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Because of you

i have so much love for “because of you” all their vocals give me the chills LIKE OKAY 

when binnie sings in the first verse my soul is HEALED and then he hits us with the chorus too afterwards and I’m like woah and then MJ comes in like the vocal God he is and i start smiling so wide because Wow MJ’s voice is just- 

AND THEN RAPLINE goes with their slow raps and God i live for their slow SOULFUL raps in their sad songs and jinjin’s so soft and rocky’s so full of emotion I’m howling

then MJ goes and hits his high ish note and his nose scutches up when he sings high and he’s really into it I LOVE IT and moon bin has high notes too and I’m so proud that this album really lets moon bin be appreciated like YES SHOW OF YOUR 7 YEARS OF TRAINING BINNIE GO

then eUNWOO SINGS THE CHORUS and I’m so proud of him as well he’s grown so much since debut and he’s getting more lines :’) and he sings this chorus part and i just MELT he sounds so good ctfyghiby

then the maknae comes in with the bridge and his voice is all controlled and amazing and he furrows his brows and puts his hand to his heart or just chest and he’s so into and OH MJ COMES IN AGAIN and you’re like OH he’s gonna sing a high note like the GOD he is but NO BINNIE’S BELTING AND MJ HAS A SOFT HIGH NOTE AH

and the best part is the last chorus and the vocal line is singing and coming out of their cute little line and MJ straight up NAILING the harmonies OH MY GOD THE HARMONIES and then it just ends and I’m so content

im so happy this ballad is amazing okay sorry 

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I came across your stuff (totally in love) and I'm just... a bit... confused... about you and Rob B? Like, how did that entire... thing start... ? (so many ellipses) (*「・ω・)ン?

thanks! BUT I DON’T KNOW

so to finally figure it out, i’m going to sit down and actually go back to The Beginning and create a brief timeline wherein i try to work out what happened and when SO PREPARE YOURSELF (i’ll put it under a break for ur consideration)

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You’re Pre-Med Right?

Prompt: Could you write a story where Jason moves in with the reader as a roommate and over time they get really close?

Words: 576

AN: I really like how this turned out. Not too long, but not too sweet or mushy gushy either. I feel like it’s a bit more on the edgy side of things i write, but what do I know? I’m probably the least edgy person there ever was.

You move in with him, because you’re desperate. Your former roommate tells you that her boyfriend is moving in and that you need to be out in three days, or she’s dumping your stuff in the hallway. She seemed so normal during that first meet and greet too.

Jason comes to your rescue. You’ve known each other since your days on the streets. You both found a way out; him through Bruce Wayne, you through working your ass off for that scholarship to Gotham University, a full ride thanks to tennis. You’ve stayed in touch over the years, and he offers the moment he sees your rant on Facebook.

You’re a bit worried about living with a guy. You’ve never lived with one before and you hear that they can be gross. Two days in, you realize it won’t be a problem. He works during the day, comes home for a few hours, before going out. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. You only know that he’s still there because he leaves his dishes in the sink. He never brings anyone home, and you never hear him come in. You find this strange since you’re such a light sleeper.

One night, you resolve to stay up until he gets home. It reminds you of trying to catch Santa Claus as a kid. You stay up really late, but thanks to a tiring day of classes and work, you fall asleep to Golden Girls rerun by 10 pm. Despite this fact, you wake up in bed, carefully tucked in. Your curiosity grows.

It becomes one of your new obsessions. It reminds you of getting addicted to a really good T.V. show, or trying to figure out who the killer is in a book before it’s revealed. You finally catch him about six months in, and you only catch him because he’s bleeding EVERYWHERE.

You come home from a night out with friends and there he is, bleeding on your couch, and dressed in a suit you’ve only seen in the papers. You don’t even hesitate when he looks up at you and says, “You’re pre-med, right?”

You spend the next several hours stitching him up with whatever he has on hand; whisky for sterilizing, and pain control, a not so sharp needle, and a first aid kit that is so sparse it makes you want to throw a tantrum. Still, you listen as he tells you his story, including the dying parts, killing parts, and not being on great terms with his family parts.

