first film roll ever


I recently attended an installation highlighting Lincoln’s collaboration with Revel 

Audio, which showed the relationship between sound, light, and motion. Lincoln 

asked me to interpret this in my own way, through photography.

Growing up in Washington, I’ve been to the Olympic Peninsula countless times, 

but this photo  in the HOH rainforest stands out distinctly. It is from the first roll 

of medium format film I ever shot. There’s a particular album that always snaps 

me back to this spot, back to this perfect click in the rainforest, and also, 

somehow, all of the countless moments before that.

Whenever and however I travel, music follows. The soundtrack of each trip 

inspires what I create. When I hear a new song that I like, I tend to listen to it 

over and over again. Repetition in music marks a place and time. Hearing a 

song again later brings that moment back. The design and sound experience of 

speakers enhance the journey.

The tone of a landscape changes throughout the course of the day with 

variations in light. Highlights and shadows shift, revealing different elements in 

the environment. Music, like light, has the same ability to transform my mood.

That’s the power of sound.

Patater - 94

People are really liking Patater recently, so here’s another one!

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94. You were getting your film developed at the 24-hour photo that I work at, and I tried not to blush when I saw the semi-nude photographs of you on the film.

Alexei didn’t usually mind that his job pretty much entirely consisted of making sure other people’s memories were properly printed on paper, in fact, he usually enjoyed seeing the photographs.  Albeit, the fact that he was a complete stranger was weird, but he printed and developed the photos, so there wasn’t really anything he could do to avoid creeping.  

However, not all customers were the same.  Some people came only to use the printing machines, or buy frames and other paraphernalia, while others came to buy real film or SD cards.  Up until recently, his favorite customer had been a man named Jack who came into develop film, or buy the products needed to do it himself.

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