first lieutenant rip van winkle

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"Hnn und I zhought you two vhere dead, shame your both a vast of space" - first Lieutenant Rip van winkle @Ripvanhuntress

From the younger, a sneer. Tilted his head back - from his lips, a dragon’s breath, twisting shadows of an internal pyre arose. Shrugged.

“You half right. ‘f that shit makes ya feel better.”

From the older, a glare, the misty chill of the most grueling of winters, enough to freeze lesser beings on the spot. A click of his tongue.

Well, Miss Van Winkle,”

Venom-dipped daggers in his words.

“it appears you happen to be the one currently robbing us of our oxygen. If you would kindly escort yourself off of our property, my dear, that would be much appreciated.”