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Brotzly Week Day #1: 'First'

Todd had no idea why it took him so long to notice it. But once he had noticed it, he couldn’t stop noticing it.

Dirk Gently never hugged anyone.

Which was… Weird. Well, sure, okay, some people just weren’t big into physical contact and that was fair enough- but Dirk? He had no concept of personal space! Since the day they met there’d been prodding, patting, grabbing- the guy had hands that moved a mile a minute and he wasn’t in the business of keeping them to himself.

So why no hugging?

He watched in bewilderment as Dirk bid Farah and Amanda goodbye for the day with a smile and a few awkward shoulder pats. He kind of figured at least Amanda might get a hug out of him, but no. Nada. He tactfully waited ‘til the girls were gone before he mentioned it.

“Hey, Dirk?” He said lightly, putting down his phone.

Dirk looked at him, tilting his head in curiosity. “Yes, Todd?”

Todd flapped his mouth a bit. Now that he thought about it, it seemed kinda pushy and weird to ask. But, well, he’d come this far. “Uh… Y'know, you don’t have to be shy. Around us.” Dirk looked confused and he was forced to elaborate. “I mean you don’t have to hold back, or whatever. I’m sure Amanda wouldn’t punch you if you wanted to give her a hug sometime.”

Oh,” said Dirk, shifting about awkwardly. “Oh. Um, right, yes. Hugs, absolutely. Yes, I am good at… Hugs.”

“Hey, look, if you don’t want to that’s-”

“No!” Dirk’s face flushed red with embarrassment at his outburst. “I mean- yes, I would like to… Hug. Someone. Maybe.”

“Dirk…” Todd said slowly, heart sinking. “When was the last time anyone hugged you?”


Oh, no. No, this was fucking bullshit. Todd stood up from his desk and walked round it. “Dirk,” he said, a little self-conscious and trying hard not to let it show. “D'you wanna…” He cleared his throat and opened his arms.

Dirk stared at him, wide-eyed. “Are you- are you sure you want me to…?”

Ouch. Todd nodded, taking another step closer. “Yeah. Yeah, I mean, that’s what friends do, right? Hugs and stuff.”

“Hugs and stuff,” Dirk agreed quietly, still staring at Todd as if he could disappear at any given moment.



“These… These things usually work best if you do it too.”

“Oh! Right, yes, let me just…”

Dirk eyed Todd’s outstretched arms warily, and stiffly imitated him. When he finally stepped into his embrace he did so with trepidation and not a little awkward arm repositioning as he shuffled about in search of the optimum arrangement. It was one of the weirdest, stiffest hugs Todd had ever been a part of.

And then Dirk finally managed to get his arms comfortably around Todd’s shoulders, chin propped carefully against the top of his head, and something just sort of… Clicked. Despite his uncertainty, Todd found himself melting into the embrace a little, face tucked up against Dirk’s chest, arms wound tightly round his waist, and it just felt right in some deep-seated way that he couldn’t quite define.

“Oh,” Dirk said softly, arms squeezing Todd a little tighter. “This… This is nice.”

“Yeah,” Todd agreed, voice a little choked. “Yeah, yeah this- this is good.”

They both fell quiet, nothing to hear besides their own slow, even breaths as the noise of the street below faded to an indistinct background hum.



“Why on earth haven’t we done this before?”

no offense but i judge the entirety of a les miserables production on how hot the actor playing enjolras is


A very touching video about homophobes hugging gay(male/female) strangers for the first time.

Matthew Daddario characters you may ship with girls:

Gabriel ‘I’m not a doctor, I’m a doorman’ the doorman - sweet, kind and wise. Cute man. Quoted to say ‘princesses don’t know how to cook anyway’ when his girlfriend’s food is bad’. Took Naomi on a picnic. In a band. Into girls. Likes good music. Is respectful of Naomi’s privacy. Does sports. Sweats a lot. Over all very beautiful. Loved his mother and took over her job when she got sick. Possibly bi. I refuse to believe otherwise, Gabriel is 1000% bi. I’m convinced. Either way, he still likes girls so there you go!

Jeff 'I fucking made it’ the now very dead - College guy. Doesn’t like blood. Miserable looking but loves sex, especially when the five second sex scenes aren’t necessary. Swears like a bitch. Talks about girls masturbating. Likes to sit alone in sheds whilst his friends die and his girlfriend fucks his best friend. Also loves his car. Also dead. But hey, if it’s an au, that didn’t have to happen. Straight White College Boy tbh.

Possibly several others but I haven’t watched all the film’s he’s in yet.

Matthew Daddario characters you may not ship with girls:

Alec 'I can’t breathe’ Lightwood - gay. Kind of dating Magnus Bane a beautiful warlock. Gay. Didn’t marry Lydia because he realised just how gay he was. Literally walks away from his wedding to make out with a pretty warlock. Gay. Wants to fight Clary Fray for ruining his life. Gay. Gay AF. Super gay. Good archer. Jace Wayland’s brother. Gay. Struggles a lot. Has a lot going on. Gay.

Channing 'next to the grill’ (that was the only thing I remember him saying) no-last-name but let’s say Wozniak because that’s David’s last name - Kissed five guys in one day, all whilst being watched by his biological father. Ran up to a girl so I thought he was bi but then it turns out they were at a meeting for the Starbucks kids so yeah don’t thinks he’s bi. I mean he could be bi but if he were, we’d have seen him kiss a girl in that montage so like…  he’s probably gay. First one to hug his biological dad. Gay. Not monotonous and his dad was a little bit surprised. Wants to find his dad. Gay. Probably rich. Gay. Wears cute sweaters and cardigans. Gay. Super gay. Really cute reactions to babies.

I will bet actual real money that Jack ‘0% to 110%’ Zimmermann said “I love you” first. I bet he said it when he was in Madison. I bet it was in Bitty’s childhood kitchen. I bet Bitty was baking, singing along quietly to his iPod, hips swaying and Jack saw him. Gold and warm and like a dream, but better because he was there and real and Jack could reach out and touch him, could run his thumbs down Bittys cheeks and cup his hips and rub his cheek into Bitty’s hair.

I bet Jack was looking at bitty and thought 'god i love you’ and it’s not until bitty stares at him, silent, red faced that he realises that he said it out loud. I bet he didn’t even care that it was so early. That it was probably too soon. Because it’s true and he does. He loves bitty so fucking much.

I bet Suzanne was in the next room or maybe outside hanging laundry out so bitty couldn’t scream or throw himself at Jack or even yell at him because his hands are COVERED in pie filling and he can’t even kiss Jack now

I bet bitty wanted to cry. Hearing that Jack, his Boyfriend, loved him there. In that place where he’d spent so long thinking he’d never get to have this. Never have a boy that he loved who loved HIM and yet. There’s Jack smiling at him, his eyes so warm and soft saying 'I love you’ like it’s not the most important thing anyone’s ever said to him.

I bet that didn’t even kiss after. I bet they just looked at each other, blushing, and thought about how lucky they are.


People are people.
Hug them.


A mellow and sweet video of how everyone of us is the same. 


beautiful <3 


To celebrate the week of FIRST KISSES (and hugs), Sarah + Adrianna talk about their FIRSTS and decide to KISS for the FIRST time on Pillow Talk! 

Happy Monday!