first images from the day of the doctor
Nurses and doctors ran from local hospital to save lives in London terror attack
Many Brits are saying emergency services have made them most proud of their country today
By Nicola Oakley

I don’t ordinarily share tablodi articles, but I felt it important to share this one. More than ever, today I’ve been reminded of that Mr. Rogers Quote:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”    
And today we were reminded again of the helpers. I saw a clip in which a police officer called to transfixed passers-by, urging them to run to safety, making sure they got out of the way of danger. I saw the clips of passers by, doctors and nurses from Tommie’s run to the aid of the people who’d been injured. Pictures of politicians giving first aid to victims. 

But also, because, out of all the tragedy and chaos, this image summarises all that is great about the NHS.  A Ward Sister has evidently run out, blankets in tow, ready to distribute them amongst the victims. I don’t know who she and her colleagues are, but I recognise their resilience and their initiative because I see it every day in my amazing nurse colleagues. Despite the pain, I smiled when I saw this image, because of course a Sister would make order out of chaos and sort things out.

Rather than sharing images of the victims at their most bulnerable, I wanted to share an image of some of the formidable people who ran in when every fibre of your being is telling you to run away.

I’m proud to work amongst such people. And though I wish that we didn’t face such difficulties with the NHS, or face attacks like today, there’s nobody else I’d rather be stuck in this situation with than people like them.

Anti theory time

This post is going to be a longer one but with different sections to break it up a bit, per loose theory bits and I’ll try and keep it organized. Includes images woo! Gifs and images are compiled by me (first tries at video gifs yay). But without further ado!

1. At PAX Anti sported two, very deliberately, neck stab wounds. Maybe from one jab, maybe two. (That they are stab wounds is sortof confirmed by a post from @wubkins that Jack liked). And the placement is rather suspicious, its right where the vocal cords are.

Why the vocal cords? Most likely to shut Jack up and to not get interrupted during his little message to us (but Jack did try though with a very broken ‘Help me’). And Anti probably doesn’t need vocal cords anyway since he is most likely some kind of spirit/ghost/entity capable of 'out of body’ speech.

2. What kind of being could he be? The Tulpa has been going around as a theory and Jack himself has said that it’s fairly accurate (answered in an ask). A section of the Wikipedia page about it gives this bit:

'Playing the part of a real being’ is the part that creeps me out the most. Anti pretending to be Jack, slowly taking over the channel. People find it difficult to distinguish between them.

But despite Anti being the chameleon that he is, he is not flawless in his doings. He gets impatient very quickly, is often very rude and more aggressive than Jack. Absolutely loves violence. Going as far as wanting to chop off fingers for fun (EVERYTHING IS AGONY | Clone Drone #5).

Full Wikipedia Tulpa link here: It’s quite the interesting read. Heck, I could fill another whole paragraph about this stuff haha.

But where did Anti come from? Another part of the Wikipedia page says that Tulpa’s are generated by a powerful concentration of thought. Who’s thoughts in the case of Anti? The community? It might have started when the community started drawing/imagining/writing about a counterpart to Jack, his anti version. That was most likely the start of the inevitable snowball that accelerated during the October of 2016 and on Halloween itself Anti 'solidified’, was powerful enough, thanks to the attention the community gave him, to take over. “You could have stopped me, but you just watched, as this happened”.

He then proceeds to brag about Jack being gone forever but that might not be the case. Anti has taken over Jacks body but Jack is still around, in the background, crying out for help. Or in the case of the intro of EVERYTHING IS AGONY | Clone Drone #5, shouting stuff to Anti about what not to do. Two 'souls’ in one body kind of thing.

3. Glitchverse and dimension breaking. What exactly are the glitches that Anti is doing? Just video glitches or something more.

Anti does like his 'green’ dimension a lot, as well as fades/cuts to black. During these bits the viewer can’t see what is happening. During these blackouts the switch between Jack and Anti seems to happen a lot. Also during the blackout of the Detention episode the character went through a door with doors usually being the symbol for gateways. Might be a far stretch with the blackouts but it has happened quite a few times. Down below are gifs of the several blackouts, in chronological order of appearance.

