first i dont like anyone ever

its just so sad & frustrating to kno theres kids who are just getting into star wars for the first time there’s girls idolizing rey like they’ve never idolized anyone else before & they go online and see this fucking sea of ppl who want a relationship between her the man who tortured her, usually sexualizing that torture

theres so many abusive & unequal aspects to reyIo that are widely made out to be hot or cute or sweet or the fuck ever. so very many. very widely. by ppl in their 20s, 30s, fucking adults who should fucking know better

i dont want those kids seeing this. i dont want girls who want to be just like rey seeing all these adults saying this stuff is sexy. esp if youre young its so easy to get persuaded if theres so many adults constantly saying this shit

fandom has such a history of being so, so shitty to women & i thought maybe we were starting to move beyond that but appalling reylo stuff is everywhere. and im just. rlly tired

jily: a rant

anyone who hates on jily: dont come near me, ok?

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jily is one of the most beautiful ships ever, i don’t understand how anyone thinks that james is manipulative at all, snape is the manipulative one. james potter fell in love with lily evans and when he fell, he fell hard, it hit him like a ton of bricks. i dont think lily knew at first, i think that she thought that he never actually liked her, that he was just teasing her, i feel like everyone knew that james loved lily except for lily, but i dont think anyone, not even james, realized how deep his  feelings went. i think about this too much. once lily realized that james did love her, probably after an argument, she wouldn’t want to wreck it, she would have to come to the conclusion that she did love james, despite thinking that he hated her for years, and then her infallibility complex comes into play, why would james love her when she couldnt love herself? she would assume that his playful teasing meant that he hated her, just like she hated herself. once she realized that it wasnt hate, but quite the opposite, i feel like her life would get better, that there would be more light. she would probably be really nervous about messing up but then the marauders would get involved and theyd be together sooner than they even realized what was happening and it would seem like james and lily had always been together and things would be ok. there might have been a war brewing and tragedies occuring, but they had each other, they were young and in love. people always forget how young they were, they got married really young. and people say that james manipulated lily? that’s basically the opposite of james potter, he might have been arrogant and maybe he bullied snape and im not saying that that was ok, but he was straightforward about it. he did not pretend to like snape or emotionally manipulate lily at all. when harry looks in the photo album that hagrid gave him, he always says that his parents look so in love. especially in the wedding photos:

“there was his mother alight with happiness, arm in arm with his dad”

lily was “alight with happiness”. would you describe someone who has been manipulated into marrying someone they hate as “alight with happiness”?

james and lily were young and in love, they were a bright light in the darkness of war, i just wish they hadn’t died so young.

Scattered: Part 1

Notes: Starting this new series! there will be smut. Dont worry. Just not in the first part. ;) Sexual tension. This is set in BEFORE Emma and Jefferson reuiniting with Grace. Hopefully you enjoy!

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Calliope week !!

Introducing calliope week!! for are your calliope needs ^u^

Some friends and i put this blog together in order to celebrate calliope!! I believe this is the first ever calliope week as well so this is quite exciting!! And we hope everyone is as excited as we are ?? 

The week begins on November 7th and ends on the 11th! For calliope week you can send in practically anything you like that contributes to the week such as fan art, cosplays, fan fictions, music, edits and so on! anything your little calliope loving heart desires! Anyone can participate and you dont have to particularly be good at anything on here, just participating is enough and we very much appreciate it! we encourage everyone to participate!

here are some links to the mods and prompt page!

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please spread the word about this event! <3

headcanons for hxh highschool au:

  • whenever there’s a mention of a school dance, both gon and killua simultaneously glance at each other and killuas always the first to break the eye contact, cussing to himself
  • killua hates school uniforms bc his wardrobe is so chic not to be noticed
  • gon always forgets to wear glasses
  • due to gon’s incredible sense of smell, hes always drawn to killua’s bento that his mom makes
  • but killua always warns that there might be poison in it for his immunity (red peppers and broccoli)
  • gon always brings killua candy and gum for his bento
  • killua has such a sugar tooth, he gets dentist visits often
  • zoldyck family parties are the worst and killua always ends up in his room trying to do homework
  • but cant bc gon keeps texting him about stupid trivial stuff
  • killua shares his snapchat with gon but gon takes silly pictures more often that make killua smile at 2:30 am in bed
  • his mom thinks hes watching nsfw stuff at 2:30 am
  • on the first day of school killua was brought to school in a limo
  • his butler, gotoh goes to all his student-teacher conferences
  • killua takes alluka to middle school everyday (6th grade aw)
  • everyone has a crush on alluka
  • gon and killua share most of their classes but in order to not be held back a year for math, killua tutors gon everyday for hours
  • they skip classes sometimes to eat chocolate robots on the roof
  • i cant think of anymore rn ??? so later
You’re An Idiot

