first it was 'mother is basketball'


i love how this clip showed us this very important side of the bakkoush siblings’ relationship. elias heard sana arguing with her mother, and knew that she was out there playing basketball, and knew that it was her way of trying to release the tension, because elias has known sana her entire life, and this isn’t the first time he’s seen her throw a basketball like this

it was so lovely, the way he approached her at first, how he started playing basketball with her a little before asking her about yousef. and how you could tell it immediately started to calm her down, because all of a sudden this wasn’t just her playing by herself, she wasn’t alone in this moment anymore, and elias wasn’t saying anything yet, he wasn’t confronting her. he was just there, playing with her like he always used to, since they were little kids, just being the older brother that she knows cares about her. and it’s only after sana has calmed down that he casually starts asking her questions. and his tone isn’t accusing. he remains calm and caring throughout their entire conversation. he’s reassuring, he’s comforting. because it’s true that he doesn’t ever want sana to be sad, it’s true that knowing she isn’t feeling alright hurts him. and so he wants to be there for her, and try to maker her feel better about this situation that he knows she feels conflicted about.

the best thing about this conversation is that it wasn’t about elias getting answers. he didn’t go to her for his own benefit, to quench his own curiosity. elias most likely already had the answer to his initial question, he knew that sana liked yousef. so he didn’t ask her to find out, he asked her to give her the opportunity to speak, and to be there to listen to her, and share his thoughts in order to reassure her. because he knows that she didn’t get that opportunity moments earlier with their mother. and it’s a pretty big deal, an older brother talking to his little sister about the boy she likes, especially if said boy is his own friend. it could’ve been awkward, but he’s not letting the conversation feel that way. and when sana tells him that she isn’t sad, and he can tell by the smile on her face that she means it in that moment, that’s when elias finally stands up and walks away. because he had accomplished what he came to do: make sure his little sister was okay and cheer her up

hear me out....Adrien x Kim
  • kim: i promise you right here right now that i am going to fight like hell to make you like me
    • adrien: i already do??? you don’t have to fight for anything
    • kim: FIGHT. LIKE. HELL.
  • nino, marinette, and alya have warned kim in advance about how overbearing adrien’s father can be but kim’s got his bases covered. when he shows up to adrien’s for their first date, he hands gabriel three letters of reference, a printed itinerary, his phone number, his mother’s phone number, and his student ID as a form of insurance. gabriel was too gobsmacked to say no
    • spoiler alert: his three references were nathanael, nino, and alix, and max was the one that made the itinerary for kim after copying all the date ideas kim had written on his arm during history class
  • kim goes to every single one of adrien’s games. every. single. one. fencing. basketball. lacrosse. he’s there with a big sign that says “CHEER FOR MY BOYFRIEND” and he’s screaming the loudest out of everyone. 
    • he got into a little bit of trouble when he did this at adrien’s piano recital and he was asked to leave the auditorium, but it made adrien crack up so hard he forgot about his stage fright
  • adrien has heard about how much of a romantic kim is and how he showered his crushes with gifts whenever he could, and he’s determined to one-up him. so kim’s always opening his locker to find flowers, cards, sweets, movie tickets, and restaurant menus stuffed inside that make kim stick his head inside while he smiles and giggles like an idiot
    • for his birthday, adrien got him these really expensive track shoes and kim lifted him up and spun him around in front of the entire class he was so happy
  • sometimes they just straight up have dates in adrien’s room bc there’s a half-pipe, a basketball hoop for doubles matches, arcade machines, and DVD sets of dozens upon dozens of shoujo animes, and to kim it might as well be heaven on earth
  • they’re constantly working out together. adrien’s not much of a gym rat, but he’s happy jogging with kim in the mornings before school, even though he knows kim is slowing himself down so that adrien can keep up. 
  • there was one day that adrien ran up behind kim and jumped onto his back to scare him, but instead kim just immediately grabbed adrien’s legs, hoisted him up until he was riding piggy back, and started bolting down the hall screaming something about where the emergency was. 
    • adrien doesn’t ever let kim forget it and he constantly embarrasses him when he tells others the story. but the good news is that it becomes a habit for adrien to just jump on his back for a piggy back ride while they switch classes. 
  • the sappiest couple you will ever meet hands down. huge valentine’s day nerds, gigantic PDA fans, will declare their undying love for each other from across the courtyard for everyone to hear, and will not let anyone forget how much they mean to each other

Compiling all the answers for the phone call questions under the cut! If you’ve been doing another boy, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll add it to the list!

Adding my own ones first from the outfits I have, then tacking on extras at the bottom. There are a lot of questions! 

Thanks to @as-sweetas-honey for the bits I missed!

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Baby Holland’s First... | Tom Holland

Summary: A compilation of cute little moments where Baby Holland experiences new things in life. The baby says his first word, he gets his first haircut, his first tooth comes in, and he takes his very first steps…

Warning: major cuteness, minor swearing

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Baby Holland Series


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The daydream that never stops
When does living in a fantasy world become a problem?

This is mostly about maladaptive daydreaming but there’s a part I really want people on this site to pay attention to, particularly young people who are confused about fiction. 

In 2002, an Israeli trauma clinician named Eli Somer noticed that six survivors of abuse in his care had something in common.

To escape their memories and their emotional pain, each would retreat into an elaborate inner fantasy world for up to eight hours at a time.

Some imagined an idealised version of themselves living a perfect life. Others created entire friendships or romantic relationships in their heads. While one man pictured himself fighting in a guerrilla war, another conjured up football and basketball matches in which he displayed his athletic prowess.

Their plotlines often involved themes of captivity, escape and rescue – being chained up in a dungeon, for instance, or leading a prisoners’ revolt.

My mother sent me this article because it reminded her of me. I saw why immediately. Even as early as age 5 I remember having elaborate fantasies about stuff like that. Being captured, escaping, adventures, scary things, torture. My first fanfic was literally about an Oddworld OC being tortured and killed. I was 7 when I wrote it. I talked to my mom a bit how a lot of people like me (abused, disabled, different) absolutely have grown up with fictional characters and stories as our reference for experiences, as the way we can try to make sense of our lives and the things that have happened to us. There’s a reason I feel more at home and with family when watching a favorite animated show with all the characters I love so much than in a big group of my actual family. Through these characters I was able to not only survive everything the real world threw at me, but learn very valuable things about myself, dissect my own experiences and feelings, even if at a younger age I wasn’t aware that that’s what I was doing. That’s the beauty of fictional characters. They really allow us the safety to go scary places with them. Even if that place is morally horrifying. 

A lot of us survivors explore these kinds of themes. Dark things, unpleasant things. 

Just keep that in mind before you get too deep into the purity culture of this site that states that anything dangerous, dark, or twisted being explored in fiction is worthy of, uh, telling that person to kill themselves. 

Most of the time, you’re telling a survivor that it would have been better for them to have died than to have survived their trauma, and that’s really dangerous considering most of us struggle with suicidal ideation in the first place. 

Not all of us like to deny the darkness that we came from. There is nothing wrong with that.

daslebenistgut  asked:

For Halloween sterek, could you maybe do an au with Derek making homemade cider and it's his mom's recipe or something so he makes it every year and Stiles lives in the same building as him and he comes home from a college costume party and he's drunk so he just walks into Derek's apartment because the cider smells so good and Derek turns around and suddenly there's just a guy dressed up as Batman or something and idk maybe drunk cuddles end up happening?

I fucking love apple cider, so I really loved writing this, even though it took months (on ao3!)

When Derek turned twenty six his mother finally gave him the recipe for her famous apple cider.

It had been a tradition in the Hale household since long before he’d even been born, one every member of the family eagerly looked forward to each year. On the first day of fall in mid-September, without fail, after they offered Mabon prayers and shared blessings around a bonfire in the middle of the preserve, his mother would head straight to the kitchen to start making apple cider, her way of ushering in the new season.

When he was old enough, around six years old, she let him help, his siblings never having any interest whatsoever in helping out in the kitchen, too busy rough-housing with each other or watching football with their father and uncle Peter. But Derek was always eager to help, dubbed a mama’s boy at a young age by both family and friends.

His mother would always smile indulgently, happy to have a little helper, and pull over a footstool for him when he politely asked if he could help in the kitchen, peering up over the edge of the countertop at whatever she was doing at the moment. So every year on the first day of fall she’d help him up onto the footstool or lift him onto the counter and let him measure out the sugar and cloves, count out the sticks of cinnamon to add to the slow cooker.

Once he was older, and no longer needed a footstool, his mother would have him slice and core the apples while she peeled the oranges, both of them talking about their week and upcoming activities, classic rock on the radio. Throughout middle school and high school, Derek would rant and rave about the basketball tryouts in late November and his mother would nod and hum in acknowledgement, offering a few kind words about how well he’d do and occasionally asking about his classes or how his friends were.

And every year she’d have him turn around, rolling his eyes like a typical teenager, when she added the secret ingredient, only giving him the okay to look again when she’d placed the lid back on the slow cooker. She’d smile brightly at him as she set the slow cooker on low to simmer for several hours, wrapping her arm around his shoulders and leading him into the living room to sit with the rest of the family.

The entire house had smelt of cinnamon and apples for weeks after just one batch of her cider, welcoming fall with the scents of the season. It was the scent of his childhood, hours spent lounging around basking in the aroma while his siblings tried to sniff out the secret ingredient.

