn’t quite understand, but I did what the crew said and took on the persona as such a man.

Everything changed that summer. The respect for others dropped dramatically. Me and mom dukes we’re clashing left and right, and I spent many nights, hell even a few weeks at Twan’s house. He was a part of the crew as well, we were closer in age though. He was a year older and we went to the same school. We’d stay up playing video games, smoking out back, and killing the fridge in the middle of the night. I became an expert roller fucking with Twan. He was more of brother than Jon-Jon. He spent that whole summer locked up on a petty possession charge. So Twan became a bigger influence on me that summer. His mom died of cancer when he was 8 and he didn’t know his pops either so we hit it off on the strength of that.  He stayed with his aunt who gave less than two shits about him. She just wanted the check that came for him every month. That day we ran the train he was after me. He lost his virginity the same day I did and to the same chick. We were close.

That summer we made it our thing to stack up for the upcoming school year so we could be fresh every damn day. I knew mom’s pockets were going to be tight and Twan’s wasn’t about shit. So we went hard. Even started growing a few plants of our own. We were booming in own right.  We skimmed from the older niggas, they weren’t as smart as us. They made their little profits off of us but we had set it up so we could do our own thing come next summer. We made due this summer and by the time August rolled around we had 1500 a piece to do some school shopping. We hit four malls over that last two weekends before school was set to start. Our business boomed as we walked home from school with more kids, namely high school kids. The older niggas in our crew were either all in alternative school or had dropped out so this market was ours for the taking.  We did just that.

We were the number one suppliers at Pascal Middle shit, and High before we were even enrolled there. Twan left to go to Pascal High the next year while I still had a year left in the middle school. That year my grades slipped some as plenty of days I would have to buck class to meet up with Twan to exchange product mid-day. We had a bit of a reputation, and being young we just thought we were popping. Little did we know we had eyes on us from the upper classmen.  Now on the block we had safety in numbers and here at school it was just us. This one day while we were making a routine drop between each other some niggas ran up on us and got us for our product and about 800 cash.

We met behind the corner store like we always would.  We dapped up and soon as the bags opened up 4 niggas hit the fence on our ass.  The first nigga swung on Twan busting his lip, I tried to grab the bag with the cash and take off, but a nigga clipped the fuck out of me. I hit the deck skinning my calf up.  Crazy thing is, we knew these niggas from passing. They were from another hood, but you know how shit goes. The third dude drew down on us and was like, “Give it up my G.” We had no choice, we took the L. We let the block know and they were like, “Consider this handled.” Jon-Jon gave me a little 25 after he found out what took place. He didn’t take to kindly to that. Plus he had previous issues with these same niggas. It was actually them who were partly to blame while he was locked away that summer.  Jon-Jon felt indebted to me too, on the strength that I had him straight when he came home. His pockets were straight and I shot him a couple OZs to get off to get right. Even as a youngin’ I was big on integrity.

Jon-Jon and the crew had us scoping the niggas hood out in two Box Chevys. We rolled thru maybe five minutes apart. We didn’t want to stirrup too much suspicion Twan was in the first whip and I was in the second.  We rode dark tint most of the time, one because it was Miami, and two we didn’t like niggas in our face. We pointed out the same niggas both times. We didn’t roll with them when they got busy though. We didn’t want them to know where the hit was coming from. Shit was handled and we reaped the benefits of the lick. The crew came up on about 5 racks and beat the fuck out of the four clowns who had hit us over the head a few weeks back. Twan and I got about 250 a piece and we were satisfied. Twan said he saw one of the fools a few days later in the hallway of school. He said that boy was all lumped up and had his arm in a cast and shit. It felt good that the homies went to bat for us.