4. Anti’s message at PAX. Ohboy. This was just brilliant. I attended the livestream and when Jack mentioned the participation thing, I too grabbed my phone to start recording but then Anti said hi. After finishing recording and getting hyped from that and watching the panel itself I did not think much of it at first. But the day after I realized something, why did Anti wanted that we record him…? Now I don’t know if there are any Whovians around but my mind immediately strayed to the Doctor Who episodes of the The Time of Angels, where a recording of a Weeping Angel came to life. Quoting the Doctor: 'That which holds the image of an angel becomes itself an angel’.

And if that’s the case with Anti, well, he’s probably just be grinning his ass off of the fact that we just multiplied him everywhere. And are we going to delete that footage? Not likely. It was too much hype. But watch your back. '͞I͝'͝m ̛not ̕going ̀a͘nywher̡é,́ I̧'́m̨ a̶l͡wa͏y͜s t͜hére, ͏a͘l̶w͟ays̛ ̧wàt͝c͟h͞i̸ng̀'͘.

5. The glitch video montage.

Gif is at 50% percent of original speed, my brain is molten from seeing it at full speed too many times haha. @amycampbell00 did an amazing job at splicing the segment down, frame by frame, game by game over here.

It’s quite odd to think that Clustertruck, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Happy Wheels are in this compilation since it’s before the Halloween event but if Anti has been lurking around for some time then these series are perfect. Why? Clustertruck is a high energy game and Jack has mentioned that he gets all pumped up from it. Anti could sneakishly drain this energy from him, tiny piece by piece since he probably wouldn’t miss it anyway.

Why TABS and Happy Wheels? Well… Death, violence and gore. Again, Anti getting energy from this.

And what if the other games in the montage are the series that Anti has played/is playing. The Japan World Cup is probably one of the distraction ones, just like the Pipe Job one with a sneaky Anti at the end.

The Portal Collab and Don’t Starve ones have gotten me a tiny bit worried about Jacks friends. If they can’t tell the difference then, yikes, doomed.

Also, I’m still trying to figure out the message of the montage. The different audio segments. My feeble guess at what he says?

'Ha, ha, ha. Jack is dead, bitch. Now I’m terrified.’

First part makes kind of sense, second part, not so much. I’ve listened to the segment a heap load of times now but I’m not getting much wiser haha.

And these are my Anti theory bits for now. To anyone reading this, thank you. Also, have a cookie!

Feel free to share your thoughts about things. It’s a lot of fun going through all the theories that people have come up with so far and it gets me all excited. Good for story inspiration stuff too.


anonymous asked:

Who would you personally want to play the companion/companions to Jodie Whittaker's Doctor?

me and @elizabethwchynoweth came up with a kind of ideal TARDIS (we were picturing Olivia Williams as the Doctor at the time but the companion ideas transfer well enough)


for companion number one, I think Alfie Enoch would be really wonderful 

give me a tall, sweet black boy to go with our short blonde Doctor (Jodie is 5′4″, Alfie is 6′3″, the image is too precious), have him try and get protective over her and her being like “um, buddy, I’m the one looking after YOU here, don’t let the height fool you”

I’m picturing a kind of older sister/younger brother kind of dynamic, with a touch of maternal vibes in there too

for companion number two, Medalion Rahimi who they’d pick up in like, the first trip out/second episode

while Alfie’s character would probably be like, a uni student from present day, I reckon Medalion’s character would be from the future and possibly a humanoid alien like Nyssa or something

maybe she’s a cute waitress at a space diner, maybe she’s a junior technician in some lab that is central to the episode two plot, who knows

her and Alfie’s character don’t really like each other much at first, he’s snobby as far as she’s concerned, but after episodes of bickering and various shared near death experiences, eventually they grow really close and it’s a good pure friendship by the end

Medalion’s character also has a really cute, awed, innocent crush on the Doctor, and kind of makes some attempts at making it known but the Doctor is COMPLETELY oblivious, of course

the Doctor does however keep trying to set up Medalion with cute girls along their travels, possibly trying to compensate and win back some lesbian karma after all the dates of Bill’s that she ruined

Medalion, knowing her crush isn’t sensible anyway - as Alfie keeps reminding her with great exasperation - is more than happy with this turn of events

and that’s my ideal pick for Thirteen’s first companions!

