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Dating Elliot Alderson Would Include Pt 2

i was requested to do elliot again as i’m getting so much positive feedback from you guys about the first one, so why not do a second one?

- while elliot is on his computer coding and hacking, you stand behind him to massage his shoulders
- occasionally wearing his hoodie whenever he doesn’t have it on
- coney island dates on ferris wheel’s
- “hey el, what does that button do?”
- being shyly introduced to elliot’s mother
- him finally being confident to come out to you about mr robot
- when no one is at the basketball court, you secretly shoot hoops and scream every time you get a goal
- elliot gets extremely excited over it
- letting him touch you whenever he wants, to get him use to touching in general
- when elliot’s high, he’ll start mumbling little things like “yo, dude..”, then start pecking your knuckles
- sleeping so closely together at night, reassuring that he won’t be alone
- “you won’t leave me..r-right?”
- “never, i promise.”

Tensemi Week: Day 1

Day 1: Childhood/ Family

(Warning: Looong Tendou family headcannons)

Semi Eita:

  • He has a large family of six, where he’s the eldest.
  • Three younger sisters and two twin baby brothers
  • Adores his siblings and takes care of them most of the time when his mother is busy and his father isn’t home.
  • This explains why he is Team Mom™ towards the whole team.
  • His mother owns a small ice cream shop near Shiratorizawa, which she runs with Semi.
  • Besides the shop, his mother takes pride in her cooking and often uses Semi as he official taste-tester.
  • Upon learning of said ice cream shop, Tendou purposely dragged the whole team there, on a Tuesday evening no less, with the sole purpose of embarrassing and annoying Semi.
  • This backfired completely on Tendou as everyone, including Tendou himself, found the shop adorable and no one found it embarrassing for Semi to be working there.
  • You can normally find the whole team there after school or a match.
  • His first sister spends most of her time playing basketball and finds volleyball boring, just as Semi does with basketball.
  • They never miss each others matches though.
  • His other two sisters spend most of their time at home with the babies.
  • All three of them agree that Semi has zero fashion sense.

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"If you can’t live longer, live deeper."

VogueMe October 2016: Quick Q & A with Kris Wu

Talent that you wish you could have the most?
Sleeping in an instant.

Dish which you want to learn the most?
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Which part of your personality is your favourite?
Freedom of soul.

Your own clothing style?
(Something that’s) comfortable for myself.

Best trip you can remember?
First time visiting the Los Angeles Chinese Theatre Hollywood Walk of Fame with my mother when I was young.

What is the most luxurious thing for you now?

Favourite career (other than the one you have now)?
Basketball player, I hope I can fulfil this dream in my next lifetime.

Words or phrase which you use the most often?
I don’t know.

How to work best?
Sleep more.

If you had a choice, what would you want to happen again the most?
There’s a voice within my heart, but I would need time to slowly find it.

What is your motto?
Normally insane.
If you can’t live longer, live deeper. 

If you didn’t have any work to do, what would you do?
If I really have nothing to do, I will be able to just stay at home, continue to stay at home.

translation: @wu_yi_fan

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In your tags for Kai cheating at pool you said you have so much to say about him and games. Please say it, I'm interested! :)

 …how much i love those Jongin’s moments!!! Well… JongKID want’s to win…has to win…must win. ALWAYS. If he was my child I’m sure i would always give two winning places at each game in order not to see his unhappy whiny self. If you remember at exo’s first box and the basketball game….(THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR IT YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE IT….TILL THE END) or the pool game with Taemin…..or the game which Chen didn’t let him seat down by hugging him…. or the leg strength game at exo’s showtime which made everyone act like a mother would….YES MY DEAR CHILD YOU WON,YOU ARE THE BEST …and many other small moments in those 5 years..aaaaaaaaaa i love him!

p.s sorry for my eng ✍(◔◡◔)

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I hope you choose this: my husbands (Rainbow captain Ryouta Shin-chan Daiki Tatsuya) and your husband (Sei-chan) when their baby boy/girl learns to walk, you could include the mothers too or just the guys. Thank you Y(^-^)Y

Nijimura Shuzou: Nijimura looks on proudly as you release your grip on your daughter’s tiny hands and watch her take her first unassisted step. He moves to the opposite side of the room, where he sits down cross-legged and holds out his arms, palm-up, beckoning to his child and encouraging her to walk to him. 

