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Eobard Thawne vs Harry Wells vs HR Wells pt.1 (pt.2 is here)

1. First appearance.
2. Action (yes, HR’s action is drumsticks).
3. Speech peculiarities.

@politeandnotgay Merry Christmas! I wanted to make something for you and this Wells-es collection came to mind. I had to divide it in two parts because there is sooooo much stuff (part 2 is here!). Clearly, when we get a fourth Wells, Tumblr will have to let us upload four gifs in a row. Hope you enjoy, and have a tremendous (😉) Christmas!


Author Appreciation day was a few days ago AND I MISSED IT!!!
But here are some fics that I really really REALLY love but have never doodled before >v< (Fic name and author in the captions!)

Okay, remember Race to the Edge season 3 episode 4 with the Singetail? There is this moment when Hiccup said about seeing the Singetail before but is unable to remember from where.  

The moment he said that a certain dragon from How To Train Your Dragon 2 came popping in my mind. I mean take a closer look at the Singetail.

Four wings.

Not exactly the same but those four wings look very familiar for someone who meet a different species who nearly looks the same as this singetail.

Remember this:

The first time Hiccup met Cloudjumper was when he was a baby and yes they’re different dragon species but it’s the four wings that give it away.

Especially when both baby Hiccup and Stoick witnessed Valka getting taken away from them.

So this is only an assumption but perhaps the dragon Hiccup was referring to was Cloudjumper but since it was eighteen years ago he couldn’t really remember all the details. With this in mind, Hiccup might have mistaken that small memory of Cloudjumper for meeting the singetail.

Like I said earlier, those two nearly look the same by the comparison of their wings.

So I can only assume that Hiccup was having that moment of remembering the night his mother was taken but only recalling the dragon who he thought was the singetail from that night dispute the dragon actually being Cloudjumper.

So what do you guys think?

Could Hiccup have been talking about Cloudjumper and mistook the singetail’s wing form to be that dragon he saw the night Cloudjumper took Valka?

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Then what if you did the first four bloggers that come to mind and what wrestler makes you think of them? Or you can describe who they would be as a wrestler. I love your descriptions of things

First four that come to mind? Aight, let’s go boom I got this in the baaaag maaaan. AND THANK YOU, I’m glad you like my description of things, lmao I feel like I just kinda ramble a lot.

Alright, very first that came to my brainium was my boo boo, @fuckyeahbulletclub?? and the wrestler that makes me think of them is outside of the WWE is Kenny Omega. She will defend him to the death bed, and I think it’s absolutely ADORBS. Inside the WWE however…. Probably Corey Graves. And I know he’s not a wrestler anymore but. I don’t care. I LOVE IT, I DON’T CAARe.

Omg okay but if she was a wrestler, she would be showing off THAT AMAZING BOD, and in my head, she wears a lot of really pale pink colors and vivid reds. Gear is probably a mixture of Charlotte’s and Summer Rae’s, that’s what I would imagine. Name wise, I can’t really think of a second part, b u t  I would assume she keeps her real first name so she can always say she’s the “Better Stephanie.” Something like Steph Slash. That sounds so cool omg. But a lot of the female wrestlers don’t really like. Include second parts/last names. So really, it could just be Steph. . Theme music would be something kinda popish but like slowed down and kinda sexy, ya know? Like something by Marian Hill. Like Wasted… Not necessarily the words or anything, just that type of beat.

Next up on my thingy is @hardcorewwetrash? my sugar butt. The wrestlers she makes me think of, almost fucking instantly are Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman. They are the two loves of her life and she will defend them to the death. And it is fab. FAB FAB FAB.

Okay so if she were a wrestler omg. OMG I JUST SEE EVERYTHING IN LIKE BLUES AND PURPLES AND LIKE THAT REALLY PRETTY MINT COLOR BECAUSE SHE IS AN IN REAL LIFE MERMAID, fucking fight me on that, I am pretty sure I compared her to a mermaid when we first started talking and I stand by it to this day. So, I see her gear being a mixture of Alicia Fox’s and Dana Brooke’s because Dana Brooke’s gear is like. Always changing it up, and I think Laura would be the exact same, holy shit I AM LIVING FOR THIS. Name wise, idk. I imagine her keeping the L, but she probs wouldn’t… Hmmm… See we’ve had this talk before, in fact I’ve had this talk with all my homies, BUT I DON’T REMEMBER ANY OF THEM. So I’m gonna make one up. Right fucking now. Come for me. Serenity Cox. That sounds like a mermaid-ish name. I dig it. Word. Her theme music would be a little more pop punk sounding. Like either Lykos or Cookie Cutter Life by Shatterproof.