He’d never actually tried to seriously figure out what the secret ingredient was himself, save for the times when he was younger and always tried to steal a peek from between his fingers. He’d simply chalked it up to his mother’s many quirks and carried on, shrugging and figuring he’d find out eventually when she felt it right to finally reveal the secret ingredient.

It happened to be on his twenty sixth birthday, when he’d been back in California to visit his family, taking a few vacation days to fly back to Beacon Hills and spend his birthday with all his loved ones. Early on the morning of his birthday, just as the sun was rising up over the horizon, he’d walked downstairs into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee before going for a run through the preserve, only to find his mother sitting on the counter with a book in her lap.

She’d pulled him into a tight hug with watery eyes, whispering happy birthday and telling him how proud she was of him. He’d had to hold back tears of his own as she handed him the leather bound book which, upon further inspection, he found was a handwritten copy of all mother’s most safeguarded recipes.

The rest of their family had found them like that a few hours later, holding each other tight and crying into each other’s shoulders, any thoughts of coffee and running completely forgotten. Laura had teased him for the rest of his visit about him being a giant sap, only stopping when Derek threatened to withhold apple cider from her the next time she stopped by his loft in New York, their mother rolling her eyes fondly as they bickered like the children they’d always be to her.

He boarded his flight back to the Big Apple a week later feeling more like an adult than since he’d gotten his driver’s license, since he’d gotten his PhD early, since he’d bought his loft in Brooklyn and started teaching at Columbia.

So, there he was at ten p.m. on Halloween night finishing his third batch of apple cider since he’d been given the recipe, singing along off-key to the Queen song he had playing on his phone, a batch of white chocolate caramel cookies baking in the oven. He was straining the cider through a fine mesh sieve, his cat, a calico aptly named Autumn, watching him from her spot on the kitchen floor, stretching lazily as she swished her tail.

Tossing the drained apple mash into the trashcan, Derek moved to strain the cider again to make sure there weren’t any solids left behind. He paused when he heard Autumn meow, the lilting trill she used by way of greeting, turning on his heel to see what had elicited her loud mewl, the words of Somebody To Love dying in his throat when he saw someone standing in his living room.

He tightened his grip on the metal handle of the sieve, ready to bash the intruder over the head. But it wasn’t just anybody standing in his living room—it was Batman. Well, someone dressed as Batman, anyway. It was Halloween, after all.

The mystery man’s identity didn’t remain a mystery for long as he yanked off his cowl and asked in a slurred whisper, “S'at apple cider?”

Derek nodded silently, completely flabbergasted, eyebrows furrowing as he took in the sight of the intruder, immediately recognizing him without the obstructive mask. It was his neighbor Stiles, an undergraduate at Columbia who lived across the hall and always said hi in the hallway and hummed loudly in the elevator every morning and had an overabundance of male guests that Derek’s jealousy couldn’t handle.

They’d talked a few times in the year Stiles had been living in the same apartment building, at the mailboxes and in the elevator, occasionally running into each other on campus, even hanging out with mutual friends to watch baseball a couple times. But they were nowhere near close enough to just come barging into each other’s apartments uninvited and unannounced, let alone barging in dressed like DC characters.

Not that Derek would ever kick Stiles out of his apartment, Batman costume or not. He’d been harboring a crush on Stiles for an embarrassingly long time, falling head over heels for him the moment he’d overheard him ranting to his friend about how rampant bisexual erasure in history was, citing a disclaimer in his history textbook which essentially no homo’d Chopin’s letters to Titus before switching to fluent Polish and reciting a snippet of one of said letters.

That had been almost a year ago and he still got butterflies whenever he saw Stiles in the hallway or shared an elevator with him, blushing like a little schoolboy whenever Stiles waved at him or asked him how his day was going. He’d actually run into a wall once, distracted by the way Stiles’ entire face lit up when he smiled, not paying attention to where he was walking and smacking face first into the wall, his nearby students dissolving into hysterical laughter.

Derek had nearly had a heart attack when Stiles first met Autumn, sinking down to his knees in a move that made Derek’s gut twist with arousal. He’d scratched under her chin and raved about how gorgeous she was, claiming he adored cats, always greeting Autumn with a smile and a coo about her adorableness whenever he saw her after that.

Every morning, Derek looked forward to passing Stiles on the stairwell or seeing a glimpse of him at school, feeling like a lovesick puppy. And now Stiles was standing there in his living room dressed like Batman.

Derek had a dream like this once — it had quickly become R-rated. He swallowed thickly at the memory, reflexively licking his lips.

“Uh, yeah,” he managed to croak out, glancing back at the slow cooker, wondering what about apple cider was so intriguing. His eyes widened when he turned back to Stiles to find him crying softly, hands clenched into fists at his sides.

Derek tossed the sieve into the sink with a clatter as he rushed over to Stiles, stepping over Autumn who let out a plaintive cry as he did. He gently held Stiles by his upper arms, frantically looking him over for any injuries, for anything that could have elicited his tears, urgently asking, “Are you okay? Are you hurt? What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry,” Stiles sniffled quietly, his soft voice a far cry from his typical loud, endearingly brash, confident demeanor, the sound breaking Derek’s heart. Stiles raised a hand to wipe his wet eyes, bottom lip wobbling as he tried to hold back more tears. "It’s just… My mom used to make homemade apple cider and I smelled it, and it smells so good, and it just reminded me of her so much and I really miss her and your door was unlocked… And I’m really drunk and…I’m sorry.”

“Hey, hey,” Derek soothed softly, rubbing his hands up and down Stiles’ arms, squeezing his shoulders reassuringly. “It’s okay, it’s alright. I know. Here–” he turned Stiles by his shoulders and led him towards the couch, gesturing for him to sit “–just sit down and relax. I’ll finish the cider and pour you a glass, okay?”

Stiles sniffed as he sunk back into Derek’s couch, relaxing into the comfortable cushions. He lifted his head to look up at Derek. “R-Really?”

“Yeah, really,” Derek confirmed, grinning warmly as he ran a hand through Stiles’ sweaty, disheveled hair, stroking his thumb over his cheek. “Just sit here and relax. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” Stiles mumbled, voice thick and gravelly as he hastily wiped his eyes, looking up at Derek with wide, trusting doe eyes. He licked his lips, sniffling miserably, “Okay.”

Derek grabbed the blanket he kept draped over the back of the couch and laid it over Stiles’ lap in case he got cold, tucking it around his hips before jogging the short distance back to the kitchen, weaving around Autumn. He picked the sieve up out of the sink, quickly rinsing it off before he strained the cider again. He stretched to grab a ladle from the drawer on the other side of the sink before fetching two mugs from the cabinet above the sink.

He spooned some of the hot cider into the mugs, adding a half stick of cinnamon to each the way his mother always did, and ventured into the medicine to grab a bottle of aspirin, remembering of some of his own more horrendous hangovers. He carefully carried the mugs back out to the living room where Autumn was curled up at Stiles’ hip, front paws in his lap, purring loudly as he scratched behind her ear, green eyes closed in pure bliss.

Smiling at the sight, Derek rounded the coffee table where Stiles had tossed his mask and took a seat beside him on the couch, Autumn mewing at him in greeting. He set the bottle of aspirin down on the table and handed Stiles a steaming mug of apple cider with a warm smile.

“Thank you,” Stiles murmured, uncharacteristically demure as he looked down at the mug in his hands. He carefully raised it to his lips, closing his eyes and breathing in the heady scent of cinnamon as he took a small sip.

His eyes popped open, wide and shocked, the moment the cider touched his tongue, moaning emphatically as he took another, bigger sip and then another. Derek smirked into his own cup at Stiles’ reaction, savoring both the amusing expression on Stiles’ face and the familiar taste of his mother’s cider.

“Oh my god,” Stiles moaned, blotting his upper lip with the back of his hand, gloves beside his mask on the coffee table. He pointed at his mug excitedly, licking his lips before he spoke, voice much less slurred, “This is amazing!”

“Thanks. It's—” Derek paused, not wanting to upset Stiles any further by being insensitive “—it’s my mother’s recipe.”

“S'really good,” Stiles reiterated, nodding gravely to himself. He raised the mug to his lips again, taking another deep swig, eyes falling closed at the taste.

Derek was about to ask him if everything was alright, but he stopped himself. He would let Stiles sober up, offer him the use of his shower, maybe give him a change of clothes. But for now, they would just sit there and enjoy each other’s company and his first batch of apple cider.

Burned Pt. 1 [M]

Genre: Smut/angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Triggers: drinking, sex, dom/sub sexual relations

Word Count: 5.5k

A/N: based off a post I made a few days ago and encouraged by. This is my first time writing smut so please be kind to me. I’m still learning the ropes haha. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Everything about the drive home was the same and for that you were thankful. It had been months since the last time you saw the familiar buildings of your hometown. The farmer’s market was in full swing and you were tempted to stop by, but you knew your mother would kill you if you showed up later. 4 hours late, in fact. You probably should have called. You didn’t mind the lecture that was sure to commence once you got home because it was the first time you were able to sleep in for months. You were in your first year of medical school and it was taking a toll on you. Between work and school you barely had time for anything, or anyone. Luckily, the national holiday came right at the perfect time and you managed to squeeze in a trip home, not minding the long drive each way. Hopefully, your mother had prepared your favorite meal because it’s been awhile since you ate something that didn’t come from plastic packaging.

