first light

In another example of the sorts of photographs one can get when circumstances dictate that one enters a building in the middle of the night, here is a capture of the central spoke hallway at Mont Alto Sanatorium taken just as nautical twilight started to provide some natural light to compete with the artificial lighting coming in from outside.  The strange contrast between the blue light from the sky and the orange lights mounted on the building made this mostly-flooded corridor take on an unearthly feel; as much as I like this photograph, it doesn’t quite capture the feeling of seeing this in person - I feel lucky to have done so.

She could almost see herself glowing much brighter than ever. 

And even though it was such a rare occurance, she could remember it very well while he approached — almost as if it was her own light, and not his. That burning sensation, that blinding light. Something lingering in the back of her head, like a feeling, or memory long lost.

She could only trap his light for a few moments. But she always felt that slight connection, as if something was amiss. 

Was he that mysterious, with his blue smile and sweet words? No. Maybe it was just her curiosity towards those moments. But deep down, she felt, there was something else, hidden between the cycles, waiting for them to find out.

There was something about them.

About him.

About her.

She could only wonder. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy that moment, even if for a little bit.

The Eclipse

I saw @illustraice AU some time ago and got hooked. What an amazing AU! so I decided to make a fanart about it cause yaaaassssss it’s so good ç~ç