“Come here, ____.” He can’t help but chuckle when she stumbles in her haste to get to him. “You can do it!”

Kise Ryouta: “Ryouta,” You chide your partner for the fifth time, amused. “It totally defeats the purpose of learning to walk if you’re basically carrying him like that.” 
“But ____-cchi,” He argues, “What if I’m not supporting him enough and he falls over?” Kise’s grip on his child’s waist relaxes, but only by a little. 

You watch through your camera lens - filming this precious moment - as Kise gingerly supports your child with an arm around his small waist as he learns to walk. 

“He’s a natural in front of the camera.” Kise comments happily, after watching the video you had filmed. “He’ll grow up to be a great model.”
You can’t help but roll your eyes. “Please don’t decide our child’s future for him before he can even walk, Ryouta.”

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima’s wrapping his fingers with tape - a habit he has continued despite not even playing basketball as regularly anymore - when you walk into the room with your daughter’s hand in yours, slowly pacing yourself as your support her with her first small steps. He looks up from his desk, and his lips immediately spread into a proud smile at the scene before him.

“Oh? She’s already learning to walk?” Rising up, he strides across the room and bends down, fondly placing a hand on his child’s head. “As expected of my daughter.”

Aomine Daiki: It’s very unusual for Aomine to get excited over something he considers as boring as learning to walk, but at that very moment, even he can’t deny how adorable his baby boy is as he takes his first, uneven steps. 

“What’s this, Daiki?” You ask slyly, when you catch him staring with an uncharacteristically soft smile on his face. “What happened to ‘who cares about something like that’? You sure changed your mind quick.” 

“Tch.” He glances away quickly, having the decency to act the slightest bit embarrassed at being caught red-handed. He immediately composes himself however, and directs his gaze to where you’re playing with your son, leaning forward in his chair and resting his cheek against his fist. “It’s not my fault he’s so cute. He’s got too much of my genes.” 

Chuckling, Aomine manages to swiftly duck and dodge the piece of lego you’ve pegged at him just in time. 

Himuro Tatsuya: Upon seeing his child walk, the first thing Himuro does is gather him up in his arms and spin him around in an affectionate hug. When he’s finally gotten over the initial excitement, he’ll set him down and simply watch in awe as he takes one or two steps, before falling, and then climbing back up on two feet again.

Following his baby around as he cruises the living room, he makes sure to take pictures of how he leans on various pieces of furniture for support to show you when you arrive home. 

Akashi Seijurou: Having always wanted a family - aside from his own marriage - there is probably no milestone that holds as much thrill and excitement for Akashi as watching his daughter’s first steps. You’ll find that he spends most of his free time out of the office studying her movements, gently encouraging her on when she falls and temporarily reverts back to crawling. 

He sometimes uses one hand to support her to help her cross small gaps between safe handholds in the house, and almost seems proud when she willingly walks from couch to table to Akashi’s pant leg. You often find yourself distracted from whatever you’re doing because you don’t want to miss a single second of Akashi interacting with his daughter. 



it was simple –– all jaehyun had to do was pick between a sporty look or a more classy feel. both of which he felt completely comfortable with. he’d always been known as a rather sporty guy, once upon a time being a part of his high school’s basketball team until his recent graduation. and when it came to being fitted in a suit and tie, he had no qualms about that. his parents had always dragged him to boring business parties with his mother needlessly introducing him to various ‘clients’ of hers ( “they love themselves a good lawyer,” she’d joke).

when he’d received the call he was confused at first, or more so torn because he wasn’t able to quickly decide between both themes. it had gone to the point where he was left staring at himself in the mirror (and silently hating his dumbass for dying his once luscious black hair, blonde).

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I don’t think people understand why I love Jermaine Cole so much. There are so many rapper out in the world that are so caught up in pleasing society, they only speak on topics that they believe will sell to the public; Drugs, sex, and money. J. Cole, steps out of the norm and raps about things that actually matter. He’s more focused on letting the children know that there is so much more opportunities in life, and you don’t have to be a rapper, or a basketball player, or a football player to be successful. Because his mother is German and his father is black, he can fit in anywhere and write from different perspectives, because he’s actually experienced it. His intelligence is amazing, I love the fact that he can intertwine his knowledge into his music. Have you ever just sat down and listened to him in an interview? If you haven’t I recommend you do, his intellect is motivating. When I first began listening to J.Cole, He was just somebody I enjoyed vibe'in to. When I began actually listening to the lyrics and analyzing his meaning I feel in love with his music, his mentality. I have never connected with a rapper like I’ve connected with J.Cole. His music has helped me through so many different situations, and I am forever grateful to him. J. Cole is my favorite rapper, and will always be because of his versatile style, his effect on the minds of the youth, and his mind blowing perspectives on the world.

