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X-men + text posts part 3/?

Hey, thank you to hey-assbutt-im-a-hunter for giving me my first request! (And BTW your English is fine!) I hope you like it! Sorry if its a bit short and crappy, I had written it once and my computer crashed right when I hit ‘post’. Anyway, excuse all my spelling errors, and as always this is not my gif, I found it on google.

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader ((A little Steve X Reader…again XD))

Prompt: Hi! I really like your mutant!reader/pietro fic! :) I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader is an avenger (with random powers, you choose) and is bffs with Cap. Pietro get jealous and everyone and everyone knows that they are just friends and messing with Pietro? The ending could be either smut or fluff. sorry for my bad English, its not my first language :) and thank you! :)


Steve was an amazing man, he was always by your side and never, ever let you down. Whether protecting you during a mission, or something small like getting you ice cream at the store when you felt down. The rest of the Avengers had always said that you two would make a cute couple, but they all knew that you guys didn’t see eachother in that way.

You had lost your family a while ago, and cut off all communications with any friends that you had once you found out that you had powers. Steve, relating closely to not having any friends, offered some support and you both hit off a good friendship from there.

“Do you want any popcorn, Y/N?” Steve asked, his arm was thrown lazily over your shoulders and you leaned you head against him. It had been a long day; you had just received word that you have to go on  a mission alone to investigate a group of backwoods HYDRA followers, it would be your first mission by yourself.

“No, let me get it.” You closed your eyes and focused your energy, and suddenly, a clone of you shimmered in front of you. Your power was to multiply, to create clones of yourself. It was super weird at first, but it defiantly came in handy when you felt lazy.

Your clone mindlessly walked to the kitchen and came back a few minutes later with a bowl of kettle corn and two bottles of soda. Steve awkwardly thanked the fake you, and she faded into the air like she had never even really been there.

You hit the 'play’ button on the remote, and an action movie burst to life on the screen. You saw Steve cringe every time a character swore, but you also saw him get really invested in the fighting scenes, analyzing every move a character made.

Soon, the loud noises coming from the speakers attracted Natasha, Clint, Bruce, Tony, and Thor to come into the room and watch, they sat all over the floor and around the couch.

“They should make a movie about the Avengers,” You said. “It would be great!”

Tony snorted, “Right, like anyone would ever want to see that.”

Thor was siting like a little kid up against the screen, you had to fight the urge to scold him and tell him to movie back.


“Which film?” Clint asked.


You giggled and ate some more popcorn.

The two Maximoff twins walked through the doorway next to the TV, and you almost choked. You had always had this lingering fuzzy feeling for the quick one, Pietro. The way he talked and just got to you in a way that no one else had. Though, you didn’t talk to him all that much, only a few words here and there.

Wanda smiled at everyone and looked at the screen, it as clear to you that she had been the one who wanted to see what was going on, and Pietro had just tagged along to be with his sister.

“There is plenty of room on the floor!” Natasha shouted over the blasts coming from the TV, slapping her hand to the floor next to her. “Come sit!”

Tony laughed, “Yeah, there is rom on the floor, just don’t try to get the couch. Lord knows that you will never be able to pry the Captain and Y/N apart.”

Pietro’s ice blue eyes darted over to the couch, and they narrowed.

Wanda plopped down next to Nat and Bruce, then gestured to Pietro. “Brother, come sit with us. There is room.”

“No,” His gaze remained on you. “I think that I will see much better from the back.”

You shifted uncomfortably and stopped resting your head on Steve’s shoulder, not really wanting Pietro to see you like that for some reason. A blue and silver flash came, and Pietro wasn’t near the screen anymore. In an instant, his frame was pressed up against the back of the couch and your head.

The climax of the movie was building up, and everyone quieted down. You tried to focus on the movie, but you were completely distracted when you felt Pietro’s lips against your ear.

“You want to tell me what is going on in the movie?” He whispered.

You swallowed, and looked over your shoulder to see him. Your faces were so close. So, so close.

Pietro hadn’t been as quiet and intimate as he had thought he had been, because Steve turned his body to face him and began to quietly explain every little detail about the movie.

Natasha looked over to Pietro (who was clearly annoyed) and Steve (who had no clue). It was obvious to her that Pietro and Y/N had feelings for each other, they just needed a little…push.

“Hey, Y/N, why don’t you go make some popcorn for everyone? And no clones please, there are too many people around.”

Breathing in, you silently thanked Nat for the excuse to leave the room.

