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The West Wing (1999-2006)

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world.

A rundown of the cast of characters, for wearitcounts.

Jed (Joshiah) Bartlet
: President. REPORTS TO NO ONE. Well. Except for Congress. And the Joint Chiefs. His cabinet. DEFINITLY to Abbey. You get the gist.

Abbey Bartlet
: First Lady. Doctor. Mother of three. Feminist extraordinaire. Has a thing or two to tell you about Nellie Bly. Report to nooooo onnnnnne. Except “the President” I guess, but we all know how that works.

Leo McGarry: President’s Chief of Staff. He reports to the President. The President’s senior staff fall under his purview.  Former Secretary of Labor and an all around badass boss. Alcoholic.

Joshua Lyman: Deputy Chief of Staff. Josh backs up Leo. Has a hand in tons and tons of policy decisions. He doesn’t know how to type, really, and can’t hold his liquor. Also, HE’S FROM CONNECTICUT. That’s important.

C.J. (Claudia Jean) Craig: The White House press secretary. She speaks to the press, corals the press, decides what’s going to be leaked to whom and desires the butt of a certain ginger reporter. Also, she’s a tall drink of water, a master of sass and a hardcore feminist.  She reports to Leo and to Toby, but Toby to a lesser extent.

Toby Ziegler: Director of Communications. Senior Domestic Policy Advisor. Toby is a writer. All of the speeches! And a curmudgeon. He reports to Leo, directly oversees Sam, and likes to believe he has some reign over CJ. He’s morose and clashes with Bartlet a lot.

Sam Seaborn: Deputy Communications Director. He reports directly to Toby and Leo and weirdly Josh, though that’s sort of played really well between the two of them because they’re besties. He’s a writer, and though Toby uses praise sparingly, really loves Sam’s writing.

Donna Moss: Josh Lyman’s assistant extraordinaire. Basically walked in off of the street and faked it until she made it. She reports to Josh directly, but really it’s Donna that keeps Josh in line. And keeps him from getting drunk and shouting at cats.

Mandy Hampton: Sucks. But is a media consultant. Was hired because they needed a media consultant??? and Josh used to date her, and it would piss off Josh, so hahahaha. But she sucks. She reports to Toby, to Leo, to Josh but has this air like she can do whatever she wants. She sucks. I wish she had been written better. And cast better, really.

Charlie Young: Bartlet’s assistant. A GOOD KID. Takes care of his sister Deanna because his mother was shot in the line of duty. A really hard worker, who reports to basically anyone because he’s very junior.