NEXT NEXT NEXT OMG is @llowkeys? my british bunny. Obvi she instantly makes me think of AJ Styles, like that’s not even really a question lmao. But she also makes me think of Kenny and Tama… So I dunno man.

If she were a wrestler, I see her always wearing like silvers and very pastel/pale colors. Her gear would be a mixture between… Alexa’s and Sasha’s. That is what I feel in my gut. MY GUT. I don’t… Know her name. But in my head it’s Rachel, even though I know it starts with an A, I DON’T EVEN KNOW, RACHEL FItS. Just. Rachel Noel. That’s what I’m going with. Come for me. Okay, theme music. I imagine it being kinda bubbly pop, but at the same time, something kinda regal. Like, the only songs coming to me are this mashup and then Pretty Little Psycho.

Uhhhhh, fourth coming to me is @omgmissmillie? AND SHE’S ONE OF MY BABIES, and I adore her to death. She makes me think of Pete Dunne honestly, even tho I kNOW SHE’S CHANGED HER OPINION AND I AM IN SHCOK. Shook. SHOOOKED.

If she were a wrestler, I envision lots of neon colors and like brighter colors, like greens and reds and oranges and yellows and pinks and purples, LOTS OF COLORS BUT REALLY BRIGHT AND NEON. Okay, okay. Her gear would be a mixture of Brie’s and Mandy Rose. But not really Mandy Rose, really just the arm band thingy’s. I like those, I think they’re fab. But also Sasha’s. Like those three. We have talked about this a lot, like a lot a lot, alooottttt so I already know her wrestling name would be Millie Massacre. Which is hella cool yo. THEME MUSIC, I know she told me a song before, but I cannot remember it for the life of me, I am sorry my baby. So I think it would be something with a fantastic beat, like just. A beat that kinda sends chills, ya know? So like. Heartbeat, but starting it at a minute. Or something even like Raise Hell. I know she sent me a song. I just. Cannot. Remember. AND IT’S STRESSING ME OUT MAN OKAY THANKS.

Fuck it, I’m doing a 5th because#yolo. And it’s @asylumxclub SUE ME, COME FOR ME OKAY THANKS. And the wrestler that makes me think of her is. Pete Dunne also. And Adam Cole. Word word.

If she was a wrestler, I see lots of reds and maroons. Like different shades of reds. Her gear would be a mixture of Becky’s and Carmella I think. Yeah. And throw in a lil Natalya too. That’d be sick yo. Wrestling name, I would have to, literally right off the bat I just think Ash Asylum so. LIKE THAT’S FINISHED, DONE glad we had this talk lmao. And theme song, I think would be something a lil. Like. I dunno why I think Hollywood Undead, but I do. Like Dead Bite. Or Heaven Knows by the Pretty Reckless. Or even Fighting

This was super super fun omfg. 

Finally started Sleepy Hollow

I wanted to watch it when it came out because I always used to love reading stories about Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horsemen but I never got started mostly because I hate waiting for new episodes. Now I can binge watch, even though it’s four seasons, several years later

This first episode was really strong and blew my mind. I hope the whole series can follow that cause it was awesome. Doesn’t seem like it’s one of those shows that start off strong and fizzle out though bc people still seem to like it. Or at least they like Abbie Mills and idk if that’s the same thing lol

I’m sorry for the doing this so late @thefrozenladybug and @magical-arendelle I’m really sorry again :(

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Things I’m currently in love with: 

One song: Paris/ The Chainsmokers 

Two movies: Zootopia and The corpse bride 

Three shows: Miraculous Ladybug, Star vs. the forces of evil and Tangled before ever after ( I know it’s not live yet, but I’m so excited to watch it) 

Four people (fictional or real): This question always kill me,so I’ll just write the first 4 people that came to my mind: Mushu from Mulan, Chat noir from Miraculous Ladybug, eleven from Stranger things and Rick from Rick and Morty 