It hits you the next day, as you’re buying a decked out first aid kit that you’re living with someone who kills people. You don’t freak out like a normal person, you just buy an extra first aid kit.

Jason starts spending more time at home after that. You come home to him sprawled out on the couch, or sometimes cleaning his guns, and various weapons. You can’t help but feel that you should be a bit more creeped out by all of this, but you aren’t. You just spread your books out, grab the remote, and change the channel.

You don’t realize your relationship is progressing beyond friendship until one day, as you’re sitting in his lap, watching trashy T.V. while he plays with your hair, you realize that you want to kiss him. So, you do, and you’re very happy to report that he seems just as enthusiastic about the idea as you are.

T.D. Cloud will be going to Colossalcon!

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Come stop by and say hello if you’re able!


Authors Note: OKAY GUYS THIS IS MY FIRST IMAGINE (Or fanfic or whatever you want to call it, like I said I AM NEW.) Please be gentle with me, and truly any feedback would be great! :)

You waited in line for your first “meet and greet”. You weren’t exactly sure how they worked or what was going to happen or even how much time you would even get to talk to him, but you felt excited for your best friend. Celie had loved Shawn for years, she loved to talk about how she knew about him before his MAGCON days, whatever that was. If you were being completely honest, the only reason you were actually at this concert was to accompany Celie as you watched all her dreams come true…And the fact that he was the making of a young John Mayer didn’t hurt. As the line inched up you played with your hair, noticing your horrible split ends. Celie on the other hand was wired, you could practically hear her heart beating from a mile away.

“Girl,” you said lightly touching her arm, “you better quit it, you’re gonna start to sweat off your make up.” You said to her with a light giggle.

“I know, I knoooow.” She said with pleading eyes, “But you don’t understand, I can’t believe we are about to meet him!!!”

You laughed, you loved seeing Ce this excited. You inched up in line, only noticing you guys were next because you realized you reached the red tape on the floor. Looking up you felt like you almost had the wind knocked out of you. Your eyes widened staring straight ahead.

“Is that him, Celie?” You said half pointing over at probably the hottest guy in the room.

Celie rolled her eyes, “Yes Y/N, come on now, I’ve showed you soooo many pictures and videos!” She wasn’t lying, she had shown you. But it didn’t do him justice.

“Common, you’re up!“ the bald man shuffling girls along said to us.

The room started spinning. I took a deep breath and felt my body walk forward. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. I watched him turn around to face us, his dark brown eyes locking with mine immediately as Celie ran up to him giving him the biggest hug I have honestly every witnessed. God his eyes looked like chocolate, I thought to myself. Celie squealing brought me back to real time.

“SHAWN. I’m Celie. Wow, I’m sorry I can’t believe I’m meeting you. I brought my friend along as a witness, she knows how long I’ve waited for this!” Celie said jumping up and down as she spoke. It felt like Shawn and I hadn’t taken our eyes off of each other since I walked up to him.

“Aw hey, so nice to see you Celie!” Shawn said breaking our eye contact looking down at her. Then he looked back up at me again, GOD those eyes made me melt, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.” He said to me, making my heart skip several beats.

“Y/N, nice to finally meet the guy my best friend is always gabbing about.” You say playfully bumping Celie with your hip. It was something about him that made your jaded heart go thump again. You felt so silly, like a 6 year old fan girl, not that there was anything wrong with that but…about SHAWN? Common Y/N, you said to yourself. You just got out of a horrible and scary relationship, maybe it was just the attention from a kind male that got you hot and heavy.

“You guys excited to hear what I got for you tonight?” He smiled with his stupidly perfect teeth, not breaking eye contact with you. Him staring made you feel compelled to answer, even though Celie was already rambling off about her favorite Shawn songs…

“Beyond.” You said tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear, flashing back a smile. “I have a couple favorites off the new album. It’s practically on repeat in our apartment.” You said to him with a laugh. Wow, this boy was really doing things to you…

“Alright ladies, smile!” The photographer said forcing you three into a picture pose. Shawn wrapped his giant arms around your waist resting a hand on your hip. Goosebumps immediately surfaced on your arms which made you blush as you half smiled for the camera. He let go of Celie, then slowly slid his hand to your lower back.