Time went on, and things were rolling pretty well. We perfected our business.  Niggas got jammed up and went away, a few homies didn’t make it to see 21. We remained as low key as possible and under the radar. We both maintained GPAs above 3.0.  It was the end of my sophomore year when shit hit the fan. First it was Peanut, he got knocked off on the expressway on the way to the beach. That one hit the block really hard.  He was a solid dude. Jon-Jon took that one the hardest he and Peanut grew to be something like brothers over the years.

I went over to Jon-Jon’s apartment to check up on him after I hadn’t heard from him in a few days. Twan was with me as well. I had a key since Jon-Jon was like big bro and I often took lil breezies over there to smash. Come to think of it Miami Lakes had become my second home. I was at moms during the week for school, but mainly on the weekend I was here.  When we got to the spot the vibe clearly changed from the Young Dro that was bumping on the way over. As we walked in, you would have thought it went from day to night. Every shade was drawn shut, no lights were on. I could smell light remanence of incense that was over powered by the weed aroma. Jon-Jon was on the couch in the corner of the room, he was visibly zooted. He had had Glock on the end table, Henny in one hand, and a blunt in the other. He handed Twan the spliff as we sat on the adjacent couch. Silence filled the room for about 20 minutes before he spoke. He reminisced about the time he and Peanut had growing up. He laughed and cried, and we were there for him. After an hour and some change, Twan and I were able to get him out of the crib to grab a bite to eat. We got him out of that funk, but he was hell bent on finding out who did our boy in.

A week later granny took a dive and didn’t recover so she was gone.  That was followed up by Cam and Greg both getting jammed up by the law. They had a trunk full of work, we had just loaded them up for a road trip the night before.  We knew they weren’t going to be home any time soon. I felt like we needed to slow down. Twan felt otherwise.  I stressed that too much was going on and shit as way too hot right now. Reluctantly he complied.  We chilled for a few weeks into the summer, we were still pretty comfortable financially since we’d done so well for so long. Honestly, we still had plenty of loud still stowed away we just weren’t making moves like we used to.

Twan was itching to do something though. He would come to me at least twice a week asking if I was ready to jump back in. I shot him down often. He proposed the idea that we start running in folks spots and snatching what we can. I wasn’t for it initially. He went for it and made out the first two times. I continued to ward him off and tell him that he needed to chill. He stressed how easy it was and how I was missing out.

We were chilling one evening, over by Jon-Jon’s spot.  Trav, Twan, and Jermaine were there as well. We were just kicking back, smoking and shit. Everyone had been moving real low key. We got to reminiscing about Peanut and the wild times we each had with him. It was just a real cool laid back vibe. We ordered some pizza to cure the munchies we knew would be coming. Trav went and answered the door when we heard a quick knock at the door. He was talking shit over his shoulder at me as he opened the door. Two shots rang out and I hit the floor. I didn’t have shit on me, but I knew I kept a few in my room in the back. Twan knew that too. I saw him hit the deck as well as he jumped off the bar stool. I scurried along the floor towards the back. I saw Jermaine bussing back and Jon-Jon was behind the couch clutching, the sawed off 12 gauge.

I made it to my room and ran into my closet. I grabbed two sticks. I chucked one at Twan as he made it back here as well. I knew I had to hurry up and get out to help cuzzo, I knew he only had 5 rounds before he was tapped out; maybe 6 if one was in the hole. I heard a few bullets wiz passed the door way so I dropped down. I heard cuzzo cock the shotty again and that made me go in over drive. I heard him lick a shot and a nigga dropped as I was creeping down the hall way. I hit the nigga a few more times to make sure he was done. Twan was up high ringing out with the K. I had the AR clearing everything out from below. As I came into the opening I saw Jermaine was leaking something serious. I saw Jon-Jon standing to my left, he nodded and I hit the door. I ran out to the parking lot and caught two niggas getting in a candy painted cutlass. Twan and I shot the back window out as we licked at the clowns. They hit the corner and we ran back upstairs. I saw two more niggas stretched out on the other side of the breeze way. They were done for. I ran back into the apartment, I told Twan to check on Jermaine while I went to find Jon-Jon. I went into the back, he was bagging a shit load of cash. He told me to help him get it stowed away. It was only then did I realize he was hit.  I bagged it up as quickly as we could. Twan came in and helped saying Jermaine didn’t make it. We got all of it bagged up and hopped in Jon-Jon’s whip. We took him down to Jackson Memorial to be treated. We scooped Tasha along the way to help his alibi. Story to be told he was at her house in the Pork N Beans (The Beans), when some niggas beefing down the way were getting to and Jon-Jon caught a stray. Bloodied and still running on adrenalin, I headed back to my mom’s. I dropped Twan off and headed around the corner to my crib. I got home and ran the shower and basked in the water until it began to chill. I had watched the blood that stained my skin streak down the white tub into the drain. I was numb; my mind was racing, but no real formulated thoughts.