Sonic Forces Japanese trailer First Thoughts //SPOILERS//

Well I just saw this trailer and I gotta say… I’m super hyped for this game right now. Even more than before just because I saw that Silver seems to have a big role in the story. But let’s leave my fangirl thoughts for later.

First of all I need to say that I’m just going to talk about the story, not the gameplay, since I expect it to be the same as the other recent games,with the exception of the custom character. 

Also sorry if I make mistakes, my language is Spanish, not English.

Okay. Now we have a better explanation of what Infinite is. An experiment made by Eggman to rule the world. I’m pretty sure that triangle thingy is the Phantom Ruby from Sonic Mania.

The thing that really intrigues me is: Infinite was a normal “Mobian” before or Eggman created him from the beginning? From the first images of the trailer it seemed like the doctor tried many times and failed, what leads me to believe that maybe the second option is the correct one. Even tho, the theme for this character tell us otherwise, that he was someone before, I’m really confused.

Why three days? what’s gonna happen in three days? This is bigger than some giant robots destroying a city, he uses the word “dissapear”, is he going to make the entire world explode? Maybe brake the space and time continuity with Infinite’s or the Phantom Ruby’s powers? omg idk

Why is Infinite so mad with everyone, specially the custom character? More proof that they met each other before? 

Just like in the Infinite’s trailer, Shadow’s eyes look weird

But in the Villains Trailer he seemed normal. Maybe Sega thought it was going to be too obvious to show this so early. 

This eyes make me believe that he might be under some mind control, just like in this image with Metal Sonic

Maybe not mind control, but that aura is only related to Infinite’s powers, what if he’s controlling all the villains? Why he isn’t controlling Sonic and the resistance? That would be way too easy, and maybe he want’s to fight him, maybe it’s all just a game for him.

Oh- oh!


Nah really, Sonic appears so suddenly here, and the custom character looks so surprised, and the thing that in the resistance the blue hedgehog is nowhere to be seen

Sonic disappeared, nobody knows what to do and the only people that seem to want to fight are our main characters, not even Tails that later in the trailer we see all scared and with a bunch of random people doing nothing.

Where the hell was Sonic while all this chaos spread in the world? 

Quick note here, this might be the first time we see more mobians like the main characters as citizens of a city, all this time we could only see humans that made no sense. and they kinda look like the people from Sonic Boom

Can we appreciate how beautiful Silver looks when he’s playing hero all serious? 

For real tho, It’s been years since he participated in the main plot of a game, I’m really happy.

This might be like his redemption from Sonic 06, finally he came back from the future knowing what to do and he’s here to help. Yay!

Where is blaze? Is she going to appear?? I really hope so, if his is all about dimensions or time travel stuff she must be here


Also Rouge is there! Finally! But where did she came from? like, she just came one day, saw how everything went to hell while she wasn’t around and decided to help the others?

I wanna re-draw this image with my Galaxy.

Okay, long post. Bye bye

Unfaithful : Part Nineteen

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife











@ali-pennell @myheart4ever47



Please let me know if you wether want to be tagged or untagged.

Warnings : language - angst - mention of abortion -


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

You felt the air was sucked out of the room, you thought you’re gonna have a heart attack as your chest heaved in a quick rythme , you stared closely at the pregnancy test stick, it was the fourth one on a row , Lucille brought you other sticks when you chose to be in denial, you couldn’t believe the stick or your eyes.
Lucille peeked from behind your shoulder and cocked her brows as she glimpsed down at the positive sign.

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Equivalent Exchange (a SWTOR story): Chapter 25- Kinship

Equivalent Exchange by inyri

Fandom: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Characters: Female Imperial Agent (Cipher Nine)/Theron Shan
Rating: E (this chapter: M)
Summary: If one wishes to gain something, one must offer something of equal value. In spycraft, it’s easy. Applying it to a relationship is another matter entirely. F!Agent/Theron Shan. (Spoilers for Shadow of Revan and Knights of the Fallen Empire.)

Comments are always appreciated! Visit me at:

Archive of Our Own

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Even with Nightshrike running at full engine and their plotted route hewing close to the precarious edge of the Deep Core, the trip from Odessen to Alderaan takes six days.

A little more than halfway there, Nine’s barely drafted a working operational plan. It took a full day to get things settled at the base (they’re even shorter-staffed, now, with Theron landed on Coruscant and her off on what might turn out to be a wild rakghoul chase, but Lana took over without complaint) and en route, despite combing over every image Theron sent from the Alderaan cameras, the only thing she’s thought of so far is ‘drive out to the complex and knock.’