Five foods: Cheesecake, Cupcakes, Pizza and Tacos 

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(Okay, this one was so damn hard! All the words that came to mind were starting with k in Polish, but starting with c in English. Damn ;D)

name: Karolina

a four letter word: Kink

a boy’s name: Kevin

an occupation: key maker

something you can wear: knee-high socks

a food: kale

something you find in a bathroom: kleenex

a place:  Kalahari desert

a reason for being late: kids

something you shout: -

a movie title: Kickboxer

something you drink: -

an animal: kangaroo

a type of car: -

title of a song: Kinda Outta Luck by Lana del Rey

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Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #95

It was the second nightmare this week, the seventh this month.

I could say I’m used to it by now, but nobody in their right mind can be used to their brother screaming their name helplessly in the middle of the night. The fact that every episode is more violent than the preceding one doesn’t help either. It started when Dean came back to the bunker again, three, four months ago. At first, it was just words I could hardly decipher through the door when I was coming back from the library or the kitchen; then, as time went by, they became cries, louder and louder every time. My name, pretty often. Calls for help too. Pleas for whatever torture to stop. Again and again and again. 

Stop, don’t do this, please. PLEASE. STOP. MAKE IT STOP.

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While watching this video I noticed that in 1:18 Kai says something a little strange (and funny) to Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo is about to watch a movie by himself when he gets a call from Jongin. Jongin tells him to “buy 4 cola[s] and eat it all”. I first I found this funny, but of course with my Kaisoo delulu mind I then found it a bit strange. Why would he tell him to buy FOUR colas?! Remember how Kyungsoo and Jongin had once said that they liked to watch movies together. Jongin had said that since they didn’t get to go to the movies often they would try to create a movie like feel in their bedroom. This memory crossed my mind when I came to this speculation that maybe when they did get to see movies together they would buy 4 colas. Maybe they used to buy two for each of them. When Jongin says this to him, Kyungsoo brightly smiles and continues to do so until he has to hang up. (Maybe it was Jongin reminding him of the times they would watch movies together^^)

I haven’t seen EXO Showtime since I think last year when I rewatch it, but this is just an idea that came to me rn.

Song: Fool - Juniel ft. Yonghwa

Credit to owner of video: EXO KAI

So a couple of months ago when we went to see Mockingjay in the theater, my friend Gilly pointed out that Rue’s song is the first four notes of the love theme from the 1968 Romeo & Juliet.  At first I didn’t think much of it, but then this morning it came to my mind again and I realized-  Romeo & Juliet are the most famous star-crossed lovers in all of history.  Katniss & Peeta are referred to as the star-crossed lovers.  Guys- what if they used that tune on purpose?

As the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki approaches, several people have been asking me to share my thoughts about those days in 1945, when our world changed forever. The first thing that comes to mind is an image of my four-year-old nephew Eiji – transformed into a charred, blackened and swollen child who kept asking in a faint voice for water until he died in agony. Had he not been a victim of the atomic bomb, he would be 74 years old this year. This idea shocks me. Regardless of the passage of time, he remains in my memory as a 4-year-old child who came to represent all the innocent children of the world. And it is this death of innocents that has been the driving force for me to continue my struggle against the ultimate evil of nuclear weapons. Eiji’s image is burnt into my retina.

Peace activist Setsuko Thurlow was a 13-year old schoolgirl when an exceptionally destructive new weapon, the atom bomb, was used against her hometown, Hiroshima, Japan, 70 years ago today.

Three days later, there will undoubtedly be similar remembrances in Nagasaki, the second city against which an atom bomb was used, and so far in this world, the only two cities ever to be destroyed by such.

Let’s hope there are no others. It’s not worth it. Also: Today’s nuclear weapons make Fat Man and Little Boy, the informal names of the bombs dropped on Japan, look like squirtguns.

Do click through to Huffington Post and read the rest of this piece.


