First Kiss (Elsanna drabble)

First Kiss
by C. S. Raine (aka battousai24, tehcheshirecat)

Based on this prompt suggested by 23deecy: “neither one of us kissed anyone before and what the hell may as well just get it out of the way. except hahah ha ha h a now i can’t stop thinking of ur lips why did i think this was a good idea ha ha ahah”. (The prompt is part of the “Friendship to Romance Tropes I Can’t Get Enough Of” post.)

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WARNING: Elsanna. Icest. DL;DR.

“Okay, so how do we do this?”

“Just close your eyes, I guess?”

“Wait, do we both close our eyes? How can we see where we’re going?”

“How about you stay still and I’ll lean in? Sound good?”

“But then you will have to open your eyes while leaning in to k-ki-kiss… me. And then I’ll probably look stupid and you’ll laugh at me, and –”

“Anna, I won’t laugh at you, okay? Just relax. Or do you want to be the one leaning forward?”

“Okay, okay, b-but this is totally just for experience right? This doesn’t mean we’re lesbians or anything? Just practice for Hans at the party on Friday? No homo? No romo? Like if you were just gonna kiss Kristoff?”

“Anna, you’re my sister. Of course there are no romantic feelings involved. That would be incest. This is purely for educational purposes. Like you said, it’s like practice for Hans, should you two engage in some kind of twisted Spin the Bottle thing. And, gross, can we please not imagine me kissing my best friend? Besides, his face probably smells of dog slobber, with him sharing food with Sven so much.”

“How about you, Elsa? Is there anyone you’re practicing for?”

“N-no, there is no one in particular. Now, can we move on and get this over with? Mom and Dad might come home and then we’ll have a lot of explaining to do if they catch us.”

“All right, all right. So, I’ll just close my eyes, right? Don’t laugh.”

“Yeah, don’t worry. Err… Anna, stop puckering up your lips. You look like a fish.”

“Elsa! This is embarrassing enough!”

“Okay, okay, here I go…”

Elsa groaned as she felt the warmth on her cheeks again. She buried her face in her hands, trying to get a hold of herself. She couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss with Anna. Sure, it meant nothing. It really was nothing. Or at least, it should have been nothing. She was sure of it, too. She never really thought about kissing her sister, after all. Like Anna had previously said, it was just like if Elsa were to kiss Kristoff, her best friend. Anna was her sister after all, and Kristoff was pretty much like a brother to her too. So why was the kiss bothering her so much? Why was she feeling so flustered remembering what happened the day before?

Maybe it’s because you were far more grossed out about the thought of kissing Kristoff than kissing your actual sister.

A muffled groan escaped the blonde girl as she buried her face further into her hands. This was no time for her mind to be playing games with her. She rested her forehead on the edge of her desk, hitting her head on it lightly, as if it would send the crazy thoughts away.

It didn’t help at all that Elsa was actually attracted to girls, and she had really only agreed to practice with Anna because she always wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl. She never really kissed a boy, but the thought never even occurred to her. In fact, if she just wanted to practice kissing a boy, she probably would have turned to Kristoff, not Anna. And right now, she was partly regretting not asking the blond boy instead. At least, with him, she knew she was not going to keep replaying it in her head as much as she was doing now.

Anna’s lips were soft, like she always imagined a girl’s would be. She wished they could have practiced more, and maybe even have tried some French kissing, but their parents had already returned from work by then and they were soon called for dinner. Needless to say, that dinner was as awkward as could be.

Elsa couldn’t get the kiss off her mind throughout the meal. Every time Anna spoke, Elsa’s gaze would fall on her younger sister’s lips, watching them move, as if in slow motion, as each word escaped her mouth. She could imagine those lips back on hers, clumsily and ever so slightly parting to catch her bottom lip between them.

The kiss itself was sloppy. It was their first, after all. And Elsa hated herself for still thinking about it. This was her sister she was thinking about. It was her sister’s lips she was fantasizing about. This was just so wrong. But oh, how those lips just felt so right.

Elsa pounded her head harder on her desk. She really needed to stop thinking about it, but it didn’t seem like it was going to happen anytime soon. She lifted her head a bit and looked at the books laid out in front of her. She had a lot of studying to do, but she just couldn’t focus long enough. Her thoughts always drifted back to that kiss.

“This is so wrong on so many levels,” she said, before closing her books and getting up from her desk. She decided to call it a night. Maybe some sleep would clear her head a bit. After all, there was no way she would actually dream about it, right?