imagine him coming back to you after the break up with you because he sees that he can’t breathe without you.

this wasn’t a request but i was feeling my chronic depression coming along with my anxiety and i just needed to vent. sorry if i’m a little rusty, not on my game today. send me requests before sunday ends (june 5th u.s. e.s.t.)

pairing: avenger x reader (this was written with bucky in mind, but i dont think i ever mention his name so i guess it could be anyone)

word count: 1999 (omg)

warnings: none; but of once, there’s only one curse word i think. a first.

There are still traces of him, like little trails that lead me back to brightly lit memories of us. Sometimes I find his socks in the bottom of a drawer, a flannel in the back of my closet, his razors in my bathroom cabinet, or his pictures on my phone. I thought I’d gotten rid of any evidence that would show that we ever dated. And when it got really hard, like today, I thought I could pick up his scent on the sheets.

Biting my lips, I start making some tea. I should be having dinner, but I haven’t been able to put any food inside of me. So, tea would have to do. I blankly listen to the kettle shriek, letting the sound swallow my empty body. It was during moments like these that thoughts of him came into my mind. What is he doing right now? Is he out with friends, or another girl? What is he wearing? Is he hurting like I am, or more? How is he getting rid of traces of me? Does he cry or curse at the thought of me? Is he okay?

I’m not out with my friends, and I haven’t been out with them in so long. I’m scared that we will bump into each other. I’m wearing his old band t-shirt. It still smells like him, even though I’ve washed it countless times. I’m hurting; I’m hurting so much that it’s numbed to a dull, echoing pain. I’ve gotten rid of as much of him as I could. Still I cry, curse, and die a little at the thought of him…I’m not okay.

Just when I was about to collapse with grief, my phone rings. I pull myself together and reach into my pocket. Wanda. I pick up, faking a casual attitude.

“Hey Wanda! What’s up?” I chirp cheerfully—Maybe too cheerfully, because she becomes suspicious. 

“(Y/n), are you okay?” she asks slowly.

I nod vigorously as I answer, “Of course, I am.”

Silence. Then she says, “Well, I just wanted to see if you want to come out with me and Nat. We’re going to the bar that you like.” I can hear her desperation. She knows that I’ve broken up with him and that I’ve been having a hard time adjusting. But I can’t go out today. It’s just extra hard today.

“No, I’m busy…helping my mom with something.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” she says with a disappointed sigh. “Maybe next time?”

I walk to the stove and turn off the burner. “Yeah, next time,” I reply absentmindedly. “Have fun, okay? I’ll talk to you soon.” Not even hearing her goodbye, I end the call. Pouring myself some green tea, I sit down on the leather armchair in front of the window. The pitter-patter of the rain against the window sill resonates in me. It rained on our first date, so much so that he had to use his jacket as an umbrella for me. He didn’t want me getting wet. I take a long sip, and burn my tongue.

“Shit,” I spit. I spill some on my shirt, his shirt. A memory stirs: I spilled my food on him on the third date. Damn it. I hate thinking of him. I hate that everything, literally everything, reminds me of him. His stupid smile and his stupid eyes. What I hate most is how he’d gaze at me. With so much focus, and attention. Love and affection…like I was a piece of art.

I put the tea mug on the side table, and lift my legs up onto the seat. I wrap myself with a blanket, his favorite one, and bring my hands up to my face. And the cries invade. The sobs are too loud to cover, but I cover my mouth anyway. I don’t want anyone to hear me. I don’t want to hear it myself, because if I do hear it, it’ll mean that I still love him. After all that anger and effort to forget him, I can’t be blubbering over his dumb ass. But I am, I’m crying for him and I’m crying because of him. The sounds spill out of me like some waterfall. The tears run down my face, racing each other. And the sky cries for me too.

