first ever publication of me

First blog ever

This is my first time writing to the public so bear with me on this. I don’t know who will read this but thank you for doing it. So I just wanted to start off by saying that life is hard whether you’re a teenager or an adult, but I wanted to say that its normal to feel mad, sad or everything in between. If you have any problem, whatever it is, I’m here for you, as you’re also here for me too. We’ll get to know each other, only if you want. To whoever read this, I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.

“I will fight in the name of Rose Quartz and everything that she believed in~”

So, I went to the book fair in Frankfurt, Germany and cosplayed Pearl for the very first time ever in public. It was such an honor to me to actually walk around dressed as my very favorite Character, my lovely Pearl!

People took pictures of me, which I’m absolutely not used to. But when I met a Steven Cosplayer who carried Rose’s shield around, I couldn’t help myself! I had to take pictures with it and that’s my favorite one.

I can’t wait to cosplay Pearl again~

anonymous asked:

So last night I went roller skating with my best friend. We were sitting at a table with nine other people, and her ex bf (who is my best guy friend) sits down next to me. He put his hand in my pants and started fingering me under the table. I gave him a hand job too :) later he texted me saying that was the best hand job ever. That was the first time I came in public oops