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'I loathe these people': Rick and Morty and the brilliant backlash against TV's bad fans
The Back to the Future-parodying animation has ushered in an awful new age of TV trolls – and, in a remarkable move, its creators are finally fighting back
By Gwilym Mumford

Themes around abusive relationships and toxic masculinity have been a recurring presence since Rick and Morty’s very first episode, but this season they’ve gone supernova, infecting every aspect of the show, from Rick turning himself into an actual pickle to avoid family counselling to his daughter Beth’s dangerous idolising of her selfish, neglectful father. It’s these raw personal family dynamics that elevate Rick and Morty (and the equally thoughtful Bojack Horseman) above the rest of the adolescently minded animation pack. Without them, it would just be a gleeful gross-out comedy, full of extreme violence, inside baseball genre riffs and fart jokes. But with them it becomes something deeper.

The problem is that Rick and Morty’s bad fans – like the Walter White worshippers before them – are tuning in for the gnarly stuff, and missing the fact that the show is actually an implicit commentary on them. After all, it’s not exactly a stretch to notice the similarities between Rick – cynical, cruel, endlessly expecting the world to accommodate his every whim – and the many stripes of entitled white males seeking to dominate the internet, from the gamergate mob to the alt right.

This is a really good article that has applications to a number of other fandoms (e.g. Always Sunny, Archer, etc)

However, one of the things that is most interesting to me about this is where this kind of critique sits in the evolution of the “bad fan” discourse.

In ye olden days, the ‘bad fan’ was usually conceptualized as problematically rabid/obsessed, someone who needed to “get a life.” 

In more recent years, transformative fans have often been cast as the ‘bad fans,’ defying the precious original intent of the author(s) and undermining/disrespecting the sacredness of the canon text.

Now, we’re moving into ‘bad fans’ as people who take away the wrong message from a piece of media – often misunderstanding or ignoring the critique it contains – and valorizing its worst components. 

It’s just interesting to see how the idea of the “bad fan” continues to evolve. 

do you ever stop and think that victor taught yuuri how to be sexually confident and comfortable and that simultaneously made him realize how big of a sub he is

how to ask the signs out;

aries: be careful with what you say. they’re sensitive and are likely to misunderstand something you say and feel awkward. they most likely will want to negotiate things.

taurus: let them talk about everything, and say how much you care. They need to make sure you care about them and know how difficult they can be at times. They want a serious relationship, with someone they can trust with their issues.

gemini: just be straight up. They find it really difficult to make decisions for themselves, so you telling them you love them will really make up their mind.

cancer: make sure you aren’t too forward. They’re SUPER sensitive and can determine something you said wrong and never speak to you again.

leo: be cute and flirtatious. They’re really sweet people who love the feeling of being appreciated just for being alive. warm fuzzy words will make their hearts melt.

virgo: be funny, crack a joke or two. Being quite comedic people, they need to make sure that you can take a joke and harsh banter.

libra: make sure you’re letting them know about everything you love about them. they are really self-conscious , so make sure you’re making the first move and letting them know you really care about every aspect of them.

scorpio: be honest and give them time to think. they’re very deep people who have a lot on their mind. it may seem like you’ve been rejected at first, but an intimate relationship is all they need at the moment. 

sagittarius: just say it. don’t put in too much effort because they think they feel the same, until about a week into a relationship they want everything that you don’t have. have fun while it lasts, and make sure to do things you want.

capricorn: they’re a tough nut to crack. they think they wouldn’t be able to do anything that would make you happy. let them know that they’re the one for you and you wouldn’t want anyone else.

aquarius: make sure to be raw and open. you want to make sure that they see you as the person you are, not someone else. they want to know the person they fell in love with is still themself,

pisces: negotiate things. a deep thinker, they need time to see if a relationship will affect other things already occurring in their life. let them know that you’ll always give them the time they need to themself- which is frequent.

How to ask the signs out;

aries: be careful with what you say. they’re sensitive and are likely to misunderstand something you say and feel awkward. they most likely will want to negotiate things.

taurus: let them talk about everything, and say how much you care. They need to make sure you care about them and know how difficult they can be at times. They want a serious relationship, with someone they can trust with their issues.

gemini: just be straight up. They find it really difficult to make decisions for themselves, so you telling them you love them will really make up their mind.

cancer: make sure you aren’t too forward. They’re SUPER sensitive and can determine something you said wrong and never speak to you again.

leo: be cute and flirtatious. They’re really sweet people who love the feeling of being appreciated just for being alive. warm fuzzy words will make their hearts melt.

