first i dont like anyone ever

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anyone who's ever watched atla is zutara trash lbr

i wasnt even zutara trash when everyone else was zutara trash and now im suffering (i was like 9 when i first watched atla) but i rewatched atla like last week and im like wtf???????????? they were so cute why didnt this happen im so upset and im so late why would they do this to me

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hey i really want to fully understand cultural appropriation problems so could you please explain how people using arabic because it looks pretty is damaging to your culture? Im not trying to be rude genuinely interested to understand because as a white english speaker sometimes we can find it hard to fully understand because it is such beautiful looking writing and people are only appreciating it's beauty not saying anything bad about it or using it for bad etc. thank you

it’s not “damaging” to my culture. appropriation doesn’t damage anyone’s culture, it just harms PoC. whenever i talked in arabic in America, anyone who figured it out would freak out then run away. like imagine being treated like a monster just because ur native language is arabic? then think of how you’ll feel when people who DONT EVEN KNOW ARABIC and don’t ever get mistreated for speaking their own first language are just going around putting random arabic letters together because of aesthetic? like not only is my native language being butchered rn, but it’s being totally appropriated for things as ridiculous as aesthetic while actual arabs get mistreated for speaking their language? ive seen many better explanations tho, so if u want I’ll find them for u.

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There once was a robot named Skylar - many bloggers all tried to beguile her - but despite all their pleas - and attempts to appease- all she wanted to speak of was bees

Hi theymightbegiantsquids.

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dont you feel bad for overcharging someone like that

no lmao ? i’ve paid way over face value for 3 diff one direction tickets in the past and that was MY DECISION to do that.. it’s not like i put a gun to anyone’s head forcing them to buy the ticket. especially since i was charging less than the other people selling tickets in my section. and they’re good floor seats. 

why are u on my ass like this, nonnie? what’d i ever do to u? 

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I've never had my first kiss or boyfriend or anything and I feel worthless and left out because all my other friends have and I just keep thinking that their is something wrong with me and that nobody would ever want me. I told one of my friends and she was understanding and everything but now I feel like she won't talk to me with her boy problems because she feels guilty. Now I'm just stuck

dont ever let anyone or anything make you feel worthless. it just isn’t the time for you. dont rush into anything either just bc you want to feel worthy and special, you’ll end up hurting yourself at the end. and im telling you from experience. once the person comes into you’re life everything will fall into place. and as for your friend just talk to her. tell her you’re still there for her and will lend an ear just like all the other times. you being honest with her should change ur friendship

Dear Natalie,

Stop blaming yourself for everything. Stop thinking. Just stop. Stop saying everything that comes to your mind, you’re going to regret it. Stop talking during movies, TV shows,wait till commercials are on to tell stories. Slow down, not everything you do needs to be in a rush. Pay attention while driving, stop worrying so much about what everyone thinks. Bit your tongue. Hold your anger in. Chillll the fuck out. If people leave you, so be it, get the fuck over it it’s going to always happen. Talk out your feelings, stop lashing out on people. I know it’s tough but you need to not give into anyone. Go with your gut. Show them what they will be missing. Believe what you want to believe. Stop making things hard for yourself. Love yourself first before you ever love another person. Always be yourself, don’t fake who you are, never make people want to like you. Last of all dont ever let someone feel bad for you. You know better.


My Experience With BL In Japan

Honestly I’ve always wondered this and I was really hoping it would come up and it actually did today and surprised the ever living hell out of me but I was absolutely ecstatic.

Okay so Im totes pansexual and all that so this entire trip Ive been like okay lets try to be straight, dont wanna freak anyone out right off the bat. Ya know, reel em in until we are super close friends and then lay on the heavy stuff.

Well, the first week when my sis and I were in Ikebukuro in a manga shop she stopped and asked me if I wanted to look at the BL manga. I just kinda did the ‘idk gesture’ with both hands raised thing, which I have noticed many of the Japanese people dont understand that as idk they just kinda look confused then drop the subject. So that happened and the whole time I was like BUT I WANT TO SO BAD.

Then today, many days later, we were sitting in a First Kitchen eatery in Enoshima and a friend, who likes DGM, turned to me out of the blue and was like do you like BL? And I kinda stuttered and did the idk gesture to not seem weird. Then they got to talking about it and 2 people openly like it, one of them the DGM girl. So I took a leap of faith and showed them a Laven picture on my ipod and played it off as if I didnt understand earlier. They were like omg! And the DGM girl FLIPPED OUT. She was so excited because she loves Laven and Yullen and she showed me her phone that has 7 thousand pictures on it. Most of them being BL. And now that I remember, my sister also likes No. 6 and such so ye.


And I am exhausted so my DGM haul will be posted tomorrow uwu. I tried to take pics of the beach for you but I had my camera flipped the wrong way and took horrible pictures of me so yeahhh sorry.

