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Here we go!  “Otonokizaka Private Academy - chapter number 6“ by @jstonedd

  • Primo: I’m so sorry, my dear Anon, that it took me so long! (gosh, let me know if you still remember about this ask)

  • Secundo: forgive me my lack of knowledge about how to wear & undress kyudo uniform (watching videos didn’t help at all, so let’s pretend that I knew what I was doing while drawing it)

  • Tertio: some scenes shouldn’t be put out of context, don’t you think?

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Hey, Emma! I am currently a high school senior, and I am struggling a little bit. Typically, I am a good student and mostly have A's. But, this semester has started out rough. I take college classes, and that is where I am struggling. I made C's on my first two chemistry exams, and I failed my first biology one. I studied.A lot. I take notes, rewrite them, pay attention in class, etc. I have tried everything. Any studying tips/advice? It is hard to not lose motivation. -Distressed Senior

Hi! I would first suggest talking with your teachers and seeing if they have any suggestions on how to improve. If you can find any sample answers which you can use as examples and inspiration they can help too! Since you feel you’re still working hard and studying, maybe it’s time to change up your study methods. There is a masterpost here including tons of different study methods! Also finding out what type of learner you are (e.g. visual or auditory) might help you adjust your study method to be most effective. I’ve mentioned this before but apparently teaching others is an extremely beneficial method. You could create a study group, teach friends or a family member. You could even make posts on Tumblr for certain parts of your course! Here are some more links that might help you out. Best of luck with your studies x

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Roxy, I'm having my first ever cervical exam on Monday. I'm fat and I'm so scared of the nurse being mean to me, or thinking I'm gross. I know it's super important for my health, I've already put it off for far too long, but I feel like It's going to completely do me in mentally. Have you got any tips beyond "Grin and bear it"?

HEY. doctors and nurses see lots of different kinds of bodies, and most female practitioners have done this themselves so they know what it’s like. just say right away that this is your first time, you’re nervous, and ask if they can explain what’s going on. that way you can get a dialog going and they’ll know to be gentle.

if they think you’re gross, fuck ‘em. you’re not gross, they are.

[ Hey sweeties~ guess who finished her first round of mock exams today B)
It was Geography and French, so as you can imagine, I’m exhausted xD But I hope to be online this evening x
So yeah – don’t be afraid to hit me up for memes and random starters and such! x ]

50 things I learned that happen before, during and after the first medical school exam

Medical school is the most wonderful, amazing, horrible, gut wrenching experience I’ve ever had. It will get infinitely better and worse all at the same time. Its a whirlwind. 

The first big exam in medical school is a stepping stone. Its the start of the medical student actually becoming and actual doctor! It sounds great in theory, but its not such a fairy-tale in reality. So I’m sharing my experiences, advice and a bit of motivation about the first stop in the medical school experience. 

My experiences might be different from yours, and that’s how it happens. These are just what I learned from me and my classmates. I just want to share! 

Before those days

  • The first time anyone mentions your first exam will be during orientation, your last moment of beautiful freedom.
  • Exam taking in medical school is unlike how you’ve been done testing before. It’s different at every school, but it’s a whole new ride.
  • You will be told you will fail by upperclassmen, instructors, pretty much everyone.
  • It’s easy to think to yourself that it’s just a scare tactic and hey, you don’t need to worry about failing.
  • It’s not that these people are trying to scare you. They are trying to warn you.
  • Just remember that most upperclassmen only want to help you.
  • Okay and maybe scare you just a little. 

Ready, Set, Go and never stop

  • The first day of classes will be overwhelming. There are no syllabus days, no get to know the class. It’s go time.
  • Even though it was a lot, the first day won’t seem so bad.
  • After the first week you will feel like you jumped into the deep end and you do not have your floaties on.
  • Try as you might, you will find yourself comparing what you know to what your classmates know and comparing study habits.
  • You realize you have no idea how to study anymore.
  • Don’t worry, neither does anyone else.
  • The next week consist of frantically trying to figure out how to study again.
  • If you find yourself at an impasse, seek out those with experience. Call a friend who’s already a doctor, find a current 2nd, 3rd or 4th year or seek an advisor.
  • Don’t forget about your professors! As the test makers, they really are a good resource. It might be intimidating, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  • Take breaks! Take a day off! Take a nap. Trust me, you’ll need it.


Dig a little deeper

  • Even if you don’t quite have solid foot hold, you have to keep going. You can’t stop now!
  • Study with everyone you can. No one has allegiances or solid groups yet, and you will find out which people you can work well with, if at all.
  • Many others will assume class is useless. You have to figure that out for yourself though even if you have to suffer some.
  • You will feel tired. Not just tired, but drained. Not just drained, but beaten down.
  • Random bouts of test anxiety will start popping up even if you are still two weeks away from the exam.
  • These episodes will including feeling like you don’t know enough, don’t know anything, and that you might just be going a little crazy.
  • Remember that you can’t know it all, but you can know a lot.
  • After two weeks you will have exhausted every way you know of to keep yourself from being exhausted.
  • The days before the test, you will cycle through “I don’t know everything, I MUST learn everything NOW!” to “I’m so screwed” to “I should just accept it the way it is.”