“It was so nice to meet you,” he said looking at you, “And you too, Celie.” he said looking over at your best friend. He said something else to Celie but your head was spinning from his hand still resting on your lower back. Was that on purpose?

“Well, we will see you soon! We have SECOND ROW tickets!!!” Celie said to Shawn matter of fact-ly.

“Amazing,” He said turning back to me with a little grin, “Soon then?”

“Soon.” You said back, hoping there was more meaning to this.

You listened to Celie ramble about Shawn the whole walk over to your seats, “Yeah, he was pretty amazing Ce. So genuine, and sweet.” You said to her still in a daze. He couldn’t have meant more by ‘soon" right? That’s silly. Your head is in the clouds. He’s not going to like a girl he met at a meet and greet. You repeated over and over in your head.

“Y/N,” Celie said grabbing your arm, “as much as I hate to admit this, and it sounds a lil crazy but he seemed a liiiiiiittle bit interested in you, girl.” You snapped out of your daze hearing this.

“Celie, don’t be ridiculous” You said with a half hearted laugh. “I- no, there’s just no way. He probably does this with every girl.” You said shaking your head.

“Hey, I just calls ‘em how I sees 'em.” Celie said shrugging.

So, it wasn’t just you? Celie saw it too? You guys arrived at your seats, wow they were really REALLY close. It was inevitable you would really see each other again. The lights dimmed and the concert stage lights went nuts flying over the crowd showing everybodys faces. Shawn stepped out, looking just as handsome as you remembered 30 minutes ago. Your heart pounded as he began to sing

“I won’t lie to you…..”

Shawn sang as you listened and sang along lightly, but mainly just listening to his voice. Everything about him seemed to be special and unique to you now. His eyes panning the crowd, a huge grin on his face the entire time. You wanted him to look down at you so badly, but he was 500% in the moment and you actually loved that too. He cared about his music and his fans, he really did.

Shawn announced the last song and you felt your heart sink a little, partly because you knew this was going to give you post concert depression and also partly because the little Cinderella story you created in your head never really came true. You quickly snapped out of that though, you were at an amazing concert with your BEST friend having the time of your life.’ Live in the moment, Y/N.’ you said to yourself. You began dancing with Celie, and right before the lights went down you sore Shawn looked at you. The concert ended and everyone shuffled out of the venue. Some girls still screaming, some crying, some wearing their newly bought concert t-shirts. You and Celie walked outside letting the cooler air hit your flushed skin, it felt amazing.

Walking down the steps of the venue you felt Celie grab your arm,  "Ummmm, Y/N….“ She said pointing with her other hand at a man holding a sign that read 'CELIE + Y/N.’ You stared at him with confused eyes, had somebody called you a car? Your mom and other friends knew you drove but that was the only logical thing you could think.

“Uh, hi, we’re Y/N and Celie.” You said walking up to the man holding Celie’s hand.

“Oh, perfect! So glad I found you girls!” The man said, like everything was perfectly normal. “Follow me please.” He continued folding the side and walking back to the venue.

“Wait what? I’m sorry who are you and what’s going on?” You said to the guy squeezing Celie’s hand, a little excited and a little scared.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you girls knew!” He said with a chuckle. “Shawn has kept the venue rented for the night, it’s one of his good buddies, Geoff’s, birthday and they’re throwing a bash inside. There’s a bunch of bounce houses, dancing, you know what all you kids do.” He laughed, “and he said he would love if you could join. I know it’s bizarre but he said you guys were cool.” He shrugged looking between the two of us. I was beside myself, was this really happening, my head went dizzy again.

“YES. WE ARE SO DOWN.” Celie said squeezing my hand practically cutting off my circulation and then yanking me closer to the man almost pulling my arm from it’s socket.

“Sounds good…” I said smoothing my hair and looking down at my outfit. You weren’t sure if jean shorts and a white crop top with converse was appropriate gear for a birthday party but hey, live in the moment. You two ran inside after the guy passing girls who were staring you down, seeming to know the guy who was leading you back into the venue was.