My throat is sore and burning, because of my attempts at choking and swallowing the howls. My eyes are swollen and red after bawling for an hour. My body hurts, aches for him. Should I call him? Should I let him know what he’s done to me? Should I let him know that I’m broken? No. I have to have some pride. But I don’t.

So I walk up to get my phone. I read his phone number to myself. I still have it memorized: another thing that I couldn’t get rid of. I dial the number, but my finger hovers above the scary, green button. I hold my breath, speculating and waiting to see what I do. But before I have a chance to do anything, the door bell rings. Once, and once more. I walk quietly towards the door. No one usually sees me at this hour, considering it’s also a Friday night. So who could it be? I hesitate. It could be him. If it’s him, what would I do? The person knocks on my door, three simple knocks.

“(Y/n)? Are you home?” asks the familiar voice. My ears welcome his vibrations, and I’m tempted to fling open the door. “I have to talk to you.” I almost cry at his words. Not because it’s what I want to hear him say, but because I missed his voice. I missed him talking to me.

I toss aside my blanket, and walk towards the door. He must’ve heard me because he stops pacing. He’s waiting. He’s holding his breath. So am I.

I place my fingers on the door knob and twist it gingerly. The door squeaks open, but I’m not looking at him. I’m looking down at his feet. He’s wearing his sneakers I bought him. A gasp almost escapes my mouth. I can’t believe he still has them. With the door now wide open, our bodies are in front of each other for the first time in four months. I can’t tell if that’s a long or short time. But it’s felt like an eon. I muster up the courage to look at his face. He still has his unkempt hair, his stubble, and the same mesmerizing eyes that I could drown in.

“It’s been a long time,” I say quietly, looking directly into his eyes. I don’t falter; I’ve got too much pride to show weakness.

“Yeah, it has.” That’s all he says. I didn’t expect him to say more.

“Come in,” I step aside to let him walk in. I take a seat in the armchair in front of the window, and he sits on the couch. We’re as far away from each other as possible. But, I crave his touch. Now that he’s in front of me, I want to feel his skin on mine, now more than ever. But all I feel is the tense silence.

Again, I’m the one to initiate. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

As if shaken from his thoughts, he looks up at me with surprised eyes. “Right.” He rubs his face with his hand, and says, “I know I was the one who suggested that we take a break–”

“You mean ‘break up’, not ‘take a break’,” I interrupt coldly.

“I was the one who suggested that we break up,” he corrects, looking at me carefully before he continues. But I only stare out the window. “There’s no other way to say this, but…” I glare at him, as if daring him to continue. “I missed you.”

I don’t react. My exterior is frozen and unfeeling. But inside, I’m weeping—weeping with joy and sadness. He had missed me; he was just as lost without me as I was without him. I can feel my tall wall of pride crumbling at his words.

“I can’t live without you. I thought I could, and I thought I was doing both of us a favor, but I was wrong. The moment I wake up, I think about you. I expect you to be sleeping next to me. All I can see is your peaceful face, your beautiful face next to me. And whenever I get a call, I hope that it’s you. I want it to be your voice at the other end of the call. Every time I eat, I wonder if you’re eating too and I worry that you’re not eating enough. When I’m broken and crying, I hope that you’re not crying. I don’t want you to cry over me, because of me. I’m not worth crying over. I pray every single fucking night that you’re not crying yourself to sleep, or hurting yourself because of what I said to you that night. I regret everything I did and said that night. But I did it because I thought…I thought you’d be better off without me, I’m not good enough to have someone like you. I’m really not. After all the things I’ve done, I don’t want someone so good like you to be anywhere near me. But I can’t do it. You’re my life line, (Y/n). I can’t function without you.” He ends with a sigh and looks at me, hoping for a reaction, anything.

I swallow my sob, but I can’t hold back the tears. One by one, they drip down the cheeks and down to my chin. And I let them. I’ve been holding them in too long. I bite the inside of my cheek and get up on my feet. I sit down next to him on the couch and run my hand through his hair. It’s still just as soft as I remember. I search his face, not knowing where to look, but his eyes anchor me. They steady my nervous and scared breathing.