That leaves two more days to come up with a better idea. She’ll manage something.


It’s not exactly an emergency, of course. Doctor Lokin’s been there for the better part of a year with not so much as a word on the Holonet since she came out of carbonite- maybe he really does just want out of the game. She wouldn’t blame him. Well into his sixties at their first meeting on Taris though she would never have questioned his ability or his capacity to work, he’d have been forced out of active service by now were they still allegiant to the Empire. If-

Kaliyo calls back from the bridge, breaking her out of her reverie. “Hey. Time for shift change.”

“Is it?” It seems like she just sat down to read through files, but if her datapad’s settings are right then so is Kaliyo. “Hold on. I’ll be right there.”

“Wish we’d brought the Lady of Pain with us.” Kaliyo unfolds herself from the pilot’s chair as she steps through the door to the bridge. “She knows the old man too, and three in the rota’s always better. More sleep for me.”

“Lady of Sorrows. And that was just her Zakuulan cover, but you know that.” With a chuckle, she slips past her into the seat. “Firebrand.”

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Birthday Celebration #4.

Prompt:  Bucky tries to keep his secret in the dark after Steve saves him from the claws of HYDRA in Italy, but fate has other plans for him. 

Word Count: 906.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

A/N: Birthday drabble for @ravismorgue, hope you enjoy it darling. 

Originally posted by explodingcrenelation

When Bucky was rescued by the new Steve back in Italy, he knew this time he had to be extra careful, this time he needed to be much more aware of his movements and actions. Steve could never know about his little secret or he would never hear the end of it.

So when the both of them arrived in the camp base, his eyes never found hers as his body fought the urge to hold hers and never parted ways again. He resisted all of it but couldn’t avoid looking when he sense movement from where the doctors and nurses were standing and thank God, he didn’t get a glimpse at her face because if he had so, he would’ve have crumbled to his knees in the very same spot.

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Fill (34): You Alone are My Personal Hell

Prompt 34: au where jon dies of a terminal illness before sock can get him to kill himself and he both gets fired and has to spend the rest of his miserable existence in hell alone with the memories of jon’s final days echoing endlessly in his mind and thats his punishment for being fired. he always has to remember it when his attention is not focused on just one specific thing. that’s the only thing he’d be able to think about anyway, right?

Title: You Alone are My Personal Hell (AO3)

Author: stariceling

Words: 4195

Warnings: Character death, terminal illness, blood, medical trauma, suicide attempt, torture (referenced, psychological), mental illness (referenced), weight loss

Summary: Jonathan dies before Sock can get to him. Sent back to Hell alone, Sock can only struggle with his memories of the one who got away.

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anonymous asked:

I'm debating whether or not to go to the hospital for headaches I have almost everyday. I don't want to waste anyone's time with headaches but ibuprofen doesn't work at all. Should I go or just stay home?

The ER is for acute, potentially life-threatening problems. Go to the ER if you’re having the worst headache of your life or if you are having neurologic symptoms (sudden vision change, weakness, balance problems, change in alertness, difficulty speaking, or seizure) or high blood pressure. 

If your headaches are chronic and haven’t changed significantly lately, you’re probably better off seeing your primary care doctor for them.  If you go to the ER with chronic headaches you may end with a (usually not recommended) CT scan of your head and a shot of Toradol with little investigation into why you’re having headaches. 

See your primary care doctor first. There are a lot of causes of chronic headaches (most commonly things like NSAID overuse/rebound, caffeine withdrawal, sleep apnea, hypertension, vision problems, muscle tension, chronic sinusitis, and of course migraines) and they will be better equipped to investigate them than the hospital will be, actually. You may not get a definitive answer on your first visit, but they can at least start the workup.

My recommendation for folks with chronic headaches is to keep a headache journal. Write down what time your headaches occur, how long they last, what they feel like, what you ate and drank that day or the day before, what medicines you took, and any other symptoms you had with the headache. That will be a huge help to your doctor and will help them figure out the cause more quickly. 