You walked back into the arena, which looked totally redone in the 40 minutes you were outside. There were balloons EVERYWHERE and a good amount of people ages 18-28 hanging out, running around, drinking, playing in the bounce houses, and doing the obstacle courses. It looked SO fun, you were immediately happy with your decision.

“Ahhh, here’s the birthday boy!” the man said grabbing another guys hand pulling him into a hug, “This is Geoff. Geoff this iiiiis…….” he looked down at the sign, “Celie and Y/N, they’re Shawns guests.” He said patting Geoff on the back, “Have fun!” He walked away over to another group of people.

“Celie and Y/N, eh? Nice to meet you two. I was beginning to think I was Shawn’s only friend.” He joked.

“Well, we are very new friends if that counts.” Celie said with a laugh touching Geoffs arm. “Hey, what do ya bet I can double bounce you higher than you can double bounce me….” She said eyeing Geoff.

“Whoaaa are you challenging the birthday boy?!!” He said throwing his hands up, “That’s mighty bold of you Miss. Celie.” He joked. “You’re on.” he said tilting his head towards the bonce houses.

“C'ya later, Y/N!!!” Celie said running over into the sea of bounce houses.

You gave her a half hearted sarcastic wave standing alone in this giant arena. You stood looking around for a minute before you followed your nose to the cotton candy stand. You grabbed a pink tuff, examining your cotton candy you took a fluffy piece in between your fingers. Smiling you put it in your mouth as you swiveled around running into someone, “OH, shit sor-” You said looking up. At Shawn. Fuck.

“Didn’t know 'soon’ meant you trampling me down, cotton candy in hand!” He joked running a hand thru his mildly curly hair. You didn’t remember it being this curly earlier, but you loved it.

“Well, I didn’t know I would be here….with you….eating cotton candy.” You said looking down at the giant pink fluff ball you were holding. He picked a piece off and popped it in his mouth. “Oh yeah, thanks for inviting us by the way. Totally gets you cool points in my book. Especially for having a bounce house. Haven’t seen one of those since…..maybe 5th grade. Shame honesty.” You said snapping back to your sassy sarcastic self.

“Well, you must lead a boring life, Y/N.” Shawn said raising a brow. You couldn’t help but notice the quick up down he gave your body. It made you bite your lip, and pull your shorts down feeling a little self conscious.

“I want to know about you…” Shawn said smiling down at you. 'WHOAAAA!!!! You thought, where is this coming from? Why me? Is he being serious? Is this for a show, there sure are a lot of cameras here. Was this a joke?’ were all questions running thru your mind. He touched your arm, bringing your mind back to reality, “Is that okay with you, Y/N? I know it seems, well, out of left field, but it’s something about you, I dunno. Sounds corny. I know.” He said with a huff looking at me with sort of embarrassed.

“I used to bite my nails?” You said lightly, looking up at him. THAT was the only thing that you could think of, ugh. The two of you started to laugh, “I’m more exciting than that….I swear!” You said trying to revive yourself. There was so much you could tell him about, but your nails? You couldn’t have said your favorite color Y/N? UGH. And the only other thing that was on your mind that month was your past relationship…'That is NOT something you bring up the first time meeting someone. Especially since your ex is well…..terrifying.’ you thought to yourself.

“So tell me….” He said walking over to the stands patting the seat beside him. You looked up followed and sat down looking into his eyes. It was that moment where you just knew this boy was going to change your life forever.

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Ok I'm going to send my TFLN again! So can you do one about the missus is a very famous YouTuber and is at the Vidcon in Amsterdam that was Friday and over the weekend and is telling Harry about how fun she is having meeting her fans and talking at panels and how fun it is to hang out with all her YouTuber friends and also congratulating Harry on the success of SOTT and wishing that she was with him to celebrate?

I used a few of the Youtubers that I know of. I’m not really sure if any of them were there so, roll with it, haha. Also, I have no idea what happens at VidCon so I’m just going off of interpretation and imagination. x

Harry. Missus.

Cheers to our successes today!

Congratulations on a good single release, H! I’m so proud of you. I woke up a few hours before I needed to just so I could hear you on Radio 1 with Grim. It sounded really incredible.

