first nations heroine

If you weren’t already horribly disappointed with tumblr from the dumbass kids bragging about committing grand larceny, go look at the tag “tweaker nation”.

This is people bragging online about their meth, crack, and heroin addictions.

I’ve seen what heroin does to someone in person, and I never want to see that again.  If they think drugs are “cool”, then I hope they’re happy losing their teeth as they rot right out of their skulls, becoming covered head to toe in sores and blisters, having food rotting inside their bodies after their intestines stop working, and literally sweating urine and feces.  Yes, you heard right–your sweat will eventually carry with it the delightful odors of piss and shit as it leaks out of your pores (referred to as “urine body odor” and “fecal body odor”, respectively).


I’m sure you think “you can handle it”, right?  I bet these people thought that as well.

Ask actor Rodney Harvey how “cool” and “glamorous” drugs are.  Oh, wait…You can’t.

Same goes for John Belushi, Chris Farley, Janis Joplin, Dee Dee Ramone, Brad Renfro, Jim Morrison, River Phoenix, Billy Mays (yes…THAT Billy Mays, I’m afraid.  Cocaine use was cited as contributing to the heart attack), Ted Demme, Whitney Houston…need I continue?

I could post images a LOT more horrifying than this, but I have a bit more respect for my followers than that.  Plus, I just ate dinner not that long ago.

It is motherfucking 2015.  If you know what this shit can do to you, but you STILL do it, then you’re a fucking idiot.  Weed?  Even the government is easing up on that, because marijuana actually has positive medicinal effects on the body (not to mention lowering the crime rate, and potentially lowering overcrowding in prisons).

Meth, cocaine, and heroin?  If you don’t try to help yourself while there’s still time, you’re a lost cause.  You’re headed for Cardboard Box Land, with a side order of hepititis.  If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll end up like my stepsister, and actually kick the habit, and even have your hepatitis go into remission.  It takes work, but it’s not impossible.  If you get help, you’ll still have a chance at a real future.  If not?  Well…have fun with your no teeth, failing liver, and looking like Skeletor got jumped in a parking lot.

Your life is worth more than a quick high, but ONLY IF YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO REALIZE IT.