Recommendations for providers from on headaches: 

Don’t order imaging for uncomplicated headaches

Don’t recommend prolonged or frequent use of OTC meds for headaches

If imaging IS warranted for a headache, get an MRI, not a CT except in cases of emergencies. 

Recommendations for Patients with Headaches from Choosing Wisely: 

Information (and some good tips) on treating headaches.

Why imaging tests for headaches are often not necessary

euro-peein  asked:

That pic of MLK flippin the bird is a photoshopped, he was throwing up a peace sign. Just fyi

Thanks for the note. One of my friends alerted me to this about 30 minutes after I posted it earlier today and I took it down immediately and placed this post up (with a real image) in its place. I just came back home from watching “Selma” and see that despite my efforts earlier in the day to rectify this, that the original post took off and now has over 32,000 notes (and climbing), while my corrected post only has 1,000.

This was the image from that incorrect post:

And this is the real image © AP:

External image

Note that these two images tell two completely different stories, based on the offensive, inappropriate hack photoshop job done to make it look like MLK was flipping off the camera (which I used in my post).

On a day when we are recalling the misconstrued legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and in a post talking about reclaiming his true legacy, I used an inappropriately doctored image of MLK. It ultimately doesn’t matter that I didn’t know that the image was doctored when I first posted it or that I deleted the post as soon as I found out. That post is now feeding into the damaging appropriation and obfuscation of the true legacy of King and the values he stood for. I am sorry for this, but my apology won’t change the fact that thousands of people now have a skewed image of King due to that post.

So all I ask is the following to try and alleviate some of this damage:

Please REBLOG this post. And if you see that post of mine with MLK flipping the middle finger come across your dashes, please ADD commentary calling it out as fake and LINK to this post.

For reference: this is the corrected version of that post

Sorry again. I have a responsibility as a content producer with a large platform on this site to check my sources more carefully, and I will be working on being more diligent about that going forward. Also thanks to everyone who pointed this issue out to me and to the people who are on that post calling it out as fake. Your efforts to combat the misinformation caused by my mistake are greatly appreciated.



Doctor Who AU

Okay I was going through the the blog and I saw someone mention that there should be a time traveller AU soo this is literally on the fly and I might just end up reblogging it with more stuff later but

-Plagg and Tikki as Timelords, but they don’t work together.. At least initially
-Adrien and Mari are for the most part ordinary humans with Sort of ordinary lives (*cough cough Model Adrien)
-with Plagg nearing his last regeneration and this last 1-2 cycles were just OH so boring and being a stubborn jerk about meeting up with Tikki, he decides to get an apprentice
-yes an apprentice to teach how to use the TARDIS about Timelords and basically so in a way if he and Tikki end up finally dying at least in some way the Timelords will live on,
-and poor Adrien just so happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time,
-bad luck has always been a theme when it comes too Adrien, oh and for the most part it has been a subtle one
-with his mother leaving him and his father at around the age of 6 Adrien has had his pain around it for a long time already
-soon after his mother’s departure Adrien becomes in possession of the only thing his mother left, A white ring,
-and due too what he believed was just a silly party trick, when you turn the centre of the ring the whole ring turns black with a green paw print of a cat in the centre
- and with the green paw print of the ring in place, The homing device is activated
-Adrien’s mother is not who she said she was, (I’ll think of a name later) was really a Timelord! (Gasp) but full blown Timelord with two hearts is not what she was, she was only half Timelord, making Adrien ¼ Timelord
-with the homing Device activated Plagg is able to track down Adrien, and ask him to join him on his adventures
-on Adrien’s side of things that day; it has been about 6 month anniversary that a local girl that went too school with him gone missing, with the search being called off and having visited her parents to give his condolences. He agrees to go with Plagg, on one condition, Plagg had too help find the girl
-Be grudgingly Plagg agrees, and off the speed into the time vortex

Now Tikki’s side of the story

-Now Tikki has had a history of having others and companions to travel along space and time with, even a family at one point
-and Marionette (excuse spelling I’m on mobile) is the latest one in that line
-Mari is a local bakers daughter craving the adventure of foreign lands and new sights farther then her Paris home
-Paris as beautiful as the city is, gets very small when you’ve lived only in one town your whole life
-So when a beautiful masked women with an offer of adventure gives Marionette a chance too leave her little home she packs a bag, takes a leap of faith, and isn’t seen again after that night for a long time
-Tikki and Mari have an amazing time jumping from counties and planets of midevil and future times
- on occasion Tikki is quiet, there are days when she will boast happily of her alien race, showing images and describing how the beautiful planet where she came from was once en empire
-as like all empires it fell and was concurred, and as it in its beautiful days it’s fall from grace was a beautiful one,
-the planet from which she came was no more and only about a handful of Timelords were left, even fewer as she decades continued