“You’re an idiot,” I say with a weak laugh, putting my hand on his cheek.

He smiles at my response, and nods gently. “I know,” he replies. “That’s why I let you go in the first place.”

I shake my head in disbelief. I wrap my arms around his waist and pull him close. He pulls me in closer, and places his head in the crook of my neck.

“I missed you, you dumb ass,” I say unevenly.

“I missed you too.”

I pull apart from him for a second to look into his blue eyes. We don’t say anything, we just enjoy the fact that we are here together. Back in his embrace, I breathe in deeply, taking in his comforting smell. I feel his warmth, the sound of his breath, and his love.

“You’re wearing my shirt,” he comments.

I roll my eyes. “Just shut up and kiss me,” I say with grin. And he does. His lips linger above mine, as if asking permission to continue. But I’m impatient, and I crash mine onto his, craving his touch. It’s just like before. Our lips fall into place, knowing every curve and concave, rediscovering every inch of our skin. At first, he pecks my lips, each peck growing longer and more passionate. Then he travels to my neck, placing a kiss on the spots that he knows I like. Everything comes so easily, like it had, like it should.

He pulls away to take a breath. He looks at me lovingly, my hair disheveled and my cheeks red and my lips plump. Breathless, he runs his hands down my back, giving me shivers. He kisses my forehead, temple, and nose.

“I love you,” he whispers. “So much.”

I scoff, “I know, you idiot.” I lick my lips and just hold him tight and match my breathing with his. “Me too.”

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does anyone else ever think about how back in 2007/2008 tyler was in his basement singing about “i dont believe loves for me” and then think about how in 2015 he married jenna and wrote his first love song bc i do and i like to cry about it : )


This is the forth freaking time I found my art being reposted WITH very inappropriate links.

Let me just say this first, I honestly DO NOT mind that some reposted my art. Because some were actually nice and thoughtful enough to PUT SOURCE(s) and appreciative comments as well as has asked for my permission. With at least one of these three, I don’t mind your repost my art.

HOWEVER if anyone repost my art constantly without any of those, AND somehow is too stubborn to take them down after ppl and myself asked to, I can NOT tolerate that. If I never bug you about your repost, you are probably either appreciated or let off. BUT if I ever do so, and you ignore my request, I can NOT let it slide mind you.

Another thing that NO ONE can tolerate is claiming copyrights. If you want to own good art, learn to draw and practice hard enough for at least few years so you can make one your own. I drew my art with my own sweat for others and myself to enjoy, not to be used by someone to get compliments for something they did not do/make. So please, do not post them on other website and claiming copyrights. Think about your safety, you can get hurt for that on the internet man. We artist can get really grumpy.

And one last thing. You guys know me ~ I draw fluff and cute gay stuff, so like, I have nothing against anything gay really. Not at all. HOWEVER I DO NOT APPRECIATE SEEING MY ART BEING REPOSTED WITH A LINK THAT GOES TO A WEBSITE FILLED WITH VERY HIGH QUALITY PICTURES OF DICKS AND ANUS. Not even after four times, come on! That drawings has babies on them, INNOCENT ADORABLE babies. And you used it to get people to go to an adult website?

Where the fuck is your fucking moral and respect man??? You SHOULD NOT use an adorable happy gay couple with babies pictures to get people to go to that kind of web. Use picture of words for god sake like ‘Hey ya like poles and holes? Go to this website of mine where I upload tons of things you have never seen in your life like a guys ass. You won’t find it anywhere else really.’ Atleast they get to see what they expect to see, because your web literally did not provide any adorable anime boys with innocent babies like my art shown.

So DO NOT ever use or repost my art with inappropriate links or comments (I got some months ago). Not just mine but every artists work. PLEASE RESPECT OUR RIGHTS AND WORK. And if I ever find another anywhere - DELETE THEM. I can not threat people here damnit but mind you hell will break lose because another one, will be the last fucking straw.

Okay so that is all. Just want to clear things up. Also I wanna thank those who have been informing me of these unnecessary repost, thanks a bunch.


has anyone else ever noticed how when phil stares at dan he kinda stops thinking about everything else until dan looks back at him then he comes back to reality or how when dan looks at phil while he is talking he kinda stops himself and then just starts talking again like phil somehow took his breath away

best part is i dont think they realise they do this all the time

Hanamaki: I’m not gay but

Hanamaki: I would legit lick Iwaizumi’s body if he invited me to

Iwaizumi: ….

