first hitman


redraws!! because i like to make things hard for myself.

sawada ‘less tired, more murder-y’ tsunayoshi
sawada ‘terrifies people by burrowing under reborn’s sweater while keeping eyecontact during a meeting because he’s Extra cold’ tsunayoshi
reborn ‘racking up points for most embarrassing dad’ lastname


Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Happy birthday, my prince!! (✿╹◡╹) (04/02)

The Dress Incident

I love the idea of Elena having suitors and chasing off every single one of them.  Her poor father having to put up with it all.  He’s mortified and so stressed. This girl can be a bit too willful at times.

A new suitor is supposed to show up.  One a little closer to her age.  She’s already got a plan.  Her father is planning a party like always.  She’s got it set up before the guest even arrives.

And then she meets Daemon.  He’s actually really nice and seems to want to be in the situation about as much as she does.  Elena realizes that if anything Daemon might be a good friend.  But she’s completely forgetten about it. 

That is……Until breakfast the next morning.  While he was at the party, before they met, she switched his wardrobe in his room with dresses .  Before she can even THINK of catching him and apologizing, he’s showing up in one of them. 

He’s far too confident in that thing.  Elena’s poor father.  He’s certain Daemon is going to leave.  Elena is mortified.  Both Elena and her father are trying to figure out what to say.  (They don’t even realize he’s somewhat used to it thanks to his little sister)  Both of them are so damn certain this is the end.  But…He’s….Just…Acting like it’s completely normal?!?

The maids and butlers are watching in amazement.  Elena’s father is so certain Daemon is going to leave, but Daemon is actually amused by it?! Daemon just sits right down and acts like this sort of thing happens all the time.  He doesn’t even let the conversation turn to the fact that he’s wearing a dress.

His clothes suddenly re appear in his room after breakfast with a note from Elena.  Perhaps…perhaps…this is a woman he can get along with.


Isn’t It Beautiful? primo generation ½

giotto ‘you wanna tell me i can’t be a boy i’ll stab you in the gut’ vongola primo
g ‘yeah my name is just one letter do you have a problem’ the right hand
asari ‘oh yeah i just do yakuza business when i’m not being a lonely starving musician’ ugetsu

i’m gonna write stuff for them one day. ONE DAY. i have so much stuff to write.

DW Reborn

Hey @seitosokusha​ I got this :3

Tsuna glanced up from the papers he had been holding to stare at the scene – train wreck, my god, that was how many walls already? – that was unfolding.

Jet black hair. Check.

Curly sideburn. Check.

Black suit.

Tsuna stared.

Tuna-printed boxers. Apparently.

Unholy yellow glowing eyes.

Tuff of yellow flames dancing above pinched eyebrows.

Tsuna swallowed.

It was Reborn in Dying Will Mode.

It was Reborn in Dying Will Mode.

Tsuna felt a hysteric scream bubbling up his throat.

Who the hell thought it wise to shoot Reborn with a Dying Will Bullet?!

Tsuna had never seen something so traumatizing.

(and hot, but he would never admit it.

oh that body

stop brain stop.)

Yellow eyes snapped up to stare straight at surprised honey brown.

Tsuna swirled around and got the fuck out of there.

He was not dealing with whatever the hell Reborn’s dying will would be.

He heard hurried footsteps after him and inwardly whimpered.

He was so. screwed.

Tsuna ran faster.

He could practically hear the funeral march playing in the background of this impromptu game of tag.

“Gotcha.” Growled into his ears in the way that was not Reborn but still Reborn all the same.

Tsuna screamed.

It was just another day at Vongola HQ.

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
—  Giotto to Daemon

Inspired By:

- 15 July 2015 -

Listen to: … Something About Us - Daft Punk

No the idea isn’t mine. If you like Deadpool and Spiderman, go read the one from the link. That made me tear up. Let me know if I made any mistakes. Enjoy.

Something About Us

Reborn held the young Vongola Decimo tightly to his chest. They were both dripping with sweat that stuck to their bodies. It was incredibly uncomfortable, needless to say, but Reborn payed no mind to that, just wanting to hold onto him for just a bit longer. The cold night air bit at his fingertips and the dry wind almost knocking his hat off his head. Tsuna shivered when another breeze came by, smiling when the Hitman covered him up with his jacket.

“Can you…tell me a story?” Tsuna whispered, his voice hoarse and dry.

Reborn stared at the boy, sighing and habitually running two fingers along his curly sideburns, “I suppose. Just so you know, I’m not what one would call a “story-teller”.”

Tsuna let out a small laugh, coughing at the tickling sensation from the back of his throat. “That’s okay,” he mumbled, staring up at the Hitman, “I just want to hear a story.”

Reborn thought for a moment, running a hand through the teen’s messy, tangled hair. “Alright, you just relax and I’ll tell you a story.” He told the boy, who only hummed in response. Reborn sucked in a deep breath, feeling something cold, wet, and sticky from Tsuna’s back.

“Once upon a time, there was a young junior high student with brown locks that stuck out like a sore thumb,” he paused for a moment when he heard a stifled giggle, “and eyes that shined brighter than the morning sun.”

Tsuna reached for Reborn’s hands, placing his head on the man’s chest, “I like this story already.”

Reborn hushed the boy in his arms, rocking him slowly back and forth, “Though the boy was hated by everyone, he never let it get to him. He pushed on with all of his might. When he finally realized who he was, he at last made friends. He was loved by those friends. They made him feel like he was stronger person.”

Tsuna gave his hand a small squeeze, to let him know that he was still listening.

“One day, he met a stranger. One who made him feel like his whole world was complete. The stranger trained him, taught him, and shared secrets with him. The boy returned the favor by giving the stranger his heart.”

“He seems like a good person.” Tsuna mumbled, his voice distant and weak. Reborn squeezed his hand, rubbing his back in small circles.

“Everyone lashed out at the boy for falling in love with the stranger. The stranger was the strongest person to ever live, and the boy had the strongest will. They were light and dark. The stranger never once got hurt, but the boy constantly did. The boy placed himself in danger in order to protect those that he cherished, even going so far as to push them out of the way. Then one day…” Reborn stopped short, hearing Tsuna’s breath fading in and out. It was shallow and slowing down by the second. Reborn rested his chin on top of Tsuna’s head, the hairs tickling his cheek.

“Then one day, the boy was hurt while saving the stranger, and the stranger couldn’t do anything about it.”

Reborn closed his eyes, moving his thumb over to Tsuna’s wrist. His heartbeat began to slow down and after a few moments…It stopped.

“Goodnight, Tsuna.”