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Oliver looking up at Felicity like she’s his whole world.

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It was the singing that stopped him dead in his tracks.

(song) Not necessary listening but I figure a ten year old song deserves a link for reference.

It’s the singing that stops him dead in his tracks. He came to Lian Yu to do Waller a favor - if anything done for Amanda Waller can be called that - interrogate one of her prisoners, not to check on anyone he left here. But when he hears that voice echoing through the dim, narrow halls…

“I won’t lose any sleep on that, ‘cause I’ve got a plan.”

Laurel loved that song. He’d come over to the Lances’ and hear her singing along while she cooked or cleaned in between study sessions. He hated it - no reason why, he was just sick of hearing it everywhere - so much he started trading her kisses to get her to stop. He was too young and stupid then to think maybe he was only encouraging her to play it more. (And definitely too stupid to realize maybe there was a deeper reason he hated hearing his girlfriend sing a song about a guy who couldn’t pull himself together well enough to be with the woman he loved.)

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And one fan, who–bless her, she’s so sweet–she made me action figures of Connor and Oliver, which was really rad! They’re sitting on my bedside table right now. I need to mail Conrad the Oliver one. But yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Jack Falahee, MaximoTV Interview

I just had to put Jack’s mention of Conrad’s name into quotation because it needs to live on Tumblr foreverrrr. 😁

First up: meet Oliver.

Name: Oliver Preston 

Hometown: Hopewell, NJ 

Alma Mater: Yale University 

Favorite piece from The Paris Review: In recent memory, the excerpt from Robert Walser’s Essays of Fritz Kocher, and Ottessa Moshfegh’s Bettering Myself. I also feel obligated to mention the Borges interview, which was the first Paris Review piece I ever read. 

Favorite part of the office: Inside the air ducts. Don’t tell.