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Twin surprise

Tommy Shelby x Reader

Request: Hey I love your writing. Can you do one were you catch Tommy cheating on you with Grace and you leave but you went to tell him that you were pregnant with twins and then a few years later you end up going back to Birmingham

You loved him, you did. But it wasn’t working there was no spark there, not anymore. You had been together since you were 15 and he was 17 since you were kids everyone knew you would be together. Polly never did stop going on about that time you two got married in the mud in the back street of your house when you were 5. ‘Meant to be’ everyone said. Maybe you were, but it wasn’t the same as it was when you were kids.

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No, you didn’t.

There is no such thing as a second soulmate, that’s what people always told you as you grew up. You stick with one person, and will live with them until your last breath.
No one ever told you what you do when you lose your other half.
When your soulmate was killed by a Wendigo, you became a ruthless hunter and knew you would be alone forever.
What you never knew know was: The universe never leaves two lost souls alone for too long.

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Characters: You, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester (mentioned), Castiel (mentioned)
Warnings: Mentions of death, a bit of angst, Soulmates AU.
Word counting: 800+

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Only 0,5% of the world doesn’t have a soulmate. If your parents aren’t soulmates, you probably won’t have one too, but it’s okay. Some people just enjoy being alone, or enjoying being actually able to choose whoever they want to love. Those are lucky people.

But not you.

When you were born, the mark was already on you, the first words your soulmate would ever say to you tattooed on your right wrist. When you grew older and the letters were big enough for people to understand, you parents finally knew what they meant.

‘Sorry, can I request your red pen for a moment, please?’ With those words, you knew you would belong to a odd person.

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PSA @ everyone who is terrified of the 2020 Pluto-Saturn conjunction: in November of 2024, Pluto enters Aquarius, and it will trine Uranus around that time as well, which indicates unity & the overthrowing of large-scale corruption. Remember that, first of all, we have survived every aspect formed between Pluto & Saturn this far, and secondly, there are always good astrological positions to balance out the bad. The planets are neutral, not malicious.

AU head cannons for the twins being raised by Yuri

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(this was a request)

  • Yuri would’nt of hidden the truth about the twins true nature
  • Rin’s power still would of been sealed, but drawn so he can be comfortable
  • She raises them to learn that demons and humans can coexist in harmony 
  • So Yukio would of never developed feelings of hate towards Rin
  • They would live in a small but homelike apartment just outside of central Tokyo
  • She’d adore her little boys and would document every aspect of their lives
  • Such as first days of school, first wobbly tooth, first steps, first words
  • She’d tell them about Satan, but wouldn’t say much other then he is their father
  • She want’s them to know, she thinks they have the right
  • Yuri wouldn’t go into detail about it but if the twins had any questions she’d answer as honestly as she could
  • Lets face it,Yukio would be such a mommy’s boy
  • They would be raised along side Hobgoblins and Golems
  • They helped raise the boys along with Yuri
  •  Rin and Yukio are always delighted to play with them 
  • Rin may not of developed his love of cooking as Yuri loved making her kids home cooked meals
  • Though he might discover his love of cooking through helping her bake cookies and cakes and other treats along with Yukio
  • She would handle any ‘demonic’ problems of Rin’s with ease
  • She never wants to shut him out or make him feel like he’s an outcast so whenever theres a problem like this she always talks it through with him 
  • She wouldn’t of wanted her children to become exorcists
  • Yukio was never afraid of demons because of his upbringing 
  • Yukio would be still attending True Cross Academy and would have dreams of becoming a doctor 
  • Rin may even attend as well as his grades might be a little better due  to the pressure and strain being lifted from his powers unleashing at an earlier age 
  • He wants to become a chef and open his own restaurant 
  • Yuri is very supportive of the boys dreams and encourages them to achieve all thats placed in front of them

About the s3 WayHaught controversy (sorry for the rant):

Apparently there’s people out there dishing on this season cause of the “poor” gay rep we got instead of what we were promised. First of all, Emily’s always included every aspect of the “gay” rep in her speeches and promises (Jeremy and Robin hello?? The mentioning of Purgatory Pride?? Big Gay Dinner??) and honestly, you know what? all I can see here is you whining over the fact that they don’t have sex in front of your face.

