first mulan now this

the n*ce thing about mulan being a wlw in disney canon (since abc is a disney-owned property and that’s how they got the rights to her in the first place) is that you can now say “fun fact: mulan isn’t straight” and it’s true! fun for the whole family!

Part of a SW Superhero!AU that dearsheroozle and I discussed in which Mulan is the reincarnation of the Chinese Sun Goddess Xihe. Besides having the powers of a goddess (strength, durability, speed, etc), she is able the wield the power of the Sun via her staff (tho she is virtually powerless without it, this is her main weakness). Her staff also transforms into a Sun chariot pulled by a dragon, on which she can travel faster than the speed of light and into other realms. 

– x –

I tried to be accurate in designing her outfit, but I am by no means knowledgeable in ancient Chinese fashion so deep apologies. (this is kinda like a first draft anyway)