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More Haikyuu + BNHA!

Asahi’s quirk is “Stone Goliath”: his skin turns rock hard to create nearly impermeable armor! It also improves the weight and damage of his punches, kicks, and headbutts! When transforming, Asahi increases in size and intimidation! However his heart is still as frail as ever, so please be kind to him and his appearance! 

(When I thought about this quirk I was like….god i can’t animate that…but i tried guys…i tried;;; Asahi is a very sturdy and powerful character that’s frequently regarded as a giant and scary by others, so I wanted to include both of those characteristics! His quirk gives him a lot of strength, but because it morphs his appearance in a “scary” way he had a hard time making friends as a child, and even when acting as a hero children can find it hard to approach him when he’s transformed which hurts his feelings… Coincidentally, Asahi’s quirk is related to the earth, while Nishinoya’s is related to the sky, which furthers their roles as opposites (as designed by Furudate)!) 

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Appreciate Kwon Hyunbin’s Beauty 1/∞ : Wine Hair, First Elimination of Produce 101 Season 2, Ep 5.

scottietrademark  asked:

I feel very attacked with your post of sexy Hobi gifs. Like, girl.... Why you do dis?? The first gif is my all time favorite, for sure.... thank you for that sexy compilation but I also hate you? Not really (kind of).

hey I can’t suffer alone over here! That’s why I reblog those particular hobi gifsets that ruin me… I gotta share the love (and pain hehe) <3