“Pietro, why don’t go and help her? There are a lot of people here, so she’ll need to make a lot.” Wanda said, a smile graced her red lips, like she knew something that you didn’t.

“I can go with her.” The Captain said as he began to move off of the couch.

Suddenly, Pietro zoomed out of the room and down the hallway leading to the kitchen, all the while shouting, “I’ll help her!”

You felt a blush crawl up your neck as you patted out to the kitchen.

More than twenty minutes had passed and you two weren’t back yet. Thor, who had wanted food the most, grew frustrated and decided to go to the kitchen to see what the hold up was.

He did not expect what he found. You and Pietro were heavily making out, his hands sliding all over your body and your fingers curled in his white hair. You were pushed up against the island counter with unopened bags of popcorn thrown all over the counter. His soft hands slipped over your curves and along you back, your mouth parted in his and you moaned in pleasure.



Content: Mature *rubs hands together*, Explicit Language

Requested: Yes

A/N: I hope you enjoy my very first REAL dirty imagine!!! (BTW: They’ll be 2 parts </3)


                                             >Teach Me<

I’ve been dating Justin for a good two years now. No fights, no disagreements. Everything’s going smoothly. I trust Justin, more than anything in the world. I trust him as much as I love him. Which is a ton. Anyways, yesterday Justin, asked me if I ever have had sex before. I sternly said no. I was proud to be a virgin, even though I am twenty-two. He told me, with a big beautiful smile, that, if I would agree, for him to take my virginity. I instantly became extremely nervous. He told me that whenever I was ready, to come to him. Well, since then, I’ve been thinking nonstop about it. I mean, we’ve been dating for awhile, I trust him, and more importantly, I love him. So why shouldn’t I?

I was currently sitting at the table eating my eggs and bacon, sitting in silence, thinking, when Justin walked in, breaking the silence and my train of thought.

“Hey Princess, good morning.” Justin greeted me with a big wet kiss.

“Good morning.” I replied, sending him a smile, going back to thinking.

“What are you doing?” Justin asked, noticing that I’m only taking two to three bites every two minutes.

“Uh. Thinking.” I answered, not bothering going back into thought with Justin in the room.

“What were you thinking about?” Justin questioned. Me getting up from the chair walking over to the sink.

“Uh. Um. How I’m a. Um. Virgin.” I replied, stuttering, getting nervous.

“Really? Tell me.” Justin lit up. I smiled, putting the plate in the sink.

“I was thinking on how I should let you take my virginity because…” I stopped. Trying to think of what was going to flow out of my mouth next.

“What?” He questioned. Laying his hand on the counter.

“Because, I love you.” I gleamed. Looking down at my feet, I felt Justin’s thumb lift my chin up to make eye contact.

“Princess, I love you too. And I would be honored”. Justin smiled, giving me a peck on the lips. “But, not like this. Tonight, I want to take you out and spoil you.” To be honest, I didn’t know what he was saying. It’s like that every night, except tonight will have something extra, but will still mean a lot.

Eight Hours Later:

I was getting ready for our very, very special evening Justin planned. Walking down the stairs, I saw Justin face me with a smile, his keys in his hand.

“Ready, Princess?” He asked me, holding out his hand to hold onto mine.

I nodded in response. Walking out of the car. Justin walked over to my side and opened the door and gestured me to slip in. After I was firmly in the seat, he walked over to his side and got in.


Once Justin walked in the building I felt all warm. This restaurant, TGI Friday’s was the restaurant Justin and I had for our first date.

“Please follow me.” The waiter assisted us to our table. We were sat down and given our menu’s and asked for what we wanted to drink. Justin and I both, asked for Sprite

“Hey, Y/N.” Justin tried to get my attention of the menu. I looked at him as a response.

“Thank you for trusting me enough to give me something as important as this. I promise, I’ll be the first and the last.” He said, making me blush. The daydream of Justin and I being married made me warm inside.

“Justin, it’s not just trust. It’s love.” I smiled blowing Justin a kiss. Justin gestured as if he caught it. I giggled at his silliness. 

The waiter came back and asked what we wanted to eat. I ordered some Jack Daniel’s chicken and Justin ordered a burger. We ate, laughing here and there about our past stories. After half an hour, we were finished eating. Justin gave a tip, and we headed for the door.


“Princess, let me know now, for surely. Do you want this now?” Justin asked.


A/N: Part two will come soon. I don’t know when because I can’t make promises. I have to finish {I Love Her} also, so. Anyway, I’ll try to have it done by tomorrow. Love you.