How The duos meet up is up too you or interpretation, ect but there ya go this is the first ever AU I’ve ever submitted /(>///

Submitted by @mitula-trash-queen

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Or Can You?) [1/2]

A/N: Merry Christmas to my enabler of all enablers, @ive-always-been-a-pirate!! <3 Since I have sold my writing soul to you for Sharpie Killian, I give you Dr. Killian Jones shenanigans with a side order of Captain Charming plot as per our deal. I hope you enjoy love!

Part 2
Rated: T

He’s waited years for this moment. He was finally going to get revenge on the man who took everything away from him - the only thing standing in his way is a burn patient, a fellow he’s starting to fall in love with, and a morally compassed best-friend. [CS House AU]

There weren’t many people in Doctor Killian Jones’ life that he could rely on - his father had abandoned him and his older brother when he was four, Liam had left him through death, his first love had left him to go back to her criminally insane husband - hell, he couldn’t even rely on his own damn hand to stay attached to his arm. But the one person he knew would always be there was David Nolan. Through bar fights, irritating patients, annoying (yet sometimes hot in the case of Emma Swan) fellows, and Belle’s vomit inducing Christmas parties David was there. He was Killian’s best friend, the one person who had stuck with him through the loss of his hand and every rum-induced coma he had put himself in since the accident.

Which was exactly why he had to terrorize the oncologist.

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first cringe of morning

A post-wall scene, pre-BWB Doomsday ficlet

655 words

There are moments when Rose can forget that she’s lost almost everything, moments when the pain of having love and dreams and forever torn away isn’t trying to create a void where her heart had once resided.

(Sometimes she thinks that there already is a void there, just like the one that separates her from the home she’d made in the TARDIS and in his arms. Some days she feels so numb that she can’t help but think that all the void stuff that had floated around her once upon a time had made a home in her soul.)

(She almost retches when she sees a pair of 3-D glasses and is reminded of how he’d grinned while explaining what they were for.)

These moments of blissful forgetfulness never last long. She finds them in between sleep and waking, those precious seconds of peace and contentment and wondering what the Doctor had planned for the day before reality came crashing down once again, crushing her and leaving her gasping for breath as everything fell apart anew.

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Staining The Sundarbans - 1

It was 5am as we set off from Chandpai forest station, heading south into the Sundarbans. A thick dark fog hung sullenly about us. A few kilometers on, visibility beyond the prow fell to near zero, forcing us to dock mid-river.

As we waited, voices rang out from somewhere in the thick blur: fishermen singing to semaphore their presence. Occasionally a low dinghy would row quietly by, unseen until it was almost upon us.

In the distance, a ship boomed its approach. Our boat master shook his head in concern. In such poor visibility, we’d stand no chance if we stood in its path. He revved up the engine and guided us into a khal (a channel).

5am on December 9, 2014 must have been just such a scene. The Oil Tanker Southern Star -7 was docked four kilometers from the confluence of the rivers Sela and Passur, near Mrigamari in dense fog. It carried 350,000 liters of heavy black viscous furnace oil.

The fog must have been at its darkest and alertness at its dullest when a cargo ship, also plying the same channel, loomed unexpectedly upon the tanker. The Southern Star-7 stood no chance.

When the cargo ship rammed into it, it nose-dived its cargo into the Sela River.

The Sela is part of the Sundarbans, the largest unbroken stand of mangrove forests in the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. A fragile ecosystem that has adapted itself to life on the brink of brine, for these mangroves form the margin between the salt water of the Bay of Bengal and the freshwaters of three mighty South Asian rivers: The Ganges, the Brahmaputra, and the Meghna.

Sundarbans, which literally translates as “beautiful forest”, straddles the border between India and Bangladesh along the eastern Indian state of West Bengal. India has 40% and Bangladesh has 60% of the mangroves. Both areas are designated wildlife sanctuaries and reserve forests.

