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“I just dread the thought of having messed you up. I don’t want either of us to have to pay one way or another.”

I knew exactly what he was referring to but pretended otherwise. “I’m not telling anyone. There won’t be any trouble.”

“I didn’t mean that. I’m sure I’ll pay for it somehow, though.” And for the first time in daylight I caught a glimpse of a different Oliver. “For you, however you think of it, it’s still fun and games, which it should be. For me it’s something else which I haven’t figured out, and the fact that I can’t scares me.”

Kisses by Sunflower Beds

ao3 // for @reallyelegantsharkfish

It’s not like Cas didn’t know it would happen eventually, inevitably. Maybe he thought he’d be the first to go. He’s the immortal one, but the Winchesters did have a knack for surviving.

Still, knowing that something is going to happen, knowing that Sam and Dean would not live forever even though it felt like they should, doesn’t prepare him for when it does happen.

Sam and Dean go out like they always promised they would. Fighting. It’s an honourable death but what is the point of an honourable death, Cas wonders, when your loved ones are lost to you.

In his last moments, Dean sees his life flash before his eyes which is how he knows that this time it will stick, knows it’s for good and there’s no coming back from this one.

In truth, he doesn’t actually see his life but feels it. He’s overwhelmed by a sense of accomplishment and he associates it to every time he took care of Sammy when they were children, got them through the night, got his kid brother to laugh instead of ask questions. He associates it with the first time he shot a firearm and his dad called him a natural. The first time he saved a life. The first time he saved the world. The first time he made Cas come.

A wave of joy hits him after that. Prank wars with Sam. Antics with Charlie. Driving Baby. His first lazy sunday with Cas. Every lazy sunday with Cas after that.

With his dying breath, Dean smells motor oil and pie and sex and honey and it all smells good. It smells perfect melded together, though it shouldn’t, and if it were bottled the label would read Life of Dean Winchester. He doesn’t smell blood or burning flesh or sulfur.

He hears his favourite tune along with Cas’ clumsy mumble and Sam’s off key singing.

Dean feels his life slip away with all his senses save for sight. That’s not to say he doesn’t see anything. He sees tree twigs that look big in the chubby hands of children, he sees long dark hair he hasn’t encountered before, a stone path and a bed of sunflowers and the sight of an ugly yellow backpack in Baby’s backseat. He doesn’t remember any of these things, not really, but he still somehow recognises them. They feel like memories that belong to him.

He doesn’t spare it much more thought than that. Oddly enough, Dean’s last thought is of the botanical garden Cas had wanted- insisted on- them going to. Dean didn’t care much for it but agreed because he wasn’t one to deny Cas anything. Still, it took them years to find the time to make the trip.

Sam decided to come along because there’s a library in the area that has a whole section on south american lore, something the men of letters bunker was lacking. He knew he was essentially crashing their date so Sam offered shotgun to Cas.

He was a little cramped in the backseat and had to angle his body sideways to make room for his legs but he noticed how when Dean’s hand wasn’t on the gear shift it was in Cas’ so he didn’t mind so much.

Halfway there was when they got the call that lead the brothers to their final case. To this final moment where Dean’s only regret is that he doesn’t get the chance to be led around between patches of greenery by Cas as the angel prattles on about one fact or another.

Castiel drives the impala back to the bunker. He could have flown it but that didn’t feel right. He gets pulled over once and he thinks the officer takes pity on him. Cas can imagine what he looks like, the blue of his puffy eyes contrasting with the veiny red, hair looking like it’s been tugged at- because it has, his chapped gnawed-at lower lip stained red from the blood he can taste.

He doesn’t make it to the bed he shares with Dean. He pretends it’s because the bedroom is so far down the hall and he’s so tired and but it’s because he can’t bear the sight of it. He stumbles- he is exhausted- into a random room, sheds his trench coat halfway to the bed before he lands on it. Or lands on something on the bed.

SUPERNATURAL by Carver Edlund

It’s the room Charlie would stay in, he knows now. He doesn’t mean to, but he ends up cracking open the book and reading all about the time Sam and Dean came across the croatoan virus for the first time.

