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I have always liked the Trickster archetype (Discord, Q, Coyote, Raven etc.) because they are the voice of dissent in the face of the status quo/oppressor.

Yesterday the largest protest in the history of the USA marched for women’s rights and against Trump. 

Millions also marched around the world.

The internet suddenly broke out in a festering pus ball of guys calling the protestors “spoilt Western women who need to STFU and go away because they look like idiots.” They also pointed out that humorous signs in a protest meant the protest shouldn’t be taken seriously because “it’s just a hobby for these spoilt women.”

Today, Trump’s press secretary threw a hissy fit because the media (accurately) reported that there were more people at the Women’s march than there were at Trump’s inauguration. He shouted at the press for pointing out they focused on the women’s march instead of Trump. “This is what you SHOULD be reporting!”

The whiners continue to shriek “How dare these people march against a democratically elected president! Get over it, snowflake!”

You know what else is democracy? The right to criticise the government. In fact, that’s why the first amendment exists–so you can point out when the government behaves badly. So expecting people to shut up and go away? Not gonna happen. Not unless you want to live in a dictatorship. 

Never stop dissenting, never lose your sense of humour. Never stop channeling the Trickster.

not to be extra or anything but I actually do love smut. not just writing smut with someone you’re comfortable with, but like…….the nsfw part of a ship. talking about their sex lives, their individual experience & relation to sex, how compatible they are, what their first time together was like, what their 501st time together was like, dirty smutty headcanons that are ten times more relaxed than any smut thread will ever be just like…I love the nsfw part of a ship. I love it so much. I wanna talk about it forever

Not sure why, but I’ve been getting a lot of random requests from ppl not even following me.

It feels, like, SUPER forward. “Hey I don’t know or care who you are, but will you do this thing for me?”

Umh, no, no I won’t.

In The Works

I won’t necessarily post them in order, but I will be updating this list regularly. 

1. Seokjin: Curiosity Part 5 (you’re surprised by Jin’s choice of person in his next cam)

2. Taehyung: Hwarang!AU (pwp at the moment lmao)

3. JungHope: Purge Day Part 3 (you go along with the boys trying to stay out of trouble)

4. Hyungsik: Hwarang!AU (the king, has some fun time for you up his sleeve)

5. Minho: Hwarang!AU (the playboy might have a soft spot for you)

6. Taemin: This fucking smut is based off a dream I’ve had lmao

7. Seokjin: Request (the reader overstimulates Seokjin)

I’m super lame but I’ll give you so much of my heart