first male model crush

The Promise Ring

Can you do an imagine where your crush is your older brothers best friend and he’s moving to California soon. Maybe like on the last night or something he asks you to go on a drove with him and gives you a promise ring? Thank you so much! ~ be-atpeacewithyourself

Imagine: ’[y/n]!’ Your older brother shouted at you in the school hallway.
>‘Yeaa-h’ you replied awkwardly as heads turned in your direction. [b/n] sauntered over to where you stood by your locker.
>'I can’t give you a ride home today- I’m going to help [y/c] with his packing–’ Your heart sped up at the mention of his best friend (AKA your crush), [y/c].
>'Packing?’ you interjected, 'I didn’t know he was going on a trip…’ Your brother shifted uncomfortably and rubbed his neck.
>'Ugh- I thought you knew—’ A sinking feeling started in your stomach before he even elaborated.
>'Knew what, [b/n]? Tell me.’
>’[y/c] is moving, [y/n]. To California. His plane is leaving tomorrow’. What? This could not be happening. He doesn’t even know how you feel about him. Will he ever know?
>'So soon?’ you questioned. [b/n] shrugged and looked away.
>'Huh, lucky him,’ you tried to feign disinterest but you had a feeling your saddened expression gave you away. [b/n] gave you a knowing look and smiled pitifully, before heading off to [y/c]’s house.
>The knowledge of [y/c]’s oncoming departure kept you awake that night. Tossing and turning, your mind kept filling up with 'if onlys’. 'If only he got to know me more.’ 'If only he didn’t see me as his friend’s baby sister.’ 'If only he knew how I felt.’ 'If only there was more time.’ But time waits for no one- and it was clear he would never feel the same way. You sighed into your pillow and clenched your eyes shut- trying to force his image out of your head.
>*Bang!* 'What was that?’ You jumped.
>*Bang!* Was it at your window? *Bang!* Yes. You slipped out of bed and tiptoed over to it. Surely enough, someone was throwing rocks up to your room. They had a torch in their hand and you squinted in the light to try to view who the hooded figure was, but you were up too high. You had to find out who was trying to wake you, so you crept downstairs and snuck outside. It was colder than you thought, so you hugged your arms close to your chest and wandered around your front yard in search of the figure who had disappeared. Suddenly, an arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you back from behind. You struggled and screamed, but your captor’s free hand covered your mouth. You were spun around and came face to face with the hooded figure you had spotted from your window.
>'Shhhh, [y/n] it’s just me,’ he soothed, pulling down his hood. It was [y/c]. You sighed in relief and slapped him in the arm.
>'What are you doing here?’ You half screamed and half whispered. Inside your stomach was tingling at his mere presence.
>'I had to see you before I left, [y/n]’, he admitted, tilting your head up to face his.
>’M-me?’ You stuttered. 'But [b/n] said—’
>'This has nothing to do with your brother [y/n],’ he stated, intertwining your fingers with his and pulling you towards him. 'Look, I don’t know how to say this, but if I don’t I will regret it for the rest of my life.’ He locked his sparkling eyes with yours and your insides turned to liquid. 'I love you, [y/n]. No– not in an older brotherly way, I mean, uh– I’m in love with you.’ He felt the same? You had to tell him how you felt.
>’[y/c]—’ you started.
>'—No I need to get this out. I’m in love with you [y/n]. I know we don’t know each other that well, but we will one day. And I know that long distance relationships don’t always work out, so instead I bought you this.’ He retrieved a gorgeous silver ring from his pocket. You gasped. 'Don’t freak out; it’s a promise ring. It’s my word and my way of telling you that we will have our one day, and that until we see each other again, I will still love you. I hope you don’t forget about me, [y/n],’ he whispered and delicately slid the ring onto your finger. You had never seen him look so vulnerable and as if on impulse, you stood on your tiptoes and wrapped your arms around his neck, then planted your lips on his. His eyes widened and then closed, and he brought his hands up to cup your cheeks, pulling your face closer. You kissed him sweetly yet a hidden passion lingered in the depths of the kiss; a promise for what was yet to come. For what would come between the two of you in the future. After you pulled away, you rested your head in the crook of his neck and looked up at the stars. You turned and whispered into his ear. 'How could I ever forget my first love?’

