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Why Do Our Thoughts Hurt?

by Saṃsāran  

A recent study in the prestigious science journal “Nature” showed that test subjects preferred getting mild but painful electric shocks to sitting alone with their own thoughts. Religious texts from Hinduism, Buddhism. Sikhism and even the Abrahamic religions all speak of the pain overthinking brings to us.

But why? Why should our own minds cause us to suffer? 

The reason is two-fold. 

The first is boredom. The modern mind is used to a bombardment of sensory input. Images on media, phones, soundtrack, blaring music, machine sounds, traffic sounds and loud noises. In ancient times sounds were the sounds of nature and there were no loud noises except for the rare thunderclap. People didn’t read. There were no machines.There were few bright colors. Human beings had the hunter’s ability to remain still and quiet for long periods of time. We have lost this ability unless we specifically train for it. Consequently, we become instantly bored if not receiving constant sensory input. We use this as punishment for our worst criminals who are put in small cells with no sensory stimulation. 

The second is egoic self-criticism. Our ego is a natural part of us. It is that part of our “mind” which spurs us on to do the things we need to do in order to survive. It also pushes us to be more attractive to mates and more materially successful so that we are secure in our lives. The problem is that when left alone that voice will often ruminate i.e. chew the same thoughts over and over again. As it does this it generates anxiety as a low-level feeling of fear in our abdomen. This fear may build. This feeling is painful and persistent even to the point of blowing things way out of proportion or even, strange as this may be, making things up to create artificial fears.

This is why.

I’m still not over the wings tour in seoul concert…like I wasn’t even there in person but I’m still shaking


How to turn your boring money gift into something special x 💸


- Dollar bill

- Creative hands


Step 1. Crease the bill horizontally down the middle and fold both the top and bottom sides inward

Step 2. Take the upper side and fold a little piece behind

Step 3. Fold the two corners over, just like the picture is showing. Later, these corners are used to keep the shirt in place

Step 4. Take the opposite side of where we were working on earlier and bring it over

Step 5. Flip again and make sure it goes underneath the collar, this must be the case otherwise you can’t complete the shirt

Step 6. Unfold the last 2 steps

Step 7. Here’s where it gets a little trickier. Pay close attention. You are now back to the long section, use the first fold line to fold the sleeves. Fold out and crease back so that it winds up looking like you popped a sleeve out of the side

Step 8. Now fold back up like you did in step 4 and 5

Step 9. Put the shirt underneath the collar

There you have it, the ultimate lazy gift!


“Dutch Rabbit” designed by Seth Friedman (with bonus New Kawasaki Rose).
Folded by Annalisa from a 30 cm square of (black) kami.
Tutorial here by the designer.

This is honest-to-goodness rabbit-sized! (Okay, a small rabbit, but still.) Aside from the really stellar detailing on this model, I think that what impressed me most was how interesting it was to fold. I just had a really good time folding it! Sometimes I get frustrated at how much subjective shaping is required to make a model actually resemble what it’s supposed to resemble, because shaping is a weak point for me. However, I think that this model has a really nice basic structure that evokes the rabbit, so even if my shaping isn’t the best, it still comes out looking very rabbit-like.

I’m not sure exactly how I managed it, but the model ended up pretty top-heavy, so I stuck the rose underneath the rabbit’s nose to avoid having 20 pictures of a rabbit faceplanting. I actually really like the effect, so even once I figure out how to get the model balanced, I’ll probably still give each rabbit a little rose to sniff.


1. Materials you need is some toilet paper and KT tape (recommended tape for binding, its a bit expensive but its the best for your body) Also when i use KT tape i cut the strips in half because it is easier to handle and you prolong the use of the KT tape instead of buying a new roll every so often.
2. When putting the first tape on, fold the toilet paper into a tiny square and place over your nipple area because if you don’t the KT tape will rip off that part of the skin (this happened to me one time because i didnt place the paper correctly and it ripped off some of my areola and it hurt SOOOO MUCH QAQ" please protect your nipples guys!!)
3. Start layering up that KT tape and make it stretch all the way back as far as you can!! Also use your other hand to push your boob back and up into your armpit as you are placing the tape.
4. Once you are satisfied with how flat your chest is, put some KT tape vertical at the beginning and end of the horizontal tape so they wont lift and peel off.
5.-6. More pictures of how the tape should be!
7. MOISTURIZE YOUR CHEST!! Your skin is being pulled and sometimes it hurts, so with putting lotion in the chest area it helps your skin relax and not be so tense
8. Have fun and be safe with your body! If your body is in pain please take the KT tape off, your body knows more than you ;3;)9 ✨✨
If you did the process correctly you should be able to peel the tape right off of you, itll hurt only a little. If you need assistance in removing the tape then get in the shower and let the water help you take the tape off!
Another Note: i can usually stay in this for about 4-6hours. It varies for every person though so yeah ;3;

RWBY BoardGame Foreshadowing Theory

I can’t help but feel like the World of Remnant: The Boardgame that the girls were playing in Volume 2 Episode 2 is foreshadowing of some sort? o.o

…..I kinda feel like it is (i remember Weiss was playing as Vacuo….Ruby had Atlas….Blake was playing for Vale and I think Yang had Mistral)….I just really feel like there’s a lot more to their game here than the series was letting on.

