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Pairing: Crowley x Reader, Winchesters x Cousin!Reader
Word count: 9,345
Warnings: Swearing, horror
Challenge: Lexie’s SPN Birthday Challenge
Prompt: Insidious (2015), “Why do I even bother?”

Walking in the front door of your new house, you smiled to yourself. You’d managed a great deal, and for being a first time home owner, you were excited. Setting your box down that was labeled ‘kitchen’ off to the side, you took a moment to look around again before going out to get more boxes. The moving company had already delivered your furniture earlier that day, already filling out the empty space. Even with the furniture and boxes, it felt roomy. You didn’t feel cramped, or boxed in.

When you’d brought in the last box, you kicked the door shut and wiped your forehead with the back of your hand. “Talk about a damn workout.” You sighed to yourself, knowing your work was far from over. You needed to at least unpack the important rooms- kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Everything else could be done over time.

Moving around your kitchen the next morning, you had a few boxes open, zigzagging across the room. It wasn’t the most practical way to do things, but it got it done. A box of dishes was on one counter, the box of pots and pans was on the stove, and all the utensils was on yet another counter.

It didn’t take you long to empty the three boxes, making it look a tiny bit more like a home. With a satisfied smile, you moved towards the living room to get some more done. You were feeling productive, and wanted to keep it up. Spotting some books on the floor, you raised an eyebrow. You looked towards the short built in bookshelf that you had put them on, and then back to the books. “That’s odd…” Shaking it off, you crouched down, picking them up off the floor. Sighing, you put them back up and went back to work.

You had a CD playing softly in the background as you did some basic cleaning, refreshing the feel of the house. You sang along, enjoying the freedom of knowing this was yours. Any work that you put into this house would be a reflection of you, and you could show it off with pride.

A little while later, you were sorting through some things upstairs when you felt almost as if you weren’t alone. Your eyes scanned the area as you moved back towards the hall, catching sight of a black door. It hadn’t even caught your attention when you’d viewed the house. Opening it, you turned the light on and saw a set of stairs. Any attic you’d ever seen had a pull down ladder, so this was different.

It was creepy, but not so much to make you run and call your cousins, the Winchesters. More of a ‘let’s host a creepy sleepover’ way. Whoever had lived there before had left things behind, all of it covered in a layer of dust. Once the light hanging from the ceiling was on, you stood with your hands on your hips. The furnace coming to life made your head whip to the side.

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It’s official - we’re first time home owners!
Can I just say I love my front porch/deck? There are even parrots that sometimes come sit in our tree! :)

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Because I’m bored, here are some myths older generations believed that you should not:

1) owning a home is your retirement savings / safety net / a good financial decision.

In certain cases, sure, owning a home is a good financial decision. But NOT IN ALL CASES. Don’t let people who profit off of real estate tell you that it is ALWAYS a good investment. It isn’t. Owning a home always comes with unforeseen financial burdens. Tons of people run into money troubles somewhere along the way and end up having to refinance their mortgages which can end up costing way more money long term than you thought when you bought the house. Because first time home owners are excited and usually gullible, banks will talk people into terrible mortgage deals where it seems like you’re paying so little every month but long term you’re paying for your house twice in interest.

Most importantly, the idea that the housing market always goes up is also a myth. It does not. It has ups and downs and sometimes it CRASHES like in 2008 (which btw WILL happen again because the big banks used government bailout money to make sure no laws were put in place to prevent it happening again).

Tl;dr owning a home is right for some and renting is right for some. Know yourself and always make sure you fully understand any financial agreement before you sign it. Banks profit when you sign a loan or a mortgage but don’t know what you’re getting into.

2) diamonds are valuable because they’re rare.

Nope. No they aren’t. Firstly they aren’t rare at all, they are super common. Second, Diamonds are a social construct that has been created in the last 200 years by companies like De Beers. Until then, mostly no one gave a fart about diamonds. They were just rocks. Then diamond companies invented engagement rings, told you “diamonds were forever” and “he doesn’t love you if he doesn’t buy you diamonds” and now we all pay enormously inflated prices for what is basically just a shiny rock that is actually worth NOTHING. don’t believe me, try reselling a diamond. Unless it’s the size of a baseball, you’ll get way less for it than what you paid. They are only valuable because someone told us they were valuable and we believed them. You wanna show your partner you love them, take them to a resort. Buy them a car. Donate to charity if you really wanna throw money away so badly.

3) government food guides contain correct information about nutrition.