Thank you, babe!

Congratulations on your first single meet and greet! I’m so proud of you. I saw loads of photos from today and people tweeted me with some selfies. You looked very beautiful.

Thank you!

Have you been busy today?

I was stuck in my office most of the morning to chat to some radio stations around the world and to do some phone interviews. I’ve just got back from the gym and I’m going to call into an Australian radio station and have a chat.

What about you?

I had a panel talk with Carrie and Tyler and some of the others through the morning when we arrived. We got through a a few questions and had a chat to some of them. And, then I popped out for lunch in that restaurant we went to together when we came here - I ordered your favourite so it felt like I was sharing your food. :)))

Then, I went back to the venue and ended the day with my talk, a little speech and my single meet and greet. Which was surprisingly very fun! I didn’t need to be nervous at all.

Ahh. That’s great!

What have you got planned for tomorrow?

I’m going to take a walk around the venue with all the fans, mingle with some of the Youtubers in their sections and greet some fans who couldn’t make it to the talk and meet and greet yesterday. 


They gifted me so many gorgeous things! I’ve got some new bath bombs to use at home, some new moisturisers for my face, and chocolates to eat. They brought candles for you, too. 

I knew we shouldn’t have done that shopping haul video together.

Ever since then, we’ve had candles and candle sets sent in to your PO Box. I think we need to store them all in the TWO empty bedrooms upstairs; there are so bloody many.

Light them when you have a bath. That’s very soothing and relaxing.

I don’t feel very soothed and relaxed because you’re not here.

Oh, stop it.

I’ll be home on Sunday and we can have a nice bath together with some new bath bombs I’ve been given. We can even eat some chocolate.

What time Sunday?

The plane is set to land at 4 in the afternoon. Heathrow Airport.

I’ll be there to pick you up.

No, you don’t have too. I was going to catch a lift back with an Uber or something.

I want to come and get you. I’ll take you out for a nice dinner and then we can come home and have a bath and sleep.

I’ll smell like airplane. And I won’t look very fancy.

So, we’ll eat in the airport McDonalds or something.

So romantic.

I’ll make it romantic.

Bring some candles and stick them on the table. I’ll even pick a rose and bring it along.

You’re a wanker.

I love you, too.



Are you going to be free tonight?

I should be, yeah.


I want to Skype you so I can show you the stuff we been given today; there is a whole load of things. You’ll be so shocked. I had to take so many trips to and from the bus to bring everything up to my bedroom.

Also, I really want to see your face because I miss you so much.

I’ll be free around 8ish. Mum and Robin are up for the weekend to keep see Gemma and they want to take me out for dinner tonight.


Make sure your alone. I may wait naked.

Cheeky. ;)

I’ll be naked as well. I promise. x


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Jimin x Reader


„What is this?“
You lower the plastic cup that’s filled with your and Jimin’s favourite bubble tea and let the straw pop out of your mouth. Your boyfriend is reaching for your necklace and you let him touch it patiently. He turns the ring that’s attached to the necklace in his fingers. After a few seconds of inspecting it, his sweet chuckle fills the air. “A BTS ring?”
You huff, but then answer despite the amusement in Jimin’s eyes. “I bought it back in my home country one day”, you explain. “It’s been with me since then. I like it.”
While you pull the straw back into your mouth, Jimin watches the ring dangle on the necklace. “It’s not well-made”, he finally says. “I could give you a better one.”

You roll your eyes at him and flick one finger against his forehead. “You know I don’t want any presents from you”, you oppose. “Apart from that, it holds memories. I want to keep it.”
Jimin raises an eyebrow and sips on his bubble tea. “Memories?”
You shrug. “I wore it to my first concert, to my exchange year in Korea, during my first meet and greet with you guys… I even wore it when we had our first date.”
Your boyfriend frowns. “I never noticed?”
While you start walking back home, you chuckle. “You’re bad with details. You just never realized.”
Jimin laughs, angelic pure sound filling the air, and makes you smile with that. “I sure am”, he finally admits. “But it suits you. I approve of you keeping it.”
You hit his arm playfully. “No need to approve”, you tease back. “I would’ve kept it anyway.”