It’s the real Dean, the depiction is accurate and these are real events from the hunter’s life but it’s not really Dean. It grows the already too wide hole inside of Cas. He can’t bring Dean back. But he can’t be without him. So Cas leaves to meet versions of Dean he hasn’t come across before, versions of Dean even Chuck didn’t take the time to write about.

Dean is three, almost four, when Cas, invisible, appears in the boy’s Lawrence home. Dean is kneeling on the sofa beside a pregnant Mary who keeps telling him that it’s ok to touch.

“It’s your little brother in there, Dean,” She says.

Dean purses his still thin lips, scratches a hair full of hair that’s only blond like Mary’s in the summer, and says, “That’s where daddy put him?”

Mary chokes a little when she laughs and moves into a tamed explanation of the birds and the bees.

Cas doesn’t listen, his eyes are peeled on Dean. This little boy who has no idea he’ll one day save a dying sun. This little boy that scrunches his face just like his Dean does, that shakily places a hand on his mother’s belly all false bravado, that has freckles splayed across his cheeks.

All Cas wants to do is to move closer. Is to stare. Is to see if three year-old Dean has all the freckles his Dean has or if some appeared with time. All Cas wants is to hold this boy. To tell him he’s perfect. To tell him he is loved. Cas can’t do any of these things.

He decides that’s unacceptable.

At eight Dean already knows how to shoot a firearm, so when the kids in his class want to pretend the sticks they find along the fence of the school lot are guns he’s happy that one boy wants to stack twigs as high as he can instead.

Every recess, Dean looks for a pair of blue eyes and the darkest hair on the playground and the two go off together. Cas- though Dean calls him Scottie in this vessel- recounts to Dean these wild stories about a pair of heroes, and they run around reenacting them.

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Fic: Midnight Showing

Based on the Olicity prompt “Star Wars” from @imusuallyobsessed. Read it on Ao3 or below. Enjoy! 

Midnight Showing

There was someone next to Oliver in a Wookie costume. A freaking Wookie costume. How he had let his sister talk him into this he did not know.

“Tell me again why we had to see this thing at midnight?”

“Because, Ollie, that’s what you do! Look at all these people here! Isn’t it so exciting to be here and see the newest Star Wars movie for the first time RIGHT when it is released?” Thea was hopping up and down with her excitement, and probably a little bit from the candy she had consumed.

His ten-year-old sister had begged him to drive her here for the midnight showing of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. He couldn’t believe their parents had agreed to this, since she had school the next day, but Thea Queen had built it up into quite a production so that no one could resist.

“You’re probably going to fall asleep before the movie is over,” Oliver said. “That is, if we can even get in the building.” The line they were in wrapped around the building. Although he enjoyed Star Wars, he would not have chosen to come to a midnight showing on his own. Still, he had to admit there was a sense of excitement in the air.

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Children of the Sun - Chapter 1 - YesEunoia - Call Me by Your Name - André Aciman [Archive of Our Own]
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Does Elio keep his promise to visit when he’s 45?

“I had sacrificed him so that I could use him to ruin myself, to find myself, and I was so sorry. How could I have done that to someone I loved, had maybe loved from the moment I saw him….“

What is wrong with white goyim?

I just had a lady in a nice track suit come into the store with her son John Oliver. Not like his name just happened to first name John last name Oliver and shared his name with the HBO comidian. No. This kids first name was John Oliver.


And one fan, who–bless her, she’s so sweet–she made me action figures of Connor and Oliver, which was really rad! They’re sitting on my bedside table right now. I need to mail Conrad the Oliver one. But yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Jack Falahee, MaximoTV Interview

I just had to put Jack’s mention of Conrad’s name into quotation because it needs to live on Tumblr foreverrrr. 😁

hero-mun  asked:

First name: Olive
Nickname: friend olive
Age: smol
Gender: even smoller 
Sexual Orientation: love them gorls
Nationality: #cryingsincetheelection
Relationship status: all I have is my dog and these gay cats
Likes: the gay shit
Dislikes: Discourse
Random fact: a pure bean if I ever did see one

9/10 im not single anymore but u still get 100% bc i was when u sent this 

Legacy time travel AU

Ash: Jon gets thrown into 2012 Starling, the week of his father’s return from the island
He meets his dad as THAT GUY

Abbie: oh man
as asshole ollie queen?