Wrong again. Government food guides contain correct information about what types of foods will make money for that government. Science is never neutral. It is always biased based usually on where the funding for the research is coming from. During the world wars the Canada food guide recommended that Canadians consume 11 slices of white bread PER DAY. ELEVEN. That’s like 80% of a loaf of bread, per day. This was not done because bread is good for you. It was done because the Canadian wheat industry was making zillions off selling white bread to war torn countries as a cheap (and nutritionless) was to fill empty stomachs, and figured it could profit at home too.

4) marriage is about love and if you really loved her/him you’d get married

Marriage is a social contract. Originally it was a literal ceremony of property exchange: where a woman was transferred to a man’s family like transferring ownership of a car you’re selling. Arranged marriages existed and continue to exist in many places, and studies show that there is little correlation between happiness and whether you were allowed to choose your own life partner. In the Victorian upper classes, marriage was usually done for financial reasons, or to secure the titles of ancient families, or for position. Since the rise of capitalism, the nuclear family has been pushed by the state to ensure the man is free to devote his every waking minute to the profit machine, and the woman is free to stay at home and guarantee the survival of the next generation of workers. In modern times, marriage has other non romantic functions, like taxes, citizenship, and the structuring of certain legal rights.

I’m not saying don’t get married if you want to. Just know that you can be in a monogamous lifelong loving relationship with someone and never enter into a legally binding contract with them. Love isn’t about a piece of paper. And marriage, historically, certainly isn’t about love.

That’s all I can think of right now but hey feel free to add. Viva la revolution.

i’ve been watching house hunters for hours now

and i just don’t understand how these people can afford these houses


i thought i could afford 150K houses but after talking to my realtor/loan advisor yeah hell no

i don’t want to go above 130K now

and man. these people are first home owners balling out at like 250k and more

like wtf

I haven't written in awhile...

and by awhile I mean probably close to a year. I’m sure the same people I started out here on tumblr with have higher priorities other than blogging. But me? I think blogging is the only thing that actually makes me feel less crazy.

This website isn’t about words anymore. I’ve fallen victim to the quick reblogs of pictures and videos and blogs with actual content kinda died off. I’m not expecting anyone to read what I write anymore, if anything it helps me write more fearlessly because I know you won’t read it.

I have been an absolute mess for the last… well, probably two years. I’ve gone through family deaths, family emergencies, relationship turmoils, pet deaths, and adult responsibilities. I’ve celebrated being a first time home owner in the same week of mourning my grandmothers death. This has been the theme of my life lately. With one great success comes three tragic events. I feel like I just can’t catch a break and if I’m having such successes I really shouldn’t be complaining right? That’s how I’ve been rationalizing it in my head after all.

I’m still here. It doesn’t feel like I’m here but I know that I am. I stopped crying and I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I look back at who I was five years ago and see all the happiness I used to be. I want to be that happy again but despite being so fucking sad every day, I’ve accomplished shit. I’ve accomplished so much shit that my parents didn’t even think were in my cards. That was the trade off. Happiness for getting shit done. Now that I have it, I’m working on my happiness, and working on happiness will be the hardest thing I ever do in my life.

So here we go. Another vow to get back to writing weekly. A vow to stop building up all my sadness for me to logically store it away accordingly. I’m a mess, I don’t have it all together, I’ve let people in that have ruined me on all paths, and I am in the worst shape of my life. Today though? I spoke up about it. That’s the bravest fucking thing I’ve done all year.

House Hunters International: Kylux Edition

As promised, here is the first part of my three part Kylux Christmas Series, House Hunters International, Kylux Edition! Stay tuned for more antics and real estate bliss!



Kylo rolls his eyes, taking his arm from around Hux’s shoulders.

“We literally haven’t even gotten out of the car yet,” Kylo sighs.

“And l already know I hate it,” Hux snaps. “Javier, you can take us to the next property.”

“You’re not doing this!” Kylo says. “Javier, it’s fine. We would LOVE to see the house.”

“We most certainly would NOT.”

“Fine!” Kylo says. “You can stay in the car, and I’ll go see the house. That way if I like it, there’s nothing you can do to stop me from signing.”

“That’s not all you’ll be signing.”

Hux mouths the words “divorce papers” at Kylo’s exasperated face.

“Right, I’m sure,” Kylo nods. “Let’s go, Javier.”

Finn lowers his camera, glancing uncomfortably at the bickering couple.