Iwaizumi: First of all, I would never invite anyone to do something like that. Ever.

Iwaizumi: Second of all, you know how fucking gay that sounds?

Hanamaki: Yes

Yahaba: Um… Can we get back to our team strategy? The other team is looking at us weird…

Jar of Wishes

this is the first spell ive ever written so i thought id post it to see if anyone would like it idk

paper and pen
large jar (since its going to be over time)

rose hips

Thinks of a wish or hope that you have and pick a color that you feel best suits it. you can just use white if you cant pick or dont know how to. Tear a thin strip of paper of that color and write your wish onto it. Fold the paper into a small star while reciting your wish. Place it inside the jar along with the dasies and rose hips if you’re using them. If this isnt the first time you’re preforming this spell, you don’t need to add in any more dasies or rosehips unless you feel necessary. If the wish doesnt come true in a reasonable time, shake the jar around while thinking of your wish of just make another star and drop it in.

Can we talk about making friends?

I’m having an emotional night that pretty much stems back to being a kid (and an adult really) who really never has friends. Like I have people I know, people I hang out with, people I call friends, but none of them ever really really stick around. I dont have a best friend, and I’m no one else’s best friend. And it is like, all I ever wanted. But no matter what my best friend always had a different best friend. My friends always ditched me for “cooler people” and they all leave for literally no reason. That is so hard for me. Even my mom always chose my brother over me constantly (plenty of people will tell you the same) and it really really fucked me up. To spend that much of your life never being anyone’s first or best.

It’s made me really shy when it comes to making friends because I just automatically feel like I’m not going to be good enough or cool enough compared to the other friends anyway because I never have been. So it’s just so hard for me to make friends as an adult. As an adult, not counting my wife. I can honestly say I have two friends I know I could message if I was upset. And they are both currently in different countries.

Does anyone else deal with this?? Why do I just not have friends??? I’m honestly not weird at all, I’m nice af, I cook well, I’m a little shy at first but I open up later.

Like?????? Where is my best friend??? Why does everyone else get to have so many amazing friends and the ones I have don’t even stick around??????

Anyone else???????

just now i literally cried for the first time in my life because i felt bad for being myself. and i felt bad for telling the truth about myself. but if you ever tell the truth about yourself to someone and they cant handle it. thats the biggest sign that they arent meant to be apart of your life, journey, trip. whatever u wanna call it. leave them alone. because someone feels like you are 2 much 2 handle doesnt mean everyone else does. your hurt and your pain is yours to feel and no one elses. dont you ever let anyone make you feel like you arent enough. you are enough. you were enough when you were depressed, you were enough when you were struggling with eating disorders, you were enough when your dad left, you were enough when you didnt get the job, you were enough when he hit you, you were enough when they laughed at you, when they picked on you, when they pretended you were nothing. you were enough. and you will always be enough. and sometimes your “enough” is more than some people can handle. and that isnt your fault baby. its theirs. because anyone who cant see you trying to make it through or at your lowest doesnt deserve to see you when you are at your highest. i want you to understand it and let it sit in your soul. you are enough

Honestly I don’t think anyone is more protective than Slytherins when it comes to their Hufflepuff friends like

“Oh you want to make fun of them because their a Hufflepuff? How do you like having all of your FOOD TRANSFIGURED INTO SPIDERS YOU ASSHOLE”

and bc Slytherins are so cunning and shit they dont ever get caught but everyone knows not to mess with them

except for the idiot first years

Ok Ok . Im so done. Tell me how a guy at work just gone bite a girl in her ass at the job? Yeah you read right . So they have two people working on a assignment and the guy is suppose to pass this female things to stow. She working doing her thing and all of a sudden this dude just up and bites her in the ass? wtf they do this at ?Too make things worse she dont even tell anyone at first. But then the guy stands closer to her and act like he gone grind on her then she tells someone. Ok ladies tell the minute someone touches your ass dont you react . Like turn around like wtf or just cold slap who ever it is? In any case I still would like to ask this guy why the hell he felt the need to just bite someones ass.