first gif with cs6

Finally got round to testing clip studio paint’s animation feature. Unfortunately, I own the Pro version so the animation maxes out at 24 frames.  Even then, it took half a day to animate just this.  _(:3 」∠)_


Michaela, would you like to go to jail without having an orgasm?

Because you’re going to help me with that?

I’m willing to give it a shot…


I haven’t done a follower forever since I hit 1k so here we go first off I can’t torrent cs6 so the lovely @buttchair made this gif for me and I love her and I requested the most important Troye Sivan video of course.

I thought about writing little letters to the bolded ones on here but I can’t make this too long so the bolder are the ones who have a special place in my heart


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And a final thank you to the ones who brought us all together

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