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I’m honestly disappointed how the YOI fandom tossed friendship into the trashcan in favor of romance in Otabek and Yuri’s case. Yuri is a child raised by his grandpa. He carried a man’s responsibilities since he was a little boy by being the family’s breadwinner. Looking at his grandpa’s car, it’s clear that they were rather poor before Yuri started winning competitions.

Yuri is indeed a soldier. And his hard work culminated when he won his first ever Grand Prix. Yuri is not a pushover who only does things for others. Yes, he didn’t want Yuuri to prematurely retire, yes, he wants Viktor back in the rink as well, that doesn’t mean he dedicated all his efforts for someone else’s career. Yuri is loved dearly by Viktor and Yuuri but he is not their “angry son”. He is their friend and a professional figure skater with a bright future.

Now Yuri finally has a male friend he can relax with and talk to about his interests. The second they agreed to be friends, the fandom started romancing them, even though they barely knew each other. Friendship is not something to be taken lightly, it’s not unsatisfying compared to romance. A friend he can be himself with is exactly who Yuri wants and needs. That’s who Otabek offered to be.

After Kubo said “Mila is interested in Otabek” fans got pissed off about their uncalled for ship sinking. It’s nothing confirmed and people are already being unfair to Kubo who gave us nothing but wholesome love. Acting like friends are less than lovers and hissing at Kubo who maaaybe wants to write Mila and Otabek as a couple is ridiculous. It’s downright evil to say that Kubo “panders to straights” after she fought valiantly against Japanese censorship laws to get this show to air.

All in all, please consider the beauty of friendship and how healthy it is for both Yuri and Otabek and show Kubo love because she fully deserves it.

It’s not Kubo’s responsibility to legitimize the pairings fans create.

About Yoi ep 1 (while knowing what happened at ep 10,11,12)

EDIT: Added more things thanks to the last eps! 

All of this has spoilers so read with caution.

Hello everyone! Let’s talk about the chronological events of Yuri on Ice because we now know that Viktor was in love with Yuuri since the GPF gala everything in the anime has a new way to be seen. All of this is what information the episode one has given to us.

First, the order of dates in the chart are based on the actual figure skate season (of this season irl in specific) and dates told inside the anime. This in order to have a better idea on when each event is happening.

Thanks to Yuuri’s very brief and concise explanation of things we get what happened in his skate season till March (the day he got back to Hasetsu).

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  • Yuri on ice season 2: Viktor and Yuuri tie exactly for first place in the Grand Prix Final. In keeping with their exhibitionist tendencies, they straight up have sex on the ice
  • Yuri on ice season 3: as Yuuri and Viktor have achieved the pinnacle of skating, all of the skaters retire. They all decide to help Phichit accomplish his dream ice show. Phichit has brought fame to Thailand. Yuuri and Viktor formally adopt Yurio.

I might be overthinking things, but something came into my mind when I saw the new OP sequence.

Is this supposed to be a hint of Viktor’s retirement from the skating world?

In the OP of Episode 1-10, we used to have Viktor skating solo in this part for a considerably long screen time. Personally, for me it gives off the feeling of “This is Viktor Nikiforov, the world legend. Behold his beautiful skating” - which is why he was given a long solo screen time during the OP.

Now in Episode 11, we have Viktor skating solo with the images of the 6 finalists in the background - the 6 finalists who participated in the first Grand Prix without Viktor Nikiforov in the bracket.

This is just a personal opinion, but I feel like this scene gives off a feeling of Viktor being “rewritten” by the new competitors one by one.

I mean, for starter Viktor is the current holder of the world record, and in Episode 11 we already have Yurio breaking that record.

Another short pre-Pliroy thing!  This time with my favorite love guru and Straight Friend™, Georgi!  Hope you guys like it!  ^_^

Yuri was leaning forward on the rink’s low wall, one leg extended in a severe split.  He was angrily scrolling through what looked like Instagram; Georgi thought he caught sight of red and white.  (A flag?) Yuri pursed his lips before typing something quickly, scowling now.  Somehow, he didn’t seem angry the way he usually did.  Maybe he was just finally growing up, but…

Georgi leaned forward, trying to figure out what was different.  There was something in the set of his jaw, in the way he watched his phone, fingers curled tightly around it.  He seemed to be curling around it as if keeping other people from seeing what he was doing.

Georgi gasped softly with realization, pressing a hand to his breast. “How long has this been happening?”  How had he missed this development?

Mila glanced up from her magazine, raising a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “How long has what been happening?” Her voice was mostly disinterested, but Georgi could see a spark of curiosity in her eyes.

This,” he said, gesturing at Yuri.  He was texting again, still scowling, but he looked like he might be blushing if only slightly.  “When did he fall in love?”

Mila laughed.  “You must be seeing things, old man.  There’s no way.”  She snorted turning back to her magazine.  “If he’s in love, I’ll help set you up with one of my older sister’s friends.”

“Deal.  I’m going to hold you to that.”

“Uh-huh,” she said, already back to reading.  Georgi dropped the subject, but continued frowning at Yuri.  He was sure he was in love.  He just didn’t know with whom. As he watched, Yuri shoved his phone in his pocket and got back on the ice, throwing himself into his warm-ups.

Georgi sighed.  Nothing to do, but wait.


Yuzuru Hanyu performing his short program “Let’s go crazy” by Prince at the Grand Prix Final

First place with a score of: 106.53