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prompt - Could you do Michael and Jeremy at Disney world or epcot or something? Like I can imagine them just being super excited and all cutesy.

a/n - love me some Disney world gays :)

Michael pushed the sleeves of his hoodie up, debating on taking it off or not. They were in Florida and it was hot. Jeremy had not warned him about how humid it would be, so Michael didn’t exactly pack the best clothes. He wasn’t upset though, he could simply take off his hoodie and deal with the jeans he had on.

He looked over at Jeremy. The taller boy was wearing his normal striped shirt (no longer tucked into his pants) but without th cardigan. Michael smiled at the excited look on Jeremeys face. As he was about to make a joke, a staticy voice came over the bus intercom.

“We will be arriving at the entrance for Disney World shortly! Please gather all of your belongings and get ready to start your magical day!”

Jeremy looked over at Michael, wide smile on his face. They grabbed their backpacks and got ready to exit the bus as it got closer and closer to the entrance for Walt Disney World.

The reason they were going to Disney World was because of a theater trip. After the events of the play, the school saw it as a good way to help the kids get over the trauma (and not get their asses sued over giving children drugs in school). The rest of the club sat in their respective seats, all caught up in their own excitement.

We’ll visit all the princesses first, and then EpCot?

Brooke we can’t see all the princesses-

Well we can try! And we can get cute pictures with all of them for Instagram!

Laughter is heard

Dude, do you think if we play the cripple card with you we’ll get to jump the lines?

Rich… You’re a GENIUS!

A loud high five is now heard.

We’ll have to meet Mulan and Merida first, strong female roles? Sign me up! And then we can go to EpCot and see the different cultures and maybe they’ll have a play going on??

Christine, there’s this thing called tomorrow as well.

I’m just so excited!

Michael brought his focus back onto Jeremy, who had began to ramble.

“We should try to do a couple of rides first, because those lines are going to be super long and we’ll wanna get in them as soon as possible. If, uh, that’s okay with you?” He asked.

“Jeremy, we can ride as many rides as you want, as long as I get to meet Goofy or maybe Daffy Duck, I’m fine.” Michael lightly punched the brunettes arm, “Beside’s! We have two whole days to explore and have the time of our lives, so let’s enjoy it! Maybe we’ll even get to go to Universal?”

“And take pictures in the Hogwarts castle?!”

Michael nodded and let out a long “whoop!”. They were brought to halt when the bus stopped and the doors opened. People rushed to get out, but everyone in the back of the bus chilled for a minute or so before their own excitement got to them. Laughter circled everyone as they tried to get off and group up near the entrance in order to get their wristbands to go into the park.

Once in, they split off as quickly as possible in order to do what they wished to do. Rich was pushing Jake in a wheelchair at an alarmingly fast rate. Chloe was being dragged by the hand somewhere by Brooke as she simply took pictures of the smiling blonde. Lastly, Christine and Jenna were already taking a picture with Mickey and Minnie.

Michael turned to Jeremy, “C’mon Jeremy, let’s go have a-” He paused and readied his voice, “- magical day!” He finished in an embarrassingly off Mickey voice.

Jeremy still laughed and grabbed his hand and lead him throughout the park. They waited in lines and made dumb stories of some of the people in the line to pass the time. The two boys rode rides and screamed their lungs off in excitement. At each place, Michael would slyly take a picture of the digitalized pictures so they wouldn’t have to buy the overpriced real print ones.

Michael and Jeremy went into one of the stores and gave each other 5 minutes to find something for the other. The two boys ran frantically to get something for each other. It was a whirlwind of a five minutes, but they each came out with a small bag and laughing faces.

Next up on their to-do list was finding a princess or prince and taking pictures with them. As they walked around, they saw Chloe and Brooke in line to meet Meg and Hercules. They jumped right on in line with them (annoyed yelling being heard behind them, though Chloe shut them up) and waited for nearly half an hour to get a picture.

Michael took off his sweatshirt (to reveal a simple gray Pac-Man shirt) and lunged and flexed for a photo. Hercules did the same, leaving Meg and Jeremy to just simply stare at the two boys in amusement. The picture was taken, and Michael even got a fist bump from Meg.

As they continued on in the day, they rode different rides, ate high-priced food and took pictures with as many characters as they could. Jeremy was having the time of his life, causing Michael to have a blast as well.

When the day came to an end, the entire group gathered towards the castle in order to watch the fireworks show. Gasping from children was heard in the crowd and excited cheering towards the finale. Looking back at his friends, Michael smiled.

They were all so happy

Michael laid his head on Jeremy’s shoulder and closed his eyes. He felt Jeremy’s breath stop before a nervous chuckle was let out. He heard as Jeremy rubbed his hand on his jeans before a slightly sweaty palm was in Michael’s hand. Long fingers intertwined with his shorter ones. Michael smiled as he felt Jermey rest his head atop of his own.

Disney was truly a magical place

Part of a SW Superhero!AU that dearsheroozle and I discussed in which Mulan is the reincarnation of the Chinese Sun Goddess Xihe. Besides having the powers of a goddess (strength, durability, speed, etc), she is able the wield the power of the Sun via her staff (tho she is virtually powerless without it, this is her main weakness). Her staff also transforms into a Sun chariot pulled by a dragon, on which she can travel faster than the speed of light and into other realms. 

– x –

I tried to be accurate in designing her outfit, but I am by no means knowledgeable in ancient Chinese fashion so deep apologies. (this is kinda like a first draft anyway)

the n*ce thing about mulan being a wlw in disney canon (since abc is a disney-owned property and that’s how they got the rights to her in the first place) is that you can now say “fun fact: mulan isn’t straight” and it’s true! fun for the whole family!