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Nurses and doctors ran from local hospital to save lives in London terror attack
Many Brits are saying emergency services have made them most proud of their country today
By Nicola Oakley

I don’t ordinarily share tablodi articles, but I felt it important to share this one. More than ever, today I’ve been reminded of that Mr. Rogers Quote:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”    
And today we were reminded again of the helpers. I saw a clip in which a police officer called to transfixed passers-by, urging them to run to safety, making sure they got out of the way of danger. I saw the clips of passers by, doctors and nurses from Tommie’s run to the aid of the people who’d been injured. Pictures of politicians giving first aid to victims. 

But also, because, out of all the tragedy and chaos, this image summarises all that is great about the NHS.  A Ward Sister has evidently run out, blankets in tow, ready to distribute them amongst the victims. I don’t know who she and her colleagues are, but I recognise their resilience and their initiative because I see it every day in my amazing nurse colleagues. Despite the pain, I smiled when I saw this image, because of course a Sister would make order out of chaos and sort things out.

Rather than sharing images of the victims at their most bulnerable, I wanted to share an image of some of the formidable people who ran in when every fibre of your being is telling you to run away.

I’m proud to work amongst such people. And though I wish that we didn’t face such difficulties with the NHS, or face attacks like today, there’s nobody else I’d rather be stuck in this situation with than people like them.


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updates on othertale

first i want to give a huge thanks for @idariddle for writing the script and helping me put the scenes together

second i got the voice actors to do there lines and they are in their process of recording it

finally the finished script was too long for me to animate so we had to make it in three parts that means it’ll be a series and “before the hack” will be season 1

i am determined to finish it

Seeing the baby for the first time after giving birth (Shinee)

Onew: -he was very excited by the birth of your daughter. The moment she came out he was yelling with pride- “I’m a dad!”

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Jonghyun: -he was instantly in love with your daughter. She was completely perfect to him- “look how pretty our babygirl is”

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Key: -he was completely amazed at the sight of your daughter laying there that he didn’t know what to say really- “we have a baby. We have a baby”

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Minho: -the moment your son was cleaned up he got his first real look at his son. He wasn’t disappointed with how he looked. You knew he was being playful for with you- “he looks just like me. He looks nothing like you”

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Taemin: -he would be very happy with the birth of your daughter but he was concerned about you as well- “how are you feeling honey? How is she as well?”

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My this week’s schedule for the comic and I hope it’s gonna work out:

Finishing pages 2-5

Finishing pages 6-7

Finishing pages 8-10

Finishing pages 11-12 (half)

Let’s see if I can finish the half comic by Sunday.

Catching on jetwolf’s manga liveblogs and jesus, I’d forgotten how kind of shitty Crystal’s adaptation of the first arc was.

(I never watched the second and I think they did a pretty decent job with third, after the staff change, so going purely by first arc only here).

What I wanted: the manga finally adapted into an anime, with some fleshing out. A little more development and time with the girls, slow down the pacing, really build up the story.

What I got: the anime ripping out any kind of heart and soul out of the manga. Anyone who wasn’t Usagi and Mamoru pretty much losing any kind of unique character traits. SENSHI/SHITTENOU ROMANCE, THE THING NO ONE ASKED FOR. Animation that went from ‘well, their eyes are soulless and dead but at least Usagi’s hair looks pretty’ to ‘jesus fucking christ, did you have $5 to spend on this entire episode’.

I just. Man. I’m actually too tired tonight even really vent properly, but First Season Crystal was the biggest disappointment for me since the TRC anime series. About the same levels of ‘fucking awful’, really.

Astrology Impressions

If someone is…

Reserved, reliable and industrious overall, they have an Earth rising

Talkative, distracted and sociable overall, they have an Air rising

Enthusiastic, opinionated and youthful overall, they have a Fire rising

Shy, kind and sympathetic overall, they have a Water rising

Apply this to the 7th House for one-on-one relationships, apply this to the 4th House in family/home settings, apply this to the 10th House for career/school/public appearances.

*Planets and aspects can modify these impressions. Example: An Uranus in Cancer in the first house will give a more extraverted quality than just a Cancer rising with no placement or aspects. A Sagittarius with Pluto opposite the ascendant in the 7th house will be more mysterious and so on.

△ “You can control it, Credence.”