As you pulled down your childhood street you saw the familiar commotion of seven boys playing basketball in your driveway. Taehyung, your younger brother, had begged your dad for two years for a hoop. After Tae broke his elbow from building a makeshift one out of a ladder and a laundry basket your father finally caved in. The six boys playing with your brother were his childhood best friends. They’ve stuck together through everything, from dating each other’s exes, to going away to separate universities. You had never seen friendship like that and you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t feel a little bit jealous. None of your friendships had lasted that long and you hoped that nothing would ever get in between theirs.

The sudden sound of loud thumping on the hood of your car scared the shit out of you. When you looked up, you saw your brother’s boxy grin staring back at you. “If you dent my car you’re going to have to pay for it, you little shit,’ you threatened.

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Dating Elliot Alderson Would Include Pt 2

i was requested to do elliot again as i’m getting so much positive feedback from you guys about the first one, so why not do a second one?

- while elliot is on his computer coding and hacking, you stand behind him to massage his shoulders
- occasionally wearing his hoodie whenever he doesn’t have it on
- coney island dates on ferris wheel’s
- “hey el, what does that button do?”
- being shyly introduced to elliot’s mother
- him finally being confident to come out to you about mr robot
- when no one is at the basketball court, you secretly shoot hoops and scream every time you get a goal
- elliot gets extremely excited over it
- letting him touch you whenever he wants, to get him use to touching in general
- when elliot’s high, he’ll start mumbling little things like “yo, dude..”, then start pecking your knuckles
- sleeping so closely together at night, reassuring that he won’t be alone
- “you won’t leave me..r-right?”
- “never, i promise.”

When I Lost You - Part III - Jaehyun x Reader - Fuckboy HighSchool!AU

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI

Thank you guys for all the support for this series, and thanks for waiting for this update; i hope it doesn’t disappoint you. This chapter is from Jaehyun’s point of view.

Word Count: 1996

Trigger Warnings: Offensive Language

Genre: Fuckboy HighSchool!AU, Angst

Dedicated to: @taeyongbelviso , cheer up babe, I love you <3

Jaehyun’s POV

It had been a while since the confrontation in the hallway.

His tears had stained some of the papers that lay scattered at his feet.

His sobs were broken and left him heaving and gasping for air like he was submerged in water, fighting for his last breath.

He had heard the group outside ask if he was okay, and he almost started hyperventilating, completely having forgotten that they were waiting for him outside.

Praying to anyone who would listen, he frantically reached out and swept the papers towards him, bunching them up in his arms and clutching them to his chest with everything he had. His footsteps pounding and echoing in the halls,  he headed away from the voice of anybody who wasn’t you.

And he ran.

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Types and how they smile

(Based on actual observations)

ESFP: bright eyes, large smile showing all their teeth. It gives off rays of pure joy, like the kind where you’re singing loudly in the car with your friends

ISFP: another one full of pure joy. Crinkly eyes and a wide smile, but this kind of joy is the kind that comes with a lifetime of hardships and finally fulfillment

ESTP: an overconfident smirk with eyes that are searching you. Except you don’t notice the eyes that are figuring out every flaw and weak point, just the attitude

ISTP: a chiller smirk. This one doesn’t make you as uneasy as ESTP, despite it probably coming from the ISTP leaning against the wall at a basketball game with one leg cocked, watching the audience instead of the game

ESFJ: a bright, happy, caring smile. They’re probably nodding as well. Completely engaged with whatever they’re smiling at. Nothing matters except that thing, and you can tell.

ISFJ: the kind of tired smile a hard-working mother would give. They’ve probably kept themselves busy and you just told them a much needed joke. There’s probably a certain fondness behind their eyes

ESTJ: very formal. You kind of feel like you’re in a business meeting at first. Or maybe there’s a sort of threat behind the smile. After you get them to crack, however, it’s a giant smile while laughing really hard

ISTJ: a small and polite smile. Probably closed lipped. A bit nervous, almost, but mostly like the want to get out of there. Much like the ESTJ, once you get them to open up they’ll laugh really really hard and probably move their bodies back and forth while keeping eye contact through almost closed eyes. They forget to pay attention to what their face is doing and it scrunches up. Really cute

ENFP: (there’s literally so many different smiles that I can’t pick just one that I see most often or truly encompasses it so I’ll just focus on the things that are similar in each.) It’s almost always accompanied by laughter, be it happy or nervous. It’s welcoming and very expressive to however they’re feeling. I think expressive is probably the best word to describe it. Very fun and very happy. It rarely leaves their face

INFP: similar to the ENFP, it is probably accompanied by laughter, however, they are probably be telling you their deepest insecurities, masked with happiness

ENFJ: a caring, motherly, i-told-you-so smile that you probably roll your eyes at despite knowing that they had, in fact, told you so

INFJ: a small, caring, hopeful smile. Eyebrows are raised. They look steady and confident, and are projecting vibes that say nothing but “I believe in you” “it’ll be alright” and “you can do it!”

ENTP: stars are in their eyes. Someone literally placed sunbeams in their eyes. They are looking slightly up, not at anyone but their ideas. It’s kind of private, if anything. They just invented something or learned something new and are so so so happy that the future is great

INTP: a satisfied smirk while looking down. They figured something out. Or maybe they won an argument with someone about a fan theory. Who knows what’s going on in their heads. Either way you’re a little afraid of them.

ENTJ: “you are so wrong and irrelevant that it’s not even worth me telling you that” smile. Looks you directly in the eyes while doing it. It’s scary.

“stop talking to me; you’re irrelevant and wasting my time and I have better things to do” smile. Probably aren’t even looking you in the eyes. Are angled just so you can see their expression but they’re still not looking at you. You probably did leave them alone after that, though.

Fake Dating AU: Fake It Till You Make It

Title:  Fake It Till You Make It

Summary:  Betty and Jughead pose as a fake couple for an investigative journalism piece.  

Written for:  @raptorlily

Not sure how I feel about this, but I will be out of writing commission for a few days so I figured I’d post what I have.  Here’s to hoping it’s not awful!


Ever since she was a little girl, Betty wanted to be a journalist.  She watched her own mother, Alice, chase down the perfect story with the same gusto that other mothers in Riverdale sought out the perfect pump or roasting pan.  Alice wasn’t domestically inclined, and it was Betty’s father who took over more of the domestic duties as Alice’s career took off.  Her mother wasn’t particularly nurturing in those years while she was chasing one story after another.   Instead, Alice taught her daughter the importance of hard work, perseverance and, above all, the truth.   

           Betty took what Alice taught her and let it fuel her through college and her first few years at small papers, paying her dues with mindless stories covering local basketball games and small town oddities. The work wasn’t exactly fulfilling, but it served its purpose when she finally found herself on the investigative journalism beat.  It all started when she sniffed out a local bakery swindling older customers into buying days old pastries for full price.  It wasn’t exactly the piece of a lifetime, but it gave her visibility.  A few meatier pieces later, Betty proved that she was able to find stories, and her newspaper gave her more autonomy in choosing her stories and investigating them.  She still took assignments when her editor offered, which happened with increasing frequency as she ingrained herself farther into the investigative beat.

           “Betty, I have a story for you,” her editor, Mark, said, walking over to her desk and sitting in front of her.  She looked up from her stack of interview notes, glasses perched haphazardly on her nose.

           “What type of story?”

           “What do you mean what type of story?” he returned glibly.  “A good one. Why else would I bring it to you?”

           Betty grinned.  “Tell me more.”

           “You’re familiar with the Blossom family, right?”

           “Of course I am,” Betty returned easily. Everyone in Riverdale knew about the Blossom family and their maple syrup fortune.  No kitchen was complete without one bottle of Blossom maple syrup on the table and at least two in the pantry.  

           “I’m sure you are also aware that their prodigal son, Jason, is still refusing to take his rightful place in the family business, which has left the fortune remarkably vulnerable.  This weekend is their weird Stepford family reunion where Blossoms from far and wide come and see the trees tapped for maple syrup. Rumor has it that someone is going to make a grab for the company.  I want you to get the inside story.”

           “Okay,” Betty said slowly, mind whirring as she tried to think of a way for her to get inside.

           “Before you start worrying about how to get in, I already took care of that,” Mark said.  “I had Jonah doctor up something that says you’re a fifth cousin or something. They already sent the invitation with an apology for not reaching out sooner.”

           Betty blinked with confusion and asked, “How do they think I’m a fifth cousin?”

           “Jonah forged a birth certificate,” Mark returned easily.

           Betty gaped at him and said, “Mark, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.”

           “No one will find out,” Mark said dismissively. “Besides, all for the story right?”

           Betty felt a thrill run down her spine.  He was right.  People did a lot worse in pursuit of the truth.   She nodded wholeheartedly and said, “You’re right, Mark.  All for the story.”

           Her blood began to pump feverishly as she thought about the story and all of the moving pieces.  She hadn’t been fully immersed in many stories like this, and she knew it would take a vigilance that she hadn’t needed before.

           “Betty, before you get too far in your head there, I should tell you that you’re not going in alone.”

