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Javier Fernández, Pirates of the Caribbean | 2010 Winter Olympics

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I have to make an effort not to take a moment to think about what I’m doing up there. That’s when you look down at your guitar and feel like it’s something you’ve never seen before. I try to avoid that moment. Like all these actions I’ll do now, it’s built in. I can’t fucking do the Macarena again tonight but if I don’t do it, I’ll fuck the next line up. There are a lot of words in our songs. I don’t want to make it seem like I have it hard or anything, but you start thinking about it too much and step out of that zone, you don’t know where you are. What is this? What is this place? You spend all day in your head and then for that one hour, you don’t. Especially the old songs, if I tried to sing a verse from one right now, I couldn’t do it. But in that moment, when I’m there and they’re all around me, playing, it’s built into me. I can do it.❞  +

[translations] 2017.03.26 NCT DREAM fansign at Daejeon fan accounts

1. OP: Jeno, what do you think is your charm point?
Jeno: When I smile at someone? [614duck]

2. OP asked Haechan if there’s any singer he wants to collaborate with, he says Dean. [NCT_YOUNG2]

3. OP: Do you think of any pokemon when you see me?
Jisung: (while drawing) Snor—lax… 
OP: How did you know I love to sleep?

4. OP asked Jisung, if they get the chance to appear on Running Man, whose name tag would he like to tear?
Jisung: Mark hyung
OP: Why?
Jisung: Ah no, it’s Haechan hyung. Because he annoys me all the time [NCT_dh66]

5. OP: Jisung, which of Mark’s stages in High School Rapper do you think is most memorable?
Jisung: The semi finals.. No, oh! Sing Sang Sung!!
OP: Haha, If Jisung has the chance to act again, what role would you want to do?
Jisung: I want to be a soldier! [tweety_nct]

6. OP: When does Haechan think he’s the manliest?
Haechan: For me… (distressed) When I’m angry! [jane_0423]

7. OP: Jisung, are you still sleeping in the living room?
Jisung: Recently I sleep in the room
OP: Why?
Jisung: Chenle came once to go back into the room, another time Renjun hyung came and told me to go back in so I went to the room to sleep.[jn_0_jn]

8. OP: Could you tell me what’s your favorite drink from gongcha?
Jeno: I like taro smoothie! 
OP: Could you write that for me? haha and a heart too~  [haaaaechan]

9. OP: Did you see the god Jisung banner I held during rookies show? 
Jisung: Ah, yes.
OP: You have seen it??
Jisung: That… Black one
OP: Yes!!! Black with white lining.
Jisung: Oh yes yes
OP: Could you write  련지 Noona here?
Jisung: Ohhhh… That twitter…??
OP: Yes hehe… So you know!!
Jisung: I have seen it, I have looked at it with my friend [O7220205]


ときめきノベル大賞 2017
Voltage Inc Tokimeki Novel Award 2017

To celebrate the release of their new app 100シーンの恋+ or 100 Love scenes (x) Voltage ran a short award from June 15 to 22 with characters from selected apps: MPD Close to you, Our two bedroom story, Kissed by the Baddest bidder, Her Love in the Force, Scandal in the Spotlight, My Last First Kiss, After School Affairs, Era of Samurai, Irresistible Mistakes. 

Illustrations (more like edits) and stories in the form of letters (not the usual one chapter substory) were up for sale on Koigame cafe as well as voting tickets. Votes could also be cast by logging into the app daily.

Nomura beat Kirisawa for the number one spot and Kaga surprisingly beat Ayumu in this round. Natsume Asaoka from Irresistible mistakes whose route was out just a month ago is number 4! The top 5 will get special illustrations, and each app will release prizes in the form of sub stories with illustration (which is a rarity these days), depending what ranking their characters got. 

James and Remus spent seventh year talking politics, reading The Prophet and whispering together about their fates, how to protect the people they loved, discussing eventualities. 

They were the first two invited by Dumbledore to join the Order of the Pheonix, although Dumbledore knew that James wouldn’t join without Sirius, and that a boy like Peter needed a cause. 


She’d read a letter by Fitzgerald once, and Fitzgerald felt everything much too much the way all Americans did, and he’d written about his wife Zelda after they’d gotten divorced: “I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything,” he’d said. Lily had thought it trite the first time she’d read it, had thought him ridiculous for devoting himself so utterly to a human being when human beings were so flighty, were so fragile; they were flighty, fragile, fickle things—but now, with James Potter half on top of her, she thought she understood: there was nothing quite like the totality with which he held her, and sometimes she had trouble breathing when she thought about him, except for now, when he breathed too.

Because I was afraid

Sirius x Reader 
for @bakerstreetgirl221

Can you write a sirius x reader where the reader is an animagus too? Like the reader is a 5 marauder and like no one else not even the other marauders know she is an animagus and one day sirius sees her changing her form and stuff?

Hope you’ll like it! this my first one ever, so it’s a bit messed up I think. thanks to you again @wizardwritings

You were the five of you in the boys’ dormitory. James was lying flat on the floor, deciphering a transfiguration book that looks especially complicating, that he had “ borrowed ” from the restricted section. You smirked, it was rather unusual to see your friend so focused, but you knew that if someone was able to understand all of this complicated stuffs, it was him.

You let out a little laugh before turning your attention to the marauders map that Sirius was holding in his hands. Your heads were touching, and you fell a few of Sirius’s locks tickle you. You push his head gently, still laughing.

-Back off a bit Pad ’. You tell him, even if you knew this was useless. Sirius never had the notion of “personal space” and most of the time, he was in others’ person personal space, especially in yours. If he saw no trouble there, well the others could “go fucked themselves ” as he said all the time.

-Come on and pay attention Y/N, he said, continuing to tap the map with his wand.

- Stop doing that Sirius. Peter told him, clenching his arm. -You’re going to do something stupid, we’re not ready to activate it yet, James must find the formulas we still need.

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