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

After four years of wanting to meet the loves of my life, on 2/28 I finally got the chance. My entire body was shaking and I was such in shock when I saw all four of them looking at me. I was speechless. They all said hello and the first thing that came to my mind was that I was actually seeing them with my own two eyes and not on my phone! So I said, “Oh my god, you guys aren’t on a screen!” And all four of them laughed. We then got our photo taken and Vic turned to me and said “You look beautiful! You got your hair done and everything!” All I could do was nod. Then I handed him the letter I wrote for the band and he thanked me. I told them that ‘The Sky Under The Sea’ was one of my favorite songs by them and Vic told me that they even forgot how to play it! Just before I left I told them that my mom adores their version of 'Just The Way You Are’ even more than the original. All four of their faces lit up. Jaime and Vic both said that was so awesome. All of them are the sweetest human beings I have ever met. I am beyond blessed I got to meet them. 

(rough translation) 160718 ♡ allure magazine / august ‘16 issue

allure: there’s been big changes in f(x). you became 4 members, and you held your first solo concert in january

a: in the one month that we were practicing for our concert, we were together with each other, the dancers, and our staff everyday. ah, i miss my members suddenly! we contact our members more often nowadays. not long ago, krystal said she suddenly felt sorry towards me. the thankful words that she didn’t say towards the members when we were young.. the thought, “woah, we all really grew up” came to mind. (source)

Favourite Audience Interaction in Drammen and Stockholm 2015

Caro holding up cue cards with lyrics to Finn for Vegard. I don’t know if he saw it, but the band did and they were cracking up.

Bård asking me for a yoghurt flavor. The first thing that came to my mind was emu. Bård’s reaction: what the fuck is “emu”?? *proceeds to riff off with emu*

A video posted by Lise Karlsen (@ccwlise) on Mar 19, 2015 at 7:52pm PDT

Bård asking the audience to request a song by the “famous” band Four Frogs. baegard, norbae & friends: SWEDEN! Bård’s reaction: That’s a country in Scandinavia. Next!

Bård as Mr Toot picking up the panties I threw on stage in Globen and putting them in his mouth.

baegard , norbae, truckers-bitch & playit-mrtoot with their Michelle & Obama masks during Massachusetts in Globen. HILARIOUS. Also Bård wearing their flag. (here’s me meeting someone famous at the afterparty)

Bård throwing his pick literally AT Meka after Shabby Chic. [no photo :(]

Bård asking me to try his bicep in Drammen. It was nice and soft.

A photo posted by @untanamo on Mar 22, 2015 at 3:36am PDT

The audience and the band cracking up at ylvisgirly‘s constant horny moose imitation. (watch pretty much any video from Drammen :D )

And of course, Mike being dragged up on stage, loving every second of having Bård’s “sweaty abs and penis” rubbed against his face and “ass hitting penis real hard”. I’ve been told that as they were staying in the same hotel, he saw Vegard at breakfast the next morning and said “Hey, sexy boy!” To which Vegard replied, “Missed you!”

Bonus: Vegard’s dedication on Donna’s piece of the shabby chair

Another bonus: Dora’s Fox book with signatures from Bård and Josh Groban! :D

The Hair Colour Theory

Hey so I have my own theory that idk why no one else is talking about (cause it seems so obvious to me lol) so I thought I’d just put it out there.

As we see in the RUN mv Yoongi, Jimin, Namjoon and Taehyung’s hair colours have been changed.

Now my theory is that every scene where there are these four boys (with their new hair colours) takes place after their deaths.
At first I wasn’t sure about it but when I came to know that Suga and V (idk about the other members) have to wear light coloured contact lens I grew more confident in the theory. (Suga said it was really difficult for him to wear contacts and it took 30 minutes with 3 staff members helping him and Taehyung said that he was going to wear the contacts while performing on stage too.)

So my theory is that (i) either these post-colour change scenes take place only in Jin’s mind or (ii) it’s taking place in ‘heaven’.

Now at first I was 100% sure it was Jin’s imagination but the part with V in the water really makes me think that maybe it’s (ii). He’s in the water struggling but then he opens his eyes and surfaces into what I’m guessing is heaven - or the other side or whatever.

The parts where Jin stares at the camera makes me think that (i) is true though and that he abruptly keeps waking up from these hallucinations about his friends still being alive.

So we’re gonna assume that except V’s drowning scene everything else is Jin’s - and at one point Jungkook’s - imagination.

1-The part where Jhope wakes up in the hospital we see Jimin is already there to welcome him and has orange hair. This, according to my theory, means that Jhope is dead and has joined Jimin in the afterlife.