Marilee Burt was born January 28th 1955 and died February 26th 1970. Marilee’s death is a tragic one, When I first heard about this cold case I knew it had to be the first one on this blog. I had to really get into this case, See what I could figure out and tell Marilee’s story. Marilee was a bright, vibrant, beautiful 15 year old when her life was cut tragically short on a chilly evening in February 1970. Marilee attended a Goddard Middle School basketball game for which she was a cheerleader. Upon leaving the game Marilee made the life altering decision to go to a friends house without notifying her mother of the change of plans, That she wouldn’t be at the school to be picked up. Her mother left their home and went to get her daughter at the school. Marilee wasn’t there. Marilee had decided to go ahead and walk to her home on Wedge Way in Columbine Valley, Colorado. Around 7pm that fateful night Marilees’ brother Ray was driving along and saw a girl with pig tails, He didn’t recognize the girl as it was dark and Marilee never wore her hair in pig tails. After driving down the road a ways he looked in his rear view mirror. He saw a pick-up stopped beside the girl. This girl indeed ended up being Marilee Burt, She never made it home.

Highway worked found her nude and violated body under a bridge in Deer Creek Canyon in Jefferson County, Co. A mere 6 miles from the home she shared with her Mother. She was nude, her clothing and belongings stripped from her body and never to be found.  The cause of death was determined to be strangulation, she was also raped.

In 1981, it was suspected that the volunteer gym instructor had something to do with it, given his extensive record of sexually assaulting girls and disabled women. However, in the early 2000s his DNA was processed through the database and came back as not being a match. The authorities in the case have stated that the DNA sample they are testing from the Marilee Burt case could be that of an accomplice, Which would not clear the volunteer gym coach of the crime, just of the sexual assault.

Baring in mind that her family stated to the police that Marilee always followed the strict family rules about not taking rides from strangers, It’s my opinion as well as the opinion of the authorities that Marilee must of known the person in the truck in order for her to get into the truck with them or even stop to talk to them, as her brother witnessed. This to me would point the finger directly at the gym coach, As she was due to participate in a gymnastics exhibition the following week, Which would of involved practice or at least communication with the gym instructor.  It is not stated whether the gym instructor had a two-toned truck or knew of anyone who had such a truck.

Marilee was an active, social, beautiful young woman cut down in her prime. She dreamed of going to New York, joining a ballet company, marrying the man of her dreams. She enjoyed swimming, diving, gymnastics and water skiing.

Marilee will be missed by those who remember her, If you have any information regarding the murder of Marilee Burt, Please contact Investigator Bruce Isaacson of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office at 720-874-4022.


Yesterday would have been Tamir Rice’s birthday, he would have turned 14.

Tamir was killed by police in 2012 while playing with a toy gun in a Cleveland park, callers alerted 9-1-1 to what appeared to be a juvenile with a fake weapon, but ‘juvenile’ and 'fake’ never made it into the dispatch, and less than two seconds after arriving on scene, a police officer opened fire on the child, he was struck twice. The officer and his partner then failed to provide life-saving first aid to Tamir, and instead detained his sister and threatened his mother, both of whom had become frantic. Tamir died the next day, he was just 12 years old. The officer who fired the shots, a man deemed to have a 'dangerous loss of composure’ and lacking ability to follow 'basic functions as instructed’ during weapons training, was not indicted. Tamir’s family remembers him as a popular child who liked to draw, play basketball and was a member of his school’s drum line. We will never forget Tamir. R.I.P.

False childhood memories and a weird coincidence

I will probably delete this later, but there’s something I believe to have once witnessed that I sometimes remember and while it doesn’t scare me, it’s a strange, disturbing thing that I can’t quite explain. 

It has nothing to do with Transformers or anything, this is just a bizarre, creepy thing that I saw once that maybe didn’t even happen and that still somehow manages to come back to me from time to time.

Again, will probably delete this later on. But I suddenly feel like sharing this story.

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