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I’ve seen some people wonder why Clockwork let the events of TUE unfold and terrorize Danny, and, Clockwork’s neutral status aside, I think I know why.

Danny learns best by experience, a bit more so than most people. He’s stubborn, and he needs things to be drilled into his head if it’s not something he’s passionate about. And you bet Clockwork would know this.

When Danny and the gang are first sent to Clockwork’s lair, Danny’s more concerned with the new ghostly wail than the fact that someone with the exact same logo and very similar ghost suit as him is terrorizing the city. It doesn’t even occur to him what’s really going on until Sam glares at him. And when Clockwork shows up and tells him about and shows him all the bad stuff that happens, what does Danny say? “I don’t have to sit here and explain myself to you!” He doesn’t think his attempt at cheating is wrong, and, more importantly, he’s calling bullshit on his bad future. He has no intent to change.

But, to be fair, why should he? Anyone can show him anything on a screen. That’s why Clockwork prompts him to fly into the future. To experience and realize it’s damn well true. It’s not until Danny experiences that awful future and really learns that he gains the tools needed to defeat his older self and vows to never become like that. And it’s his struggle against Dan that really sinks it in, that really hammers in those steaks.

And as for why he lets the vat explode? Well, if he hadn’t, there’d always be that what if. There’d always be that maybe. If Clockwork had stopped it sooner, then for all Danny would’ve known, he could have saved them himself. He wouldn’t have known for certain he couldn’t save them himself. There would’ve always been that nagging, “You don’t know that I couldn’t have gotten there in time.” After all, if you never see the end of something, how can you be certain what the end truly was?

Letting Danny see the explosion sealed away that thought. It was the last thing he needed to experience to truly change, the last nail in the coffin.

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Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:
Hero seeing villains lair for first time (villain is obsessed with hero)

 Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:
Hellllloooooo!!! Sorry if I’m late to the absolutely beautiful villain and hero prompt party but I just discovered your MAGNIFICENT blog!!! I was just wondering if you could do a couple of prompts where the villain is completely obsessed with the hero? Like to the point of stalking them, wire tapping their room, keeping mementos from battles, etc?

1) There is nothing quite so unnerving as coming across pictures of your own face in unexpected places. The hero stared, mouth going utterly dry, as they moved closer to the walls of the villain’s lair. There had to be photos of the hero from every day going back years - long before they’d ever even known the villain existed. A cold chill ran down their spine. In files, there were confidential medical records going down to old child health reports, notes on favourite colours, school projects, scans of online activity. The hero felt utterly infected. Like some awful virus had seeped across every inch of their life. On a shelf, there were specks of blood that must have been scraped up off the floor after a fight. 
“It’s impressive, isn’t it?”
Startled, the hero whipped around.

2) The hero pressed a finger to their companion’s lips, before moving over to the rug and pulling it up to indicate the small bug hidden underneath. Their companion’s eyes widened. The hero put on pounding music before picking up a pen and scrawling a note. 
/Playing along for now, so they don’t suspect. Feeding false information./
And yet, their companion had never seen them look so stressed.

3) “I made it for you,” the villain said. “All of this is for you. Don’t you miss home?” The lair was an exact and unnerving replica - down to the same bed, the same records and posters on the wall, as if the clock had sped back. It even smelled the same. “You’ll want for nothing.”
“Except freedom.”
“You don’t like it?” Abruptly, the look on the villain’s face turned dangerous. 

4) “You’re not going to kill me, you’re obsessed with me. Let’s not lie.”
“You think I wouldn’t rather have you dead than in the hands of somebody else?” The villain returned, really in far too pleasant a tone. “Let’s not lie.”

The Book of Mormon AU Absolutely No One Wanted

Note: Idk anything and the day I do research is the day I storm heaven and devour God. 

  • The Zimmermanns are Mormons. They move down from Canada to Mormon city stronghold of your choice for vague reasons.
  • That afternoon a young, well-dressed man comes to their door with a tin of cookies and a smile.
  • “Hi! I’m Eric Bittle and I live down the street. Just wanted to make a good impression before you go to church! You probably won’t see much of me after.” 
  • Of course it’s Jack who answers the door and receives the cookies, and he’s so awkward and stunned by literally the cutest ray of sunshine in all of Mormon Stronghold that he doesn’t think to ask what Bittle means. “Um, thank you.” And then he closes the door.
  • The Zimmermanns are greeted warmly by the community that weekend, so warmly they get several warnings to stay the heck away from that Bittle fellow.
  • Several elders have been by Bittle’s house to give him literature and invite him to the church. He’s always very polite, friendly even, but he’s really… gay unsettling.
  • On top of that, the inside of his house is kinda unconventional. Like, there’s a lot of dribbly candles. Black pillar candles. Candles shaped like skulls. There’s incense everywhere, and herbs drying upside down by the windows. There are animal bones, picked clean by scavengers and bleached by the sun, apparently somehow acquired and resting in a curio cabinet. Bittle keeps strange dolls, terrible faceless things that smell like rosemary and earth, in cupboards and drawers. And there’s a rabbit, a fat brown fluffy thing with floppy ears, that he talks to like it understands.
  • They think Bittle might be a witch. And almost definitely gay. And a bad influence besides.
  • But he’s also very friendly and bakes more sweets than he could possibly eat, which created something of a conundrum. The elders fought each other to be the ones to visit him nearly weekly, but the church as a whole disapproved of any of their members being within a hundred feet of Bittle’s front door. 