This mangrove margin is home to some of the world’s most endangered creatures: the masked finfoot; the Irrawaddy, Gangetic, and four other kinds of dolphins; the Bengal tiger and the beautiful, endangered sundri tree (Heritiera fomes). Almost a million forest people depend upon this ecosystem for their livelihood.

By definition and by law, heavy shipping traffic carrying hazardous cargo has no place in the Sundarbans.  Yet in Bangladesh, tankers carrying “modified cargo” — oil, pesticides, fertilisers, insecticides, fly ash, cement, sand, and salt — cleave the channels of this fragile ecosystem every day; each traverse a disaster waiting to happen.

On December 9th, the Fates were tempted once too often. Two ships collided; 230,000 liters of oil poisoned this fragile, protected environment.

Our boat, the Gol-Patta, reached the Sundarbans on December 14, four days after the spill. Men, women, and children were knee deep in the mudflats and elbow deep in heavy fuel oil. They were scraping black, viscous goo from sedges, reeds, leaves, trunks, roots. Each painstaking handful of black pulp collected was smeared off along the rim of a cooking pot. Then they turned back to the plants for more.

Children were covered in black from toe to waist.

Khals — channels filled with sweet and brine, that snake through the mangroves — now flowed dark, dirty, and viscous. The forest stood ankle deep in low tide, in 3m high black tar socks. The high-tide line had become the oil-line.

The river below danced with oil too: graded by thickness from black to brown and then all colors of the rainbow.

Dark acrid stinging fumes spiraled from fires heating oil in the sleepy fishing village of Joymoni on the Sela river.

Save for the blackened fishermen and children, we saw no one else cleaning the spill. The slick sloshed forward in the ebbing tide. We followed it: 4 km past the spill site, 8 km past the spill site, 12 km past the spill site, then fifteen … twenty … thirty … forty … the slick sloshed ahead of us, beside us, behind us. Films of oil of varying thicknesses floated in the main channel and pooled in the smaller khals.

The tide went out by nightfall and came back in at dawn. The oil, ditto.

With the dawn tide came fishermen who had seen the slick almost 80 km down the river.

Oil was everywhere – thick, doom-black, hugging the sides of the mangroves for almost 30km, and a playful, almost beautiful swish of colors afloat along the 80 km stretch of river.

The plants and trees of mangrove forests are uniquely adapted to the salt-and-sweet water inter-tidal zone. They deal with submergence during high tide by sprouting aerial roots, snorkels that stay above the water to breathe. Those snorkels (called pneumatophores) were now smothered in black oil; the forest seemed like it was choking, gasping for breath.

Consequences of the spill were all around us, yet so much more remained unseen, unquantified.

In Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, newspapers screamed of dying animals. Activists on social media posted doctored images of oil-dripping dolphins and oil-swimming tigers. To counter the anger, the government spokespersons shot back officialese for ‘no harm came from the oil-spill and it is all under control.’

The dark truth lurked somewhere in-between.

Animals caught in the water during the first few days of the spill were coated with oil, and may have died. We had seen a blackened crocodile slip tentatively into a brown slick 10 km from the spill site, but we had no way of knowing its fate. We had also seen flocks of egrets there, flying white and free of any smears.

The worry was not so much of animals dying in the immediate aftermath, but of the oil staying in the water, on the mudflats, and smearing the trees.

The effects of the coated and residual oil will be seen over months in the forests of this ecosystem. It could manifest in hormonal changes and reproductive changes, over time, in animals exposed to the substance. How exactly this spill will affect the ecosystem can only be determined by a scientific longitudinal study which, at this point, no one has signed up to do.

A spill of this magnitude in an area this ecologically sensitive is a qualifiable, quantifiable disaster mandating emergency measures. Yet, clean-up operations have been slow and unscientific, and are focused only on recovering the oil from the banks in a buy-back scheme by the company, Padma Oil, that owned the barrels in the Southern Star-7.

Here is where the hazard lies: fishermen from the village (Joymoni) most affected by the spill are collecting the oil. Children, women, men, all scrape the goo by hand and collect floating smeared plant matter that they dump into their boats. The boats are towed back to the village “depot” by the Forest Department, which is coordinating the effort (with local NGOs). Here, the plant matter is boiled and heated to loosen the oil. This is collected in barrels, and trucked back to Padma Oil.

