first homestuck drawing of the new year


i honestly never thought id ever reach this many followers on a silly homestuck blog dedicated to mostly meowrails, and yet here i am, almost a year later, with all these wonderful followers.  you guys really are the best, ive heard a variety of different things about the homestuck fandom, but i honestly never expected to feel so welcomed so quickly by you all.  id never had my art get very many notes before i started drawing homestuck art, and i had my first post reach 1,000 notes here, and since then ive just felt so much more confident and like my art is really appreciated.  i love seeing all the tags people add to my art, and you all are just so kind and i just want to thank you all so so much for being here for me.  youre all amazing and i hope you know that!  i love you all for being here with me on my tumblr journey!  here’s to another year of good times and new friendships.  <3


yoo this was a request lmao

dave is scared because this is the First time he is ever kissing a boy and this is something new n hes worried because of all those years of bro telling him stuff like its wrong but its okay because karkats there for him so its all good and dave is freaking out but also very happy


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