first game i was better at than all my siblings

Collection of my favorite aus I've come across
  • familiars were supposed to be companions and nothing more, but screw that, i’m in love with my master and he loves me back au.
  • ‘i come to this café pretty much every day after work and by now you know my order by heart and even wave at me when i come in’

  • I came to this party in which I don’t know anyone with my friend and oh shit I lost her, wait you lost your friend too? Let’s look for them together’ au‘
  • …and it turns out our friends are making out with each other, this is akward’  au
  • ‘we both came to this bar to get drunk and forget our problems but wow that’s expensive, wanna share?’ au
  • you work at this wealthy country club and i’m a regular who happens to think you’re very cute and i sorta wanna make my parents mad by flirting with you but i won’t tell you that
  • we hate each other but our parents are friends and set us up on a date and we’re messing with them so they’ll lay off tho you’re taking this fake dating to extremes and i quite like it but shut up i hate you why is your hand on my knee when they’re not around we’re just pretending ??

  • you’re my siblings bf / gf or best friends sibling and the first person you turn to is me and we stay up talking on the phone until 3am every night until we’re closer than they know and i don’t think this is okay
  • we kind of got past the point of ‘taking this game of gay chicken too seriously’ when you took your pants off but I really do not mind at all. 
  • I always see you doing weird shit at ridiculous hours of the night and it makes me feel better because I do weird shit in the middle of the night too AU
  • You’re a famous viner and I constantly witness you doing the weirdest things AU
  • We’re both single parents and our kids are best friends with each other AU
  • you’re meeting your friends in my coffee shop and you just walked in 15 minutes late with Starbucks what the fuck bro
  • you slipped on a patch of ice and i happened to be walking behind you and you fell into my arms wow you’re really attractive au