first film roll


First shot off the roll by Sarah Altendorf
Via Flickr:
This morning I had yet to hear anything from my film I mailed off to be developed. I finished a roll on my Holga and am sort of impatient, so I gave in and took it to a one-hour photo. (My first roll of film has since been posted to Snapfish.) Fujicolor Superia X-tra 400 Holga 135BC

 Updated my rules!

Formally announcing that xma is… just not something that happened. Might possibly denounce dofp from my blog’s canon too tbh. And you can pretty much guarantee without it being said that my salty ass will be ignoring the up coming x film too

there were only three x films. X1, X2 and First Class, and their spin off de.adpool. IDK what everyone’s talking about these other titles, never heard of ‘em. 

I Must Be Dreaming

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In most forms of media, there are stories depicting life-long relationships. There are movies, books, and television shows depicting people who meet their best friend or significant other at a young age. They end up growing old with them by their side and they live a happy life together. It all ends with a ‘happily ever after’.

Sadly, life doesn’t really work that way.

For the majority, relationships come and go. You meet someone, befriend them or enter into a romantic relationship with them, and sooner or later that relationship dissolves. The media bemoans the lack of permanence we all seem to have now. People criticize the lack of stable relationships we see. But it just seemed that happily ever after’s were made for the old days. Only the lucky ones got that now.

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