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The Gay Women Channel Parodies ‘First Kiss’ in a Brilliant Way

The Gay Women Channel Parodies ‘First Kiss’ in Brilliant Way @GayWomenChannel #teamlesbian #firstgayhug

Ever since First Kiss– the short film by Tatia Pilieva and Melissa Coker that featured twenty strangers kissing – debuted last week, it not only went instantly viral, but also inspired a string of parodies. One such filmic parody has already garnered nearly 170,000 views in just two days, and it features an array of homophobic…

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I hate when people take advantage of the lowest common denominator. So many people were scammed by the viral video “First Gay Hug” by The Gay Women Channel. So many people thought it was genuine. It wasn’t. I’ve been informed anonymously by someone who works with them that the entire video was a set up. They informed me just how terrible the people involved are.

I wish I could say more. Soon I’ll be able to. But there is a lot of darkness behind the intention of that video. They played everyone for fools. And it just about worked.


Okay so anyone who watched “The First Gay Hug” video needs to watch this. And WATCH IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH


“You’re a cool guy, I just think your whole sex thing is kinda gross.”
“I think YOUR whole sex thing is kinda gross.”
“Fair enough.”



To celebrate the week of FIRST KISSES (and hugs), Sarah + Adrianna talk about their FIRSTS and decide to KISS for the FIRST time on Pillow Talk! 

Happy Monday! 


So my problem with the people bitching about the “First Gay Hug” video and its “soft gay politics” is that they’re assuming it’s meant to be some grand political statement, when it’s clearly intended to simply show how communication and letting one’s self get to know others can be an amazing, eye-opening experience which can help to change someone’s perceptions and misconceptions. Nowhere does the video say that it’s meant to end the “institution” of “straightness” or to downplay the hurt that homophobia can cause. I think our community needs to calm its proverbial tits and remember the homophobes in our lives who have been humbled and enlightened simply by our existence in their lives. That is the the point of this video.