Ash: Experienced security professional Jonathan McGinnis seeks out Dig for a job


Ash: Gets hired on with the same firm, and they’re sharing duty on the Queen case
It was the first name he thought of

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Stop whatever you’re doing, Felicity/Arrow fans out there and pay attention to this scene above. Because this one quote is the most important one we have ever learned and probably will ever learn about Felicity’s destiny. 

I won’t lie, this was the moment I was most excited for. Any of you who has watched The Flash, knows that Harrison Wells has arrived from the future; or at least has some access on it. Of course no one around him knows; that’s why he used a pun nobody could understand at this point: “foresaw.” He knows what the future holds for every single person in this room; including Felicity. I was worried that he would have no idea who she is, making me worry that her role wasn’t big enough. And now I got this. This, is a fucking Christmas Gift. It’s beyond what I could imagine or wish for. Why? Because she’ll accomplish something big, something the world will remember very precisely in the next 10 years. 

His previous quote “I keep an eye on for promising talent in scientific field” leads me to believe that her accomplishment will be related to science and technology. It leads me to believe that, by 2024, it’s quite possible that the world will know Felicity as The Oracle.

Someone like Wells, not only knows Felicity, he has also studied her. Because, surprisingly, we learn more details about Felicity’s past in an episode of a spin-off series than we did in the actual show she’s in. But those of you who worried she’ll be brushed off as nothing but a number to Oliver, fear no more. We don’t know what the future holds for her and Oliver; will she make a difference whilst being Mrs. Queen? Whether the answer is yes or no, the most important fact remains: Felicity Megan Smoak will make a difference in the world in an extent different than the current one. Do you remember how she started? The most common line you heard about her was “Who the hell is Felicity Smoak?” “Who?” “I’m sorry, who are you?” “Who is Felicity Smoak?” And, starting from now, one by one people start to know her name. First it was Oliver, who had checked at her background before going to her. Then it was Ray, who saw her capabilities and brilliance in order to move Heaven and Earth to hire her. And now, Harrison freakin’ Wells. What does this transition mean? But only one thing, of course: By 2024, everyone will know her name. She’ll be a hero among men.

Reckless Proposition, Part 15

Note: So I think I should’ve made myself clear earlier, as many people thought that the last part was the end of the series. There will be few more chapters before it’s the end. The last few chapters have been tough, I know, it broke my heart too writing them, but it just needed to happen. I hope you find this chapter enlightening. Enjoy!


Taylor decided to move back to Reading, Pennsylvania. Her childhood castle, where she was the princess and would always live happily ever after with a charming prince. Her magical kingdom, where seven dwarves lived behind the meadows and fairies dwelled inside a hollow tree. The place where her dreams never shattered. The place where Adam never set his foot on.

She knew she made the right decision by moving back to Reading. She bought a quaint farm at the outskirt of town, with her own private woods and little stream at her backyard.

She got reacquainted with her old childhood hobby, horse riding. Maybe she should’ve listened to her mother and chose horseback riding as a career. She wouldn’t have been as famous as she had been right now, but at least her life wouldn’t be under constant microscope lens.

Taylor did love horse riding, and it was during those moments when she was riding Lightning, her black Arabian Horse, that she started healing. The way the wind blew against hear ears as if it carried away her past into nothingness. The way she raced against herself as if she was leaving behind her ghosts. And when she laid down in the meadows after an exhilarating ride and looked at the blue sky, it was when she could see and hear her thoughts clearly.

She started healing with the same autumn wind that healed her when she was thirteen and didn’t have friends at school. The air was crisp and the leave colors were starting to change into red. Her love and hate color. This time around she felt that the color represented the feeling love. The love she had for Adam, the one she would always keep locked inside her heart, and the love she would forever have for their unborn child. It was a healthy feeling, and denying it only made her disappear.

She went down the stream just before the Halloween and wrote some of her thoughts on her notebook.

Mika, the one that was always meant to be
meant to be in the sky
meant to be forever in my heart
meant to be loved
meant to be the proof of love

She ripped the paper off from the notebook and floated it in the river. The steady cold stream carried it away and she watched it disappear from her views.