           “I’m not?”  Betty asked with confusion.  They rarely sent more than one journalist in for a piece.  They were a small outlet and usually couldn’t afford to stack a given story with more than one writer.

           “The Blossoms don’t like unmarried women.  It’s antiquated bullshit, but they don’t trust them.”

           Betty snorted.  “You’re kidding, right?”

           “I wish I was.  We need them to trust you, Betty.  So, we’re sending Jughead in with you.”

           Betty laughed at the stupidity of that notion and said, “Jughead?  As, what, my husband?”

           “Yep, that’s the plan.”

           “You do realize that even if you send Jughead with me, I am still an unmarried woman.“

           “Yes, Betty, I understand the basic mechanics of a marriage,” Mark returned drily.  “You and Jughead will not actually be married.  But the Blossoms will not know that.”

“You can’t be serious.”  When she saw that Mark was, in fact, serious, she said, “Mark, you know how Jughead and I are together.  No one is going to believe that we are married.”  

“Then make them believe it.  Sell it.”


“Look, if you’re that opposed to Jughead going with you I can find someone else.  I wanted my strongest writers going, but if you have that big of a problem-“

“No, I don’t,” Betty interrupted, more horrified by the idea of someone else getting her story than having to play house with Jughead for a weekend.  “I want this story.”

“Good.  Jug’s out of the office right now but I told him to talk to you when he gets back.” Mark stood up and said, “Try to play nice.  Remember that you guys have to actually look like you like each other this weekend.”

Betty frowned and murmured, “That may be harder than the actual assignment.”

“What ever happened with you guys anyway?”  Mark asked.  “You’re nice to literally everyone except him.”

“It’s a long story,” Betty said wearily.

“Well, whatever it is you guys better get over it.”

Betty took a deep breath and said, “Don’t worry, Mark, I am an adult.  I can put aside my personal feelings for one weekend and I’m sure Jughead can do the same.” Thinking of her editor’s prior words, she echoed, “Besides, it’s all for the story, right?”

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Flying Graysons (Dick Grayson)

Request:Hey love! I came across your blog and I can’t describe how in love I am with it. Can you do an imagine where the reader is dick Grayson’s real sister and she passed away with his parents but the boys find a picture of this really beautiful girl and they ask him about it? Thank you lots! And hope you have a great day or night haha 💜

Gifs don’t belong to me.
Notes: While I was writing this, I realized John and Mary (Dick’s parents) have the same names as the Sherlock and Supernatural characters!

I headcanon that Dick is such a hoarder. “You can’t throw that old pair of tennis shoes away! I played basketball with Bruce for the first time with those!”

Warnings: Death, Blood, Grief,, ANGSTY AND SORTA FLUFFY??, Swearing
Since the ages didn’t line up, I made Reader 18 and Dick 10 when you died.
Italics are memories.

Hope you like it, anon!

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I’m not sure if this has been done before, but Upperclassman!Neil, but not where he doesn’t side with Andrew’s lot, but where he was actually born a few years earlier and so is the same age as Matt.

This serious got very long.

❖ Since he was born a few years earlier, Nathaniel turns ten, an acceptable age for running and not giving them away – at least Mary thinks – and so they go on the run earlier than they did in cannon.
➢ As of yet Nathan didn’t take Nathaniel to Evermore so when they run it is only Nathan after them, not the Moriyamas – as far as they’re concerned the money that Mary stole from Nathan had nothing to do with them – it was Nathan’s debt to pay.
▪ The Moriyamas do catch up to the two of them when they’re in Sweden though (three identities away from their originals already), but only to ask if they’re planning on giving away any of the Moriyama secrets – they’re not so they leave it at that.

❖ From Switzerland they go to Norway and Mary and Nathaniel become Eva and Noah Larson. Then Orla and Stefan Henninger of Germany and then Rositsa and Ivaylo of Bulgaria. He picks up small pieces of each language but never enough to stick in the long haul.
➢ His mother thankfully avoids Poland – it had too much of a link to his father, Polish was a language he would be happy to never have to speak again, biting words in the language being spoken through a blood thirsty grin haunting his nightmares.

❖ They become Adalie and Louis Durand in France. They stay there the longest, Mary having an old friend there. Nathaniel becomes fluent in the language and actually manages to make some friends in school that he plays basketball with. (They invite him to play Exy once and his mother beats him just for asking).
➢ Some of Nathan’s men finally catch up with them. There’s four of them. His mother grabs some knives and begins to fight, yelling at Nathaniel to run.
▪ One of the people is Lola, though, it’s the first time he’s seen her since he was back in Baltimore and he freezes. He remember her terrifying smile, the way her eyes and touches would linger on him the way they shouldn’t on a boy his age.
➢ One of the men, Jackson, comes at him with a knife, in the struggle, he gets a large gash across his stomach and another across his arm, his mother has killed the man she was fighting with and the other is dazed. She pulls out a gun and shoots the man on top of Nathaniel. The spray of brains and blood and the weight of his dead body on top of Nathaniel makes him feel sick.
▪ He hadn’t forgotten what witnessing murder had felt like but he had managed to get unaccustomed to it in the past two years.
➢ Lola goes after Mary, who drops the gun, and takes pleasure in cutting up his mother. Nathaniel doesn’t stop to think and picks up the gun and shoots Lola right between the shoulder blade.
➢ The last man runs – no doubt to give a report back the Butcher.
➢ His mother his him for his hesitation, and drags him none to gently up to the bedroom. She makes him drink vodka straight from the bottle and keeps him at it even though, a twelve years old, it makes him gag. Even though he wounds are worse she stitches him up first. They wait for him to sober up enough to have steady hands before she talks him through stitching up her wounds – they’re rather messy, the first few even messier, and will no doubt leave terrible scars, but it’s the best he could do.
➢ Nathaniel is tired and sore and in pain, but Mary won’t allow them to sleep, they remove enough evidence as they can before setting fire to the house and then they’re on the move again, heading towards the airport.
➢ Despite wanting nothing more than to sleep for weeks so that he’ll be more-or-less healed by the time he wakes up, he finds himself unable to do so. He stares out of the car window, lost in his thoughts. It wasn’t the disposing of bodies that bothered him, he had disposed of much worse back in Baltimore, his father tending to leave them in pieces, it was the fact that he had killed someone. He had killed Lola. He had killed the woman who’s predatory smiles and lustful eyes and scared him all through his childhood, the woman who had carved a swirling pattern on his lower back while his mum was away when he was six.
▪ He kept waiting to feel sorry for it.
▪ But he never did.

❖ From the France fiasco his mother seemed to come to the conclusion that they weren’t being careful enough. He was punished more often for ‘mistakes’ that had been acceptable in the past and wasn’t allowed to make any friends, though he wasn’t allowed to flat out ignore people either because that was suspicious too.

❖ Back at Baltimore his father was in serious debt, from his own reckless spending to cover up his bloodthirsty massacres and the luxury way he likes to live, and because of the money Mary had taken from him when she left.
➢ The only way he can think to pay back the Moriyamas is to sell Nathanial to them as an athlete, many of his fellow mobsters have done so with their children, but before now he had never been desperate enough to do so.

❖ The search for Mary and Nathaniel picks up.
➢ They go to Greece, to Argentina, to Turkey, to Brazil, to Canada (Where Nathaniel gets beaten for kissing a French-Canadian girl), to India, to Thailand and to Australia.
➢ The Butchers men always seem only one step behind, but they only caught up to them three times and Nathaniel have five more scars to prove it (his mother had even more, but he had learned from his mistakes and ran when he was told to run).

❖ They go to Alaska for a while before hiding out in towns through the US
➢ they stayed the longest as Diane and Jude Foreman in New York
▪ it’s surprisingly easy to be inconspicuous in such a large city.
➢ Romero and several more of the Butchers men catch up to them while they’re in Portland. Mary shoots two of them dead before they can even reach them, then begins to brawl with the others.
▪ Mary may be fair game, but they’re supposed to keep Nathaniel alive so he can become Moriyama property. Despite this, Romero, enraged at Nathaniel killing his sister, shoots him.

❖ When Nathaniel wakes up he almost started crying from the pain. He had been shot in the chest, but his mother had patched him up, she had also patched up her own abdominal stab wound.