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Weddings (Hwarang! Ban Ryu)

Type: Fluff

Request: Could you do a Banryu scenario of your wedding day? A long and fluffy one :))

You sat annoyed as servants put on powdery makeup. You had to sit for hours to have yourself made up for your soon-to-be husband, Banryu. You knew he deserved it. You loved him and he loved you and you two wanted everything to be perfect.

You stared at yourself in the mirror as you were stood up and you were quickly were surrounded by red, black, and white silks.


After you were wed you were smiling happily as Banryu remained his normal straight faced. “You two will give the Park many boys to carry our name on” his father told you as you tilted your head. Banryu couldn’t look at you. He was nervous at the thought of a bare you, let alone you carry his children. Was he even good with them? What if they grew up to hate him? Many questions flashed through his head as he sat there. Your hand lightly touched his knee and they all seemed to crash to a halt. “Are you fine?” you asked as he cleared his throat “fine” he said as he looked forward.


You smiled to yourself as you stared at Banryu’s straight posture the way he was probably taught to sit next to his bride on your wedding bed. “I hope your fathers haven’t taught your everything you know” you spoke as he looked at you. “What do you mean?” he asked as you gave him a flirty smirk. He stiffened a bit more before he blushed and looked ahead. “Do you regret it?” you asked as you ran your hand through his long locks. “No” he said as you chuckled.

“I just hope I am a good enough wife for you” you tell him as you bump your forehead against his lightly. “You will be a wonderful wife. A good mother. And my reason work hard” he says as you cup his cheeks and pull him in for a sweet kiss.

Your fingers touched his shoulder as his finger ran along your arm as he continued to move them. His eyes closed as you two sunk deeper into the kids before his hand landed on a softer part of your body as he pulled his hand way. You chuckled as you began to undo your top before he stopped you. You thought he wanted to stop all together before his shaky hands grabs the silky belt and undid it.

He managed to the first of many lairs of your marriage wear off. “May I?” you asked looking at his top. He nervously shook his head as he let your fingers do the same to his. You gave a small smile as you leaned closer and kissed him again. You pulled him downwards as your back touched the bed he pulled away to look down at you. “Are you sure?” he asked as you links his fingers with your own. “I am your wife and you are my husband” you say as he nods. “I just do not want to make you uncomfortable” he said as he leaned back down and pressed his lips to yours.

anonymous asked:

HC on the way! Because all the kids know that Robbie is a softy they slowly just start showing up at his lair. Robbie always tries to chase them off at first but usually they're just looking for a quiet place to study or get away from their parents so he allows it. He gives them hot choco and now theres more videos down there for them, even fruit for the kids to eat. Eventually this is so common that Sport calls him nanny-Robbie, and it's only then that Robbie realized that hes become a dad

!!!!!!!!! This is so adorable! Ahhhh it’s Stingy who first went to Robbie’s lair, wanting a quiet place to just get away and recharge. Robbie at first tried to get him to leave but then he saw the kid’s genuinely sad look and he’s like ‘okay but don’t touch anything!’

Then it’s Trixie, who also wanted to get away from her parents. Again, she looked troubled so Robbie is all ‘don’t you dare eat my cake!’ After that it’s Ziggy, who got left behind while the other kids went on a trip and he felt lonely. Ziggy offered candy to Robbie but once more, his sad look made him sigh and he’s all ‘keep your grubby hands off of my chair Candy Boy!’ He may have not taken the candy because Ziggy just looked so happy.

After that is Pixel, who legitimately has a problem and he doesn’t know who to turn to. Sportacus isn’t the best person for it so the next best person is Robbie. He’s not surprised to see an unannounced kid so he’s just ‘okay what’s wrong?’ upon seeing the nervous look. 

Finally it’s Stephanie, who heard from the other kids and wanted to see this side of Robbie. Says that she wanted a nice, cool place to do her homework in and she brought him cookies if he allowed her to stay. Robbie sighs, accepts the cookies and tells her to stay in the main area where he can keep an eye out ( because there’s a lot of dangerous machines in his lair ). May or may not have helped her out with her math problems.

It’s not a semi common thing. One kid often goes to his place and they’d just spend the afternoon relatively in silence. Over time, Robbie starts offering them snacks because they often bring him something in hopes of allowing them to stay ( by this point, they didn’t have to but it feels nice so he doesn’t tell them to stop ), keeping cocoa mix and a few sportscandy.

When Sportacus points this out, Robbie is just a bit surprised and oddly accepting. Huh. Having the kids down there feels legitimately nice. His lair is slowly decorated with all sorts of stuff and it adds a warmth to it that no machine could fill. He finds that he doesn’t mind being this weird pseudo dad to the kids.

Sportacus jokingly asks if he could join in on the family. Robbie absentmindedly says yes. Both are blushing afterwards but Robbie doesn’t take the offer back and Sportacus comes, bringing along sportscandy, a bag of store bought popcorn for Robbie and a couple of movies.