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[A/N] I swear, my first night at the hubby’s place is gonna play out like this. He practically signed up for this.

First night. First night in Chanyeol’s house. First night in Chanyeol’s parents’ house.

The night light is on. There’s stars in this room. A glow in the dark cluster of stars that made you stare at the ceiling when you should be sleeping. Your phone is plugged by the make up table, charging silently. Too silent.

Shuffling left and right, you frowned at the dimmed view of the room, blinking actively. ‘Is he asleep? Is he really asleep?’ You turned to the side table, next to the night light to grab the alarm clock indicating the time. 'It’s barely midnight…’ you huffed to your back. Sitting up in the middle of the bed, you blew hot air to your forehead. 'I’m so bored.’

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(If we count Scott, which we now apparently are. “He came to the house, he was in costume, and we gave him candy, HE COUNTS.”)

An adorable little Princess just came to the door. She was a bit tentative at first when Hubby asked if Mina could see her, but then she agreed and it was LOVE. We were closing the door as she ran back to her mum, but we could hear her yelling “I PET THE PUPPY!!”

Numbers aside, I think this may in fact be the most successful Hubbyween overall. Mina is adding such an extra joy to the experience. She’s just adoring everyone who comes, and they’re all SO HAPPY to see her.

Hubby will be closing up in about twenty minutes, but even if we get no one else, he’s floating.


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Rose Hip Tea (first kiss in general and first kiss with your hubby) Herbal Tea 💖

Rose Hip Tea : Describe your first kiss
My first kiss with my husband and my first kiss in general was actually the same thing 😂 #shelteredkidproblems But the story behind it goes like this,

It was in the Tampa International Airport at like…1 in the morning I wanna say? I was flying in to meet Devin in person for the first time ever and I had met this old lady in the Dallas airport during a layover and I had told her where I was going and why and that I was nervous because I didn’t know where to go once we got there. So she offered to wait for me once we landed and we could take the train together and she’d show me where the baggage claim was and all that. Super, super sweet lady. Anyways, we land, we take the train, and when I come around the corner, there’s this big crowd of people and honestly, exactly like it happens in the movies, they all parted and I saw Devin leaning against the escalator. And we ran up to each other and just hugged for what felt like ever and then he kissed me and it was weird and magical and amazing all at once. It was pretty awkward, as most first kisses are, but it felt like a dream and it’s still one of my absolute favorite memories.

Anyways, once I opened my eyes, I looked over his shoulder and there was the lady, standing over by the escalator with this huge smile on her face and two thumbs up and she mouthed, “he’s cuuuuute!” and I smiled and waved and she went down the escalator and I never saw her again but I hope she has a great rest of her life.

Herbal Tea : You’re at a candle shop, what scented candle do you buy?
I’m a very picky candle buyer. I inherited my grandfather’s incredibly scent-sitive (get it? Scent? Sensitive? 😂 I’m funny and you know it.) nose and can’t handle a lot of smells. I generally go for vanilla/baking type candles because they’re the chilliest scents and I also loooove peppermint candles. And sometimes coconut but it depends on the type of coconut. I’m complicated.


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