I mean did you notice that Blake was playing as the Kingdom of Vale (and she was the first one to fold). ………..Hmm, I can’t help but feel like The Fall of Beacon / Vale was sorta foreshadowed here a bit. o.o

Hmm, I wonder - Does that mean that Atlas and Vacuo will be next?

Looking back: Yang was playing as Mistral and she was kicking soo much ass!!! (perhaps this is foreshadowing in the sense that Salem will take Haven/Mistral soon…..or worse case scenario: is already in control of Mistral/Haven.

I mean Qrow himself said in Volume 4 Episode 8 that the headmaster of Haven hasn’t sent word in like a long-ass while, and this was even before the Fall of Beacon…..Whose to say that Haven hasn’t already been secretly taken over or quietly infiltrated by Salem’s forces (a Good parallel here would be like during the 7th harry potter book when Voldemort had already quietly taken measures in regards towards slyly taking over The Ministry of Magic by placing Pius Thicknesse in charge once Rufus Scrimgeour fell). And I remember seeing a rwby plot-twist theory / speculation here on the rwby tumblr tag that Dr. Watts is the current headmaster of Haven (making it easy for Cinder and her crew to slip under the radar undetected when they attended Beacon Academy as Students from Haven during the whole Vytal Festival Tournament thing).

And let’s keep in mind that Yang (playing as Mistral) laid two trap cards:

The First one was against Ruby (Atlas). Destroyed her Alteisen Air Fleet

The Second was against Weiss (Vacuo). Destroyed her armies.

But what if Mistral ends up doing something a little more shady… something that will end up scapegoating / demonizing Atlas even further, like for example making the entire world of Remnant believe that Mistral / Haven had “fallen” thanks to Atlas (when in reality Salem had already taken control of Haven from the inside ages ago and was just biding her time, waiting for the perfect chance to strike); I mean the entire world of Remnant already believes that Atlas had something to do with the Fall of Beacon especially after the whole “Execute Order 66″ with the Alteisen Knights fiasco during the Battle of Beacon.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Vacuo and Atlas end up being manipulated / geting played by Mistral later on and end up being pitted against each other, which will probably all go according to Salem’s Master plan, considering how she, you know wants to probably conquer the entire World of Remnant by: (dividing humanity, mankind, and the faunus even further).

^……I mean these two nations already have a really tense history with each other, considering that the SDC sorta went to Vacuo and practically took over all their resources when cultivating their dust-reserves, oh - and let’s not forget the infamous Great War between: (Atlas & Mistral) vs (Vale & Vacuo). So yeah, i mean it doesn’t seem all too unlikely to me to be honest. :/

Either way it’s a good thing that our beloved Weissy is gonna bust outta there soon, cause if my theory stands correct, and Haven / Mistral has already “fallen” aka been taken over by Salem and her forces,

…….Then Atlas is the one we should be really worrying about, cause it seems like it’s going to be in some pretty deep shit pretty damn soon. o.o

^Now wouldn’t that make for one helluva a plot-twist!?! xD

It was at this point that my first folded-in-half subscription copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA arrived in my mailbox, a welcome surprise, though I was dismayed to learn that I’d missed two issues in the meantime. Also, at this point many of DC’s covers began to look crude and rough–the inking tended to be thick and heavy, many of the characters appeared routinely distorted. Artist Ernie Chan (then working as Ernie Chua due to an immigration snafu) worked on a lot of these–he was a fine artist, but one that didn’t have a great instinctive grasp on the sort of stylized exaggeration demanded by super heroes. Consequently, his figures often looked like water-filled balloons.

Despite the fact that this was the second chapter in a two-part story, I didn’t have any difficulty getting up to speed, as writer Cary Bates took the time and space to recap everything of import that had happened previously. So we begin on the JLA satellite in the middle of a meeting when suddenly Adam Strange materializing in the League’s midst.

What’s more, Adam is carrying the empty uniforms of five missing Leaguers. He updates the rest of the team as to how these JLA members had been mysteriously transported to the planet Rann, where Adam was being attacked by resurrections of foes he’d defeated in the past. Already, Adam’s fiancee Alanna had been disintegrated, and despite the assistance of the Earth heroes, Adam was unable to destroy the colossal Borg a second time, and so the Leaguers joined Alanna as victims.

Green Arrow is quick to get on Strange’s case for his failure, but before the argument can grow too heated, the JLA’s monitors detect a monstrous cloud-creature menacing Long Island. Adam is forced to remain behind on the satellite as the Earth is poisonous to him at this point, but the rest of the team beams down to engage their cloudy enemy.