A/N: Sorry for another drabble, and it’s not even a decent one-shot. Just had a bit of a writing mood earlier so I asked for a writing prompt and this is what became of it. Also… I haven’t really written any Elsanna lately (last thing was 9 months ago), so I’m not sure I got their characterization right. I might be out of practice, so do let me know what I can improve on. I haven’t really done any narratives lately either, so just let me know your comments/suggestions. Hope I can write more and hopefully longer fics. :)

First Kiss:

What are you doing? I wanted to find something to talk about, or distract him somehow. I kept looking around at everyone running around the pool. Surely he’s not going to kiss me in front of everyone. Nearly my entire 4-h club had gathered to celebrate the end of the year. Someone come over here and save me. The trees were still thick with green leaves. Summer still clung to them despite it being September. I debated getting up and snacking on more food. He’d probably follow me. His hand was in mine. We sat that way, almost like statues. He was talking to me about something. I tried to focus on what he was saying, something about the Eagle Scouts, but my mind wouldn’t settle. I felt trapped, or tricked somehow. I thought we were just going to have fun, but this didn’t feel fun. This felt heavy, weighted with some kind of preset rules I never agreed to. The white pool lounge we’re were sitting on was missing some of its plastic stripes. I stare at anywhere but him. I can feel it. I can somehow tangibly feel the intent he has to kiss me. It’s like a strange pressure that seems to squeeze in on me from all directions. He’s my boyfriend, i’m supposed to kiss him. That thought doesn’t make me feel any less anxious. I want to tell myself it’s just nerves, but I can’t. I know better. I don’t want  to kiss him. But he wants to kiss me. I know it far before he takes my chin in his hand and turns to toward him. He presses his lips against mine. It’s a gentle kiss, tentative. I can feel the faint scratch of his stubble against my cheek. I let him kiss me, and like a good girlfriend I kiss him back. I hoped that would be enough, but he deepens the kiss. It tastes like carrot. I pull away after what seems like a reasonable amount of time. My face feels like it’s on fire. My stomach churns. I want to go home. I want to disappear. I want my mom to come pick me up. I want this day to be over, or to never have happened. When she finally did come to pick me up, all the way home she asked me if I was alright. I didn’t know what to tell her. 

I want our lips to lock the way our hearts have,
I want my mouth to have a mind of its own when it’s touching yours.

When you ask if I care I don’t want to speak my anwser, I want to show you with the way I close my eyes and grab the back of your neck.
I could kiss you for hours.
Kissing is so much more than a touch, it’s an emotion all on it’s own terms.

Kissing is the unspoken ‘I missed you’
The late night ‘don’t leave yet’
And the 'I’m sorry’,
But most importantly the 'I’m in love with you’.

I can never speak words that describe the same things a kiss do.
Speak my language, speak with locked lips and wild tongues.
Speak to me, with anything but words.

—  Language of the lips
So i was hanging out with this girl I liked one time. And as we were laying in her bed just about to kiss for the very first time she just gets up and runs to her closet. So I’m just sitting there waiting and she grabs a stethoscope. And she comes back to the bed and places the stethoscope on her heart and gives me the ear peices. And she goes I want you to hear how fast my heart beats when you kiss me. And it was seriously the most beautiful thing. Moral of the story…everybody buy a stethoscope.
—  Andrea Gibson
Dear Future Wife...#527

The first time we kiss, I’m going to be a nervous wreck. I’m not going to be even remotely suave. Even if you catch me totally off guard, I’ll find a way to get really nervous a split second before it happens. I know this because that’s how it has always been.

The second time we kiss, I’m going to be much less nervous. I’m going to make a joke about how suave I’m (not) being. And maybe you’ll laugh and I’ll miss because you’re laughing, but it won’t matter because then we’re both laughing and when we finally calm down, I get to feel your smile against my lips. I know this because I’m pretty hilarious and you’ll find that charming in a “I just rolled my eyes at how dumb and cute I find you” kind of way.

The first time we make out on the couch while we ignore an entire movie will the best day of my life up until that point. I’ll say some stupid thing like “I like television better anyways” when you point out we missed your favorite part and I will refuse to rewind because “I have better things to do.” I know this because I really do like television better and I will definitely have a better activity to dedicate my time and energy to at that moment.

A thousand and forty seven kisses later (but who’s counting?), you and I are crawling into bed after a day out with friends when we realize it’s only 9:42 and “what the hell is wrong with us?” But whatever, I have my arm around you and I’m mumbling nonsense trying to fight the heaviness of my eyelids and you’re right there with me. I know this because we might act like teenagers when we’re with our friends, but we love going home to the quiet with a cup of tea and an early bedtime.

Seven thousand and ninety two kisses later, our beautiful peaceful night’s rest is invaded at the crack of dawn by an adorable demon wedging herself in between us. Apparently it’s “totally the next day” and she’s in her dinosaur printed onesie and her 6 month old little brother told her “I could open up all the presents,” apparently by telepathy, because the younger pre-demon hasn’t yet grasped spoken word nor is he awake and screaming for attention. “That’s very generous of him,” you mumble from your side of the bed as I silently try to wrangle the beast into a bear hug. I know this because there’s no way the universe would give us a quiet, wise-beyond-her-years kid when karma is a thing that exists.

just a reminder 

if you had your first kiss at a young age, that’s coolio

if you had your first kiss when you were older, that’s rad

if you haven’t had your first kiss, that’s perfectly awesome

or maybe you’re not into the whole kissing thing, and that’s totes groovy too

don’t let society make you feel invalid cause of something as trivial as kissing or dating or sex. do whatever feels right for you. 

