first name games

Dan: so do you have any pets?

Matt, remembering girls like sensitive guys: yeah a cat

Dan: cool, what’s their name?

Matt, remembering girls like tough guys and nervously sweating: monstertruck

Okay, I'm spit balling here but just play along:

Imagine the All For the Game series, and everything is the same BUT Andrew goes by A.J. (because Andrew Joseph) and he doesn’t let ANYONE call him Andrew.

Except Neil in private.

And Neil only says it when they are alone or when he really needs Andrew to listen to him.

Just think of when Andrew was going to break Allison’s arm for backhanding Aaron and Neil is trying to coax him out of his grip.

“A.J. A.J. Andrew.


Another one of the dragon queen Daenerys ^ - ^

Edit: fixed her face a little. 

What if PM and ADA are working together to bring down Fyodor and their meeting in the PM offices and for everyone but Dazai it’s a new experience and theyre really cautious until theyre witnesses to the feared Black Lizard in a side room. Tachihara and Gin aggressively playing ping pong in a posh lounge, Chuuya laid on the floor with his legs up on the table with his hat on his face, and Higuchi screaming at Hirotsu as they play video games and while Kouyou sits at the coffee table next to Chuu playing poker with Akutagawa, all the money on her side. And ADA realizes these guys are harmless.


Because Gin has just lost the ping pong game and stabbed the already stabbed table. And the words leaving Higuchi’s mouth are scarring the kids.

I’m seriously surprised at the lack of Benjen Stark fanfictions and ‘imagines’

I mean


he’s still cute, even though he’s undead - look at his sad smile

he needs a hug 

Reminder that if you ship Jonerys you’re not allowed to talk down on Jonsa shippers or Stark loyalists of any kind because this is what your ship is:

*Cue the theme to Curb Your Enthusiasm*

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