first images from the day of the doctor


Something wicked this way comes.

Those words alone could give a person chills…like me! I’m just messin’ around with the amusement of our Twelfth Doctor being all sinister-like as he promotes the newest Doctor Who series and his very first episode. Also love that he said the title of a Ray Bradbury novel. I almost considered filtering Peter’s images to make them look like night instead of day to connect with the other gifs. In the end, I decided to leave them alone. The difference of light vs dark and good vs evil works between the two scenes.

Gifs were made by me from Deep Breath (S08E01) with Peter Ferdinando as the Half-Face Man while Peter (as in Capaldi) is from the video, Adventure of a Lifetime! Obrigado Rio - Doctor Who World Tour - #DWWorldTour.