2-The part with the pillow fight is so fairytale like so it’s pretty obvious it didn’t really happen. We see that the boys have coloured hair here.

3-The part where Jungkook and Suga fight. Now this I think did happen irl but at the end the part where we see Jungkook alone in the room:

it’s obvious that he was just thinking about it. Blaming himself for Yoongi’s death as he wasn’t able to stop him.

4- The bathtub scene I felt was just Jin’s memories being distorted as he tried to hold on to the idea that his friends were still alive. They put Jimin inside the bathtub which is just Jin’s mind altering the memory of his death (drowning in a bathtub).

5- This scene is actually the one that made me consider this theory. Here we see all the boys going absolutely mental on these cars. Obviously in any normal situation this would’ve never been able to happen but it’s just Jin imagining his friends doing the crazy things they used to do without having to hold back. Without having to worry about being caught by the police. This scene is so far from reality and just couldn’t happen in real life.

6-V in the water. Some people were saying that V is alive as he comes our of the water at the end but I don’t think so. His hair is green while he’s in the water which means like I said before that he’s struggling but at the same time he’s dead.

Since this post is about hair colour I’d also like to explain why Jungkook and Jhope’s hair didn’t change colour.
We see the scene where Jhope wakes up in the afterlife and the scene with Jungkook where he looks right at the camera after the fight with Suga. We don’t see scenes like that with any of the four boys whose hair colour changed.

The reason why the two boys have no hair colour change is because their deaths were the last and happened sometime during the music video. Jhope was second-last to die and Jungkook the last one. I say this because Jhope wakes up at the hospital in the middle of the video while this scene with Jungkook happens at the end:

So only the boys who have been dead throughout the music video had their hair colour changed.

A lot of people were asking how Jungkook was also imagining/hallucinating about his friends and were confused about this last scene too. It related to my hair colour theory as because Jungkook’s hair colour didn’t change it means he was still alive during the video. At the scene with Suga he was regretting not being able to save his friend and at the last scene he walks off with the boys which symbolizes that he too gave up and decided to join his friends. The smile at the end is a smile of farewell to Jin.


In the bonus scene with Jimin we see him burning a picture (which is very I Need You esque) and as people have noticed, Jin isn’t there. Unlike in I Need You Jimin has orange hair now which means that this is after his death. The burning of the picture too symbolizes Jin moving on and accepting his friends’ deaths.

PS: I love how ambiguous this story is. I know some people are annoyed that they didn’t simply tell us the answers but I love it. I love how we can all make the story our own by thinking up our own theories.
PPS: Please reblog if you found this theory interesting because honestly NO ONE else is talking about it.

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KC Emotions-Sentence Prompt: sadness-"just hug me a little more"

Thank you for this prompt, anon! I took it as a dialogue prompt, hope you don’t mind =)


“Hey, there you are, sweetheart. It’s four in the morning; come back to bed.”

“I couldn’t sleep. Plus, the view is gorgeous. Its funny, isn’t it? How it’s been decades since we first came here but it still looks the same? I mean, yeah, a lot has changed and been built again, but from up here, it doesn’t look it.”

“It’s always been a magnificent city.”

“I wanted to bring my mom here. It was on the list of things we would do together once she retired and I couldn’t stay in Mystic Falls anymore. I was going to make her travel the world with me for years until she got sick of it- of me.”

“Impossible; no one could ever sick of you.”

“Cheesy, but sweet.”

“Your mother loved you endlessly, Caroline.”

“I miss her so much, Klaus. It’s been a hundred years, and it still hurts.”

“Come here, love.”

“Why won’t it get better?”

“It will. One day, you’ll realise that remembering all the good times you shared with her won’t bring about the pain anymore. It’ll take a while, but I promise; it’ll happen one day.”

“I don’t know if I can take another hundred years of it, Klaus. Its too much.”

“Hey, listen to me. You are a beautiful, strong and loving vampire. I’m not going to lie; it won’t be easy, but you will be able to make it, okay? And I’ll be right here to help you if you need it.”

“Thank you.”

“Do you want to go back to bed?”

“Not yet. Just hug me a little more?”

“Of course, sweetheart. Whatever you need.”