The first time Dean kisses Castiel, it’s a dream.

They’re standing in the kitchen and Castiel has just threatened to throw Dean back into hell, and the combination of fear and lust and adrenaline makes Dean reach for the lapels of Castiel’s coat. He can’t pull him closer, not if Castiel doesn’t want him to, so he uses the leverage to heave himself forward. It’s painful when they come together, but it feels good anyway.

Castiel reacts in the next moment, presses Dean into the kitchen counter and kisses him back open-mouthed, all hunger. It’s like he’s trying to devour Dean, and Dean wants nothing more than to let him. He wants to disappear into Castiel, let himself be swallowed by this terrifying creature of shadow and light and pure raw power, until he doesn’t have to think or feel or be.

When he wakes up it’s disappointing, but mostly it’s a relief.

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carryonwaywardangel askedHey! There’s a thunderstorm going on where I am and I had a thought for a prompt :) College!AU: Dean and Cas are roommates and one (or both) of them is afraid of thunder so naturally they have to huddle/cuddle together to ride out the storm. :D

Author’s note: It’s been a while since I’ve written a College AU, so here you go! :) 

As Castiel slowly woke up, he immediately became aware of a foreign, heavy weight half on top of him.

The mysterious weight left him feeling confused; it reminded him of home, where his dog Alfie would often sneak into his bedroom and crawl into bed with him, happily ignoring mother’s ‘no pets upstairs’ rule. But that was home, this was college. There was no Alfie here… Only Castiel’s roommate, Dean.

Castiel’s eyes flew wide open at the sudden sound of thunder, followed by a bright flash of light that eerily illuminated the small room that he shared with his friend. Just enough light for Castiel to realize what was going on; Dean’s bed was empty, because instead of sleeping in his own bed, Dean was curled up against Castiel’s side, hiding his face against Castiel’s chest.

“Dean?” Castiel muttered, feeling a little breathless at the knowledge that his very attractive roommate was practically cuddled up against him for some reason.  

Dean flinched in Castiel’s arms when his name was being called. Another crash of thunder and another flash of blue, and Castiel saw how mortified green eyes glanced up at him in the dark.

“Shit, Cas, I- I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking man, but you were sleeping and I was…” The rumbling noise of more thunder made that Dean didn’t finish his sentence.

It wasn’t until now that Castiel realized that Dean was shaking, even as he was trying to get up and move away from Castiel.

“You’re afraid.” Castiel concluded out loud, placing a hand on Dean’s shoulder before Dean could make an escape.

When he didn’t move, Castiel reached for the lamp on the nightstand, switching it on. Green eyes stubbornly avoided him when he tried to make eye contact with Dean, who was now sitting on the very edge of Castiel’s bed.

“It’s dumb.” Dean whispered, still not looking at Castiel, clearly feeling ashamed.

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Coming Out of the Closet

There is  a fire drill in the middle of the night at Dean and Cas’ dorm, and they do not want to leave their room.

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“Aw fuck,” Dean complained in a groan before he stuffed a pillow over his head. Though that did little to soften the shrill wailing of the fire alarm coming from the dorm’s hallway.

Dean peaked out from under his pillow to look at his clock - it was 3:16 AM. Dean groaned again before looking over at his roommate, Cas, who, like Dean, was trying to muffle the piercing sound by burying his head under his pillow and sheets. Dean laughed at the sight, not surprised in the slightest since it takes his best friend almost an hour to get out of bed every morning.

Dean really did not want to leave the warmth of their room. Going to a university in Michigan had its perks; but it being -10 degrees almost every night since November was definitely not one of them. And that night was no exception with their phones reporting that it was -8.

What made Dean even more upset was that he knew that there was no real danger or fire in there dorm. It was a Friday night, well now Saturday morning, and Dean and Cas had been smelling weed smoke all night from the rooms three floors below them.

“I really don’t want to go out there, man,” Dean whined.

“They check all the rooms,” Cas reminded Dean after he shifted to get a better look at his best friend.

Dean had let out a loud sigh before saying, “We’re gonna freeze our dicks off if we go out there, and just because a bunch of assholes couldn’t bother to be more careful with their blunt smoke.”

Cas smiled at the comment before smugly replying, “It wouldn’t be much of a loss if your dick froze off.” Even though Cas knew there were things he wished he could do with that dick.

“Wow, look who’s the asshole now,” Dean teased while he threw a pillow at Cas’ face.

Cas laughed as he threw the pillow back at Dean, who smoothly avoided the projectile and gave Cas a smug smile, while Cas rolled his eyes in return. Cas then sat up in his bed and fidgeted with the blankets while he said, “We could umm, we could hide in the closet.” His ears and neck had turned pink after the suggestion as he continued to not look at Dean.

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