first love diary by the sea


(and what happened on those days)

25th of may- yoongi’s girl wrote “y.k.” on his lighter

31st of may- jimin and jhope were together when the girl came in with the cake

14th of june- jungkook first met the girl at the hospital

5th of june- namjoon first met the girl on the bridge

13th of june- jin writes the note about returning back from the sea/jin gets called about jungkook in the hospital

15th of june- jin orders smeraldos

18th of june- taehyung first met the girl at the store

11th of july- jin first met the diary girl

30th of august- jin puts on that suit, gets smeraldos and his girl gets hit by a car

ANOTHER UNIVERSE OF THE 30th OF AUGUST- jin doesnt go to the girl because he knows she’ll get hit by the car

straycatreadsthat  asked:

Hey! I noticed that you read a lot of Japanese fiction (love it and your blog) - so far I'm only acquainted with Haruki Murakami and Natsuo Kirino. Do you have any recs for expanding my repertoire? Thanks so much!

I’m glad you like my blog. Its pretty clear that I love Japanese lit from the book hauls that I’ve been posting. If you want to become acquainted with more Japanese authors then I first suggest you follow akutagawaaweek who posts classic Japanese fiction by author Ryunosuke Akutagawa.

I’m not sure how far your taste in books extends so I’ll try and recommend a wide variety of authors and books.


Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Sei Shonagon

Soseki Natsume

Murasaki Shikibu


Short Story Collections

Blue Bamboo: Japanese Tales of Fantasy


Kenzon Kitakata

Ryu Murakami

Kanae Minato


Yasutaka Tsutsui

Ami Sakuria

Seihco Matsumoto

Shuichi Yoshida

Koji Suzuki

Miyuki Miyabe

Fuminori Nakamura


Banana Yoshimoto

Kobo Abe

Kenzaburo Oe

Yukio Mishima

Yasunari Kawabata

Yogo Ogawa

Mitsuyo Kakuta

Osamu Dazai

Jun’ichiro Tanizaki

Shusake Endo

Junnosuke Yoshiyuki

Young Adult

Koushun Takami

Hiroshi Ishizaki

Miyuki Miyabe

Hitomi Kanehara


First entry in my new journal! Featured: terrible spelling and drawing for some reason, a Lamy Safari with Diamine Imperial Purple ink, and a Seven Seas Crossfield notebook :) I love the blank top and bottom sections - they’re going to be useful for information keeping and planning!

Love, April - English homework


 A/N: I’m sorry that I haven’t posted much recently, I’m in the middle of my exams right now so there probably won’t be much in the upcoming weeks. But I thought I’d upload this as a short story thingy, it was someone I wrote for creative writing homework - hope you like (: x 

Dear Diary, 

 Today I visited the lab where dad works; it reminded me of a hospital. It’s grand, pristine walls and laminate floors that glisten like glass in the fluorescent lights. It reaped of disinfectant; the waft of bleach and soap invaded my nostrils as a sterile tsunami upon my entry into the laboratory, and it stank. Even Dad’s immaculate lab coat looked pallid like the work tops. From where I sat, on the antiseptic flood, the room seemed 20 feet fall. It was as though I were an ant in comparison to its massive scale. The ivory cabinets, cinereal countertops and the kaleidoscopic chemicals, which were aligned in rainbow formation in iron clamps, were all half a mile away, from where I sprawled along the floor, looking up in adoration. Even in spite of the obnoxious smell of antibacterial wipes, it was relatively mesmerising. Tomorrow, dad said I get to meet the pets. 

 Love, April x

 Dear Diary,

 First I had to paint them; so that they were Easter to differentiate, given they were nearly identical. Their emerald shells were inscribed with jade patterns all over, and had soon be coated in four separate nail polishes. First was the blue one; the lapis polish resembled the sea, and matched the topaz water I’d put in the tank. He was named Leonardo. Donatello was painted indigo, Michelangelo had amber, and finally, Raphael had ruby. Dad said I had to name them after famous Italian painters; Operation Renaissance. From beside the rectangular tank, where I wasted most of my time befriending the evidently mute turtles, I watched dad, and his colleagues, hunch over one of the pristine tables, examining a file of purple ooze. It looked like Vimto, fizzy and violent, but I couldn’t be sure as to what it really was, and I definitely couldn’t hear the hushed whispers of the scientists from my seat in the corner. Maybe Donatello had heard them; he looks like the smart one. 