❖ Mary decides enough is enough and they go to England, back to the Hatfords.
➢ Stuart welcomes his little sister and nephew back with open arms. He’s enraged by what Nathan has done to them as he always hated the man, but Mary stops him from going after them – they didn’t need a battle with the Moriyamas.
➢ To become members of the Hatford mob you have to kill someone as an initiation – that way you’re guilty straight of the bat so you can’t turn people in without going down yourself.
▪ Mary completes this easily and Nathaniel manages as well.
• He has nightmares for months afterwards and he still keeps the man’s file in the bottom of his bedside drawer. He’s looks at it sometimes, as though feeling the need to torture himself further, but he’s never actually read what’s inside. He’s not sure what he’d do if it turns out that man was a good person.
➢ Nathaniel changes his name to Neil Abram Hatford (essentially taking all of his father out of his name) and goes to high school in England, but he doesn’t make any friends – at this point he’s probably forgotten how.
➢ He does make friends with Isak Schultz, who’s one of the younger members of the mob at only nineteen (five years older than Nathaniel). Isak is German and tall and handsome and shows that off with his tight, fashionable clothes. He has a kind face, which is surprising in this kind of business – Neil would have avoided him simply for that reason had he not latched on to Neil almost immediately.
▪ He’s a hacker and deals with that side of things and when it turns out Neil is good with numbers and puzzles, he is excited and teaches Neil everything he knows.
▪ He also teaches Neil everything he knows about fashion so he can stop wearing those god-awful too-big clothes.
▪ He also teaches him German at Neil’s request.
➢ Mary wants to keep Neil out of Mob business but she knows she can’t do it completely, not to mention he needs to know how to protect himself.
▪ Neil already knows how to shoot so he’s pretty much just given a gun and that’s that.
▪ Isak introduces him to Sarah Cartwright. She’s a twenty year old English woman with brown hair, freckles and hard green eyes. Her smiles consist of tiny twitches of the lips and she had a very fierce and brutal personality. She teaches Neil how to handle knives. Neil was wary around her at first, despite the fact that she was friends with Isak, which was strange given how different the two are. He expects her to remind him of Lola, but she really, really doesn’t. If anything she’s like that annoying older sister he never knew he wanted. He learns that knives can be used to protect.
➢ When he learns that Moriyamas were in charge of his father’s branch, he makes a point to learn everything he can about them, including learning Japanese.
▪ At this point he knows: Polish, French, German and Japanese, as well as various phrases from other countries he’s been in and a lot of accents.
➢ He doesn’t really do much with the family business, he doesn’t particularly want to anyway, but he does help out with a few hacking jobs and with communicating with the French branch of the Hatfords.

❖ Back in Baltimore his father’s debt finally outweighed his usefulness and the Moriyamas had him killed. The next leader of Baltimore tried to go after Mary and Neil and was swiftly killed by the Hatford, the next one clearly didn’t learn and met the same fate, finally the new leader, let call him Jason, decided it wasn’t worth the trouble – though that being said should the opportunity arise to kill them both, he wouldn’t say no.
➢ This leads to a shaky alliance between the Hatfords and the Moriyamas, though alliance may be too strong of a word, it was more of an agreement just to stay out of each other’s way.

❖ To further keep him out of Mob business, once he turns fifteen his mum ships him off to a boarding school in America.
➢ He stands out at the school because of his good looks and British accent – people try to get him to say different things but one glare and they leave. His eyes are still that violent blue that he hates and his hair is in an undercut (on Isak’s insistence) but it had been dyed a dark turquoise (he decides to experiment with bright colours now he’s not running, not to mention it stops him looking like Nathan)
➢ Neil takes up exy again, but becomes a striker since it was the only spot open instead of a backliner like he was in little leagues – the position suits him more anyway.
➢ Neil’s roommate at boarding school finds a gun with Neil’s things and freaks out – Neil threatens him with a knife not to tell anyone and to never go through his things again.
▪ The roommate ends up to scared of him to even talk to him, which suits Neil just fine, he isn’t there to make friends, as his teammates and classmates soon learn.
➢ He takes up Spanish and learns that to add to his languages. He excels in math and science but he is terrible at English and History, not being able to keep things straight on the run, so he really has to work his way up with them.
➢ People at school begin to get into relationship and since that disaster where he was beaten for kissing a girl (he still has the scar from where she pulled a chunk of his hair out) he hadn’t really thought about relationships himself. He kisses a few girls and guys, but ultimately feels nothing for any of them so decides he just must not swing.
➢ He also experiments with drinking for fun so slowly builds up his tolerance and he takes up smoking (Actually smoking not just letting them burn).

❖ He gets offers for exy scholarships from various colleges.
➢ Evermore even offers, Riko and Kevin visit themselves. Neil in no uncertain terms tells Riko where to shove it, which inevitable pisses him off.
➢ In retaliation Riko hurt Neil’s roommate and threatens him into saying it was Neil, who, seeing as he had knives and a gun in his possession, is arrested.
➢ His mother is extremely angry at him, Neil tells her it wasn’t him and she assures him that of course she knew that but he was the one stupid enough to insult Riko. She doesn’t bail him out of Juvie as a punishment.
➢ Once he gets out of Juvie he hacks into the Raven’s scoreboard (is it possible to do this? Idk) and gets it to say something very insulting about Riko.

❖ When he gets out of juvie, thanks to his criminal records the colleges withdraw their offers. His mother comes to visit and beats him black and blue for his mistake with Riko and then retaliating again (it’s not the first time that she’s beaten him since they stopped running, though they were few and far between now, but it was the worse).
➢ Seeing bruises sometimes when he comes back to school from the holidays, having seen the scars in the locker room and his general defensive, aggressive and callous personality, the Exy coach sends in an application to Palmetto State.

❖ He starts at the foxes
➢ At college he focuses on mathematical sciences with a minor in computers.
➢ Just like with any newcomer the foxes are curious and wary of him and take bets.
➢ Matt started at the same time as him and despite Neil being rather disdainful of his past drug abuse that if the twitching was anything to go by he wasn’t completely over it and being rather incredulous about how genuinely nice Matt is, Matt latches onto him and they become good friends. Matt reminds him of Isak really so Neil doesn’t mind it as much as he thought he would.
➢ By the time he joins the foxes his hair was died Manic Panic Fuschia Shock. The older guys give him stick for it, but it’s only Seth who calls him a fag. Neil reiterates that he doesn’t swing and pulls a knife on him when he won’t back down. Their relationship only goes downhill from there.
➢ Dan grows to respect him seeing as he thinks some of the strongest people he has known have been women and so far she’s had to deal with misogynistic assholes that don’t like having a woman as a captain.
➢ He and Allison become good friend, being somewhat similar with their personalities and being able to slay people with words. She compliments his style he mentions that it’s all to his friend Isak really.
▪ Despite being really close he and Allison are on the outs just as much as Allison and Seth. She disapproves with how Neil deals with Seth (either cutting him down with words or pulling out a knife) and Neil disapproves of Seth in general so generally when Allison and Seth are good that’s when she and Neil end up on the outs.
➢ Renee makes him uncomfortable at first because he can recognise what’s hiding behind the surface of her good-Christian exterior. But then they talk and realise their similar backgrounds and Neil tells her more about his background than he did the others (they only know the basics – a mum that hits him and a dad that had been a murderer) because she had been part of a gang so understand the don’t-ask-don’t-tell philosophy.
▪ When she reveals she was in a gang Neil asks her what the initiation was. When she reveals it Neil is horrified though doesn’t let it show – despite how guilty he still feels about killing that guy (he still has nightmares and lingers on that still-closed file sometimes) he knows what she went through was worse.
▪ She tells him that she keeps waiting to feel sorry for it and Neil reveals his past with Lola and how he understands the feeling perfectly.
▪ He and Renee aren’t especially close like he is with Matt and Allison (Most days), but they’re friends and they understand each other better than anyone else on the team.
▪ Neil is pretty sure he would be able to beat Renee in a spar since he was trained by professionals, but he would never ask her to forgo her religion to check.
➢ The team bets
▪ On his sexuality
• Allison bluntly asks him what he’s into and he says neither. She researches other sexualities and questions him whether that’s him, the answer is almost always no, but when she comes up with Demisexualty he says that if that’s it he hasn’t found the person yet (that’s where Allison places her bets anyway).
▪ On who he’ll date
• Some say Renee (since they talks quietly to each other about their pasts) and some say Allison (since they’re so close most day – Neil let Allison paint his nails and Seth called him a fag, they got in a fight because it’s just paint Seth ffs), even one said Matt (since they’re best buds), but Neil knows with utmost certainly that it will be none of those.
▪ On whether he’ll stab Seth.
▪ Neil only makes bet when he knows for certain, because he’s not really into betting, but he won’t turn away easy money.
➢ When given the tickets for games, he sends two off – one for Isak and one for Sarah. His mum isn’t really into Exy and neither is his uncle Stuart, who would be busy running an empire anyway.
▪ Matt and Isak of course get along and even exchange numbers.
▪ Dan exchanges numbers with Sarah too, despite Neil thinking Sarah would just quietly glare and judge everyone while she was there.
➢ When Neil is in a bad mood for one reason or another, he’s usually found glaring at nothing while smoking or turning a knife around in his hand – the others know not to bother him when he’s like this.
➢ He had gotten beaten the first time he returned home from college when his mother had asked him what he told the foxes – she could tell from his face that he’d said more than he should have, i.e. nothing.
➢ When Neil comes home from the holiday, the foxes always check him over for new bruises. Wymack also takes the gun he had no doubt acquired off of him.
➢ Neil doesn’t really like changing out in front of the team but he grows use to it – he doesn’t have nearly as many scars as he does in cannon but he still has quite a lot.
➢ When he has the reviews with Betsy he literally either sits there silently or talks about exy.

❖ During the Summer Neil spends time at Matt’s house in New York, his mum being fine with him not going home since she still wanted him far away from the mob business. He becomes close with Matt’s mum, who, along with Matt, agree to teach him how to box. Randy calls Neil up every so often to see how he is, knowing Neil’s mother isn’t exactly the most loving and only sends texts once every few months giving him a short update and asking if he’s still alive, and also asks him how Matt is honestly dealing, as he says he’s okay without the drugs but Neil can see he’s on a slippery slope.

