first gif wow

Thought process on seeing this gif for the first time;

  • Ha hah wow what an asshole
  • Would it be weird to say this is kind of attractive, though?
  • Wait, is he doing like a fishing reel motion at the end?
  • Is… Brock Lesnar under the impression you’re supposed to lasso fish?
  • Has Brock Lesnar ever lassoed a fish before?
  • Okay I get that it’s probably supposed to be like, collecting up the rope or something but it really looks like a fishing reel motion
  • Is it because that’s Heath Herring?
  • How often does Brock Lesnar pretend to lasso fish ‘cause that pantomime is tight.

SOPHIA tv series 2016

The fate of the Byzantine Princess Sophia Palaiologina, the mysterious princess who became the wife of Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow. The fate of the throne in her hands. Sofia has a lively intelligence and indomitable will. In Moscow she found her second home, love and hope for the birth of a new Orthodox Empire.

ep1, ep2, ep3, ep4, ep5, ep6, ep7, ep8.

Imagine Peter watching you train and seeing your power for the first time…

“Wow!” Is all Peter can manage by the time you look over at him.

You try and fail to stop yourself from blushing. “It’s really not that cool…”

“Y/N, that shit’s literally wack. You’re awesome!” Peter tells you honestly with a grin.