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In the past Ive been to multiple therapy session things since the age of 10 but I only ever continuously went to the first one,the others I stopped after 2 sessions at most and recently I was made to see another and I hated it bc I dont like the man who does it but thats always been the problem every person Ive had I dislike and idk if that should stop me from seeing him bc I know that im depressed but I don't think I'll find anyone I would want to actually see should I keep going to this one?

What i’ve found is that whenever i see someone new, i always initially hate them (whether that’s because of my BPD or not). But after sticking with them for a month, at the very least, i start to really really like them. Maybe you could do the same? I know it can be hard to find someone helpful and supportive, who can cater to your needs, but you’ve gotta give them a proper chance, lovely. 

i dont think i will ever be as sad reading a book as i was when i read first they killed my father. it’s just horrible what she had to go through. it was the first book i read about cambodia. it was horrible, but so well written i just want to hug her and her family.

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✦ ! {[ hmmm this'll be interesting >u> ]}

4 different things they should have said to your muse, but never managed to

  • It is alright to let yourself falter just as they do.
  • Your past is not your future.
  • It is fine if you hold distrust for me, but do not let your ideals match that of Yunan’s.
  • A little jealousy makes a woman prettier, but you handle it better than anyone I have ever known.

First 3 things they ever noticed about your muse

  • She’s quite pretty.
  • Isn’t as naive as everyone else expects her to be.
  • Her heart is very pure.

2 things your muse does that pisses them off

  • Her strength scares the shit out of him sometimes. He swears he’s going to wake up one night and find her with her heels dug into the tower and hovering at his window.
  • As much as he respects hers and Masrur’s silent natures, he wishes she would open up more to him.

1 thing they have always want to do with your muse

  • To have a chat that is mostly about Morgiana and her interests that don’t involve the boys. He knows she cares for them, but what does she like? He also realizes this delves into learning about Fanalis.

For the first time ever, I’m debating unfollowing a mutual. I feel awful even thinking about it, but they’ve been posting a lot of stuff that really bothers me - ships I don’t ship, yeah, but also content that I just don’t like seeing on my dash. I don’t want to blacklist their entire blog, and besides, it doesn’t work on mobile. What should I do?

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its not really a questions but I just need to blab :// so i went all the way with this dude (first time, im 15) and this fucking assholes saying I just used him. so like out sex was suppose to be friends with benifites but then we started to date and well I just got really scared bc i dont know how to love anyone and i got distant and then he fucking moved to fucking florida and calls me slut as a joke and asks for boob pics and sends me weird porn and idk what to do anymore tbh im too tired.

Throat punch him. No but seriously, Don’t EVER let anyone treat you like that! You deserve so much better than that! Did you try and explain to him that you’re only 15 and you don’t really know how to love someone or pretty much what you’re doing?! Hell adults are still confused about how to love someone I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling. But do not let him treat you that way! Either tell him what’s happening and try and work things, or cut him out from your life. It’s not okay for someone to treat anyone like that!

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Favorite Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon
Ultimate Bae: Kuramaaaa
Ultimate OTP:  kurama/hiei, kurama/kuronue
A URL that makes you go “Woah das genius”: i cant think of one atm
Tumblr crush: i dont think i have one
Fav Tumblr artist: god like all of them ever 
How long have you been on Tumblr?: my personal has been up for like..4 years maybe?
First thing you think when you wake up: ‘im not ready for the world’ 
What do you think about me?: about the person that tagged me?? you seem super cool and we should talk more!!

I TAG thievingbat, batdemonkuronue, theomnipotentfox, nightkunoichi, welcomethewildcards and anyone else who feels like it!!

i hate it when someone asks a creator of some robot media like “hey is ___ gay?” and the person who worked on it is like “WELLLLLL theyre robots so they dont have human needs like romance or reproduction” and then go on to make straight romance canon… least bionicle was just no romance for anyone ever. unfortunately bionicle 2015 looks like its going to be “everyone is super straight and has babies together” :/

aggressivelytwerkinganderson said: what if we all tweet him. they’ll be sure to notice. d*x will probably roll his eyes though tbh.


@foleh i dont know what the rambo stream is but ever since i saw the guns video (the first one where it was dan and jordan) ive just been ??? like jordan is the one with the dad who hunted (spparently), he should know more than ANYONE ABOUT TRIGGER DISCIPLINE

@lina like honestly??? we should??? like ffs im gonna do it today if i get annoyed enough like joe PLS TALK SOME SENSE INTO UR FRIENDS UR OUR ONLY HOPE and yes he probably would but if he uses an air soft gun and shoots himself in the eye thats his own fault ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hey guys!! if u ever need anyone to look over ur fic or something for typos/mispelled words/bad grammar/things that maybe just sound awkward and need to be reworded i would be happy to help

my resume:

-chief editor of my high school yearbook

-all of my friends and family ask me to look over stuff for them because im good at it i guess

-uh? i promise that the way i type is not an indication of how good i am @ this i promise