But the cloud creature is tougher than it looks, and it pummels the heroes. eventually dividing itself into cloudlike doppelgangers of each of them which proceed to kick them into the dirt. Back on board the satellite, Adam moves to beam down and give assistance, but his rescue is blocked by the appearance of his and the League’s old for, Kanjar Ro.

Kanjar reveals that he’s been behind the resurrected enemies that have plagued Adam and the League, but as he gloats, Adam grabs the villain’s Energi-Rod as he triggers the recall device that Zeta-Beams him back to the planet Rann. There, the scientist Sardath is able to work up a brainwave converter that allows Adam to use the Rod. He locates strange spheres in a cavern, which turn out to be the missing Leaguers. Adam is conscientious enough to tell the Rod to attire them in their original costumes while returning them to human form, luckily for the Comics Code.

But that’s not all–there’s a sixth sphere in the cavern, which of course turns out to be Alanna. Now restored to fighting fitness, the League members Zeta-Beam back to Earth, arriving in time to prevent Kanjar Ro and the Cloud Creature from finishing off their teammates. The issue ends with a wedding ceremony attended by the entirety of the League, uniting Adam and Alanna in matrimony. This was the first super hero wedding I ever experienced.

anonymous asked:

I'm having a hard time in school. I really love my education, and I love learning, but I've been really down. I feel worthless and dumb, and I keep putting more effort into my work and not getting the results I want. It's really difficult to work super hard and then getting a bad grade. What should I do? I'm so sad and down about it.

Hi there lovely Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear this! Have a really big hug ♥

I feel like your problem may be two-fold. First of all, if you’re not feeling well, getting bad results will only reinforce that feeling. So I would address this. You might need a personal day, where you just take your mind off of studying, and just have fun and enjoy yourself. If this doesn’t help, you may need to have a chat with your GP about the way you’re feeling. So make sure you do that, okay?

Secondly, if you are working hard and not getting the grades you wanted, I’d recommend trying to find out why that is. If you’re not behind on any of your work, but your grades are not reflecting that, go have a chat with your teacher. See if they can tell you why your grades are not up to par; they’re the ones who grade your work, so they’ll be able to tell you where your work might be lacking. And I’d also recommend you have a chat with your student adviser about the way you’re feeling! I hope that helps and that things look up soon! ♥ xxx

It starts grey.
That is the light folding first.
Then us.

Up there, the roads are leaf veins.
This glorious wreck is rain boots out on the porch.
And I still go soft for you like oats in warm milk.

Someone’s gotta take the littles ones for a walk

LOL I want to draw them on the gun leashes @digeridoodler

But don’t worry, the guns are fake…

Or are they ..B)))

Yui’s school uniform...

I’ve kind of noticed that some people are saying that Yui’s school uniform hasn’t changed that much. True that it didn’t, but… I’m going to point out the small differences between the first uniform (right) to the LOST EDEN one (left):

  1. The school blazers: In the first uniform, the blazer is designed to be free and loose, while the LOST EDEN one fits perfectly around her waist as though it is like a mini jacket. The collar on the first uniform has a single fold, while the LOST EDEN one has two (the first fold is completely chocolate brown, while the second fold is similar to the first uniform). The first uniform does not have any pockets, but the LOST EDEN one does! Lastly, the first uniform is the everyday uniform you would wear, but the LOST EDEN one has a bit of military style to it (hence the gold chain brooch and the epaulette/attentes on the shoulders). Lastly, I’ve noticed that Yui tucks the ends of her school blouse into her school skirt in the first uniform, but in the LOST EDEN uniform, she doesn’t.
  2. The school skirt: In the first uniform, the skirt is layered: you have a dark fabric beneath the main skirt (as shown by the slit in the skirt). In the LOST EDEN one, it’s just a simple chocolate brown skirt like the skirt Yui wore in Vandead Carnival.

So to sum this up, I think the main difference in Yui’s school uniform is: how she wears them. Yui wears the first uniform in a formal way as though she is following the school dress code, but in LOST EDEN, she’s a bit more casual, though she still maintains the formalities of wearing a school uniform.

Hope you enjoyed my explanation!


A simple heart.

My daughter asked me to fold an origami heart.

I did a search and failed to find anything simple enough for her to make, so I designed this. She can fold it if I do it with her, but not quite remember it, so I still have to fold them in quantity now and again.

foldswithinfolds has posted an even simpler heart model. Nevertheless, I thought I’d post this one. It is easy to fold from a 15cm square. Or just about any size you like.

Unlike some simple hearts this one has a little lock which holds it together. Or if you don’t want to do the little squash fold, you can leave the corners folded at step 5 and omit steps 9 and 10.

Maybe I am not the first to design this fold. If so please tell me so I can credit anyone else who has discovered it.