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so we’re heading home from vacation tomorrow so of course while we’re eating dinner in our hotel room (takeout), one kid who was eating just fine seconds before suddenly says she has to throw up. She did not actually throw up, she instead pooped and peed, but continued to say she felt like she had to throw up until we managed to convince her to lay down, at which point she promptly fell asleep.

please whatever gods may or may not exist let me get us all home without having to deal with yet another stomach virus, please please please


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Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: The most passionate smut I have ever written, also hella fluffy in the beginning and at the end.

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I got this request from an anon: “Finn request…. NXT new Diva is a Lego’s enthusiast just like Finn and they are always on backstage building Lego’s and EVERYONE ships them. One day she blurbs out to Bayley that she likes him and would love to build Lego’s with him after having sex without knowing that he’s standing behind her and hear the whole thing… Later that night Finn appear in her hotel door and smut???? + After sex fluff building Lego’s lol”

“That’s the wrong piece.” Finn looked up from the black lego in his hand, confused.

“No it’s not.” Smiling, you leaned over him and grabbed another black lego, this one with only four holes instead of six. He looked from the piece in his hand and the one in yours. “Huh, I guess it is,” he grumbled, making you laugh loudly. Little did you know that sitting off to the side of catering, Bayley was watching you two intently. She nudged Shinsuke Nakamura. He looked up from his food, annoyed.

“Don’t you think y/n and Finn would be cute together?” Shinsuke looked from you, Finn, and then back to a smiling Bayley.

“I don’t think I’m the best to ask,” Bayley rolled her eyes and got up. She walked around and sat next to Carmella.

“Don’t you think Finn and y/n would be a really cute couple?” Carmella nodded, not even looking up from her salad. “Everyone thinks they are cute together! I don’t know why they just don’t date. I come come on, look at them!” She pointed over Carmella’s shoulder at you playfully hitting his arm and laughing. “I mean they are totally in love!”

“If you feel that strongly about it, why don’t you do something?” Bayley bit her lip.

“I really want their relationship to happen organically, you know?”

“You running around and going to every table asking them if they think Finn and y/n are cute isn’t really making it happen ‘organically’.” Bayley sighed and just watched you with him. The way you were sitting, your knees touching his, your hands constantly brushing past each spoke of an attraction. When you looked at each other, it was like you were looking at something that warmed you to the very core. Bayley had never seen Finn so in love with anything before.

Everyday since you came to NXT six months ago, before and after the show, you two would sit in catering and build legos. It started off as just talking about them, which sets you had, what was the longest build time, as stuff like that. Then one day you two went to Legoland, everyone thought you two had finally gone on a date but you denied all those rumors. From that moment on, you two were attached at the hip, always hugging, laughing, and blushing. Bayley had never seen Finn be so open and not nervous around girl, well besides her. Bayley sighed, she would get you and Finn together or die trying. “Bayley, just let them decide what to do.” Bayley turned to look at Mella, a little pout forming on her lips.

“They are getting together.”

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Our first ever trip to Legoland was a success. Much more manageable than Disneyland. Plus, Legos everywhere! We also lied to the guys running the little car area and told them the boys were 6-years-old so they could drive. They totally kicked ass except for when Wyatt sped straight into a curb and crashed.

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