It isn’t until you meet up in the city a few days later that Jimin mentions the ring again. He watches the necklace and frowns. “I don’t like it”, he suddenly pouts. “It’s so bad! Let me buy you a better one!”
“You just liked it a few days ago”, you remind him, but he shakes his head. You sigh. “Jimin, I don’t want another one”, you say. “This one is just fine.”
“But it seems like something is missing”, he insists, suddenly serious, and points towards the ring. You run your fingertips over the smooth surface of it. He’s right, the engravement only covers half of your piece of jewelry. But it doesn’t bother you. “So?”, you reply. “It has a deeper meaning, that’s enough.”
Even though Jimin doesn’t seem satisfied, he doesn’t talk about it again until you pass by a jewelry shop. As always, he stops and takes a look at the silvery rings and necklaces in the window. “Look, Y/N”, he says, and then you find yourself standing next to him and listen to him ramble about how beautiful and nice they all are.
When he is finished, he looks at you curiously, and you have to chuckle. It’s obvious he wants one of them, and as always, he asks you to help him out. “This one”, you finally decide and point to a rather simple ring in different shades of grey. His eyes light up and then he pulls you with him inside the shop.

“There you go”, the woman hands Jimin his paper bag and he beams at her happily as he takes it. “Let’s go”, you say and turn around to leave, but suddenly your boyfriend stops in his tracks. He seems to think about something, and when you finally turn around to see where he is, he is already approaching you.
“Give me your ring”, he demands, and you frown. “My ring?”, you ask and grab the necklace with one hand. “Why should I?”
“Just do it”, he urges excitedly, but you are suspicious. “Just promise me you won’t sell it or exchange it”, you huff and Jimin rolls his eyes. “I promise”, he sighs. “Now, please?”
With a worried expression, you get the ring off your necklace and hand it to Jimin. He smiles at you and pecks your cheek. “Thanks”, he says. “And now get out.”
You cross your arms in front of your chest. “What is this?”, you snarl, now slightly pissed. “Why do I have to leave?”
Jimin sighs, but caresses your cheek to calm you down a bit. “A surprise. Please?”, he asks sweetly, and since there’s nothing but innocence and excitement in his face, you finally comply hesitantly and leave the shop just to stand outside and wait impatiently.

It takes about ten minutes before you see Jimin again, chatting with the salesperson. The woman hands him another paper bag, and you frown with both confusion and anger. Jimin promised not to give your ring away, but to you it seems like he did.
When he steps out of the store, humming to himself happily, you confront him immediately. “Where is my ring?”, you ask and hold out your hand.
Jimin looks at you in surprise, then he smiles and his eyes form those adorable little crescents you adore so much. “It really is important to you, huh?”, he says and you falter a bit. But when you remember all the things the ring remembers you of, all the good experiences and amazing moments, you practically shove your hand into Jimin’s face. “Give it back”, you demand and when Jimin realizes he’s not gonna be able to make you wait for even a bit, he sighs and reaches into the little paper bag.

“Close your eyes”, he says, and even though you hate such games, you obey and wait for him to give your ring back.
You hear something rustle, and then you feel how Jimin places a teeny-tiny plastic bag in your hand.
“You can open them now”, he allows after a few seconds, and you immediately glance at what he gave you. When you reach into the little bag and pull out the ring, you wonder why Jimin took it from you in the first place – nothing changed. It just looks a bit more polished.
But when you turn it in your fingers, you feel some unfamiliar structure on the surface of the metal. Curiously, you bend over the piece of jewelry and take a closer look.

“BTS – 2013.06.13” is the familiar part, but when you inspect the opposite side of the ring, a beautifully curved handwriting you know just too well reads “Jimin”. The name is accompanied by a little heart.
You frown and look up to Jimin. “Your handwriting…?”, you ask, and he nods proudly. “The ring was so empty”, he explains. “So I thought I should add something. And since I am your favourite in BTS…”
You slip the ring back onto your necklace and watch it dangle. “Who said you are my favourite?”, you give back dryly. “Jungkook is my bias.”
Jimin flips. “Jungkook?!”, he shouts and crosses his arms in front of his chest. “That little brat? I feel betrayed.”
He looks seriously angry and you act indifferent for a few more seconds before you give in and step up to him. Slinging your arms around his waist, you snuggle up to him and inhale is scent. “Thanks”, you whisper. “I love it.”