She finally accepted that just because you loved someone or something didn’t necessarily mean you would always have it. Sometimes you just had to keep the love to yourself, and that was enough, and you could choose to be happy.

December chills blew and Taylor was finally ready to come back to her old life. She had invited her family and friends to stay over in her farm to celebrate her birthday. She didn’t invite Adam but somehow she knew that he would show up for her birthday.

And that was how she found him on the day of her 28th birthday. She had taken an early morning ride with Lightning. The snow was just the right thickness for a ride. On the ride back she noticed his gigantic figure awkwardly riding one of her horses, Majesty.

Of all her horses in the stable of course Adam had to choose the white one, how prince charming of him. Taylor rolled her eyes.

“Are you sure you can ride a horse?” Taylor called out when she was in close proximity to Adam.

Adam was busy watching his horse’s steps to notice Taylor was approaching him, he was taken aback by her appearance, “oh hi,” he greeted awkwardly, “you know, I don’t think I can, I underestimated how difficult it is to ride a horse,” he said embarrassed.

Taylor frowned, “it’s not wise to horse riding in the snow if you can’t even ride a horse in the first place.”

Adam shrugged, “yeah well… I had to chase you somehow,”

Taylor met his eyes for the first time, “hi,” she smiled at him.

Adam held his breath. She couldn’t look more beautiful than she was right now, with her riding attire, her face was free of make-up, and her perfect posture. Her face looked serene and she looked healthier than the last time he saw her, the winter’s cold brought out the natural blush on her cheeks. “Hi! How are you?” he finally said.

Taylor chuckled, “I’m great. Gained few pounds, but who cares?”

“You look really great, Tay,” Adam said genuinely.

“Thanks! So do you. Well… except for the fact that you couldn’t handle your horse,” she teased when Adam’s horse was getting restless.

Adam groaned, “yeah I’d better get off from this horse, before she threw me off,” he hopped off the white horse and tried to hold it back with the rein.

Taylor laughed, “what are you talking about? Majesty is a very elegant lady, aren’t you, girl?” she said while caressing the horse’s neck. The horse calmed down with the touch of its master.

Adam rolled his eyes, “of course she listened to you.”

“Come on, let’s get out of this cold,” she said. Adam walked beside Majesty, pulling the rein to lead the beautiful creature, while Taylor rode her horse slowly next to Adam.

“What’s with the horse riding?” he asked curiously as they made their way back to the stable.

“Did I never tell you? I used to ride horse competitively when I was little, Mom wanted me to be a horseback rider,” she explained.

“Huh! Just another point on your long list of talents!” he said impressively.

Taylor blushed and mumbled a thanks. He always held a power over her. A lot of things had changed Taylor over the course of six months. She was much wiser and had more zen than she was when they parted ways in June, but Adam’s generous compliments still made her weak in the knees.

“This place is really gorgeous, Tay! I don’t know… it has some kind of indescribable magic!” Adam spoke as his eyes swept Taylor’s expansive property. The land was covered in white snow dusts and the woods were barren, there was a puff of white smoke coming out from the farmhouse’s chimneys. It was a view that came out straight from a children’s storybook.

“I know, right? This place made your imagination runs wild. You should’ve listened to the stuffs I’ve written since I got here. Not to brag or anything, but I think it’s pure magic,” Taylor boasted herself proudly.

“Looking forward to it!” Adam grinned again.

They were approaching the stable and Taylor got off from Lightning with a loud huff. A stable boy walked to her and took over the horses’ reins. Taylor caressed both horses lovingly before they were whisked away.

“So I have a gift for you,” Adam said once the horses were inside the stable and they were alone once again. He pulled out a rolled paper with a simple blue bow from the inside pocket of his jacket. He gave the paper to Taylor, “Happy Birthday, Taylor!” He smiled.

Taylor looked at the rolled paper in her hands confusedly, “thank you, Adam! You shouldn’t have!” she said politely.

“Open it, please!” Adam grinned. He was as giddy as a five-year-old.

Taylor nodded and slowly untied the bow, before unrolling the paper. Her eyes scanned the paper. It was a beautiful illustration of an olive tree. There were big bold gold letters, which formed SWIFT – WILES Family Tree, sitting on the top of the tree. Her family’s names were written on the left branch, whereas the right side of the tree bore the names of Adam’s immediate family. Their own names were ‘carved’ side by side on the main trunk, and underneath their names were few little olives with space to put on some names. The first olive was already filled with ‘Mika Swift-Wiles’.

