first guardian cat

SPRITES post-game:

davepeta returns. arquius returns. so do jasprose and gcatavros. they’re all in the new universe and they’re all alive

they could still be sprites but seeing as that part is literally a game construct, it might make more sense for them to lose the sprite aspects. you get a human-troll-bird hybrid (davepeta), a human-cat (jasprose), a troll-cat-first guardian (gcatavros), and a troll-robot? (arquius)

davepeta still has wings and uses them fly everywhere - calliope gets free rides. arquius, who cannot be anything other than davepeta’s brorail (they are disgustingly pale and quote sbahj at the worst times) has to physically restrain them from attempting to hoard every single shiny thing they can find - “im part crow i fucking deserve this goddammit” “Davepeta, let go of the box of metal bits, I need it to build -” “no. not if youre going to build a robot horse” “I have never considered such a thing” “you liar you totally have and youre just bittern that i have the prettiest, shiniest collection evfur”

jasprose likes to talk to the carapacians and all new inhabitants of the new alterniearth. she makes a list of everyone she knows, expressively titled “Favorite Persons” and then hits on every cute girl she finds until jane decides to take one for the team and clock jasprose into the atmosphere. this starts a(nother) pranking war with rose vigorously seeking every chance to smash a pie into jasprose’s face

gcatavros sneezes every minute for the first three months. jade (and aradia) run experiments and try to use the new plants they found to cure him of his endless aCHOOing. rose thinks it’s psychological and drags him into doing therapy sessions with her. he comes out scarred for life. dave meets his eyes and says “now you know my pain. ive had three years of that”

he stops sneezing when davepeta accidentally knocks him out during a game of fiduspawn

arquius!! starts a training regimen where he tries to bench press as many carpacians as he possibly can. it’s been two weeks. he’s already made his way through the main crew and is now bench pressing random carapacians. everyone is impressed. the mayor is disappointed. arquius is banned from bench pressing residents of can land. davepeta teaches him more roleplaying instead, and he also ends up joining dirk and jade and sollux’s Tech Crew. they’ve got matching shirts

in conclusion: sprites being alive and happy after the game

couthon  asked:

Hey! In your last post, you recommend first-time cat guardians not to adopt kittens. I think I get the point, but would you mind explaining your argument? :)

I like this answer from the original post.  


Go for an adult kitty! As everyone else has said, their personality is already established and they have so, so much love and joy to give. You don’t have to worry about teaching them how to cat either, so you can learn how to cat parent at a slightly easier pace. It breaks my heart to see so many lovely adults languishing in the shelter I work at while the kittens are snapped up within days.