first frame final frame

Confused Shizuo for your dash(´∀`)♡  // all done with mouse so pls forgive if its sloppy 

(He’s transparent !!)

I finally finished this gif! First time frame-by-frame animating anything so bear with me. I finished the background and character design a few days ago, and it was really cool to try and make it come alive a little! 

“Selma snuck in to steal the testament of her late uncle, to prove that the property rightfully belonged to her and her siblings. “

HEY TAYLOR <3 :) remember when you liked my album review on 1989 back in November? Well I FINALLY got the article in a frame I’m so happy <3 <3 <3 looks nice don’t it? :) anyways it’s been almost half a year since you liked it :) I know I say this a lot already but again THANK YOU so much for liking my album review back then. It was my first ever newspaper article and album review and I felt so happy and excited when I reviewed your album and had it published in the newspaper and I was even more happy when you liked it on Tumblr :) I’ll never forget it because you really made my day that day and you definitely inspired me to do more newspaper articles so thank you Taylor I love you so much <3 taylorswift <3