Wynonna and Charlie have sex, Wynonna and Doc have sex, why don’t WayHaught have sex too? CAN YOU PEOPLE ACTUALLY SEE BEYOND SEX FOR ONCE? For decades lesbians on tv have been over-sexualized and mentioned mostly in sexual environments, as if their relationships couldn’t be anything else, and now we got the nerve to blame Emily for showing something else, something MORE??

Nicole and Waverly are having the most of their life as a couple, they love each other, they respect each other, they support, help and truly care for each other. They’ve been showing how fucking adorable love can be on a daily basis, how deeply committed to each other they are, how couples deal together with everyday (or paranormal) shit. Why making such a fuss over a sex scene you didn’t get?

Also, every single character who had sex on screen in this season has a shitty relationship or a rebound one, so I wouldn’t be such a dick about WayHaught. The cold start? It was a stupid tease, a joke, AND IT WAS A LITTLE FUNNY COME ON. The Christmas moaning? Bitch, without that Wynonna could have said that “my house has thin walls” line and everybody would have asked for a fucking proof. I know some of you really want to see a sex scene in order to be satisfied, but I personally care more about seeing a strong healthy relationship in all those little things they shared in all the episodes so far.


why moonlight won best picture in two sentences:

“It is a movie in which deep, complex themes are reflected through character first and foremost. Jenkins’ film is confident in every single aspect of the way that a critic can use that word. Every performance, every shot choice, every piece of music, every lived-in setting—it’s one of those rare movies that just doesn’t take a wrong step, and climaxes in a scene not of CGI or twists but of dialogue that is one of the best single scenes in years.”
- Brian Tallerico

Parasites | Chapter One

•for the record, i’m not a monster fucker

Yara L/N has kept a secret for years about the otherworldly parasite that resides within her. Now she meets Eddie Brock, someone who’s in her same situation, but needs a bit more help adjusting.

Yara couldn’t believe what she seeing. She watched with her jaw dropped as the disheveled, sweaty man stole the food off of her sister’s plate, start to eat it, then spit it out.

Arani glared darkly at him, about to stand up but Yara stopped her.

“He’s probably just mentally unstable.”

Arani scoffed. “Probably?”

The man seemed to say several things at a time, spurring his words as a man and a woman struggled to get ahold of him.

“Eddie! Eddie, stop!”

The man, Eddie, looked to the lobster tank. Yara shook her head.

“No. No way.”

She watched in astonishment as he climbed in, letting out a sigh of relief. She looked over at Arani, whose eyes were wide with shock.

“Okay, I need to get the fuck out of here.”

Yara shot up to her feet as Arani began to dig in her purse, pulling out her wallet.

“How much do I owe? $40? $60?”

“Arani, come on! This was just a one time thing!”

“No, this city is weird and way too expensive! I mean come on!”

She pointed to Eddie eating a live lobster, his face conveying the utmost relief. Yara sighed.

“Okay, that’s pretty weird.”

“Look, come visit in LA when you can. We can Skype and FaceTime as much as you want, okay? I just need to leave before your creepy ass roommate steals my shit and pawns it off for drug money.”

Yara rolls her eyes. “Constance isn’t that bad.”

“Yeah, and the powder on her nose is flour,” Arani said sarcastically. “Look, I love you, but I’m leaving tonight. This city is not for me.”


Arani gave Yara a kiss on either cheek, dropped sixty dollars worth of twenties on the table, then rushed out past Eddie, who was just staring to get coaxed out of the lobster tank.

“Dammit,” Yara swore silently.

She threw a couple tens down and stormed to the exit. Then, she felt it. A familiar sensation in lower stomach. She looked up, seeing Eddie staring at her with furrowed eyebrows. Her mouth dried and heart pounded. Whatever made this man smell so good, it was making her hungry.

She felt her eyes flash as she tore her gaze away and rushed out of the door.

Eddie watched as she scurrried out of the doors, mouth agape.

“What the…”

Follow her.

“No,” Eddie hissed silently. “That’s creepy.”

But I like her. And you like her.

“Yeah, and it’s still creepy.”

Dan helped him out of the lobster tank. “Okay, Eddie. Let’s get you to a hospital.”

Eddie nodded. The girl’s eyes still imprinted in his mind.


Yara still remembered it like it was yesterday. The car crash, the lake, the golden rose. She didn’t want to live a cursed life, she didn’t consider the possibility of consequences, all she cared about was living.

She was young and impulsive. She didn’t want to die then. If only she’d known the cost.

Looking back, she wished she’d just died.