❖ Wymack recruits Andrew, Nicky and Aaron.
➢ When Wymack puts it to a vote, Neil votes in his favour. Seth and some of the older guys point out that of course he’d say yes seeing as he was in juvie for knifing his roommate (he didn’t bother telling people he hadn’t actually done it) and Neil gets in a fight with them, that leaves him with a black eye and Seth and one other with cuts.
➢ Allison, who often takes Neil’s advice when it comes to bets since he’s good at judging people, tells him the cousins will say yes. They get a call from Dan say that they said no, but it wasn’t definite. Allison wins her money not long after.
➢ When the cousins first get here
▪ Nicky flirts with Matt and Neil. Dan gets defensive about Matt and Neil just levels him with a flat look.
▪ Andrew comments about Renee being indecisive Neil looks at him with a touch more interest than he had the others because he had clearly seen through Renee just as he had. Neil and Renee share a look wondering if Andrew is like them.
▪ When Seth and the boys start sprouting off insults and homophobic language the glances people shot to him told him they clearly expected him to lash out right back like he usually does, but he didn’t, he wanted to see how the new guys handled it. they didn’t disappoint.
➢ When Andrew does the drug thing with Matt and calls Randy, Randy calls Neil to ask if she can trust this Andrew person. Neil calls Wymack, who had already got a call from Andrew, so Neil went to pick up Matt and would meet Wymack at Abby’s.
▪ Andrew is curious about the fact that Neil doesn’t seem particularly angry like Dan and the others – Neil knew it was for Matt’s own good – he had been considering something similar but couldn’t bring himself to do it because of the honest trust Matt has in hi – something he’s never really had before.
➢ Neil is invited to Eden’s Twilight next
▪ The others warn him not to go, but he ignores them.
▪ He drinks a little but doesn’t touch the drugs.
▪ Nicky flirts with him, which Andrew puts a stop to, and compliments his hair. He then tries to bombard him with chatter and subtly steer the conversation to Neil, Neil steers it back and finds intense enjoyment at Nicky’s frustration.
▪ Andrew questions him and Neil gives him the bare minimum just as he had with everyone else, besides Renee.
➢ Renee goes to Eden’s Twilight Next
▪ She and Andrew begin to spar
➢ Neil looks at Andrew with new interest when he begins to use knives and Wymack sighs stating he’s ‘another Neil’, this gets Andrew to look at him with more interest because before now the older members of the team were so busy antagonising the cousins that they laid or Neil so he hadn’t actually drawn a knife since they’d been there.
▪ Andrew tries to get Neil to spar with him but he just scoffs and says if he can’t beat Renee he won’t be able to beat him.
▪ Eventually he does because he and Andrew as always do things for each other when they ask. He beats Renee and he beats Andrew.
➢ He and Andrew begin their questions game
▪ People bet that Andrew will get with Renee, others bet he’ll get with Neil.
▪ Neil becomes a bit of a go-between with the cousins and the upperclassmen as he asks for things.
➢ Kevin joins the team and makes a deal with Andrew.
➢ Neil begins to put together a case against Riko, focusing on Kevin’s busted hand and Jamie Smalls ‘attempted suicide’, he also hacks into hospital records of past Ravens to see how many had suspicious injuries and mental breakdowns. He plans to send it to his uncle so that he will go to the Moriyama main branch with it so that Riko will be dealt with.
➢ Riko ‘commits suicide’ a year a half later.
➢ Andrew eventually gets sober and he and Neil get together.

anonymous asked:

For something deep, how about a soulmate au where marks on a persons body shows up on their soulmate and the reader has an abusive parent? Maybe with Iwaizumi?

《Before I begin, I would like to point out that this is very much different than the things I usually write. IF YOU’RE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH PHYSICAL ABUSE, PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS!!!!》

“Iwaizumi, honey, do you mind answering a few questions for me?”
“What do your mommy and daddy do for a living, sweet heart?”
“Mama’s a nurse. Mama says my dad is a runaway.”
“Does your daddy not live with you?”
“Alright… Iwaizumi, do you mind telling me how you got those bruises? Is your mommy giving them to you?”
“”Iwaizumi, I know you’re afraid, but this is a very serious matter. Is your mother giving you those bruises?”
“Then who is?”
“My soulmate.”

Out of all the nights in the year where Iwaizumi had to get a headache, he couldn’t believe tonight had to be the night. The universe knew tomorrow marked the start of the biggest volleyball tournament in his life. The universe knew he had to wake up at 4 o'clock tomorrow morning and take a jog around the neighborhood. Yet, there it was, the sickness of the head, throbbing right behind his left eye. He didn’t want to have to leave his bed this late. It was one in the morning and he knew if his mom had caught him walking around at such an hour, he’d be sent to a metaphorical guillotine. Yet the throbbing didn’t seem to want to stop, and the bottle of Advil resting in the medicine cabinet just down the hall was very tempting, and honestly, it was worth getting his head chopped off by his mother for a moment of relief.

Although, when he did manage to sneak to the bathroom, seven squeaky floorboards and a mere heart attack later, he began to regret his decision to ever get up. He didn’t have a headache, although he wished he did. He’d rather have his entire brain gut out and fried than ever have to go through this trauma again. The bruises were back. Iwaizumi couldn’t breathe. The bruises hadn’t been happening for years now. He figured her abuser must’ve gotten imprisoned, or died, or something. They couldn’t be back, this couldn’t be happening.

Splayed across his left eye was a bruise bigger than his fist, puffy and swollen and oh god, was he bleeding? His heart was hammering in his chest and the more he thought about it, the more he felt a real headache coming on. He must’ve yelled, or something, because in the matter of seconds his mother was pounding on the bathroom door, cursing something about how late it was.

These bruises he’s been getting have been causing more harm to his family than actual family affairs. “Cursed at birth” is what his mother said. “If I catch the son of a bitch who’s been hurting you and his daughter, he won’t be alive long enough for you to ever meet him!”
Though it seemed rather incredulous every time his mother said such a thing when he was a child, now, at eighteen, looking up at the familiar bruise he hasn’t seen in five years, Iwaizumi felt the same. He felt rage, fear, every cell in his body felt vile. His mother’s belligerent knocks on the bathroom door boomed louder, loud enough to wake his dog up downstairs. His dog was barking, his mother was screaming, every bang on the door sent another violent jolt through his head. It was absolutely insane, and opening the door meant having to face the bitter slap of the past.
But he did it.

The moment the door unlocked his mother stopped her pounding. Her mouth was half open, ready to mercilessly scold him. Her under eyes were dark and sunken, body limp from exhaustion. The moment she realized what was cast upon her son’s face, all her exhaustion turned to fatigue. Iwaizumi instantaneously felt guilty. He held an arm out to his mother, who only shook her head in protest.
“Maybe she ran into a door? Or a pole?” his mother croaked, unable to look him in the face.
“Ma, I don’t think so. You don’t think so either. You don’t have to lie to yourself to-”
“Maybe she got in a fight? A feisty girl would be perfect for you, Hajime.”
“Mom, stop!” Iwaizumi grabbed his mother by the shoulder, who still refused to look up from the ground.
“This isn’t your fault, Ma. It isn’t mine, either. It’s nobody’s fault besides whoever’s hurting this girl, okay? Please don’t feel guilty. It doesn’t even hurt. See?” Iwaizumi took a few jabs at his eye with his pointer finger. “It’s just a bruise, that’s all.”
“Explain what the hell you were doing looking through the medicine cabinet, then. Do you think I’m stupid?” She scolded, pointing towards the open doors above the sink.

Iwaizumi was at a loss for words. He just stood there, hands folded, waiting for his mother to continue. It wasn’t worth trying to come up with a lie to save himself. His mother did nothing but sigh, leaning her weight on his chest. This was the last thing she wanted to see tonight, and Iwaizumi felt absolutely horrible about it. Although, like he said, it wasn’t his fault, nor was it his mom’s. It was just a joke being played on him by life itself, and all he could do is sit back and watch.
“Nobody wants to see their son with bruises, Hajime.”
“I know, mom.”
“What are you gonna do tomorrow, now? Don’t you have a big game? What’s Tooru gonna say? You can’t come up with an excuse, you aren’t clumsy.”
“I can say I was playing basketball at the park and it got out of hand, or something. He’ll believe that.” Iwaizumi shrugged, taking one last look at his black eye before shutting the bathroom light off. He lead his mother back to her bedroom, where she sat down at the foot of the bed and patted at her side. Iwaizumi couldn’t remember the last time he sat in bed with his mom. Probably the last time the bruises showed up.
“Tooru’s known you longer than time itself. He’s gonna be the first one to realize what happened.”
“Not if I don’t tell him.”
“Tooru’s smart, Hajime. He’s going to interrogate you like a bitch. C’mere-” His mother violently slapped the spot on the bed next to her again. “Is it puffy?”
“Not really.” Iwaizumi huffed once slumping down. “Not as puffy as it could be. Swelling’ll probably die down by tomorrow afternoon, through.”
“Do you still remember how to put foundation on?” His mother inquired.
“I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal, Ma. I can show up to a volleyball game with a black eye. The other team will think I’m badass, or something. Volleyball isn’t a game where you have to look pretty.”
“But do you really want to go out looking like an abuse victim?” His mom yelled, grabbing his hand menacingly. She squeezed it so hard kis knuckles clacked together, and if she went any harder, he would wince.
“Mom, don’t say that.”
“I won’t say that when you realize how hard it is to be a mother to a child who’s always getting hurt like this. Do you realize how often I have to answer questions about abusing my son? Do you know what it’s like having to tell every mom in the neighborhood about my personal life? Do you know how stressful this is? The day you have kids, you’ll know. They’ll get a scraped knee out of nowhere and you’ll feel like it’s the end of the world.” His mother had gotten red in the face. Her eyes were getting bloodshot and tears welled up in the corners. He suppressed a frown.
“I’m sorry Mom.”
“It’s not your fault. It’s not our fault.”
“You’re making me feel like it is.”
“It’s… It’s not…” His mother took a deep sigh and rested her head on his shoulder. He relaxed, letting her lay there until she picked her head up again.
“Before you get dressed tomorrow, let me put some medication on that, at least. It’ll help the abused chick, too. I hope.”
“Abused chick, really?” Iwaizumi groaned.
“You have a better name for her?” His mom shrugged.
“I don’t think she deserves to be called any names but her own.”
“What a sweet boy, you are.” His mom huffed. “She’ll love a boy like you.”
“We can only hope.”