Jimin chuckles, you can practically feel him brim with happiness. “Glad you do”, he replies and runs his fingers through your hair.
“Look up”, he orders a little later, and you comply – for once – without complaining.
His hands cup your face almost aggressively and before you can react, he kisses you harshly – and so good your fingers dig into his back. You can barely swallow the moan that makes its way up your throat, and Jimin smirks against your lips diabolically.
“Want to go home?”, he hums quietly, his voice having dropped by an octave. You blink up to him innocently. “Will Jungkook be there?”

Jimin growls and lets go of you. “I guess I have to bribe you first”, he sighs in a playfully annoyed way. “Bubble tea?”
You grin.
“That’s probably for the better.”

SeekingArrangement: First Impressions

So I’ve been on the site for about 29 hours now and have received 100+ messages from potential Daddy’s thus far. There’s the basic “Hi let’s chat,” the more specific “these are my needs (ranging from a variety of sexual fetishes, massage services, or just companionship/travel buddy/casual dating which is the majority) and can you meet them,” to the guys who will offer the nitty gritty financial and meeting details up front. While it is mostly older men (40-50′s) I was shocked at the decent amount of 30-something year olds who reached out, which is much more appropriate for me. As expected, there are a handful of married men online, but are outnumbered by the single/divorced crowd thankfully.

There are message boards and blog articles linked via the site as resources for Sugar Babies - outlining etiquette, how to be safe, how to discuss allowances/agreements, and just about anything you could want to know about this whole alternative arrangement ordeal. 

So far I have exchanged numbers with 4 potential Daddy’s, one of which I am meeting for a drink tomorrow night. He’s 51 (old, I know), but was very respectful in our exchanges, fit/attractive for his age, and we have a surprising amount in common. I will test the waters and if I feel we get along, will outline my specific needs before agreeing to meet him again.

What are my needs exactly? Well to cut to the chase:

- Monthly student loan payments covered ($300)

- Crossfit gym membership paid ($185)

- Grocery allowance ($400)

- Self care such as nails, hair, waxing etc. ($300)

- Clothing allowance (no set amount, depends if we go shopping together or not but roughly $500)

So all in all, I need $1,185. While of course I will be willing to negotiate (some money is better than no money), I have received offers between 2k-5k a month.. we’ll just have to see if any of them pan out. Normally I am not particularly high maintenance, but if a man wants me dressing expensively or well groomed, I’m sure as hell not going to pay for it.

Thanks for the read and I will update tomorrow post first meet and greet!



First Meeting/Ice Breaker

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  • “I’m sorry, what did you say your name was?”
  • “It’s not what it looks like.”
  • “You look strangely familiar.” 
  • "Please! I need your help!" 
  • "So, what can I do for you?”
  • “I have a good explanation…probably.” 
  • "Do I know you?”
  • “Ah…I thought you were someone else.”
  • “Watch out, clumsy." 
  • "I hope you’re not as stupid as you look.”
  • “Get your hands off me.”
  • “Oh, gods. How long have you been there?”
  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Leave me alone.”
  • “Excuse me, you dropped this." 
  • "Did you see that too?”
  • “Tell me everything you know.”
  • “Come on. Let’s go have some fun." 
  • "Good morning, sorry I’m late!”
  • “I’m not late, am I?”
  • “I don’t think we’ve met before…”
  • “Sorry! You dropped this!”
  • “Oh, sorry I thought you were someone else, I didn’t mean to hug you!”
  • “Watch where you’re going!”
  • “Are you okay? You didn’t fall too badly did you?”
  • “I should have said something earlier, I’m-”
  • “I’ve seen you around, I’ve just never had the guts to say hi.”
  • “You must be new…”
  • “Do you need a hand?”
  • “Have you just moved in?”
  • “If you want me to show you around, I don’t mind helping.”
  • “I saw you from across the room and I had to say hi.”
  • “I wouldn’t buy that if I were you.”
  • “Do you need some help?”
  • “Is this yours?”
  • “Ah, sorry. I’ll move my bag, this seat is free.”
  • “Careful!”
  • “Not every day you meet someone with such a smile!”
  • “Thanks for holding the door open for me!”

