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Queen Pony Head of the Pony Head Kingdom.

would pony head wear something like this?? i don’t know and i don’t even like pony head that much but i thought it’d be interesting to age her up since i never saw an aged up pony head

Time Will Explain

apparently i write fanfiction now? lol its my first fic ever pls go easy
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Summary: In the year 2020, Liam Payne, sits down for an exclusive interview with Ellen on The Ellen Show, to promote One Direction’s reunion album and to reveal a secret about his personal life.

He bounced on his feet, rubbing his palms together, trying to settle his nerves. This was the most difficult part before any interview but he was looking forward to this one. And there was a special reason why.

A frazzled looking technician edged forward from the curtain and gave him a jerky nod, trepidation and awe in his eyes. That was his cue; with a skip, he moved forward through the curtain and a door and out into the blinding studio lights. A deafening applause was the only thing that filled his ears, followed by a shrill cacophony of screams of ‘Liam!’ and ‘We love you’.

Still humbled by the positive response of his fans, he made his way to the couch and met Ellen with a warm hug and a hello. After a lot of waving and grinning at the audience, he sat down on the white couch, screams and shouts still echoing in the studio. Ellen only continued grinning at him and looking back and forth at the audience, laughing slightly at their response.

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Prompt: “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.” Characters: MC and your choice

“I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.” with either of the choi bois?

I decided to put these two together since I probably would’ve chosen Seven anyways (he will always and forever be my fav boy)

I hope you enjoy!!


~Admin MP

It was perfect. Jumin was out of town on a business trip. Seven was in a maid costume and had disabled all of Jumin’s cameras. Not to mention Jumin’s security trusted MC completely. 

That was their first mistake.

Trying not to giggle, the two of them got into Jumin’s penthouse, the laughter erupting as soon as they got into the kitchen.

“Oh man, they had no idea!” Seven wheezed, wiping a tear from his eye. The long red wig was immediately discarded on the counter.

“I know! It was almost too perfect,” MC agreed, grinning. Then they saw Elizabeth the 3rd and immediately fell to the ground, coaxing the fluffy white cat over to them.

“Aww, she’s so precious! If I had a daughter, I’d want her to be just like Elly,” MC cooed, scratching the feline under her chin.

“Then let’s pretend like Elly is our child!” Seven crowed suddenly, eyes lighting up with the idea. “I can be the mom/maid and you can be the dad!” 

It was so brilliant that a startled bark of laughter escaped MC’s lips, startling Elly a bit. 

“Oh, hell yes!”

A few minutes later found Seven making “lunch” for Elly, which was basically just Seven combining three different types of her wet food into one lump. MC was sitting at the kitchen table, pretending to read the newspaper. 

“Stocks are lowering,” grumbled MC, shaking their head in mock disappointment. 

“Here you go, Elly, our sweet daughter! Lunch is served!” Seven set the bowl on the ground and Elly pounced on it, scarfing down the food. 

“What about you, dear? What would you like?” Seven turned towards MC, batting his eyelashes exaggeratedly. Although it was meant to be silly, MC’s heart couldn’t help skipping a beat at the endearment. Their crush was ridiculous.

“Some caviar would be wonderful, sweetheart,” they replied instead, clearing their throat and blushing a bit. Even Seven’s cheeks looked a bit pink.

There was a few more minutes of silence as Seven got together whatever MC’s “lunch” was. It turned out Jumin had no caviar, so it was just some yogurt and granola he had found in the very back of the cabinet. 

“Here’s your caviar,” he said, leaning down to place it on the table. When he did, the two got so close that MC could count all the faint freckles on his nose. And see just how red his plump lips were. 

“Thanks, babe,” MC whispered, unable to tear their eyes from his lips. Instead of responding, Seven closed the distance between them and pressed their mouths together. Although it came as a surprise, MC’s lips instantly parted, welcoming the presence of SEven’s tongue, and then–

He was pulling back.

There was an awkward silence as the two stared at the table where the sad yogurt and granola sat.

“ I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately,” Seven mumbled suddenly. Reaching out, MC took his hand and grinned.