I got a text from Jon-Jon letting me know that he was cool and that he was about to head up the road for a few and get missing. I didn’t respond, I knew he’d be by to get the cash we bagged, I figured I’d just talk to him then. I wasn’t in the mood for nothing or no one. As I thought, a few hours after that text cuzzo called me and told me he was outside. We met up and he hugged me and for the first time ever he told me he loved me.  I didn’t even know how to say it back. He thanked me for coming through for him, and shot me a little over 10 racks to hold me over. He told me he would get at me every so often to make sure I was good. He dapped me up and hoped in the whip. Tasha mouthed thank you to me and I nodded. I watched him pulled off, the taillights getting smaller the further the car got.

Next episode finna be lit

Bronn hit Jaime with that “This yall’s war bruh. Pay me.” and I can’t even front, I’d probably be on that same shit. I’d take my gold, sail to Astapor or somewhere and spend the rest of my days hearing bout all the horrible ways everybody’s dying in Westeros.

Sir Sidehug of House Friendzone returns… Just in time to see Dany get her back blown out by a new nigga. My man really got upstaged by Jon at least three times lol

Night King and his squad don’t appreciate peeping toms. Dude is rollin deep AS FUCK though. My man Jon and his Inglorious Bastards got their work cut out for them.

Gendry got the Warhammer on standby ready to swing on the first nigga to test him. And he did lol

Davos smugglin Viagra into Westeros like he Han Solo but his advice stay fallin on deaf ears. Damn millennials.

Disloyal ass snakes already tryna replace Snowman after a few weeks. Arya-23 really ready to slice up the whole room too. Cold-blooded assassin. She was right to g-check Sansa though. She starting to feel herself a little too much. Littlefinger stay creepin round like he R. Kelly. Solid Snake Arya gotta body him before all is said and done. Poetic justice if she sacrifices him to the Many-Faced God.

Snowman and Samwell Tarly M.D. out here dropping Al Gore inconvenient truths and getting ignored by the Westeros alt right smh Old ass Maesters gonna learn real quick. How you have the 3-Eyed-Google at your disposal but you still using Bing? 

Bastards of Westeros came together like The Mega Powers. Bobby B’s Baby Boy ready to put hammer to purpose like Thor and smash on The Walking Dead.

The Hound thought the Lord of Light was a joke until he saw that live stream episode of As The Wall Turns on the Westeros Firestick now he ready to ride in Snowman’s Suicide Squad 

The Magnificent 7 really is the dream team but I’d be lyin if I said I think everybody’s gonna make it back. But the most pressing question of all is..

What is the goddamn cooldown time on this Fast Travel ability everybody got?!

I finally dropped a very toxic guy from my life that has been horrible to me for years and it feels both great and not great at the same time?! Manipulation is a sonovabitch because it will have you 2nd guessing the clearly good choice you made for yourself. I’m glad I’m aware of the effects to know that I made the right decision.

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I agree 100%

….you know what….this nigga out here in a mesh shirt….he’s going through some shit and i jut wanna know what cheryl did to him