“So you guys know about my cousin, right? The shy one?” Iwaizumi stared blankly at Matsukawa as he started rambling on about something. The game was about to commence any minute now, and Iwaizumi couldn’t think about anything besides his opponents. Matsukawa and Hanamaki didn’t seem to care though.

“You mean the hot one?” Hanamaki snorted.
“Can’t agree to that, it’s a little too United States for me. Anyways, she has these crazy strict parents, or something, they never let her come outta the house. She’s here today, which is really surprising, but she kinda looks like she wants to die, doesn’t she?” Matsukawa pointed up on the balcony to a girl, earbuds in and on the verge of tears. She looked absolutely mortified over absolutely nothing at all. It took Iwaizumi a moment to actually care to look up at her, but once he did, his heart stopped.

She was only about thirty feet away from where he was standing. She looked plain to anyone who would’ve just passed by her, but Iwaizumi noticed something, her foundation. It looked all too familiar under the gymnasium lights, all caked up on the left side of her face, making it seem a lot more orange than the rest.
She had a black eye. Well, presumably she did. That, or she was just horrible at applying makeup, but the former seemed much more likely.

Iwaizumi did nothing but gape and tug at Matsukawas sleeve. “Issei, what’s your cousin’s name?” He pondered.
“__, why?”
“What school does she go to?”
“Dude, what’s with the background check on my cousin?”
“You’ll find out.” And with that, the referee blew his whistle, and the whole situation was put on suspense.

Iwaizumi couldn’t focus during the game. His heart had already been racing, knowing that just thirty feet away, could be his soulmate. He had missed two receives and barely missed a toss from Oikawa, to which he was promptly scolded with, “Iwa-Chan, what are ya, brain dead?” All in all, he felt like passing out, but he would never admit that to any of the boys working their asses off on court. Every so often, out of the corner of his eye he’d glance up, checking to make sure she was still standing there. She never looked once in his general direction, which was a real shame. If she had noticed his black eye, it would’ve made this whole ordeal twenty times easier.

The game seemed longer than any he had ever played before. They had won, per usual, jumped around in the middle of the court, slapped each other’s backs, the whole ritual. Though, he didn’t. He was happy about the win, everyone was, but something bigger was eating at his mind. Oikawa was the first one to notice this, because his arm found its way around his neck as soon as their celebratory cesspool had dispersed. He didn’t say anything, just teasingly rested his weight against Iwaizumis shoulder as they triumphed into the locker-rooms.
“Issei, get your cousin in here!” Iwaizumi demanded the moment he slammed his locker shut.
“Uh, why?” You think she’s cute or somethin’? I don’t think she even knows what a crush is, dude, so you’re pretty-”
“I think she’s my soulmate.”

In that moment, like an overly dramatic soap opera, everyone went silent.
“Is that what this is all about? You acting like the stick up your ass is up twelve inches deeper?” Oikawa snorted, trying to make light of the situation. Iwaizumi shot him a look, and Oikawa only sighed in reply. He could see the fear in Oikawa’s eyes, he had seen everything Iwaizumi had.
“Well, I’m sure she’s waiting for me, unless she bolted the minute the match ended. You can come find her with me, if you want.” Iwaizumi nodded in reply, tussling with his hair in the changing room mirror before following Matsukawa out.

Iwaizumi couldn’t help but think about everything his mother had said. Was it really her parents who were ruining her life, or was there a possibility she was a natural born klutz? There was no more time to think as suddenly, Iwaizumi found her standing right across from him. She had stared right into his black eye, but said nothing. Up close, Iwaizumi could see clearly that there was a spot right over her eye, the same faded purple, the same swelling on the lower lid.
“__, this is Iwaizumi. I think he thinks you’re cute or something ‘cause-” Matsukawa was blabbering on about something, but Iwaizumi didn’t care to pay attention. He hadn’t payed attention at all today. Oikawa was right, he felt brain dead. The girl standing across from him did nothing but stare, She didn’t look scared, or sad or anything. If anything., she looked content. Matsukawa had walked away a while ago, leaving them there to just stare. It was like a battle to see which one of them could address the situation first.

“I’m sorry.” Came a sudden croak of a broken voice. “I’m so sorry. It’s you, isn’t it?” Like a wave crashed upon the shore, fear hit her quick, a sudden sullen frown on her face.
“Yeah, it’s me. You have nothing to apologize for, it’s-it’s not your fault.” Iwaizumi contemplated reaching out for her, but stopped. He figured she didn’t like to be touched.
“It’s all my fault, Iwaizumi. You, I gave you that black eye!”
“No you didn’t, who ever hurt you did. Believe me, I’m not mad at you.”
“You deserved someone better than me.”
“Doubt it. Fate works in mysterious ways, __. In ways we can’t control. I have to ask you though, who’s hurting you?”

She paused, hands fiddling at her sides. Iwaizumi knew this pressure, so he just waited. He waited until she slowly creeped out of her shell, and peeped, “My father.” Iwaizumi nodded, his own hands straining in his pockets.
“Your father, oh god. __, as your soulmate, I now feel as if I’m responsible for your wellbeing. Get the hell out of that house.”
“I can’t just leave, Iwaizumi. Those are my parents, they support me and-”
“You’ll come live with me, or Matsukawa, or someone! You’re a third year, correct?”
“You’re going to college soon then, right?”
“There’s no point in you staying in that environment any longer than you need to. Pack up, leave, call the police, something! You can’t stay in that place, __. You could die.”
“They wouldn’t kill me.” She shook her head. Iwaizumi sighed, the stress build up of all these years slowly tumbling off his shoulders, but slowly building back up as something stronger. It was fear.
“They can give you black eyes, though. And broken bones and lashes. Please, listen to me. I lived with you all these years, but you never knew it. I don’t know how it feels emotionally, but I know how it feels physically. Try to get the hell out of there, __.”
“We can only hope.”

Happy Birthday Hollie!

So you know you’re REALLY special when someone who never - ever - makes a post, or finishes any kind of writing and prefers to stick to behind-the-scenes beta-ing goes full out and does a one shot for you!

I know it’s not on YOUR level, but in my defense, i didn’t have a beta as good as you do ;) I hope you enjoy it!! @the-captains-ayebrows

Birthday Fic based on this prompt;

“I’m on a date at a hockey game and my date is being a douche. Now we’re on the kiss cam, but hes on his phone, so i’m just going to kiss you instead, okay?” 

and this post;

“Great!” Emma huffed, as she slammed her battery depleted phone down onto her thigh. The impact made her skin sting under her jeans. Taking a deep breath, she rolled her eyes at the fact that – apparently - iPhone batteries don’t do so well in near-frigid temperatures. The motion caused her to catch a glimpse of Neal to her right. In his worn jersey puffed up atop layers of thermal clothing and backwards baseball cap, perched on the edge of the hard, cold, plastic arena seat he was every bit the Hockey Fan she decidedly was not.

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hi, I'm sorry for being a bother, but could I have some headcanons for AoKise?

hi again! I’m the one who requested for AoKi headcanons, I think you want specific request, so can I ask for love and relationship headcanons - who fell in love first, how the confession went, first kiss… etc, hope it’s okay and thanks again ;)

Hi dear! Thank you a lot for specifying, you’re really a treasure! I hope you enjoy them and if you think of something else or need to know other headcanons about them, let me know!

Aokise Relationship Headcanons:

-Kise is in love with Aomine from the start. For Kise he’s the person who changed his life. Aomine too, but he didn’t understand it at first; he just categorizes Kise as one of his best friends and the player he desires to play against the most.

-Aomine confesses first in the end, in a very blunt and Aomine-like way. Why? Because Kise is our typical boisterous and cheerful on the outside, but insecure and scared on the inside guy. He’s good at saying things superficially or joking around, being clingy and all…but not with his crush. With his crush, he is helpless. He blushes, he stutters, he is surprised by every little tiny gestures and thinks he’s never enough, he doesn’t see the obvious… So, in the end, when Aomine understands that the boy is head over heels for him, he is just like

“Uhm, Oi Kise. Cut it off and go out with me.” With red cheeks, scratching his nape and averting his eyes. Simple and fast, in the middle of nowhere in a typical, normal day. Maybe immediately after playing with the rest of The GoM, causing a ruckus.