“You can do it again if you want…just as long as we’re not playing house,” MC said. Seven gaped, but a smile quickly overtook his face, and he leaned back in for another kiss.

Elly meowed happily.

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hello! i’m the anon from before talking about how beverly would totally win the bet on if stan and bill were dating bc the losers caught them kissing and i was wondering if you could make headcanons out of that? you don’t have to if u don’t wanna! love ur blog! :)

thanks so much! 

✿ beverly was very intuivite. she took silent note of awkward silences or things that made her friends uncomfortable, and she read body langauge extremely well. she always had a hunch on how the stupid movie richie rented that night was going to end, but more importantly she just had a sixth sense that stanley and bill were seeing each other

but it also didn’t help that the boys were so blatantly obvious. when the two first started their relationship, they were extrmeely cautious. they would both finish their class work early so they could sneak off for a restroom break! (but that was their first mistake!! beverly knew no one had to use the restroom that often)

they would leave the lunch table at the same time, and often cancel plans from the other losers bc “stanley was going to help bill w his home work” (but bill had great grades? the lowest was a B in history)

 beverly thought she was just be suspicious, until something happened one day that cured her curiousity for sure, it was way too warm for stanley to be wearing a turtle neck.

bev was so psyched she basically sent out a fucking batman signal lmao, she needed to tell the other losers immediately. at first she thought maybe she should keep the secret, but she knew the two would be happier if they could finally kiss e/o goodbye and not have to look over their shoulders first!!

 none of the other losers believed her. in fact they thought she was insane. they eagerly agreed to her bet, bumping the once 5$ bet up to 10$ bc they were so sure, they thought it was the easiest money they’d ever make! the boys didn’t know their close friends were dating but beverly knew (for sure) that she would be 40$ richer

 the plan went a lil something like "so stanley has been tutoring u? u know what? we should all go over! i really need some help in math" beverly was excited for this plan to work, she was bouncing in her seat. b4 either boy could decline, ben pipped up, “yeah! history’s rly been kicking my butt lately” and richie promised he would provide the snacks.

 stan was nervous as hell and kept pulling his hair. he just didn’t want them to think of the two any differently rly. bill was nervous too but as always had to stay calm and handle the situation! he probably grabbed stanley’s face, pushed the hair out of his face and tell him in loved him (like it was the last time he was ever gonna see him) lmao and they hug rly tight and stanley is still a lil unsure and bill can tell by his face so he kisses him

✿ the door opens right then and there lmao the losers don’t even stay for homework they litereally open the door, close the door and leave

 bev only collects 30$ that way bc richie is fucking pissed and says it’s not fair and she has some type of girl super power and refuses to pay a witch


Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!

@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.

Random Thoughts

the new episode gave us a Cliffhanger about when Dewey found out a Painting that has His (and His Brothers) mother in it alongside Donald and Scrooge.  (THIS PART CRUSHED ME BTW)

the episode stopped there… without any explanation. the only thing we know is that Dewey Recognized his mom looks like and he’s the only one knows the painting.

and before that, Dewey’s the only Triplet who heard Scrooge’s and Donald fights about Selene when they were in Atlantis… 

which is MIGHT be a reason why These two ignored each other for 10 years and COULD be the reason why Della (HDL Mother) is nowhere to be found.

Okay, remember this scene from Dewey’s promo?

it looks like he’s snooping around in Webby’s room. 

so, what if He’s trying to find a clue about his Mom or whatever happened to his uncle separating for about 10 years?? why webby’s room? well, he knows that Webby’s really obsessed with Knowing and learning about Scrooge’s Family…since she told that herself.

eh, idk. tell me what you think?


HEY SO HI I’M A BIG FRICKIN DUNCE and i managed to delete the original post??? so i’m re-uploading it (finally)

original caption:

wow i worked on this for a way too long for it to look this bad ha excuse my lazy background and lazy… everything…

anyways gwen and david got a little somethin goin on behind the scenes and david’s catchin feelings but gwen’s not but it can only be kept a secret for so long, amirite?

green bubbles are Gwen and yellow bubbles are Max if that wasn’t obvious enough