first frontier

Star Trek Soundtracks Masterpost

For everybody’s listening needs! Feel free to add on if you didn’t see any of your favorites! Big shoutout to @lieutenant-sapphic for helping me out with this and also for being excited over Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner with me, you’re amazing!!!

Ancient Battle (yes, this is the fight music from Amok Time)


Ilia’s Theme

Main Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The Enterprise

Spock’s Arrival

Main Theme from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Enterprise Clears Moorings

The Genesis Cave

Genesis Countdown

Spock Dies

Amazing Grace

Epilogue and End Title

Main Theme from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

The Mind Meld

Stealing the Enterprise

Spock Endures Pon Farr

A Fighting Chance to Live

Returning to Vulcan

Main Theme from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

The Mountain

Let’s Get out of Here

Main Theme from First Contact

Nailin’ the Kelvin

Labor of Love

Hella Bar Talk

Main Theme from Star Trek XI (Enterprising Young Men)

An Endangered Species

You Snowin’ Me?

I Gotta Beam Me

That New Car Smell

To Boldly Go and End Credits

Sub Prime Directive

London Calling

Demotion Emotion

London Falling


Human Popsicles

Warp Core Values

Buying the Space Farm

The San Fran Hustle

Kirk Enterprises

Main Theme from Star Trek XII: Into Darkness

Ode to Harrison

Ode to Vengeance

Thank Your Lucky Star Date

Night on the Yorktown

To Thine Own Death Be True

Hitting the Saucer a Little Hard

Spock’s Vulcan Grip on Death

Franklin, My Dear

Spock Speaks Hive

Crash Decisions

The Dreaded Rear Admiral

Par-Tay for the Course

Jaylah’s Theme

Yorktown Theme

Main Theme from Voyager

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This Day in Trek

Star Trek Motion Picture Films

Star Trek: The Motion Picture - December 6, 1979

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan - June 4, 1982

Star Trek: The Search for Spock - June 1, 1984

Star Trek: The Voyage Home - November 20, 1986

Star Trek: The Final Frontier  - June 9, 1989

Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country - December 6, 1991

Star Trek: Generations - November 18, 1994

Star Trek: First Contact - November 22, 1996

Star Trek: Insurrection - December 11, 1998

Star Trek: Nemesis - December 13, 2002

Star Trek (2009) - May 7, 2009

Star Trek Into Darkness - May 15, 2013

Star Trek Beyond - July 22, 2016

ngl this book (First Frontier) is just kinda. lowkey gay throughout? like the story isn’t focused on or driven by Jim and Spock’s relationship but there’s stuff like

The last thing he [Jim] registered as they carried him off the bridge was the life-buoy voice he would cling to in his encroaching nightmares.

“I will, Captain.”


The Vulcans had offered a constancy of devotion that was envied and emulated by other alien races, and of everyone in the history of Starfleet, James Kirk had enjoyed that devotion the longest.


He glanced at Spock for security. It helped a little.


He wanted to go over there and stand with Spock and talk to him, but that was too human a need, and the disturbance wouldn’t do Spock any good.


The captain moved back to the Vulcan’s side, summoning a deeper root of the submerged candor. The two were almost opposites in all visible ways, yet there was something solid about their standing together that way.