first knuckle rings

so like when i was maybe eight i got a tiny silver ring from a gumball machine. at some point i put it on a chain and started wearing it as a necklace, and haven’t really stopped wearing it since. it’s like a good luck charm. nowadays, the ring can’t get any further than the first knuckle of my ring finger

today a girl at the pool asked me about it (i was swimming with it on) and i decided to tell her it was a symbol of my marriage to the queen of fairies. im still laughing at the mixed look of awe and disbelief she gave me is2g that might’ve been the highlight of my lif e

I have a FAHC mavin headcanon that Gavin and Michael have matching tattoos of hearts (or puzzle pieces). Gavin’s is behind his right ear and Michael has two between the first two knuckles of his ring fingers. The main FAHC also have matching tattoos of a star on various parts of their bodies. Gavin’s is behind his left ear. Michael has one between the two knuckles on his right middle finger. Ray has it on his right inner wrist. Ryan has it on his left inner wrist. Jack has it on his collar bone. Geoff doesn’t tell anyone where it is but he claims that he did get it. The others often try guess where it is amidst his sea of tattoos.