“WHAT?” Kise screams widening his eyes.

Momoi breaks in a cry of joy after years of observing and cheering on the oblivious duo, Murasakibara stops eating, Midorima blushes and freezes, stuttering, and Akashi calls immediately his staff to organize an Engagement Party. Kuroko starts snapping photos at the idiotic duo and Kagami feels the need to cry in exasperation because they were so obvious and complains to get over this quickly because he wants to play again.

-At first Kise can’t believe it and need Aomine to be loud and clear but then, then he’s on cloud nine. He’s a ball of sunshine and hyperactivity for entire days, so much that Aomine would be annoyed by it if he wasn’t so in love with the blonde.

-Kise is always the insecure one about their relationship, but every time Aomine forces him to look into his eyes and pronounce “I love you”, every doubt vanishes. Because Aomine’s eyes are clear and so honest, you cannot not believe in him.

-The first kiss is a result of their mutual efforts. During the first date, Kise tries everything to win a kiss: leaning towards Aomine, licking his lip, eating cherries, hugging…no result. Aomine simply thinks he is hot as usual. In the end Kise has to tug his sleeve and beg under his breath for a kiss, pouting. Aomine, who was already planning to kiss him on the doorstep, blushes and bends to kiss him as he deserves.

-Well, it’s a clumsy kiss. A bit awkward, a bit too passionate and rough like Aomine is. But Kise will never forget it.

-Aomine is a cat. He does things when he wants and when he feels like, don’t caring about the rest. Kise is in the middle of the kitchen, with only an apron, trying to seduce him? If he’s doing something else (ex. watching a match on TV) or he’s not in the mood, he’s not going to even react. Is Kise trying to study quietly at the table but damn, the way he tilts his head…? After five minutes, Aomine has picked him up and closed him in the bedroom. Are he and Kise in front of his mother? He doesn’t care, if Kise is being cute he’s going to kiss the hell out of him on spot.

-First date? Absolutely a basketball date. One on one, just the two of them until their bodies can’t move anymore.

-Aomine always walks Kise home every time.

“Aominecchi, I’m not a girl.”

“I know, I noticed you don’t have boobs. But you’re weak and don’t know how to throw a good punch.”

Truth is, Aomine is always scared guys like Haizaki could appear.

-Even more true, the scary one is actually Kise. He doesn’t fight and he’s not intimidating, but one sly smile of his can freeze the blood in your veins. Girls better keep their hands off.

-Aomine is not worried at all about Kise’s fangirls, he knows the boy loves him, so he takes advantage of it and stares at their boobs.

“Only because I’m in love with you, it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate beauty when I see it.”

But if fanboys or random guys try to make a move on him, Aomine becomes coldly possessive. A casual arm around Kise’ shoulders and a feral glare are the usual tactic.

-Kise is the more active one and always plans funny and different dates for the two of them. Part of his planning is also thinking how to slyly lure Aomine out of their room and his comfort zone.

-Aomine gets mad if Kise calls him “Aominecchi” when they’re in private or during intimate moments. He wants to be called by his own name and he does the same with Kise.

-When they argue, Kise always takes refuge at Kuroko and Kagami’s apartment. He whines and cries until a) Aomine comes to pick him up by force b) Kuroko and Kagami are exasperated and call Aomine to threaten him to apologize and pick up his boyfriend

-Aomine’s nightmare are Momoi and Kise’ shopping afternoons. Every time he swears it’s the last time. Every time he ends up again hitting the shops and holding the bag for more than four hours straight.

-Kise is the perfect house-wife: cleaning, cooking and washing. Aomine is spoiled, no need to say, but at least always helps Kise washing the dishes (because he likes doing it together) and fixes things or opens jars (even if Kise is perfectly able to do it alone)

-Kuroko calls them The Baka Duo, since they have both horrible grades and are incapable to study together; they always end up doing something else. Each other, to be precise.

-Aomine is the big spoon, but unfortunately, Kise moves so much during his sleep that they wake up in absurd positions at morning.

-Aomine is weak to Kise’s sudden bright smile or the way his eyes shine when Aomine surprises him with small gestures. Kise is weak in general to Aomine, especially when he does sexy things without realizing. Like the way he takes off his shirt or flexes his arms while stretching before a match.

-They never, never go easy on each other when playing basketball.

-Kise plans to ask Aomine to marry him after having defeat him for the first time one on one. I spoiler to you that Aomine is going to propose first and when Kise would explain his idea, he’s going to laugh and say that than it’s a good thing he took actions before they were too old.

My Freddie heart is in full bloom. We have seen bits and pieces of this kid grow up, and, damn it, I am not made of stone.

- his fat feet, giant forehead, baggy eyes and beaming smile. 😭😭😂😂
- his adoration for his baby uncle Austin. He looks at him like he hangs the moon and stars.
- his sporty nature. First it was basketball and him cooing and giggling when Austin got the ball in the hoop. Then his impressive aim and hang time with the American football. Then freaking surfing!!!! You know king of footie is a inevitability.
- his devotion to his mother. Eating and pulling her hair, kissing her, laying his head on her chest, hugging her, calling for her even though she is right beside him. Hold me. 😭😭😭😭😭
- dancing and clapping along with the Easter bunny. Getting low before uncle Liam, who he will meet and torment, even made it a thing.
- his love for hip hop and the acoustic guitar. Damn near breaking said guitar but charming his dad so he doesn’t get in trouble.
- knowing the word dog. Which leads me to believe he must be in love with Clifford and squeal every time he sees him.
- showing off for his dad because he loves him so much and he misses him when he’s away. 😭😭😭😭
- nodding his head to just hold on. Seeing his dad on tv, but thinking everyone must be on tv.
- enertaining himself inside a cardboard box, playing with the laces on his grandfathers shoes, listening intently as his mom reads to him, splashing in the ocean and loving the rain.
- dutifully holding his grandmother’s hand when they go for walks even though he is a big boy who can walk on his own.
- side-eyeing like a pro like his dad but also tilting his head sweetly and saying cheese like his mom.
- enjoying barefeet, but pulling off the socks + sweats + sneaker look better than his pops.
- reacting to his dad’s goofy faces and begging to be lifted high in the air and being so much fun and fascinating.
- being an inspiration and a cause for celebration and the greatest reward and a blessing and a reason to get up and smile in the morning. ❤

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Pharmercy pregnant Mercy, Pharah feeling the baby move (fluff)

It’s early, before sunrise, and Angela can’t sleep. It happens enough times for her to be unconcerned. The result of culminated stress. Her body can handle more than most, and subsequently, requires less sleep than most. So she sits up with a quiet sigh and reaches for her book with a small little light attached to the back. As quietly as she can muster, she sits up, the bed creaking only slightly as she rests her back against the headboard. From the dull light of her little lamp, she can see Fareeha’s relaxed face,  her slow, even breathing. Affection grips at her and longs to touch, but just because she can’t sleep doesn’t mean that Fareeha shouldn’t. So she lets her wife be and finds her page.

Fareeha is a notoriously light sleeper, however, and when Angela gives a soft whimper, dark eyes open and quickly clench again at the light. Still, she rises, leaning over and wrapping a muscled arm around Angela’s now rotund belly. 

“You okay?” she murmurs, voice heavy with sleep. She feels a kiss to the top of her head that soothes her nearly back to sleep. 

“I’m sorry I woke you. She kicked a nerve. Go back to sleep.”

“She kicked?”

Now suddenly awake, Fareeha sits up and leans over Angela to turn on the bedside lamp, bathing the bedroom in soft gold. Angela closes her book and sets it aside as Fareeha slides the covers down and lifts her ratty t-shirt (stolen from Fareeha) up underneath her breasts. She can’t help but shake her head at the sight. Angela, normally so petite save for those mercifully childbearing hips, swollen with a child. Their child.  Her normally inward belly button protrudes out a bit now and as Fareeha dips her head she can make out silver lines of stretch marks rising up from her side to cover her belly in a glorious sheen. 

Fareeha’s palms are large, and she spreads her fingers wide as she lays a hand on Angela’s stomach and waits. Angela smirks knowingly when, after twelve seconds, disappointment crosses her wife’s lovely features. 

“I was reading a romance scene when it happened,” she whispers for no real reason other than to not squander this quiet moment. “Perhaps if you…”

Fareeha turns to her with a smile. “Say no more.” She leans in, hand caressing Angela’s stomach as their lips meet. Slow and tender, chaste for fear of morning breath, but full of smiles and racing hearts as if it was their first night together all over again. She feels Angela’s hand over top of hers and allows her to guide it to the side, where after a few more kisses, she feels a kick. And then another. A third. Fareeha pulls away with a shuddered gasp and shakes her head. 


Angela’s smile is a new one. A maternal one, soft and knowing despite not knowing anything at all. But it’s a mother’s smile. One that is in place to comfort a child who knows even less than her first time mother. Fareeha feels as if she’s about to burst from love. How can she have so much for Angela and still find the room to love this little basketball? Love that will only grow and grow and grow. 

“You should go back to sleep.” 

“Not when my girls are awake.” 

With another soft kiss, Fareeha rests her head gently on Angela’s stomach, and sings softly in her mother tongue.