Taylor traced Mika’s name with her finger gently, before looking up at Adam. “What is this, Adam?” She said confusedly.

“I’m all in, Taylor!” Adam said firmly as he looked deeply into her blue eyes, “marriage, children, big house with fort and castle in the backyard, soccer games, ballet recitals, growing old and saggy… I’m all in. I don’t want to spend another day not being with you, because they suck big time! I don’t want someone else to comfort you when you’re feeling low, I want it to be me. I don’t want you to battle your fears, insecurities and sadness alone ever again. You shouldn’t be alone and I don’t want you to be alone. I’m happy without you, but you make me the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life, and I want to always be that happy for the rest of my life. It took me a while to realize that it’s you and it’s always been you, Taylor. I want nothing more than to have six noisy blonde children with you. You are the mother of my children and the love of my life.” Adam inhaled a long breath; his tone became darker, “it’s tragic that we had to go through a terrible loss to open my eyes. Losing Mika made me realize that I do want him or her and his future brothers or sisters. Once I stumbled into this picture of you with a little girl with blonde hair and green eyes on Tumblr, and I keep thinking if Mika were a girl, she would’ve grown into a beautiful girl with curly blonde hair and green eyes. She would have been chatty and perfect. It kills me that we will never get to hear what her voice would be like or what color her eyes would turn into…” he choked, tears were now pooling in Adam’s eyes, while tears had already flooding out of Taylor’s blue eyes without her even realizing it and a mean to stop them.

“I… I didn’t know you felt that way about Mika, Adam, you should’ve told me. I would’ve helped you,” Taylor whispered. Her voice was trembling, her whole body was trembling. All of those emotions she tried so hard to bury deep inside her heart were rushing back, filling every inch of her with nothing but love for the man standing in front of her. It was a point of no return.

Adam rubbed his eyes and nose, wiping away the tears, “we should’ve helped each other,” Adam said, “we should’ve mourned and healed together like any other parents who have lost their children. It’s a mistake that we have to carry for the rest of our lives, but let’s not make the same mistakes again. So what do you say Taylor? Say yes to us? Let’s have our own version of forever and ever?”

A black velvet box came out of nowhere and now sitting on Adam’s hand, a ring with single solitaire emerald perched elegantly in the middle. The morning sunlight hit the gemstone and it glistened magnificently.

It caught Taylor’s blurry eyes, she wiped her tears with the back of her hand and tried to control herself. “I’m scared, Adam…” she whimpered, “but I’m just gonna be reckless and take a leap of faith.”

Adam’s face lit up when he heard what Taylor was saying, “are you saying yes?” he asked uncertainly.

Taylor grinned, “yes, let’s be one of those disgustingly happy married people!”

OLICITY AU: Cotton Candy 1/3

HELLO my Sweethearts!!! <3 Chapter 1 of my new short SWEET fanfic is up :) I hope you’ll like it!!! The next chapter will be up soon hopefully :)

- EDIT BY my new tumblr friends and a precious angel: @laurabelle2930

- EDITED BY an awesome beta and a wonderful tumblr friend:@youfixedmybrokenwings

Felicity and her 1 year old girl Abby go on vacation where they meet a handsome and funny cotton candy man who loves them both at the first sight :)



FOR MY FRIEND @miriam1779

Felicity was laying on a soft blanket, her feet were digging in the warm sand, bright sun was shining in the crystal clear, blue sky. Her baby girl was safe and sound by her side, playing with a small, plastic car. She was mostly hitting the sand with it, or she was making small holes in the sand only to put her car there and bury it under sea shells. Felicity was watching her closely, from time to time pulling the toy out of her daughter’s mouth. Abby was a sweet child, she had just turned 1 a few months ago and Felicity loved her more than anything in her life. She was a chubby ray of sunshine, sometimes Felicity wondered how such a small person could take up so much space in her heart. Abby gave Felicity her toy and stood up clumsily. She took a few steps towards the sea, her small feet awkwardly trying to fight the weird feeling of stepping on the sand.

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