Being Aima turned every aspect of her life upside down. At first, things were great. She was healthier, stronger, faster, prettier. Guys and girls would stare and drool. Her skin had a golden glow to it when she looked in her mirror.

She was excited, confident. She didn’t know what power she had before it was too late.

The first time she’d fed was at a party. She drank enough to kill a horse and was just staring to get tipsy. She’d snatched a guy into the guest room and kissed him. Not just any guy, though. She realised when she met his eyes it was Jeremy Smith, the guy she’d had a crush on since freshman year.

He was just getting tipsy, his drink spilled on the floor.

He was dazed…and definitely hard as well.


Her stomach filled with butterflies. “Oh god, I’m so sorry!”

He smiled. “Don’t be, that was awesome.”

Something inside of her seemed to switch on. An instinctual need stirred inside of her. Hunger.

Her body moved on its own as she kissed him again, and a sweet, delicious scent filled her nose. If only she’d stopped, if only she knew what she was doing as Jeremy gasped and moaned under her hands, gripping her body, desperately trying create friction, to pull her closer.

She felt the power flowing through her as she caressed his body with her pulsating hands. She could smell it on his skin, the arousal, the animalistic urges building up inside of him. She licked her lips, the hunger growing. She kissed him for the last time as he shuddered against her, swearing and climaxing.

“Fuck, that was…how did you…”

Her ears buzzed as she smiled. She felt her teeth sharpening as her skin seemed to grow hotter and she grew taller. She watched as fear grew in his eyes, the hunger gnawing at her in ways she didn’t know were possible.

“Shh,” she soothed. The voice wasn’t hers. It was different, more sultry and honeyed. “Don’t worry, we’re only just getting started.”

She remembered it like she’d done it last night. The way he writhed as she fed on his life force. She could feel how good he felt, the way the pleasure numbed his mind. It was delicious.

When she’d came to her senses, Jeremy’s body was stiff, his tanned skin sullen and gray, his eyes a pale milky white. Crazy way to lose your virginity.

An Aima was a parasite that fed on human energy and vitality. It clouded your senses, caused illusions, intoxicated you. And when you were marinated enough in your sauces, it’d suck away every last drop of your delicious life.

And for ten years straight, Yara had been doing this to survive. And despite feeling guilty, she knew deep down the predator that lay dormant within her loved it every time.

Yara groaned, turning on the lamp on her bedstand. Her alarm continued to beep as she sat in her bed, staring at the comforter with blank eyes.

Since she was technically undead, Yara actually didn’t need to sleep, but being awake all the time was absurdly boring. So she drugged herself until her body would rest every night.

Ever since the metamorphosis, Yara had found that if you knew the right moves, you could have anyone wrapped around your finger with minimal effort.

“Oh, I couldn’t do that, you’re much more stronger than me,” Yara said, smiling coyly.

The man blushed. “I—well…that’s not true.”

Yara caressed his hand lightly, watching as he lightly shuddered. “Why don’t you come back to my place, hmm?”

It was a rather lonely life, knowing no one was safe near you. That at any moment, something else inside you could take over. Yara would just go to work, get food and come home. If she was so hungry that four plates of orange chicken couldn’t curb it, she’d go out and hunt.

Yara closed the door behind her, locking it. She stopped in her tracks, a familiar scent hanging in the air.

She frowned. He wasn’t here anymore, but he sure as hell hung around for a while. Yara sighed, going down to the garage.


“No, I’m not going back to her house again!”

I want to go back.

“Why–Wh—god you’re a creep.”

Venom was silent for a moment.




“God, what?!”

She looked tasty.

“We’re not eating her!”

I don’t want to eat her.

“I didn’t like your tone when you said that.”

Venom chuckled like a teenage boy who’d found a playboy magazine. Eddie groaned.

“We’re not screwing her, man!”

I’m fine with this not being a “We” situation.


Eddie wasn’t going to act like he wasn’t attracted to her. She was petite and voluptuous, her eyes snatched your attention and made you feel in a way Eddie couldn’t describe in words.

She was still imprinted in his mind, with her cheeks flushed and curls tousled, her little black dress hugging her curves—

See? You like her, too. Let’s go find her and—

“For the love of god, don’t finish that sentence!”

Hmm. Fine.

Eddie let out a deep breath.



I’m hungry.

Eddie grabbed his keys begrudgingly.

