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K ♥ | The King of Hearts is an affectionate, caring man who helps you out in trouble and shows kindness even in the darkest times.

I’ve researched so many playing card meanings for this that I ascended to the astral plane and am now working as a full-time fortune teller there. and my gifts tell me that im gonna upload merle’s card next 💫

I was thinking about all this for a while. Since we have all the time till November why not theorize a bit?

After Star vs the Forces of Evil Special there are bunch of unanswered questions:

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TOP 10 TV SHIPS 08. Ross and Rachel

“Because it is too damn hard, Ross! I cannot even begin to explain to you how much I am going to miss you! When I think about not seeing you everyday, it makes me not want to go! Okay? So if you think that, that I didn’t say “good-bye” to you because you don’t mean as much to me as everyone else, you’re wrong. It’s because you mean more to me.”

Ryouma Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Ryouma Dialogue

Nohr is on a roll right now so here’s an attempt for Hoshido to catch up.

HERE is the other version! (It was missing one confession line which is why I did another compilation… seriously Tumblr can I just add an additional audio file to another post?!). 

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Acadia National Park

This amazing New England wilderness is officially the last national park I planned on seeing before the end of my 1-year van life journey. The weather was great, the views were inspiring and overall the experience was one of my favorites. The mountainous terrain surprised me, and provided challenging hikes as well as scenic views of the surrounding coastal landscapes. There seemed to be be endless trail and rocky shores to explore, but for the most part we stuck to the northern half of Mount Desert Island. I was joined by a new friend from Maryland on this one and it was nice to share the experiences for a change. Over the course of 3 days we hiked, climbed, cooked and camped as much as we could, including some visits to Bar Harbor.

My itinerary for the trip was as follows:

  • Left from Portland and stopped at the Common Ground County Fair where @oz-the-hummingbird gave us a lesson on Alpacas
  • Setup camp at Blackwoods Campground and made dinner
  • Hiked the challenging Precipice Trail up and down from Champlain Mountain
  • Sat on Sand Beach and took a dive in the chilly waters
  • Walked the Ocean Path Trail to Thunder Hole
  • Hiked the Great Head Trail at dusk
  • Drove to Bar Harbor for dinner; my first lobster roll
  • Did some stargazing at Otter Point 
  • Watched the sunrise and first light hit the USA from Cadillac Mountain
  • Explore a sea cave near Schooner Head Overlook
  • Walked around Sieur de Monts Spring
  • Hiked around Jordan Pond and the Bubble Mountains
  • Made dinner and relaxed around the campfire
  • Drove to Bar Harbor to explore Bar Island and downtown

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   So, this is awkward. I disappeared for like two weeks without saying a word, sorry about that….😐

    BUUUUUUT, I have multiple reasons (excuses): The first few days of my “hiatus” started because my dad took my tablet away so didn’t actually have access to the internet for a while. I continued to stay offline afterwards because life has been BUSY. I’ve spent the last two Saturdays grape picking with my mom and sisters. It’s something we do every year for cash because the guy pays $9 an hour and he tips really well! We usually do it for about 7-8 hours straight, aside for a 30 minute break for lunch and bathroom (We are technically allowed an hour for lunch and multiple smaller breaks if needed, but my mom is really strict about keeping it moving so ya gotta endure). Aside from that, my sister and I have been taking care of two kittens. One which doesn’t need quite as much help, being considerably older and the other being the little white one I told you about who needs special care because she’s blind do to an eye infection and up until a few days ago, had to be fed every 3-4 hours (Yes, even in the middle of the night). To top it all off our oldest cat has been having some health problems (He just turned 19, I can’t really blame him). Bleh, still, I’m not really complaining
   Anyways, I will be working on some more imagines today! I have a bunch of half finished ones I’m going to be working on, so yeah!

Oh yeah, also I have a puppy now.    

the academy is sleeping on my man c farrell

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look at this shit, he threw dirt all over that flawless face just to not even get nominated

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that’s right colin, u heard right, that rat bastard casey fuckin affleck is on the list instead smh

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