The Day arrives

  • For all that jazz about accepting thing for the way they are, you might be up at 6 am studying just a little bit more.
  • Check the weather the day of your exam! Check the traffic!
  • Eat your safe food.
  • Pretty much the only conversation starter you’ll hear “So are you ready?”
  • Almost everyone in your class pretty much looks like they are in some form of facial pain from trying to act calm.
  • Stay far away from any known gunners.
  • But stay equally as far from the nervous wreck. Just being around them will make you feel even more nervous if possible.
  • If you are the nervous wreck don’t let it show or remove yourself from others as not to freak yourself out more and freak anyone else out.
  • Just tell yourself you’re okay. Because you are. You are smarter than you think.


Test Time

  • Put on your game face, leave your problems at the door and act like you’re going to rock this shit.
  • But you will completely blank at some point (don’t freak, its normal).
  • Gut instincts are a pretty good way to go, but if you really don’t know a question leave it for later. Chances your exams are pretty long and some questions can give away answers to other questions.
  • Don’t let the distractions get to you. If you can’t tune out excess noises, like someone throwing up for example, make sure you have ear plugs (and that they are allowed).
  • Use your time. Think out questions. Let oxygen get to your brain.
  • At the same time, if you feel done with your exam and you feel there is nothing more than you can do, turn in or end your exam. Don’t brood over what might be.


Your first chapter, completed

  • Whatever you need to do to be over the exam do it. If you need to cry, bitch about every question, speak to no one, or party it out do it.
  • BUT if you have another exam afterwards, you need to find a way to but this exam behind you beyond your norm.
  • You may pass. That is fantastic, you’ve already got at least some of it figured out. Don’t get cocky though.
  • You may fail. The world will keep turning, and you now have learned what doesn’t work for you. This is your tool to succeed for the next exam.
  • You will be so burned out. You might be burned out for days. Allow yourself some time to come back.
  • You now have the experience to be successful in medical school. Make sure you use it wisely.
  • If you love medicine, make it work. If you hate the book part of medicine, make it work anyways.
  • No matter what, remember that you can do this. 
  • This is only the beginning.

I want everyone in medical to do well! I want everyone to succeed! I hope that you’ve learned something or felt the pain of medical school exams along with me. 


    Today the results of our first long exam in Math was given. I had a nervy feeling that I will get a low remark, but what I didn’t expect was actually failing it. Of course I got ashamed given that almost all of my classmates passed it so I checked for my mistakes. And found out that most of my mistakes were credited from my cack-handedness in simple addition.The more I think of this the more I dispraise myself for being…okey stupid.At the heart if this experience,I thought that I should do my best next time and to take my time analyzing before answering each item given at the test.

Stress time!

Tomorrow is my first ever college exam. I’ve already done college pop quizes, take home test, assignments, papers, etc. This is my first exam exam. Sitting in class for a certain amount of time on a formal test. And he’ll prolly have about 3 in his class this semester.


IN 2 minutes, it’ll be 10 hours from now until I’m sitting in that room, answering questions about child development. I mean, yes, its 75 questions in multiple choice, true/false, and matching form….but still…quite stressful.

Rain pouring outside makes me sleepy…..


So yes, panic time at the H’s house. Woo…….

After my exam tomorrow, I promise I’ll update you my dear tumblr about college! XD AND other exciting events that are happening in my life. So please bear with me! <3 You all! So now I shall say goodnight!

<3 H

Exam Preparation

So it’s exam week for a lot of us and I thought I would make a post on what I’m doing and what I think is super helpful to do before exams that aren't just studying.

The day before your first exam

  • Wake up nice and early- Get a head start on your day, I find it really helps me be productive all day if I’ve gotten up early and had a good breakfast and coffee of course. 
  • Pick out some comfortable clothes- For however many days of exams you have, make sure you set out some super comfy clothes so you don’t have to worry about it the day of exams. Also, I would recommend layers in case the exam room is hot or cold.
  • Make sure you have a watch- So you can manage your time during exams just in case there isn’t one in the room.
  • Pack a bag with everything you’ll need- Pencils, a ruler, erasers, a water bottle, pretty much any supplies you’ll need.
  • Pack or plan whatever meals you need- I really like not having to worry about what I’m eating and being able to focus on what I need to remember.
  • Go to bed early!- This is very important, cramming late at night is always a bad idea. If you absolutely must get in some last minute studying do it in the morning. Make sure you get a solid 6-8 hours.