[Request] Multiple anons said: Hey, I have no idea if you’re taking requests but if you are I was wondering if you could write where Y/N is dating Jack Maynard and lives with him, Conor and Josh. Thank you <3 ; Hey could you please do a super fluffy Jack Maynard imagine please if you’re taking requests. Thank you xx ; Hey! I love your writing and was wondering if I could get a Jack Maynard imagine where we are together but the fans don’t know (just our friends know) and we get outed in one of Joe’s vlogs at a creator party at vidcon?

[Summary] Basically the requests above.

[Pairing] Jack Maynard x Reader

[Universe/Fandom] Jack Maynard Fandom

[Warnings] Cursingggg, implies that the two have sex at some point. BUT YO FLUFF

[A/N] This is my first time combining this many requests, but I did have this story in mind which managed to be what all these people were asking for!! I hope you enjoy :) By the way, Vidcon is in LA in this imagine?? Not sure if that’s where it is actually held, but heY!

I slowly open my eyes when sunlight comes sneaking into mine and Jack’s shared bedroom. We had been in a happy relationship with each other for almost a year and last month he had asked me to move in with him, Conor, and Josh. Even though we had been dating for months, we still hadn’t put our relationship out in the world for our fans to know. Jack and I had been thinking about telling our viewers ever since we started dating, but we valued the privacy we had in our relationship. However, we still had to tell our viewers eventually. Today, Jack, Conor, Josh, and I are all going to Vidcon, where we may tell our viewers everything. I smile as I look to Jack’s side. He was still in a deep sleep.

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6: Jasmine’s mom knew that Anthony and Jasmine would end up dating from the day Jasmine introduced her to Anthony. Then the day where she introduces him to her as her boyfriend comes and no ones shocked.

This is my first ever fic to post YAY AHHH Thank you @whatisa-legacy for proofreading this!! ILYSM <3

(If you didn’t know, Jasmine’s mom’s name is Kim so don’t get confused okay lmao)

July 2014

Jasmine just got out of her first rehearsal of Hamilton. It was nice, but awkward since most of the people there knew each other from the workshops. As she was headed back home to Brooklyn, she got a call from her mom. “How was the first day? Meet anyone?” greeted her mother. She replied with, “Mom. This is not the first day of high school you don’t have to check up on me,” she heard her mom sigh from the other end of the call. “But there is one guy who is getting on my nerves.” Jasmine continued.

She ended up ranting to her mom about how her co-star, Anthony Ramos, kept looking at her during rehearsals, and how he once stayed behind during a break just so he can ask for her number.” Jasmine kept talking to her mom until she arrived at her apartment.

Inside, Kim knew that this is a special relationship building up. She’s aware of this from the way her daughter would describe him, from the adjectives she used up until the way she talked. Love at first sight is a rare and unique thing, that’s how she knew that this would grow into a different kind of love; one that is ethereal.

April 2015

Today was the day Jasmine was to introduce her boyfriend, Anthony to her parents. They were both nervous. Anthony, of the fear that her parents would not approve of him, and Jasmine, of the fear that her mother would remember their conversation back in July. They took the day off from Hamilton, and drove to the farther part of Brooklyn where her family lives.  Jasmine rang the doorbell. They were quickly greeted by her mother, with a smile plastered all over her face. “Come in!” She delightedly greeted them, gesturing them to go inside.

At the end of the day, Anthony’s nervousness was replaced with calmness. As he was welcomed as a part of the family. As the couple was about to leave, Jasmine’s mom said, “We knew you two would be together from the moment I called Jasmine during your first day of rehearsal. Now, go. I have to call your aunt and uncle! They owe me 50 bucks!” She smiled and said goodbye.

“You told them about me?” Anthony teasingly said. she replied with, “Shut it! You were creeping me out!!” They both laughed. Now this was something to talk about on their way home.