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So, they call you Georgie or something? Gheorghe. Whatever, get in.

God’s Own Country (2017) dir. Francis Lee

Okay, can people just stop calling Rooster Teeth racist for killing off a minor character? Seriously. Sienna Khan had an awesome design, and I was looking forward to seeing more of her. However, Adam killing her off makes sense. He is way too power-hungry for his own good, and it has been shown that he has swayed almost every Faunus he’s met to his way of thinking, especially within the White Fang. Him being the leader and not having to answer to anyone makes him even more of a threat and raises the stakes.

The fact that Sienna has an Indian design doesn’t mean that RT is racist for killing her! Hell, if anything, I’d be pissed if I found out that a writer avoided a death that makes perfect sense because they were afraid to kill off a certain ethnicity. Stop looking for racism where there is none! There’s enough of it in the world already.

Top Shelf (Spencer Reid x Reader)

                                   Requested by @reids-corner

Spencer Reid x reader where they bump into each other in a library ? Something like, the reader’s too short to reach the book at the top, which just happens to be the book Spencer wanted to read. Its weird and random but could turn out cute ! Good luck !!!

 I’d like to dedicate my first ever x reader and story on this account to the people that inspired me: @dontshootmespence @bookofreid @speedreiding @graygublerreid @mentallydatingspencerreid

Only positive or helpful feedback is welcomed, so feel free to leave some!

Ever since you can remember, you always loved to read. You were quite a nerd as a child and you still are as an adult. Reading is your favorite thing to do but lately you had been lacking on your reading material. So you decided to go to your local library. Hopefully they’d have something interesting for you there.

Spencer had the day off and decided he’d go to his favorite place, the library. He always found comfort there as a child and he still does as an adult. There was a book he wanted to revisit again. Even though he memorized every word he would prefer to be lost in the pages of the book instead.  

When he stepped into the library he easily felt at home, the smell of books, the hushed whispers of people, and the perfectly lined rows of books was everything he needed.

He didn’t need to ask where the book is, because he knew the way by heart. He quickly went through the bookshelves until he found what he was looking for. The only problem, quite a small woman was jumping in his path.

You walked in with a pep in your step, ready to see what lovely books are in store for you today. You started skimming the isles, looking for something that might catch your eye.

A brightly colored book caught your attention. A woman had just finished looking at and was putting it away. As she walked out the isle, you went towards it and read the title. Lust Killer. It could be a good read for you, if it wasn’t on the top shelf!

You could go find another book, but this one seemed to be calling to you. So you started jumping. In the middle of the library. Probably embarrassing yourself. All of a sudden, the book was pulled from the shelf and handed to you from a tall, handsome man.

Spencer’s gentleman instincts began to kick in. He couldn’t let this woman embarrass herself like this. What else could he but grab the book for her.

When he grabbed the book he got a look at the title and realized it was the book he was going to read. He then got a look at the woman and his breath got caught in his throat.

“I..uh..believe you were trying to reach this,"The strange man handed the book to you.

"Uh..thank you,"You reply.

"Your welcome. Um.. did you know I was going to read that same book?” The man asked.

“You were? What a coincidence!” You said while letting out a nervous chuckle.

“Yep! What made you want to read this particular book?” The man asked.

“Oh..well, I have this weird fascination with murders. I want to know why people would do that or what causes them to,” You reply.

“If you want, I can tell you,” He said.

“Really? Are you some murderer?” You ask.

“Oh no! Anything but! You see my name is Dr. Spencer Reid and I work for the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, we will get into the mind of the killer to figure out why they do it and to help catch them,” The man, now known as Spencer, replies.

“That would be better then any book I’ve ever read! I can hear real life stories straight from you! Would you really do that?” You ask.

“Sure, but it would have to be another time,” He says and holds up his phone which has a text on it. “Duty calls.”

“Well in that case,” you say and take his phone to put your number in it, “call me when you can, I’d love to hear them, preferably over coffee,” You say boldly.

“I’d like that,"Spencer says while smiling.

"Bye!” You say while walking away.

“Bye,"Spencer replies.

Spencer stayed in the same place for a few seconds before another text broke him out of his trance. He hurriedly walked out of the library and started running to work. The case they had was in California, so it was going to be a long plane ride.

After Spencer got comfortable he checked his phone and saw a new name. (Y/N) and next to it, it said library girl. He smiled, her name was beautiful, just like her. He opened up a new message.

To (Y/N): Hello, this is Spencer Reid. The man who got you your book today. I should be free next Saturday. How would feel about that?

From (Y/N): Hello Spencer! I would love that.