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Sense8 | You Want a War?

I have an idea.


[makes ugly whale noises at the cute] 😩


Mark Lee is a Cute baby.

This needs endless reblogs.

Don’t hurt my baby.


guess that fate brings them together in one way…or another! Haechan forever promoting his Mark hyung ♥

Sense8 snatched my heart and won't let it go

I’ve been marathoning Sense8 this last week, sneaking in episodes at night after work, as many as I could watch before I got so tired I couldn’t see straight anymore, and fucking hell, what–A–SHOW!!

I had never seen Sense8 until just recently, and I’m kicking myself for not jumping on the bandwagon sooner. Granted, I didn’t have a netflix account, and I wasn’t savvy enough to get the episodes on my own, though I finally got to use a cousin’s account and finally, FINALLY, got to see the show that I’d seen snippets of on my dash…it was the edits that hooked me, and after hearing that it was cancelled, and then brought back in a 2 hour future finale, I had to see what had drawn so many people in, and I was NOT disappointed. God, was I absolutely not disappointed in this beautiful gem of a show.

I’m still kind of reeling from lack of sleep and finally getting to see the second season finale–still recovering from that emotionally exhausting shit–so forgive my less than coherent ramblings…if nothing makes sense or doesn’t come out very pretty, please bear with me.

I fell in love with every single one of my newborn sensates. Every. Single. One. I expected to have my favorite characters and ships, I always do with every show I’ve ever watched, and this one was no exception (Kalagang all the way!) but all of them captured my attention and my heart and punched me in the gut with feels with everything they experienced, together and apart.

I no longer have the capability of adequately describing what each character and their personalities made me feel–my relationship with language has faded rapidly in the last few years–but I will say that they had me giggling, and crying, and fangirling, and losing my shit, from the first episode to the last.

I wish more people had given this show a chance…I wish I had started watching it when it first premiered and lended another viewer to their stats…I wish Netflix had realized what a precious, precious show they had on their hands and didn’t just carelessly toss it aside…I wish we were debating what season 3 would bring rather than simply getting a 2 hour special that may or may not wrap up everything into relatively satisfying conclusion. Not to say I’m unhappy at the opportunity at seeing what happened to my Wolfie, and seeing Whisper and Jonas (especially Whisper, holy hell I hate that character with a passion) get their asses painfully handed to them, getting to see my babies possibly (hopefully!!) be happy, I want all of that with a passion, but now that I’ve got Sense8 in my blood, I don’t want the stories to end…though I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be hopeful that with the success of the 2 hour finale, we might get to see what our cluster gets up to in a third season…

Anyway, sorry for the jumbled thoughts, I just wanted to get this down and pass out in my bed because I’m not young enough anymore to survive on such little sleep and still expect to function properly in the morning.

Long live Sense8, a gift of a show that we need more than ever right now.