The day of your exam

  • Get up early- I can’t stress this enough, don’t sleep in! If you get up early you give yourself enough time to properly wake up and be functioning at your peak for the exam.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast- Also very important, your brain needs food to operate properly. I would recommend something hearty that will really fill you up, my personal favourite is oatmeal with lots of berries and almond milk. some other ideas are…
      • Yogurt with granola and fruit
      • Toast and peanut butter
      • A berry smoothie, it’s full of antioxidants and bonus if you add protein powder fo an extra boost
      • Scrambled eggs, skip on the cheese and oil, I find anything greasy makes me feel sort of bogged down and sluggish.
      • A hearty cereal. Probably not fruit loops 
      • A bread of sort with lots of fruit. Like half a bagel with a fruit of your choice.
  • Drink coffee if that’s something you do- But make sure you won’t crash later in the day. Maybe bring some iced tea to drink with your lunch.
  • Eat a healthy lunch- I really like to bring a salad with nuts and I’ve been really enjoying crackers and hummus with it. Some other ideas are…
      • A whole wheat wrap of your choice
      • Quinoa salad! It’s great to keep you going
      • A sandwich with lots of veggies
  • Bring some relaxing music- Exams are stressful and music can be really calming.
  • Remember that a bad grade isn’t the end of the world and just do the best that you can.

Good luck on all of your exams! You can do this!



Part 1

god sans you need to learn how to greet others properly.

i couldn’t take it anymore I NEEDED TO UPLOAD THIS I’ll try to finish the rest soon but here /throws this at yall

how to have a productive day of downtime

so the semester has started and you’re probably studying for or getting ready to take your first round of exams- or they’ve just past. you’re ready to take a day off from the books and the problems and mymathlab. but you’re not ready to just waste an entire day. what is there to do when you want to be productive but.. not productive?

here’s what i do on my productive off days!

  • clean out your email. i’m really awful about consistently checking and cleaning out my email accounts, especially since i have 3 and most of the emails i get are junk or ads from stores i have rewards accounts with. the only time i open an email on my phone or on my computer is when it’s fro a professor or a school announcement. so, as you can assume, i usually accumulate hundreds of unread junk emails pretty frequently. i use my off days to clean up my inboxes to declutter my digital life. additionally, use this time to respond to or write any emails you’ve been putting off.
  • clean out your backpack. you’re going to see a trend with this post, lol. i tend to let clutter build up in weird places throughout the week so i tend to do a lot of housekeeping when i want to be productive but take a break from actual academia. put papers where they belong in your binder or accordion folder. throw out trash that’s accumulated. round up any stray pens, pencils or highlighters and put them in your pencil pouch (or at least a pocket in your backpack that you can get to easily). having a clean backpack can help you feel more put together, less crowded and, personally, it helps me get motivated.
  • clean out your desk. this can be a big undertaking depending on how often you go through your desk and how much stuff it can hold. i go through my desk probably once a week on a surface-level and through the drawers to reorganize about once a month. i just like knowing exactly what is in my desk and knowing it’s not a disaster zone. again, this helps me feel refreshed and ready to pick work back up in a day or two.
  • make a list of upcoming big assignments. every month i get a large sticky note and keep a list of assignments that are due during the month and put it up on the corkboard at my desk. this way i can look up and see what i should be focusing on next during my academic free time. if i have some spare free time during the week i usually make outlines for upcoming essays, for example.
  • tidy up your room. i am a sleepy girl and also a busy girl, so sometimes i don’t keep my room as neat as i’d like to. life gets in the way, or depression flares up, or i get bad anxiety that keeps me from doing anything but stare off into space. when i have some time, i like to tidy up my room, even if it’s a few hours before bed. i make my bed, pick up clothes and put them in my hamper, put up any clean clothes i have sitting around from a load of laundry and put anything that ‘s out of place back into it’s place. i tend to feel more relaxed and more put together when my space is neat and cozy.
  • clean out your fridge/freezer/pantry. if you have the energy to do this every few weeks, do it. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve procrastinated cleaning up the food in my apartment only to come across something terrifying. obviously this is really only applicable to people who are responsible for their own food. even if you don’t have an apartment, go through the food in your dorm. trust me.
  • clean up your computer. your technology can get overwhelmed, just like you. it’s a good thing every once in a while to go through your computer’s folders and organize your recent downloads, clear our your recycle bin, defrag your computer and go through and uninstall programs you don’t use anymore or don’t know how they got there in the first place. now, after a relaxing weekend, you and your computer will be ready to tackle the next week’s tasks.
  • set up a queue. this is really, really optional and specific to people who like to have their blogs posting consistent content but don’t get online every day. what i do personally is scroll my dash on mobile every night and morning during the week and like posts that i want to put in my queue. when i have free time, i clean out my likes and set up my queue. it’s a nice system, especially when my weekdays get busy and i end up having to coldturkey social media for several days at a time.

these are just some things i like to do on my off days or when i have some downtime and also some energy. hope this is useful!

- KL