first he looks too excited

Time for a Reward

Thank you so much to the beautiful @randommessforlife for the request and awesome prompt. I hope you enjoy!

     Sounds Live Feels Live rehearsal had started and it was getting the best of Calum. Ashton was still recovering from being sick and it was hard keeping Luke and Michael on task. Every time they’d get a few songs under their belt, something would amuse one of them and they’d start cracking jokes. Usually, Calum would join right it and not mind the silliness of the band. But today, he just wanted to play the music. He wanted to play the songs that mean so much to him and just get lost in the emotions of performing. It was exhausting having to stop every couple of minutes because Mikey sang “balls” or because Luke did something weird with his voice. So when you came to bring him lunch, you were a sight for sore eyes. His whole attitude seemed off when you approached him. You asked him what was wrong and he just shook his head and sat down. “I don’t know. I feel like the rehearsal is so out of control. I know they’re just joking around but I really want to get this right. We’re finally playing songs that really mean something and it still feels like nothing has changed for the better.” You sat down next to him and put your arm around him. You rubbed his back and he rested his head on your shoulder. Ashton then let him know that rehearsal was going to start back up again and he pulled you into a hug. You squeezed him tight. You knew the perfect solution.

     You had been thinking about making the step in your relationship sooner, but now felt like the right time. So you said your goodbyes to your boyfriend and his bandmates and called up a friend of a friend to pick up a surprise for Calum. It took a couple of hours to get the surprise and everything that went along with it, so you figured instead of making dinner you’d just pick up takeout from Cal’s favorite restaurant. When you finally arrived home, you got a text from Calum saying he’d be home in ten. So you but the dinner on the table and went to your room to put a bow on the new present. When you heard the front door open, you shut the bedroom door behind you and went to see how Calum was feeling. He flopped down on the couch and let out a large groan. “Just one of those days, babe?” you asked. “Yeah, I guess you could say that.” “I got your favorite dinner.” He perked up, “You did?” “Yep, and I got a nice little surprise for dessert too.” He raised his eyebrows and gave you a flirtatious smile, “Oh, really?” You playfully hit him on the arm and said, “Would you get your mind out of the gutter for two seconds, lover boy?” That’s something you’ve always loved about Calum, though. It didn’t matter how long you had been together, he never made you feel as though he was bored of you. He always let you know he cared, even after he had had a shitty day. “Sorry, baby girl, but you’re the best dessert I can think of.” You blushed. “Okay, now I’m too excited, dessert first!” He shot you a confused look as you ran excitedly to the bedroom. There was some rustling and then you emerged from the room carrying a very tuckered out Pitbull puppy.  His mouth slowly fell agape as he realized what was happening. “Marianna, you didn’t!” You blushed so happy to have surprised him with a puppy like he had been wanting since what felt like forever. You bit your lip, “I did!” He shot up in excitement, but the puppy was still sleeping so you told him to sit down and you’d place him in his lap. As he sat there with his new best friend on his thighs, he couldn’t stop looking from you to the puppy and back to you. “Okay, I’m like the luckiest guy ever. This is insane. I have to tell Mali!! No, I’ll put it on Instagram. Or should I Snapchat it?” “Calum, how about just enjoy him first?” He laughed, “Yeah that sounds like a good idea too. I just can’t believe it. I was having an absolutely awful day and then bam- everything changed.” You returned to the bedroom and brought out some of the puppy toys you had bought earlier that day and watched Calum play with the now very awake and very energetic pup. You guys wound up eating dinner on the floor so you could continue playing with your new baby at the same time. You dropped a piece of food on the floor and your new furry friend was quick to retrieve it. “He’s gonna be so spoiled,” you said shaking your head. Calum looked at you and said, “Just like his daddy,” with a huge toothy grin.

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