first hike of the year

talk about you (like you put the stars in the sky)

(written for @ransomweek and also @hoenursey bc i promised i would)

“We’re gonna die,” Nursey says, clinging to Ransom’s hand as they make their way up the trail. “Babe. We’re literally gonna die.”

Ransom laughs. “We’re not gonna die, Derek.”

He doesn’t need to turn around to know that Nursey’s making a face at his back. “You only call me Derek when we’re in bed or you’ve convinced me to do something terrible.”

“That is–” Ransom thinks about it. “Huh. Goddamn, bro, you’re right.”

There’s a sudden scramble and a yelp, and Nursey’s grip on Ransom’s hand jerks. Random turns in time to catch him by the elbow as he slips. “I told you,” Nursey whines, letting Ransom help him back up. “We’re gonna die. What the fuck made you think hiking at night was a good idea?”

Random grins, leaning forward. There’s enough moonlight trickling through the trees for him to find Nursey’s nose, and he plants a kiss on it. “The fact that I’ve done this with my dad and sisters since I was a kid,” he says, “and I wanted to show my city boyfriend the view.”

“It’s dark,” Nursey protests, letting Ransom start tugging him gently up the trail again. “How’re we supposed to see anything?”

“Baby, you know what night vision is. Now you’re whining just to whine.”

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I was tagged by @southofheaven94 to post a selfie from 2010, 2014 and 2017. First picture is me and my family on a hike, second picture is 14 year old me being a sassy bitch, and third one is some ugly loser idk.

I tag @stxrlx @softggogh and if you wanna do this too just say I tagged you!


I have this upcoming week off and the very first thing I’m going to do is go on a hike!  It’s supposed to be gorgeous out, so I’m breaking out my pack and my adventure hat and making a day of it.  FIRST HIKE OF THE YEAR!  :D

Expect pictures!

First light at Mt Batur a year ago now. Started hiking at 1.30am after about 1hr sleep, that made the climb seem a lot harder, was so worth it though,breathtaking.

Hiking with Noodle

January 26, 2015

1 year old on the AT

I met this couple today (4-20) that is thru hiking with their 1 year old. When I first heard about it I thought that it was an insane idea, maybe even dangerous. Then I met Sherpa and Kanga. They’re smart, thoughtful, and caring parents. They’ve thought out every step of the trip. Their hike is untraditional. They started in VA not too long ago to avoid the weather. The baby is extremely happy and healthy. They have an intense support system all the way down the trail. I’m excited for them. Check it out:


It’s time for the first hike of the year!! We’ll be starting with Rattlesnake Mountain :) I climbed this one as a sophomore and I’m ready to make new memories on it! When I’m at the summit, I’m going to reflect on how much has changed in the last year. I’ve changed, my life has changed. But when I’m up there surrounded by good friends I’ll know I can make my future anything I want it to be. A healthy and happy one, for sure.

Pallas-Yllästunturi NP, Muonio, Finland

photo by Timo Veijalainen

“I spent the new year’s night at a wilderness cabin in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in Finland. On the first day of the year I hiked up to the fells. The beautiful combination of sun and fog in this landscape was really beautiful. It lasted for a couple of minutes only and soon after that special light was gone.”

photo of the week for Landscape Photography Magazine