“I was like, ‘Oh, he’s so cute, it’s the Calvin Klein model!’ … Then I was like, ‘I have to kiss him?’ I was so nervous and uncomfortable. I had the biggest crush on him.” -Mila Kunis about her first on screen kiss with Ashton Kutcher

41 Times I Unofficially Came Out As Gay

Every gay person comes out thousands of times.

There’s the Big One. The one where you look in the mirror — either a real mirror or one you’ve dramatically imagined — and tell yourself the Big Gay Truth. There’s the other less big, but still big ones. The ones where you tell your family and friends and the family dog. There’s the other definitely not big, but still not totally insignificant times — awkward family gatherings, doctor’s appointments, college application essays — the times when you still have to say it out loud.

And then there are the thousands of other times. The unspoken times. The small moments that say “I’M GAY” more than any words alone could fully convey.

These are 41 of those moments:

1. The time I asked to be taken to Best Buy with the sole intent of purchasing a fresh copy of Britney Spear’s iconic second studio album, Oops!… I Did It Again.

2. The first time I watched Desperate Housewives, specifically any scene in which a naked Jesse Metcalfe jumped out of a window.

3. The first time I saw a shirtless picture of Nick Lachey in gym shorts in one of my mother’s copies of Us Weekly.

4. The first time I watched Dancing with the Stars, specifically any routine with Derek Hough or the hot Ukrainian one.

5. The time I told my brother I thought women were “just hotter with their clothes on.”

6. The time I got the a capella single version of Pink’s “Most Girls” for my birthday and sang it exclusively for seven straight weeks.

7. The first time I saw a shopping bag from Abercrombie & Fitch.

8. The first time I walked past an actual Abercrombie & Fitch.

9. The first time I saw a picture of Taylor Lautner.

10. The entire time Tag was Rachel’s boyfriend on Friends.

11. The time I had a girlfriend in third grade and realized I only liked her for her purple, fur-rimmed winter coat.

12. The first time I bought a pair of purple underwear.

13. The time i choreographed a full underwear-only dance routine to Diana Ross’s “Upside Down”

14. The first time I ordered a Cosmopolitan at a bar.

15. The first time I skinny armed for a photograph.

16. The time I requested a full-sized dollhouse to accommodate my collection of “Littlest Pet Shop” toy animals.

17. The time I announced the pink Power Ranger was my life inspiration.

18. The first time I passed the men’s underwear section at JCPenney’s.

19. The first time I saw another boy take his pants off in the gym locker room.

20. The first time I saw the Titanic painting scene and felt nothing.

21. The first time I saw Channing Tatum when Channing Tatum was a model.

22. The time I checked out an interior decorating book from the public library to satisfy my obsession with TLC’s Trading Spaces.

23. The time I stumbled upon the dirty channel on television, lingered, and thought, in all seriousness, “why aren’t there more penises.”

24. The first time I saw another boy in a gym uniform.

25. The first time I heard Beyoncé.

26. The first time I watched Jennifer Holliday’s performance of “And I Am Telling You" at the 1982 Tony Awards on YouTube.

27. The time I discovered Milo Moreira, my first male model crush.

28. The first time i used a separate towel to wrap around my head after getting out of the shower.

29. The first time I wrapped a towel around my body starting at my boobs instead of my waist.

30. The first time I cancelled plans to watch American Idol.

31. The first time I saw Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

32. The first time I saw an issue of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated and felt nothing

33. The first time I saw Brendan Fraser’s oiled abs in the movie adaptation of George of the Jungle.

34. The first time I performed the entirety of Destiny Child’s "Lose My Breath” in the privacy of my bedroom.

35. The first time I listened to “Lady Marmalade.”

36. The time I requested a DVD copy of the Princess Diaries 2 for Christmas.

37. The first time I saw Brad Pitt’s chiseled bare butt in Troy.

38. The time I made my entire family watch Brokeback Mountain "because of its critical success.“

39. The time I went to baking classes for an entire summer.

40. The time I made my father and brother wait in the car until
"The Call” by the Backstreet Boys had played in its entirety on the radio. 

41. And the time I wore this fabulous slender pink gown, elbow-length golden gloves, and floral hat ensemble.