first lp


“Dance of the Knights” Sergei Prokofiev

This was on the first record I ever had. Not bought, but had. My father got it for me when I was eight. To save me from rock and roll I suppose. Didn’t work, but I love this song. It’s got a ponderous, almost threatening feel to it. Quite nice.

“Over a casual dinner with my stepdad a few months before my 30th birthday he mentioned that he might get rid of his vinyl collection. I asked if he would let me hang onto it for him. Perhaps permanently? He agreed. When he shipped it out I was so thrilled. There were so many classics from my childhood I had forgotten about and also an incredible assortment of classics I had not forgotten about, but was overjoyed to rediscover on vinyl. Pictured here I am holding Disintegration by The Cure. This was the first LP I bought for myself at the start of my own personal collection. I don’t keep the two collections separate. When I buy a new piece of vinyl I just slip it in between a Yes record and a weird random soundtrack from the 80’s and that feels right to me.” - Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara

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concealing method I'm going to try out tomorrow??

I always feel nervous as fuck stuffing shit in my bag and mine is semi structured but I can never lift big stuff with it because it shows, and that’s the first place LP would look,

so like most girls in like 2014 I bought into the whole waist trainer gimmick and bought a really cheap one off amazon. I recently found it in my closet and it still fits. so what I’m thinking is that I’ll wrap a small amount of clothes around my body and put the waist trainer over it to compress it?? if that makes sense. that way it just looks normal and non bulky under my clothes. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. stay safe everyone!