Love, April x 

 Dear Diary,

Raphael dropped like a penny down a wishing well. I don’t recall seeing him scale the glass walls of his confined home, but somehow he had, and within seconds he had catapulted himself from the gap in the lid, straight down to the slate-coloured floor. No audible sound could be heard upon impact, but my sudden intake of breathe, as I watched the acceleration of his inch-long body, surely broke the looming silence. When I bent down to examine the scarlet-clad turtle, his emerald carapace flaked apart in my pale hands, leaving a jagged crack, from where a piece had fallen off, straight down the plastron. His viridian head emerged, unscathed, from the protection of his shell, followed by the rest of his unharmed limps; and I quickly replaced him back in the tank, so that he might boast about his adventures, and wounds, to his brothers, before dad caught on to something being amiss. If I had learnt anything I’m watching these pets, it was that Raphael was one thought turtle. 

 Love, April x 

 Dear Diary, 

 When the smoke alarm blared from somewhere in the ceiling, my father and his companions, began to scuttle about anxiously, in search of the problem. Dad had once said this building was the most secure science facility in New York City; and so to see something wrong, was extremely unsettling. With dad and his lab-coated colleagues out of the room, I ventured to the tank housing the turtles. They had grown in size, somewhat, on the recent month, but I could still safely hold all four of them in both of my hands. Smoke began to flood the room in shadowed figures, and so, without hesitation, I loaded Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo into my coat pockets, and ran out of the lab. Dad could not be seen at either end of the corridor, and had the silent, strangling hands of smoke not secured themselves around my throat, I would’ve searched further, stayed longer, looked harder for him. Instead, I just ran. I ran down the stairs, I ran all the way to the bottom, without fail. And once the daylight beacon of safety loomed within reach, I ran Evan faster. I didn’t see my dad again; the building was swallowed in enormous embers that set the place ablaze. They said I was the only survivor, but my pockets were full to the brim of four others who made it out alive. 

 Love, April x

 charming facts!! (including relationships w/ other characters). did you know they’re my favorite fictional family? anyway this is part 1/3 because this is already super long i also want to compile stuff from the episodes & a semi-charming kind of life

from all basic character diaries and all of the charming diaries:

  • king charming teaches/geust lectures in hero training (alistair’s diary, dexter’s diary)
  • we don’t know who the heck is daring’s roommate. boo.
  • dexter & darling have the same favorite class: hero training. that’s cute. (darling’s bio, dexter’s bio)
  • apple is very insistent that she and daring are “just friends” (apple’s diary)
  • daring was ashlynn’s “lab hero” for damsel in distressing but ashlynn switched w/ duchess to keep her relationship a secret (ashlynn’s diary)
  • duchess’ hatred for apple because daring asked apple to a dance and not her is prominent enough to appear in 2 diaries (apple’s & briar’s)
  • the charming family has a curse (kinda implied that its the beast curse at this point). nobody actually knows if it’s dexter or daring who is gonna get hit w/ it though. (dexter’s diary).
  • daring straight-up told dexter that cupid likes him, and dexter - being the oblivious child he is - has the attitude of ‘well duh, we’re friends! aren’t friends supposed to like each other?’ (dexter’s diary)
  • dexter’s eyes have the same effect of daring’s teeth (causing people to swoon) but people only when his glsses are off. he also doesn’t really seem to make the connection. (dexter’s bio, diary)
  • dexter literally never got prime attention from his dad; dexter talks abt how if he messes up, he gets yelled at and if he does something right it’s because daring made him look good; but if daring messes up he gets kind words of encouragement. bc he got no hands-on learning form hsi dad, dexter learned form books instead (dexter’s diary)
  • dexter got stuck babysitting darling a lot (weird b/c they are twins) but they’d play charmings & dragons. sometimes darling let dexter win. (dexter’s diary)
  • “ I read every book by Prince Passion Charming, but his books kind of made me uncomfortable.” this line is just golden on its own. (dexter’s diary)
  • dexter admits that does/used to second geuss himself all the time just bc his older brother is daring (dexter’s diary)
  • if you ever read dexter’s diary it’s just.. generally pretty obvious what a hopeless romantic he is, especially w/ the way he describes raven
  • holly thinks daring is cute (holly’s diary)
  • cupid found the charming family album in the monster high attic. (cupid’s diary).
  • and she literally fell in love with dexter because of his eyes. in a picture. (cupid’s diary)
  • when she first meets dexter she described his eyes as “blue as Poseidon’s sea, bright as Apollo’s sun, and big as Mount Olympus itself” which is so cute, cupid is such a dork. (cupid’s diary)
  • dexter is the one who told cupid about true hearts day (cupid’s diary)
  • dexter scored the winning point in a game of basketball once. u go dexter. (cupid’s diary).
  • darling’s pretty sure “princess charming” is some made-up b.s.just so she could go to eah  (darling’s diary)
  • darling appreciates that rosabella stand sup for what she belives in & sees the truth in people. (darling’s diary)
  • darling says that she and dexter have always understood each other. too cute.  (darling’s diary)
  • even tho he knows she can stand up for herself, dexter is overprotective  (darling’s diary)
  • darling first went into wonderland because she went to raven so that she could help rugsy to help rosabella  (darling’s diary)
  • arguably, darling has the best power in all of ever after high because she slows time around her for a few seconds with a hairflip. amazing. (darling’s diary)
  • when they were kids, dexter and daring where playing knights & dragons in the mud. darling literally leaped in & it caused daring to faceplant into mud.  amazing. (darling’s diary)
  • and then borrowed a suit jacket + tie from dexter, that were a bit tight on him (hunter’s diary)
  • daring has “varsity letters in Tower Climbing, Dragon Slaying and Damsel Rescuing” (kitty’s diary)
  • daring went on a date w/ duchess to the multihex theatre. lizzie & kitty were there so kitty purposefully spilled her drink on him. (kitty’s diary)
  • darling’s dragon, herowing, breathes ice instead of fire (darling’s dragon games diary)
  • Dexter really likes romcoms and has a celebrity crush on someone named  Raven McAbracadabrams (Dexter/Raven date night diary)
  • Dexter’s idea of a “bold move” is holding a girl’s hand that’s kinda sweet tbh  (Dexter/Raven date night diary)

//20. Aug
Yesterday was Menningarnótt aka Culture night in Reykjavik which meant lots and lots of stuff to do and see
In the morning we were a huge group of about 30-40 students that met up in the city center and later we all split off into smaller groups.
There were lots of concerts and music and so so many people in the streets.
Highlight of the day was getting onto a whale watching ship (for free!) and expecting a nice quite tour and maybe seeing some whales but instead getting a totally unexpected Music set by an electro duo which turned the deck into a dance floor in the middle of the sea 🌊💙 I loved how unplanned everything was and that I got to have so much fun with a bunch of people I barely know yet.
We had a picnic on the grass in front of the big main stage (and I finally caught my first Magneton!).
Then at 11pm there were lovely fireworks which I got to see right in front of Harpa.
What a lovely day ✨✨✨💫

anonymous asked:

I really want to start reading the Percy Jackson books, but I have no idea where to start. Is there an order that I should read them?

Good for you, you’ll love them!

Definitely start with the original series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  The first book is The Lightning Thief.  From then, the order is: The Sea of Monsters, The Titan’s Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian.

Next up, Heroes of Olympus! The order is: The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, The House of Hades, and The Blood of Olympus.

There’s two ‘extra’ books, The Demigod Files (which I’d advise to read between The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian), and The Demigod Diaries (which I read between The Son of Neptune and The Mark of Athena).  While the books are GREAT and shed some helpful insight on character backstories (namely Bob from House of Hades!), they aren’t necessary to follow the story.  

And if you’re interested in learning more about Greek myths, Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods and Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes are both hilarious and informative!  They can be read whenever, but you’d probably appreciate some of the jokes/references more if you’ve already finished both series.

seeking-further-illumination  asked:

Hey would you consider doing a master post of all your comparisons of MAAN to Nothing Much To Do? You seem to be the only person who has made detailed posts comparing the two. Love your blog. Keep up the good work.

Thanks! So glad you like them! :) But I’ll do one better…


(Last updated October 21, 2015)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries/Pride and Prejudice

Emma Approved/Emma

Frankenstein MD/Frankenstein

Nothing Much to Do/Much Ado about Nothing

Lovely Little Losers/Love’s Labour’s Lost