Eddie tossed some tater tots in his basket along with some beers before getting in line. He stiffened when he saw who was in front of him. Curly hair, petite and…wow a really nice—

He dropped his one of his beers, and the woman whirled around. Sure enough, it was her. She seemed to tense at the sight of him. She still smiled, however, crouching down to help him pick up the pieces of glass.

“Goodness,” she said, laughing. “What a mess…”

Encourage fat men to love themselves this summer.

Stop using “man boobs” as your go-to example of something disgusting and shameful that’s accepted as legally permissible when trying to make the (extremely valid and correct) point that women should be able to be topless in public.

Stop posting pictures for laughs of fat men in speedos.

Fat men are already the punch line in just about every joke about bodies being gross the media and general public has to offer.

Fat men are already told they’re physically disgusting and socially worthless.

Every single day.

Countless times a day.

Even by “woke” SJW-type tumblr folks we are not defended. We’re ignored, fetishized, or mocked.

No one is making magazine ads with fat men that say all bodies are beautiful.

No one is making posts that dismantle the “summer body” trope for men.

No one wants us to love our bodies, because our bodies are a disgusting shameful thing that should be hidden cause “nobody wants to see that”.

I don’t think people realize how stressful and awful it is for little boys who are fat to take their shirts off in front of their classmates for the first time.

I know people don’t realize how hurtful and dehumanizing every aspect of our culture is to little boys who are fat.

I remember being a kid. Every. Single. Day. I was reminded that I was gross, ugly, worthless, stupid, deserving of being mocked, unable, unwanted, less than human, and nobody would ever care or do anything about it.

So please. Tell a fat guy he’s cute this summer.
He deserves to hear it. For once.

Okay let’s make something clear.

Paige learned about Walter’s feelings for her and then blatantly paraded her new boyfriend around him despite knowing how miserable it would make him. And then after MONTHS of that, when Walter finally had enough and spoke up, Paige gave him a ton of shit for something she knew was going to happen in the first place. She inserted a man who made Walter miserable into every single aspect of his life and then got offended when Walter had a negative reaction she knew he was going to have.

I’m sorry, but she treated Walter’s feelings like a huge freaking joke for months. When they started getting close again she could have told him the truth herself, but instead she hid it because deep down she knows that what she did wasn’t exactly right. She didn’t want him to know.

While Walter’s actions are a little extreme, I don’t blame him for being angry for one single second. He has every right to be angry at her. Stop treating Paige like she’s blameless in all of this and acting like Walter is the jerk. She did a REALLY shitty thing and was never once called out on it. In fact, she was basically cheered on by everyone Walter cared about.

I’d feel very freaking betrayed if I were him.

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oo now write a long post about klance

I’m gonna mix this up with some hopeful optimism and practical sense. lol

Realistically the way their relationship is set up is questionable. Many of their interactions fall under a lot of the romantic tropes used in television and writing. At first you can argue that their banters started off sort of harsh but you can’t deny that it slowly grows into more teasing and fondness (plus Lance and Keith are natural opposites). Which a lot of friendships or even relationships start out with because you don’t know the person too well. Especially because who knows how long these guys were at the garrison and interacted with each other beforehand, imagine getting thrown into space with people who were in one of your new semester college courses. It probably feels like that. They’ve barely had anytime to actually hang out and get to know each other. I think with Shiro’s absence it’ll really make the team as a whole grow closer because not gonna lie, I think Shiro as a leader did too good of a job which didn’t allow them much room to grow, because they didn’t have to.

But now with Shiro gone, personalities and feelings will clash. Just like in S2EP8, Lance calls Keith out about being a hothead and if you look at Keith’s face, my interpretation is that he can’t even argue with that because it’s true. There will probably be a big klance arc next season, which is why I believe they didn’t heavily focus on it in the second season. “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check”[X]. now that Shiro is gone who will keep Keith in check? Who is the only person that calls Keith out on his rash and impulsive moves? Lance. They will probably argue and it will probably be emotional but it’s going to make Keith and Lance grow even closer to one another. They are setting it up big time for future seasons.

Okay I’m gonna talk about the classic bonding moment, what gets me here is the juxtaposition in every aspect. You first see Shiro and Pidge but they are framed in the corner to not be the main focus of the entire scene. The lighting, the hand hold, the soft smiles! “We are a good team”. There is no doubt in my mind this is foreshadowing to something, at least to the great space ranger parters theory, especially now that Shiro will be gone for who knows how long. You see how well they actually work together like during the balmera arc, there was little bickering and they made an excellent team. They balance each other so well and they aren’t showcasing it for nothing. Plus after the whole “bonding moment”, Keith is super eager for Lance to come out of the healing pod and it’s not like Lance was in there for a week. Allura literally said “He should be fine after a day in here.” Allura has to swipe Keith’s hand away from tapping on the glass and being impatient because he wants to see Lance that badly.