The fishermen are doing all the collection and boiling sans any protective gear. They are smeared in oil by day on the river, and engulfed in its fumes when they get home. These oils contain chemicals that are toxic. It can have dire digestive, pulmonary, and dermatological effects and, if the exposure extends over time, also neurotoxic effects.

Eleven days after the spill, the children of Joymoni have begun to fall sick. They have been throwing up. But no one cares, no one spares a thought – it is all about recovering and selling back the oil.

No lessons appear to have been learnt. The Bangladesh shipping ministry has already begun to push for resumption of shipping traffic through the Sundarbans. Area rumor says the matter has been taken out of the jurisdiction of the Ministry for Transportation and transferred to the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

The Bangladeshi government, after dragging its feet in the aftermath of the spill and then organizing the cleanup in haphazard manner, has its eye firmly fixed on the lost revenue from the stalled shipping lane, and is now desperately downplaying the extent of the disaster.

How things unfold in the aftermath of this disaster remains to be seen. I will continue to report on this incident, and analyze how we got here. The reportage will also focus on a larger problem looming over the Sundarbans.


Something wicked this way comes.

Those words alone could give a person chills…like me! I’m just messin’ around with the amusement of our Twelfth Doctor being all sinister-like as he promotes the newest Doctor Who series and his very first episode. Also love that he said the title of a Ray Bradbury novel. I almost considered filtering Peter’s images to make them look like night instead of day to connect with the other gifs. In the end, I decided to leave them alone. The difference of light vs dark and good vs evil works between the two scenes.

Gifs were made by me from Deep Breath (S08E01) with Peter Ferdinando as the Half-Face Man while Peter (as in Capaldi) is from the video, Adventure of a Lifetime! Obrigado Rio - Doctor Who World Tour - #DWWorldTour.

The Midnight Walker (1/3)

Description: Rose squeezed her eyes shut, trying to hide her tears. She wanted so badly to be strong, to put on a brave for the Doctor, who was clearly terrified, but she was scared to death. She didn't want to die. She’d fought too hard to get this far, to get her Doctor, her happy ending. And now she was going to lose it all?

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Death, Blood and Gun Violence.

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Pairing: Tentoo/Rose Tyler

Notes: My first ever collaboration fic, written with my partner in crime, thexlostxgirlx

“It’s gone,” the Doctor gasped as his eyes flew open. He immediately sat up in the bed, grasping the sheets as his breathing slowed down. Images from a big space truck in a different universe swirled in his head, the voices from that day still whispering, shouting, crying in the back of his mind. He reached out a hand to the other side of the bed, but it was void of its usual occupant.

The Doctor stumbled into the bathroom and took a quick shower before joining the Tyler family in having breakfast. Seeing young Tony Tyler play drums with his overturned cereal bowl and spoon certainly helped take his mind off of the nightmare he had.

As well as seeing Rose Tyler.

“Mornin’, Doctor,” Rose mumbled, giving him a peck on the cheek. Her golden hair looked like it had just encountered a ball of static, and her normally bright eyes were droopy with exhaustion. She gave him a small, weary smile as she sat back down and returned to her coffee. The Doctor gave her the brightest smile he could in return and prepared a cup of coffee for himself, then sat down across from Rose, marveling that she was still so beautiful even though it seemed that she had just woken up.

Pete Tyler, who had walked out on his phone as the Doctor entered the kitchen, finally returned as Jackie finished cleaning Tony’s mess.

“Sorry to ruin the weekend you two, but there’s been some sort of crash and they want Torchwood to investigate,” Pete told the Doctor and Rose. “They’ve already requested that you go as part of the team because of your expertise with these things.

“When do we have to leave?” Rose yawned as the Doctor brought her another cup of coffee.

“In about…four hours,” Pete replied. The Doctor and Rose moved to get up and start packing.

“You two be careful, alright?” Jackie called out to them as they trudged back to their bedroom.

“Nah, we’ll be fine, Jackie. As long as I’ve got Rose, what could possibly go wrong?” the Doctor called back.

“Famous last words,” Rose teased as they made their way up the stairs. The Doctor grinned as he leaned in, kissing the blonde lightly.

“The only kind I would ever use.”

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