“Um, actually, Mr. and Mr. Hux, you both have to see the property, at risk of breaching the contract.”

Hux glares at Finn with eyes that could gun down an entire army. For a moment, the nervous cameraman thinks he might be in for a fight; that is, until Hux sighs in defeat, and steps gingerly from the car, taking care not to get sand on his expensive looking shoes.

“Alright, Javier,” Hux bites icily. “What’s the deal with this place?”

Javier narrows his eyes, before regaining his professional facade.

“This house is three bedroom, three and a half bath, with an indoor and outdoor kitchen and beach access right out the back. The cost is under budget at $800,000.”

Kylo blinks.

“Under budget is a bit of an understatement, don’t you think?”

Javier swallows.

“Well, this is true, but for your first property, I wanted to give you something that truly speaks to Panamanian culture and tradition.”

Kylo glances to Hux, unsure. If they wanted culture and tradition, they would have asked for it, after all.

Javier guides the pair inside, and Hux immediately looks underwhelmed.
“The ceilings are a bit…low,” he murmurs.

Indeed, Kylo looks a bit ridiculous standing in the foyer, when he could touch the ceiling just by reaching his arm up. Javier tries his hardest to collect himself in the face of disappointed, future home owners.

“If you’ll follow me into the living room,” he says, “you’ll see this isn’t the case for the rest of the home.”

Kylo and Hux follow their realtor to the living room, which opens up into the kitchen and dining area. A large, floor to ceiling window offers an impressive view of the ocean.

Javier glances toward the couple, a look of expectance on his face. Surely this view will give a great first impression on these first time home owners!

“What?” Hux asks. “Do I have something on my face?”

As if to further his point, Hux looks to Kylo, who peers for a second, then shakes his head.

“You’re good, babe.”

Javier holds back a sigh.

“As you can see,” he continues, “The balcony has a lovely ocean view, perfect for cooking outdoors and relaxing.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen better,” Kylo drawls. “You got anything with a waterfall?”

The sound of Hux smacking his own forehead echoes through the empty house.

“You failed to mention a fucking waterfall earlier,” he says.

“Language, babe,” Kylo replies smugly. “This is television.”

“Um, it’s cool, we can edit it out,” Finn says hesitantly.

Hux smiles.

“See, darling?” he chirps. “They can fucking edit it the fuck out.”

Finn is beginning to wish they had picked the couple that may or may not have been a part of the mob.

Kylo and Hux follow the crew into the first bedroom, where again, they seem to be rather underwhelmed.

“Not big enough,” Kylo says. “We like a big bed.”

The bathroom, also, appears to be a complete fail.

“One sink?” Hux sniffs. “I worked my ass off for twelve years for one sink?”

“He likes his own sink,” Kylo explains to the crew, hoping this will clear up any confusion over Hux’s sour attitude.
It doesn’t.

The other two bedrooms are written off as unimportant, and by the time Javier is leading the couple to the back, Hux is on the phone with a business partner and Kylo is asking about the next property.

“How big is the shower? We like a big shower. I like those showers where you can sit down and stuff…”

Finn is beginning to wonder how they’re going to get any useable footage from House #1, when he overhears Hux’s phone conversation.

“…well TELL THE PRESIDENT that if he wants to talk he’ll need to make an appointment with reception, I hold no loyalty to the American government…well if it was the bloody QUEEN, then maybe things would be different, but it isn’t, so they’re not!”
Finn glances at Javier, who already looks a bit run down after only one house tour.

“Maybe we should just go to the next location,” Finn suggests. “I don’t think this is what they want.”

As if to further Finn’s point, Kylo shouts from outside on the deck, his voice carrying loudly into the living room.

“Can we get something with a pool? And like, maybe a water slide?”
Javier blinks.

“Um…” he begins, raising his voice so as to be heard more clearly, “There aren’t that many houses with water slides already installed…”

But Kylo is already asking about air filters, and Hux is so into his phone call that his interest in the property is completely lost.

“Mitaka,” Hux snaps into his iPhone, “I swear to all things holy, if I don’t see Josh Groban onstage singing his fucking heart out at our secret santa extravaganza, there will be NO Christmas bonus on your desk come December!!”

Javier sighs. This might just be the hardest sale he’s ever had to make…and this one will be on national television.

Bravely, he takes a breath, puts on a smile, and claps his hands together with as much enthusiasm as he can muster.

“Alright!” he announces. “Let’s go see the next property.”


I hope you enjoyed! :) Happy Holidays, yall.