We have to remember in animation even the tiniest things aren’t put there for nothing. There are some minor things that make me believe something will happen between Keith and Lance. “Is the princess with you, with you?” In S2EP6, Currently in the series it could be hinting at confusion for Lance because it’s never really specified and it’s important to take in those small details (they could have easily just written in something like “wow don’t touch the princess", but we got a very vague thing twice in the same episode. “You don’t think they’re sittin in a tree?”) We know Lance only flirted with Allura a few times in the second season and if he really cared that much of Allura’s possibly status (although she’s clearly not interested) he wouldn’t have cared that deeply or hit on other aliens. So why would he care that much? To me, It’s more like “Jealousy thy name is Lance.”

As for Keith, in S1EP6 he is straight up being playful with Lance. Having the softest smile while talking to him and then proceeding to tease Lance about not hearing him yet whose lion is not seen at the very last shot of the episode because he went to go rescue Lance from being chained to a tree? Then again with the cute space asteroid fight when Keith throws a snowball at Lance’s face. “Huh, like that?” It’s fun and playful. You could also interpretate these as innocent flirting, but it also shows them getting along and being dorks.

Bonus: Not to mention that every time Lance flirts when Keith is around they just happen to always show Keith’s reaction.

“But I think there is, to some extent, at some point you’ll find that one person that above all you kind of fall in love with a little bit and realize that it’s nice to have that one person than kind of just going all over the place. Not spoiling too much, but yeah. He’ll mature in all ways” [X].

I know this wasn’t a super deep “love” analysis on klance but it fuels the space ranger partner theory I’m kind of hoping for in season three, plus partners can be interpreted in every way. Enemies turn into friends all the time and friends can turn into lovers. Jeremy has called them bromance, partners, frenemies and the fact that he said the creators are aiming for a slow burn says that yes, klance still has a chance.

“It was during those months of shorebound discussion and further tutoring that the close friendship between the two men had moved into something more resembling lovers’ interactions. The revelation that he was capable of doing such a thing astounded Peglar – dismaying him at first but then causing him to reconsider every aspect of his life, morals, faith, and sense of self. What he discovered confused him but, to his astonishment, did not change his basic sense of who Harry Peglar was. What was even more astounding to him was that he had been the one to instigate intimate physical contact – not the older man.”

Look Like Her/Peter Pan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Ayoo It’s my birthday🎉 Here’s some fluffy, angsty, Smut👌🏼💗

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First Look: The New BMW Z4 Roadster

BMW has redefined the roadster which will be revealed on August 23, 2018, at the Pebble Beach Golf Links near Monterey, the well-known venue of the Concours d’Elegance. With dynamic proportions, emotional design and fascinating sportiness, the open-top two-seater will take the classic roadster concept into the world of today and tomorrow. In Pebble Beach, BMW will present the exclusive BMW Z4 M40i First Edition. The limited special edition of the roadster inspires not only with the agility, precision and dynamic handling characteristics that are so typical of BMW M Performance models, but also with particularly sophisticated design and equipment features, including a body paintwork in Frozen Orange metallic.

The new edition of the roadster will celebrate its world premiere at precisely the same location that served as the stage for the first public presentation of the BMW Concept Z4 last year. With its puristic, dynamic and progressive design language, the concept vehicle presented a vision of a charismatic sports car which, thanks to the production model, now becomes reality. Just a glance at the new BMW Z4’s proportions leaves no doubt about its dynamic potential. The central sitting position for the driver, the low center of gravity, perfectly balanced 50 : 50 axle load distribution, wide tracks and a compact wheelbase form the ideal prerequisites for inspiringly agile handling and intense driving pleasure.

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camryntheace  asked:

Idk if you have read aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe, but if you could put simon and bram into that universe somehow, like make them drive out to the desert and stare at the stars. Love your fics btw!

Scattered Stardust - Spierfeld Fic

“I cannot believe you got a truck,” Garrett exclaimed, admiring Bram’s new pick-up.

His father had apparently been planning to gift it to him on his sixteenth birthday but his mom managed to delay it to his eighteenth.

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